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charged with any thing unfavourable, except his Attachment to the British
Interest in the late war, for which he suffered Imprisonment, and had his
Estate confiscated.
Frederick County, Maryland, 20th October, 1788.

(Signed) JOEL WRIGHT, and by 15 others.
Entered by D. W. Smith, Secretary.
[296] (No. 56. Copy.)

This is to certify that one Johnston that drawed Land, and returning into the Colonies died on the Road. His own Brother informed me that he was the one that buried him.

River Rough, October 27th, 1790.
Entered by D. W. Smith, Secretary.

(No. 57. Copy.)

Received, Detroit 27th November, 1790, of Lieutenant D. W. Smith, Six Shillings New York Currency for three Sheets Blue paste Board, for the use of the Land Board. George McDougall.

Entered, D. W. Smith, Secretary.

Delivered the original paper to Mr. Robertson, 24 May, 1791. D.W.S. [297] (No. 58. Copy.) District de Hesse.

A Son Excellence, Le très Honorable Lord Dorchester, Gouverneur Général, de la Province de Québec, etc.

Humbles Représentations,

Des Habitants et Citoyens, de la coste du Nordést de cette ville; Etant alarmees, d'avour vu il y a quelques jours, un des arpenteurs de sa majesté tirer la ligne d'entre le Domaine de sa dite Majesté, et leurs terres, et que le Rhimb devent que le dit Arpenteur a suivi, est tout différent de celui pu’on a toujours • suivi de puis le commencement de l'establissement de ce pays, ce qui oblige les Representants de supplier très [298] respectueusement votre Seigneurie de considerer que les terres, qu'ils possèdent aujour d'hui, sont les mêmes, qui leur ont etes concédés parle Roy de France en 1705, 1706, 1707, et suivant, et que la difference qui se trouve présentement pouvait être du dérangement des compas, de puis un si long espace de temps ou bien de l'incapacité des anciens arpenteurs, Car les Clotures sonts plantees suivant les lignes qui ont etées tires dans le principe de L'établissement de ce pays; et s'il falait, que quelques changements se fissent dans les dites Lignes, tel que L'arpenteur les a tirées, il y a quelques jours cela causerait, un dérangement, et un dommage tres con[299] siderable jusqua l'étendu de six lieux de front en remontant dans la dite Coste du Nordést, plusieurs Maisons, Granges, autres Bâtiments, et vergers se trouveraient sur les terres d'autrui, et en outre toutes les Clôtures de cette partie de l'établissement seraint changés de places et occasionneraient des travaux aude-là de leurs forces.

Les Représentants Espèrent que votre Seigneurie prandra cet object en consideration.

Et ne Cesseront d'offrir leurs voeux pour la conservation de votre Excellence.

Detroit, le 17me Aoust, 1790.

[300] (Signed) Louis Tremble, Pierre Tremble, L. Jonard Tremble, Joseph Cadet, Jacques St. Obin, Louis Beufeit, Petties Pere, Veuve Gouin,

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Pierre Cardinal, T. B. Pitre, T. B. Beaubien Père, Jacques Loson, Joseph
Grifard, Bte. Chorin, Gageton Sequens, T. B. Marsae, Antoine Boyer, B.
Chapoton, T. B. Meloche, Yoe St. Obin Pere, J. B. Campau, Antoine Viny,
Jo Sossier, Beaubien Fils, Charle Chovin, T. Chovin, Revard Fils, Augr.
Tremblé, J. B. Duprat, Louis Desauniy, Joseph Sequen, Ant Moras, Louis
Campau, Louis Chapotons, N. Gouin, Ant Dequindre, Francois Gouin, Jac-
ques Campau, T. B. Beauperlant, Rivard, John Askin ("11"').
[301] (Copy)

Quebec, 13th September, 1790. Memorial of Canadian Settlers, in the District of Hesse, stating apprehensions of a change of the ancient boundaries of their farms (Received, Quebec, 11th September, 1790). "Referred to the Land Board for the District of Hesse, by order of His Excellency Lord Dorchester.”

(Signed) “HENRY Motz." Entered by D. W. Smith, Secretary.

MINUTES OF MEETINGS. Report B. continued from Register No. 1, Folio 218. (Copy.) Land Office Board, District of Hesse, Detroit, 1 December, 1790.

Sir,- No Quorum of the Land Board having assembled, since I received Four Letter, I am directed, by the President, to desire you will state what Quantity, and the particular articles of Stationery that will be necessary to effect the Accomplishment of the Surveys, to be laid down for the board. I have the honour to be Sir, your humble Servant. To Mr. McNiff, Deputy Surveyor.

D. W. SMITII, Secretary. [302] (Copy.) Land Office Board, District of Hesse, Detroit, 1 December, 1790.

Whereas there are still extant several occupation tickets for Lots in the New settlement, of which the Board have no entry on their Register, and whereas the Board did resolve to advertise the public to learn the extent of such tickets; I request that all persons, holding authoritys, from Major Mathews, Captain Wiseman, Major Close, Major Murray, or by their order, or any of them, to go upon, or take possession of any of the Lots, in the New Settlement, at the mouth of the Straight, do send me Copys of such permissions, or authoritys, that I may present them to the said Board.

D. W. Smith, Secretary.

[303] (Copy. No. 59.)

3rd December, 1790. Sir,--Drawing and Comon writing paper, Quills, black lead pencils, and India Ink are all wanted for the Surveyor General's Department at this place.

