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Letter from Thomas Aston Coffin to John Collins, Esq., re Detroit Surveys.

1790, 10 Oct. 1790.


[ ]

1792. 1792. 1792.

1792. 1792.

17 Mar.

1792, 20 Oct.


Accounts of John Collins, D.S.G., with the Government.
Certificate to Stephen Secord for a lot of 200 acres in Tp. No. 1, District of

List of Reduced officers of Provincial Corps who, by His Excellency Lord

Dorchester's Order in Council of 28th Oct., 1788, and 21 July, 1790, have
been put on a footing with the reduced officers of the late 84th Regiment

relative to grants of waste lands of the Crown. Roll of Officers of the 1st and 2nd Battalion of H M. late Royal Regiment of

New York, whereof Sir John Johnson, Kt. and Bart., was Lieut. Colonel

Order in Council and Description of a lot of land granted to John Secord, Sr.
Granting John Secord, Jr., 193 acres of land in the Tp. of Newark.
Letter, Col. England to Lt. W. D. Smith, A.S.G., re lands in Western District,

Deposition of Rowland Windham, Surgeon Mate 5th Regt., Detroit.
Complaint of Alexis Réaume vs. Wawanisi (an Indian) for Assault with intent to

murder. (French).
Recognizance, David Clarke, George Cottman and John Mills.
Letter from His Excellency Lt.-Gov. J. G. Simcoe, dated Quebec, respecting the

boundaries of lands purchased from the Messessaga Indians on the 2nd May,

1784, between the Lakes Ontario and Erie and the River La Tranche. Despatch from Lieut. -Governor Simcoe to Samuel Holland, Esq., Surveyor

General re small promontory in front of Johnstown, now Cornwall, claimed

by Lt.-Col. James Gray.
Report to Lt.-Gov, A. Clarke re Reservation to be made in the Royal Grants

from the Crown to the Protestant Clergy.
Petty Larceny, John Thorn vs. James Pitney.
Memorandum, re the Inhabitants of L'Assomption Settlement, Sandwich.
Letter, Sally Ainse to N. W. Smith re lands.
Letter, Patrick McNiff to Lt.-Col. England, re lands.
Letter, Abraham Pastorius to H. E. the Governor-General, re lands.
Deposition respecting the murder of an Indian at Michilemackenac. William

Roe, Detroit.
Despatch from the Surveyor-General to His Excellency Alured Clarke, Lieut.-

Governor L. C., re lands to Abraham Pastorius.
Order in Council granting 5,000 acres to the Widow and family of the late

Governor Hay, of Detroit.
Memo. re Roads in Town and Township of York.
Manuscript Proceedings of the House of Assembly of Upper Canada, THIRD

SESSION, First Meeting of Legislature. 2nd June 34, Geo. III., 3rd June
1794, 4th June 1794, 5th June 1794, 6th June 794, 7th June 1794, (8th June
Sunday), 9th June 1794, 10th June 1794, 11th June 1794, (docketed, For

Mr. Phelps, House of Assembly.)
Presentment of Jurors, -J. Schieffelin, Foreman, re condition of Detroit, dated,

Jury Room, Detroit.
Order by Simcoe, to John McGill, Esq.. to supply Capt. Joseph Brant and

Daniel, two Mohawk chiefs, rifles from the Government Stores at Newark,

from Edward J. Hearn, Esq., Barrister, Toronto.
Deed of 1200 acres to Prideaux Selby, Esq.: (tattered, but legible).

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Discharge as a Subaltern, from General Haldimand to Samuel Ross, and transfer

of land by the latter to James Sutherland.

YEAR. 1796. 29 Jan.

1796, 26 Oct. 1797. 1797.

Certificate of Grant to Mary Robins, Kingston, Ont.
Jurors' True Bill re Murder of David Lynd on the River a la Tranche, District

of Hesse.
Certificate of location to John Henry Kohman, Pittsburg, Ont. Signed

D. W. Smith.
Memorandum, re Mr. Iredell's letter.
Document. Answers to MINUTES of SEARCH, Kingston, Midland District, re

claimants for grants of land.
Warrants issued from the Council Office granting lands in U. C.


