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Public Service of the Province, all future GRANTS of LAND (thofe only excepted for which his Majefty's Governments were actually pledged previous to the receipt of thofe Letters) be fubject to a Fee of Sıx PENCE, Halifax currency, per Acre, exclusfive of the ufual Expences of Survey :

Be it therefore known, That all Grants of Land (except as before excepted) confirming orders of Council made fubfequent to the twenty-fecond Day of December laft, (being the Day on which thofe Letters were read in Council) fhall be fubject to a Fee' of Six-pence Halifax currency per Acre, exclufive of the charges for Survey, which are to be paid as ufual to the Surveyor-General, on prefenting to him the Warrants of Survey for location, agreeable to the proportions fpecified on each Grant in the Schedule hereunto annexed.-And his Majefty having been gracioufly pleafed to dircct that his Royal Favor fhall continue to be extended to those LOYALISTS who have adhered to the Unity of the Empire,

Be it further known, That in conformity to the above Inftructions, all Grants of Land, to the extent of two hundred Acres each, iffued, or to be iffued to Perfons of that defcription, and to their Children of the first Generation, confirming orders of Council fubfequent to the fixth inftant, fhall be fubject to only half the above Fee, (that is Three Pence per Acre) and fhall not be fubject to any charges whatever for the expences of Survey.-And that the faid Fees may be regularly collected, and applied to the public Services of the Province;

Be it known, That Perfons fubject to the payment of full Fees, or half Fees, are upon receiving their refpective Warrants of Survey, to pay to the Receiver-General of the Province, an advance of half the Fee they may be fubject to; and they are to pay the remaining half to the Secretary of the Province, upon receiving their refpective Patents from his Office. Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, in Council, in the Town of

YORK, this thirty-firft Day of October, in the Year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and ninety-eight, and in the thirty-ninth of his Majefty's Reign.

PETER RUSSELL. By the Prefident's Command

John SMALL, Clerk of the Executive Council.

SCHEDULE of the Charges for Survey, ordered to be taken by the Surveyor

General, to enable him to defray the Expences of the Surveys which he fhall receive Warrants for:

For Town Lots, and all other quantities of Land not exceeding one hundred Acres, Twenty Shillings.

All quantities exceeding one hundred Acres, and not exceeding two hundred Acres, One Pound Seven Shillings and Six Pence.

And for all other quantities, One Pound Seven Shillings and Six Pence on each Two Hundred Acres which the quantity ordered may amount to.

And when the Excess on Grants above Two Tundred Acres may exceed One Hundred Acres, and yet does not amount to Two Hundred Acres,—for fuch Excess fhall be charged Twenty Shillings.

Township of

Lot number

Conceffion, Commencing at a Poft in front of

Conceffion, marked Then North 24 Degrees Weft, Chains Links; Then South 66

Degrees Weft, Chains

Links; Then South 24 Degrees Eaft,
Links; Then North 66 Degrees Eaft,

Links; To the place of beginning: Containing

Acres, more or lefs, for which

acres fevenths are referved as per margin. In Lot No.


Acting Surveyor General.


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15th December 1798. Peter Russell, efq., Prefident, adminiftering the government of Upper


Whereas by letters received from his Grace the Duke of Portland, one of his Majefty's principal fecretaries of ftate, fince the iffuing the proclamation of the thirty-firft of OCTOBER laft, it appears that, in consequence of a Reprefentation made by the EXECUTIVE GOVERNMENT of THIS PROVINCE, to his Majefty's MINISTERS, on the Exemption of the U. E. LOYALISTS and their CHILDREN from every expence attending the grants of land made, or to be made to them, his Majefty has been graciously pleafed to fignify his Royal Pleafure that the FIRST LOYALISTS, and their SONS and DAUGHTERS fhall continue to receive his Majefty's BOUNTY of Two HUNDRED ACRES Each as heretofore, free from any axpence whatever. And that it is to be underftood, that this MARK of the Royal Munificence is exprefly confined to thofe LOYALISTS only, who were actually refident in the province on, or before the TWENTY-EIGHTH OF JULY LAST.

Be it therefore known, that, notwithftanding what has been declared to the contrary in the proclamation aforefaid, all LOYALISTS coming within the above defcription, whofe names have been enrolled upon the U. E. lifts, previous to the date of this proclamation, and their sons and daughTERS when of AGE, OR MARRIED, to whom the King's bounty in lands has not been already extended, may continue to confider themfelves entitled to receive from this government, TWO HUNDRED ACRES OF LAND free from the payment of fees and all other charges; but that, except to the extent allowed by his Majefty's INSTRUCTIONS, neither U. E. loyalifts, nor their children, can be confidered as exempted from the STANDING FEES, it having been ordered that they fhall be annexed to every further grant of land, to them as well as to others, be its extent what it may. Given under my hand and feal at arms, in council at York, this fifteenth

day of December, in the thirty-ninth year of his Majefty's reign, and in the year of our Lord one thoufand feven hundred and ninety-eight.

PETER RUSSELL. By Command of the Prefident in Council,



From 1792 to 1800, when Lieut Governor Hunter succeeded, Upper Canada shows a substantial increase of population, and the work of Surveying the wild lands was actively carried on. The following maps show how the Province was then laid out and organized :

From Original in Ontario Bureau of Archives, Toronto.

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From the Original by D. W. Smith, in the possession of James Bain, D.C.L., Toronto.

CESSIONS From the Indians on the North Shore of
Lake Ontario 1784, 1787 and 1788.


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From Original in Ontario Bureau of Archives. Toronto.

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