What quantity of paper it may take to lay down the plan required by the Landboard I cannot say, as the Board has not informed me, to what scale the plan should be drawn, if laid down by the Scale that I generally lay down my Surveys by, four quires of imperial paper will be wanted for that use only. I am with due Respect, etc.

P. MCNIFF, Deputy Surveyor.

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Lieutenant Smith, Secretary Land Board.
Entered by D. W. Smith, Secretary.

[304] The Land office board for the District of Hesse, did not meet, Fryday the 3rd December, 1790.

D. W. SMITH, Secretary.


Detroit, 6th December, 1790. GENTLEMEN --I am directed by the President of the Land Office department, for the District of Hesse, to inform you, that the Board have been incompetent to form itself into a Quorum, from an insufficiency of members, since the 29th October last.

That the Deputy Surveyor has twice made an application for Stationery, particularly 4 Quires of imperial paper, to lay down his Surveys on the usual [305] Scale. That as there are no specified directions on this head, among the papers of the Board, the President wishes for your opinion on this subject and the advisable steps to be taken, if your attendance at the board cannot be had, to effect this measure in a Quorum.

I am directed also to submit to your consideration, whether it is not expected that a report should be made on the petition of the Canadian settlers, referred to the Board by Mr. Secretary Motz; and that there are several petitions before the board, for Locations, not in their gift, the propriety of sending which, to the Secretary's Office, with the next Report, The [306] President wishes to submit to your consideration also.

I have the honour to be, Gentlemen, your most Obedient Servant,

D. W. SMITH, Secretary.

To the Members of the Landboard for the District of Hesse.

At a special meeting of the Land Board for the District of Hesse; holden at the Council Chamber of Detroit, the 7th December, 1790. Present: J. Smith, W. D. Powell and A. Grant, Esquires.

Read McNiff's two Letters, applying for Stationary, for the Surveyor General's Department, at this place.

[307] The Board took the same into consideration and afier deliberating thereon, do not find themselves warranted to take measures for the furnishing of the required stationary, not having any special or general directions on that head and wishing to avoid any interference between the Surveyor General's Office and its Deputys, which should seem the most natural channel, for equipments of the above nature.

The board can give no answer to the Deputy Surveyors observation on the impropriety of their fillling up the approved certificate for 200 acres, stating the Lots to be less. The Board could not take the liberty of deviating from the forms transmitted to them, for their Guidance, more than (308) having inserted in the body of the said certificates, that the Lot was for about 200 acres, instead of 200 absolute ones. The Board having no guidance for their contents-these lots being laid out and settled, and Major Mathews authority; and the Deputy Surveyor only can mark the precise superficies of those Lots, which, tis concluded by the Board. He will do in his certificate of assinment at the bottom of the Board's Certificate.

The board then resumed the petition of the Canadian settlers, referred to them by order of the Governor, and having read the same to the Deputy

Surveyor, He says he made a Survey by order of the commanding officer, to ascertain the Limits of the King's Domain, and that he never gave any (309) reason, without Survey, to be cause for the preferring such a petition to the Governor, and that the substance of it does not appear to him, to state facts, as they exist.

The board direct notice to be given to the Subscribers to attend at a day, which they will fix on at some of their future adjournments.

The Board then considered the propriety of transmitting the petitions for Land (chiefly in the Reserve made for the Hurons) and not at present, in their gift, to the Secretary's Office; think it most advisable to withhold (310) the transmission of such petitions, til the Governor and Council have granted that tract, and divested the Board of any expectation of their Locating any part of it.

From the precariousness of the weather, only three members to do the business of the board, and the few special matters before them, they agree to adjourn, sine Die, desiring the Clerk to advise them, when any business, or Communication from the Governor occurs. John Smith, William Dummer Powell, Alexander Grant.

(311] Copy of a Letter from D. W. Smith, Secretary to the board, to Henry Votz, Esquire, Secretary to the Governor.

Detroit, 25 January, 1791. SIR.-I am directed by the Land Board for the District of Hesse to inform you, that there appears nothing on the minutes of their journal, since they were last transmitted, the full communication of which would compensate for the bulk of its postage.

The petition of Canadian settlers, referred to the board, by order of His Excellency, on the 13 September last, has suffered some Enquiry, and I presume will be reported on, in due course.

One more certificate for a single Lot has been granted in the 2 Connected townships at the mouth of the Strait.

(312) The deputy Surveyor has applied to the board for Stationary, but they not finding themselves warranted to furnish it, and wishing to avoid any interference between the Surveyor General's Office and its deputies, have declined taking measures to supply it; “The Deputy Surveyor, howover, has this day brought me, "a plan,” to lay before the board, “of part of the District commencing near Point Pele, on the North Shore of Lake Erie, and extending from thence, along the waters edge, to the entrance of River Latranche, on the east Shore of Lake St. Clair, and from the entrance of said River, up to the 2nd fork of the same, deliniated from actual Surveys, made in the Years 1789 and 1790." The last Quorum of 313) the Board was formed by J. Smith, W. D. Powell and A. Grant, Esquires, on the 7th of December, when from the precariousness of the Weather, only 3 members to do the Business of the board, and the few special matters before them, they agreed to adjourn, Sine Die, desiring me to advise them, when any business, or communication from the Governor occurred. I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient Servant,

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To Henry Motz, Esquire, Secretary to the Governor.
[314] Petitions continued from Register No. 1.--folio 186.

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[315] Calculation for a Town and Township of 9 miles in front by 12 in depth, proposed to be situated on a River or Lake Containing, acres, 69,120.

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