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Grants of Land to Hon. T. Scott. 1805.

list of. 1802. Huron District, Road Contracts, Return No. 1. 1846.

continued. 1846. Indian Reservation, Eastern District, J. L. Bruce, Cornwall, transmitting plan, report, &c., of.

Instructions, 5th Article of, from S. Holland, P.L.S. 1786.
Land Board Locations, Reg. 1804.
Law Suit: The King vs. T. Dorlands & P. Vanalstine. 1797.
Legislative Assembly, Resolution asking certain Returns. 1847.
Letter, P. Robinson to W. Chewett, praying to locate Hugh McMurry on N. } of lot 3, Con. 5,

Thorah Tp. 1830.
E. B. Littlehales to J. White, Atty. Genl., re prosecution against Mr. Dun. 1795.
H. Smith to W. McIntyre, asking the permit of locating certain lands. 1821.
J. Emerson to D. W. Smith, re a grant of land. 1795.
W. Graham to D. W. Smith, re certificates for lands. 1795.
J. Gray to David Smith, re a certificate asked by one Bradt. 1795.
R. I. D. Gray to D. W. Smith, re lands in Cornwall and River Rideau. 1795.
J. Green to Adj. & Lieut. J. McGill, re settlement of Neapean Township. 1795.
J. Clark to T. W. Smith, giving the necessary amount of cordwood for heating a house

during one year. 1795.
J. B. Rousseau to D. W. Smith, re a bill to be paid. 1795.
R. Clinch to J. McKay, re lands. 1795.
B. Seymour to L. Herchmer, to be relieved from bond for timber duties. 1852.
A. G. Chisholm from R. H. Brown, re Chief J. Macaulay's Rep. on Indian airs. 1899.
D. Richard to Hon. R. Baldwin, M.P.P., soliciting his aid to get his brother's land

restored to him. 1849.
J. Green to R. I. D. Gray, Sol. Genl., asking to enquire at Mr. T. Slatter's about E.

Billing's conduct. 1800. Chas. Jones to H. Boulton, re Returns of jud. Sale. 1829. to Sol. General, about difficulties with the Bank of Upper Canada vs. J. Lowe. 1829. J. Lowe to Atty. General, Enquiries in his case with the Bank of Upper Canada. 1829. H. Proctor to T. Ridout, Surv. Genl., re lost plan of Amhersburg. 1813. J. N. Maiberley to John Maiberley, re Grinsby Gore. 1837. respecting the Report of the Land Committee on Major Holland's letter. 1792. inclosing the Report of the Land Committee on Major Holland's letter. 1792. to Mr. W. Dibble at St. John. 1792. of D. W. Smith, expressing gratitude, &c. 1797. transmitting Return of Militia Flank Companies, &c. 1848. French, re lines for lands in Quebec. 1792. to Chief Secretary with a copy of list No. 4 Allowed Claims. 1841. of Surveyor General, re survey, Block D, Sophiasburg. 1832. from H. Lee to Council, recommending the adoption of the proposal of some Indian

Chiefs, for a tract of land in the Township of St. Clair. 1840. from D. Cowan, re land granted to him by Gov. 1795. from J. Colloer. re lands for his son, &c. 1795. respecting Duty on goods. 1822. copies of, from Mr. Palmer with information re Reserves on Lake Superior. 1857. respecting the survey of the Indian Reserve and the Township of Godmanchester. 1851. requesting the Records of the Foi & Homage, for compiling a new map of the French

Grants. 1792.
from General Christie, re the Boundaries of his land on River Chambly. 1792.
re the boundary line between the Indian Reservation of Dundee and the Township of

Godmanchester. 1852.
Patent, for leasing the King's Posts to the Hudson Bay Company. 1842.
List No. 4, distribution of copies. 1841.



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Location Ticket, granting 100 acres of land to Chas. Doyle, cancelled. 1831.

to I. Chester for 100 acres of land in the Township of Mariposa and Durham

Co. 1819. to J. Daily for 100 acres of land in the Township of Eldon and County of

Durham. 1831. to J. Hunter for lot 18 in the Township of Mulmer and County of Simcoe. 1825. to W. Hall for 100 acres of land, lot 11, in the Township of Essa and County

of Simcoe. 1831. to T. H. Willson for 100 acres of land in the Township of Tosorontio and Co.

