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Of which therefore it will behove us to be always mindful.

3. From Chrift's multiplying fuch fmall Provifion, to the ferving and fatisfying of fo many, we may be abundantly convinc'd of his Divine Power, that he is the Son of God, yea, God bleffed for evermore; for none but he that made, preferves and bleffeth all things, could do fuch a Miracle.

4. From Chrift's commanding the Difciples to gather up the Fragments, that nothing be loft, we may learn not to wafte any of God's Creatures, which he is pleas'd to afford us, nor to make Spoil of his good Gifts for the Abundance that we enjoy; for this is fuch a vile Abufe of his Bounty, as provokes him to withdraw what we fo idly confume, and to make us know the Worth of his Bleffings by the want of them. Careleffnefs and Profufenefs naturally lead to Poverty, and many have been brought to wish for that in their Penury, which they have vainly thrown away in their Profperity; and therefore that we may not want, let us take heed that we do not waste any thing that God is pleas'd to give, but labour rather to improve than confume his Bleffings.

5. From this Miracle of the Loaves, let us all concur with the People, in saying, Of a truth this is that Prophet that should come into the World. This he abundantly prov'd by a Power of Miracles, confirming all that he faid; and therefore his Errand being to teach and to fave Mankind, let us all receive his Doctrine, and obey his Precepts to thofe Ends.

Laftly, From Chrift's turning the Minds of his Difciples from vain worldly Expectations to more heavenly Matters, let us learn to wean our felves from this World, to which we are too much addicted, and fet our Affec tions more upon the things above, which are infinitely more worthy of our Thoughts and Defires; let us labour not fo much for the perifhing Food of our Bodies, as Our Saviour declar'd the immortal Food of our Souls. himfelf to be the Bread of Life, or that living Bread that came down from Heaven, and is able to bring us there. Let us therefore fay with the Apostles, Lord, evermore give us of this Bread, to feed our Souls to eternal Life.

The End of the Second Part of the Fourth Volume


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