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From such a danger we cannot be too secure ; and, therefore, having lately seen how soon the night cometh when no man can work (John ix. 4), let us seek to-day, in the redemption which is in Christ Jesus, that peace and safety, which you must be conscious can never be found out of it, and which it may be too late to seek to-morrow.

Some things belonging to our important change are wisely hid from us. Nothing, however, is more plain than that it is near; and, therefore, demands our most serious attention : that it is finally decisive (Matt. xxv. 46); and, therefore, warns us to watch against those errors which eternity cannot rectify: and, that the hour is uncertain; and, therefore, calls us to stand prepared.

; With our loins girded, and our lights burning, may we thus wait for our Lord.

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IMPRESSED with such views, I have often wished to take the afflicted by the hand, and lead them to a Resource which their passions have obscured.. I have wished them to see that the Christian Hope is then most alive and full of immortality, when every other hope perishes. These wishes, and the request of a friend, (who was solicitous to obtain something of this kind more compendious than he had yet seen) have drawn from me some imperfect hints. Imperfect, however, as they are, like a few words, presented by the road's side to the eye of a weary traveller,

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they may afford you some present direction and relief. And should he, who is pleased to employ the feeblest means in his greatest work, conduct you by them (though but a single step on your way) towards a Morning without clouds-a House without mourning,—the service of your affectionate friend will obtain a high reward.

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