of Simcoe. Locations made in Surveyor General's Office. 1816. Memorandum of lots 30, 31 and 32 in the Township of Trałalgar. 1826. Memorial to Governor General from C. L. Herchmer, Thurlow. 1852. Minutes of Council, copy of, made upon application of Mr. R. Daverne, re lot 3, Harvey Street

in the Town of Perth. 1830. of Council, extract from, Grants of 700 acres of land to each of the following named

Gents: N. McLean, R. Hamilton, N. Pettit, J. Burk, J. Warren and Philip

Stedman. 1788.
Mortgage, D. S. Shoemaker to Her Majesty Queen Victoria. 1858.
New England Co., re lands at Otamobee Lake. 1835.
Notice to persons indebted to Government for lands. 1868.

of Saie : Lots in Hospital Reservation. 1819. Oath of Office of J. Lawrence, pathmaster. 1811. l'ay List, copy of. 1792. Petition, asking that monuments be established at the Boundary line between York and Mark

ham Townships. 1838. of T. Clark for 2 lots had by deed from Indian Chiefs at River à la Tranche. 1838.

of J. Mignault and others of Richelieu & Verchères. 1853. · Peter Lossing, re Gore in Norwich, with description. 1853. Petition of A. W. Freear Lieut.-H.P., 30th Foot, praying that P. Cuggy be granted 100 acres of

land. 1840. of the Bush Settlers to J. Durand, M.P., praying that their lands be surveyed out in

200 acres lots and sold on easy terms. 1840. of W. Harrison for a grant of land as petty Officer in the Navy. 1835. from Goderich to His Excellency the Governor General: praying that the Church of

England may have the control over the disposition and management of her

share of the Clergy Reserves. 1835. from Peterborough and Vicinity to His Excellency the Governor General : praying

that the Church of England may have the control of her share of the Clergy

Reserves. 1835. to the Ontario Government from the early Settlers of the Township of Elderslie in the

County of Bruce : praying that a fund be restored for the making, maintaining,

&c., of roads in the said County. 1869. to the Lt.-Governor of Upper Canada from W. Hedge and W. Lyman of Montreal :

praying that a deed be ordered for a lot to the Protestant Episcopal Church

Church Commissioners. 1833. to the Lt.-Governor of Upper Canada from R. Stanton, re a lot : one acre of land. 1835. to Lt.-Governor of Upper Canada from D. O'Brien, re deed for lot No. 6 in the Town

of London for the Episcopal Church Members. 1833. of F. T. Wilkes and others re survey of land known as Eagle's Nest. 1845. Power of Attorney : Henry Cawthra to John Bell. 1847. Recognizance : J. Hamon, A. McDonell and S. McNabb, for John Haman's appearance at the

next Court, S. P. 1799.

for the appearance of Miles Beach at the Court of Oyer and Terminer. 1799. Remarks re the Shore of Lake Ontario from Niagara to Black River in Hungry Bay. 1794. Report, of Islands, Midland District. 1796.

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Retainer, &c., Muir vs. Palmer. 1796.
Return No. 2, Colborne Road, Huron District. 1846.

for Timber cut under License. 1864.
St. Regis Indians : Papers relating to their Land in the Eastern District. 1864.
Schedule of Lots in the 1st Concession of the Township of Sophiasburg. 1830.
Statement of quantity of Land granted to the U.E. Loyalist Claimants in the United States,

viz: 1,987,400. Montreal. 1849.





PROVINCIAL SECRETARY'S DEPARTMENT. Current Departmental Reports. Originals of Documents relating to the Arbitrations between the Dominion of

Canada and the Provinces of Ontario and Quebec, containing :
Schedule No. 1.—The First Award. The Interest Question, 2nd November, 1893 ;

2.--Award relating to Interest on Overdrafts, 31 August, 1894 ;
3.-Award. Indian Annuities, Huron and Superior, 13th February, 1895 ;
4.- Award. Hamilton Coupons, 26th March, 1895;
5.—The Supreme Court of Canada : The Dominion of Canada v. the Provinces of

Ontario and Quebec. Judgment 6th May, 1895 ;
6.-Order relating to making up the accounts, May 20th, 1895 ;
7.-Award dated 13th November, 1895 ;
9.-The Accountants' Report, being an original document, belonging to the

Honourable A. M. Ross, 30 January, 1896 ; 10.-Common School Award, No. 1, 6 February, 1896 ; 11.- Award on the Acconntant's Reports, 20 June, 1896 ; 13.- Common School Award, No. 2, published 23 December, 1896 : 14.--Award. Jurisdiction McGreevy, Solicitor-General Cockburn, John Stewart,

15 May, 1897 ; 15.-Order, Who is a Treaty Indian and without incurring loss; 7 January, 1898 ; 16. — Award. McGreevy, Ward and O'Leary, Garth, 7 January 1898. 17.- Award. Conjoint Liability, 7 January, 1898 ; 18.-Judgment on Appeal of Arbitrators, 14 June, 1898 ; 19.-Supreme Court; Quebec v. Dominion of Canada and Ontario : re Indian

Claims for increased annuities under the Robinson Treaties. Minutes of

Judgment, 7 October, 1898 ; 20.-The Question of Interest on international payments. Award, 2nd Decem

ber, 1898; 21.-Common School Fund No. 3. Award on the division of the income of the

Common School Fund, 22nd March, 1899; 22.—Order confirming statements fyled in Robinson, Huron and Superior

Treaties, “without incurring loss," 27 April, 1899 ; 23.- Printed Copy of Award respecting Common School Fund, dated 21st

October, 1899; 24.-Supreme Court Judgment, Ontario v. Quebec. Common School Fund.

Appeal 2, 1st May, 1900 ; 25.—Huron and Superior Indian Annuities. Final Award, 1st August, 1900 ; 26.—Province of Canada Account, Award 1st August, 1900 ; 27.- Province of Ontario Award of 1st August, 1900; 28.-The 18th Award, being Common School Award No. 5, and the Arbitrators'

Reasons, 13 September, 1900 ; 29. ---Arbitration on Public Accounts, 19th Award, 9 May, 1901 ; 30.-Oral Judgment, on application by Dominion to have capital of Trust Funds

applied in extinction of Provincial Debt, 22nd August, 1901 ; PRINTED PAMPHLET: “The Awards upon Arbitrations relating to the Accounts between the

Dominion of Canada, the Province of Canada, and the Provinces of
Ontario and Quebec," 1895 ;

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Synopsis of the Awards of the Orders made by the Arbitrators to carry said Awards into effect :

also the Judgments of the Supreme Court and Privy Council in respect of

the Appeals against said awards : with index to Schedule. Railway Papers Petitions, plans, papers, accounts, etc,, relating to grants by the Province to the following

railways :Belleville and North Hastings Railway ; Canada Air Line ; Canada Central Railway ; Canada

Southern Railway ; Credit Valley Railway ; Dresden Oil Spring Railway ; Hamilton and Lake Erie Railway ; Hamilton and North western Railway; Huron and Erie Railway ; Huron and Quebec Railway; Lake Simcoe Junction Railway ; Prince Arthur's Landing Railway ; Prince Edward County Railway ; South Western Railway; Stratford and Lake Huron Railway ; Toronto and Nipissing Railway. Trent Valley Railway ; Wellington and Georgian Bay Railway ; Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway ; Wellington, Grey and Bruce Railway ; Victoria Railway ; Midland Railway ; Montreal and City of Ottawa Railway ; Napanee, Tamworth and Quebec Railway ; Norfolk Railway ; Northern Railway; Northern Extension Railway; North Simcoe Railway ; Ontario Mineral Railway ; Ontario and Pacific Junction Railway ; Port Dover and Lake Huron Railway ; Port Whitby and Port Perry Railway ;

PROVINCIAL TREASURER'S DEPARTMENT. The Estimates, 1905. Public Accounts, 1905. The Budget Statement, 1905.

Current Departmental Reports, papers re early colonization Roads, etc.


(Chronologically Arranged.)

YEAR. 1665-6.



PAPERS relating to De Courcelles' and De Tracy's Expeditions. First Forts

erected on the Iroquois River. Routes leading to the Iroquois Country.
The War and Treaties of Peace between the French and the Iroquois. A
relation of the Governor of Cannada, his march with 600 volunteers into ye
Territoryes of His Royal Highness the Duke of York in America. (London
Doc. II.] Extract from Paris Doc. I. Acte of possession by Sieur Du Bois
in the name of the King (of France) of the forts taken from the Iroquois.
Letters.-Gov. Nicolls to Chev. Tracy at Quebec; M. Talon to M. Colbert ;

M. Tracy to Gov. Nicolls.
PAPERs relating to M. de Denonnville's Expedition to the Genesee Country and

Niagara. Paris Doc. III. and IV., London Doc. V. and IX., Council Min. V.
PAPERS RE FRONTENAC's Expedition against the Onondaga Indians ; Coll. Fletcher

to the Lords of the late committee ; Expedition to Albany ; Letter from Coll. Fletcher to Mr. Blaith wayte, a Journall of what passed in the Expedition of His Excellency Coll. Benjamin Fletcher, Captaine Engall and Governor in Chiefe of the Province of New Yorke, etc., to Albany to renew the covenant chain with the five Canton Nations of Indians and Mohaques, Oneydes, Onondages, Cayouges and Sennekes ; Extract of Gov. Fletcher's

Speech at the opening of the 4th sess. Prov. Assembly, 16 October, 1696. Autographs. Francois D'Ailleboust sieur de Madeline Son oi Jean Baptiste

D'Ailleboust, Ignace Reini D'Ailleboust de Perigny son of Jean Baptiste, Theophile Barthe. He was Armourer to the King, he married a daughter of Chas. A'lavoine and was also Surgeon Major of Three Rivers, Louis Audet de Perrecot sieur de Bayllene, Ensign of the Troops of Marines, Madelienne Chrestien, his wife, Aubert de Beaucort.




1776, 4 July. 1786, 1786, 6 Nov. 1787. 1787. [ ]


The unanimous declaration of the Thirteen States of America, in Congres,

Despatches to the Dep. Surveyor, Genl. Hoop.
Request by His Excellency Lord Dorchester for Reports, Courts of Justice ;

Advertisement re New Settlement.
Sketch of Elizabeth Fares, a pioneer settler of Wainfleet, Niagara District.
Calculation of the Township of Dover: of the miles of lines and of the Reserves.
Extract from the Minutes of the Council at Quebec re the arrival of several

hundreds of persons from North Britain, and the assigning of locations

to them. Accounts of Alexander Aitkin, D.P.S. for the District of Mecklenburg. Report from W. Chewett, P.L.S., re work performed in the District of Lunenburg

during summer.

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2 June.

1787-1788. 1788.

Deputy Surveyor Frey to S. G. Holland re Surveys at Niagara.

1788, 3 Mar. 1788, 18 May. 1788, 4 June. 1788.

1788, 23 June. 1788, 30 June. 1788. 4 Sept.

Statement of work necessary to be done to complete the Loyalist Settlements.
Letter from John Collins, D.G.S., to William Chewett, re surveys on the South

Side of Lake St. Francis.
Alexander Aitkin, D.P.S. to John Collins, D.S.G., re progress of surveys in

Mecklenberg, 15th and 23rd September.
Minate of Committee of Council transmitted to Lord Dorchester, re cost of

Surveys in Mecklenberg, 15th and 23rd September.
Letter from John Collins, D.S.G. to Mr. William Chewett, re surveys between

Elizabethtown and Pitsburg below Kingston.
Memorial from Captain Daniel Robertson, Colonel Allan McLean and others,

officers in the late 84th Regiment of Foot, re adjustment of lands granted

for services. Despatch-Dorchester to John Collins, re appointment of the Reverend Mr.

Stuart and others as a Board to enquire into the character and loyalty of

applicants for land in Mecklenberg. Despatch-Dorchester to John Collins, re appointment of a Board to examine

the claims and character of Loyalists coming into the District of Lunenberg. Letter from Alexander Aitkin, D.S. G. to Hon. John Collins, re surveys and plans

of Sydney, Thurlo and Richmond.

1 Sept.

Despatch by Dorchester to John Collins, Esq., re Land Board of Mecklenberg.
Letter from Ph. P. Lansingh to John Collins, re Commission of Sheriff for

Kingston, Ont. and grant of lands.

1788, 8 Sept. 1788, 24 Nov. 1788, 5 Oct. 1788, 15 Dec. 1788, 29 Dec. 1788, 29 Dec. 1788, 29 Dec. 1789. 1789.

Order in Council re location of 450 acres Indian Lands near Edwardsburg.
0. C. in favour of Sir John Johnson and heirs of Guy Johnston re lands on the

Ottawa River.
Extract from the Minutes of Council, at Quebec, re grant to the Sons of Capt.

Caldwell, late of Butler's Rangers, of a certain Marsh åt Detroit.
Extracts from Minutes of Council re lands to John Stegman.
Report to Lord Dorchester of the number of persons employed in the Surveyor

General's Department.
A U. E. L. application and certificate.
Letter from John Collins to Alex. Aitkin, D. Surveyor for the District of

Extract from the Report of a Committee of the whole Legislative Council re

High Roads and Bridges in the Central Districts of Quebec and Montreal.




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