20 Feb. 1799.

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
[ ]

Papers of Sam. McBride, Trafalgar, Niagara District, re School business, teachers'

agreement, wages, etc. Contributed by Wm. Cully, Deer Park, Ont.
Presentment of the Grand Jury of the Home District, Richard Beasley, Foreman.
Settlers from Nova Scotia, for Grant of Land in the London District.
Duncan Cameron to Thomas Markland, detailed account for merchandise.
Report of Claims allowed by the Land Commissioners at Niagara, 1801, 1802.
Memorandum, re the Inspector General's Statement of Survey Money.
Memorandum, re the distance across the Bay at York.
Memorandum, re the land claimed from Major Rogers.
Memorandum, re Lieut. Young's Lands.
Memorandum, re Public Accounts.
Memorandum, re the proportion of the Acre and the Arpent.
Memorandum, re lands described to Captain Peter Ruttan.
Informati etc. The King vs. Brigham.
Memorandum, re W. Sutherland's lands.
Grant to Hon. Robert Hamilton, Joseph Forsyth, William Atkinson, John

Cumming and John Ferguson, in trust for the inhabitants of the town of
Kingston,--the piece of ground reserved for a market place and the water

lots adjoining.
Memorandum, re land error made in description of.
Larratt Smith, LL.D., Toronto. Documents and Deeds re Land to family of

General Benedict Arnold in Upper Canada. Directory of Toronto, etc.
Papers, re the survey of the Attorney-General's Lots.
Letter, Mr. Speaker Street, re Helliger and Mulhollon's lands.
Draft of a lease of the River Humber to Andrew Clark.
Bond. John Cameron and Duncan Cameron, York, Ont.




[ ]
7 April.


Letter from Hon. Timothy Pickering re the imminent danger of an unnecessary

and ruinous war.
Receipt from John Small to Messrs. Ridout & Chewett for 4 quires of paper, to

be returned.
Memorandum, re Records : where they are to be found.
Receipt for Nicolas Schaffer's deed by John Brownell.
A. Marlett, Flamboro West, to Duncan Cameron, York, re. Settler's Account.

1808. 1809. 1809, 4 Jan. 1809.



Receipt from J. Small to Messre. Chewett & Ridout, for half a quire of paper,

folio post, to be returned. Letter, John Symington to W. Chewett, re R. Thompson's Lot No. 46 in the

in the Township of Niagara.
Letter, W. Chewett to S. S. Wilmott, stating that the Road to Ashbridges must

be first carried into execution.
Survey of a road from the town of York to Mr. Ashbridge's. Samuel S. Wilmot
Grants to Schools and Colleges.
Award of Arbitrators in re Timothy Wheeler and Josiah Willmot, York, Ont.,





3 Oct.

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Samuel Hutt, Ancaster, Ont., to Duncan Cameron, Esquire, re purchase of four.
W. McGillivray, for the North-west Company, for a grant of certain lands.

Penetanguishene & Kempenfeldt.
Address to the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress on the war with

Great Britain. Joseph Quincy.
Minutes of Meeting of the Principal Inhabitants of the Town of York and its

vicinity. Hon. Ch. Justice Scott, Chairman, re Formation of the Loyal and
Patriotic Society of Upper Canada.

branches in Glengarry, by the Rev. John Bethune, first settled Presbyterian Pastoral Address (M.S.) to the Presbyterian Congregation at Williamstown and its

Minister in Upper Canada. Donated by Major Donald Murdoch Robertson,

48th Highlanders, Toronto.
Public Notice to Sons or Daughters of U.E. Loyalists, giving certain instructions.
0.C. granting a lease of the ferry between Kingston and Grande Isle, alias Wolfe

Memo of the Early Principal Roads throughout the Province of U.C.
Table showing the rent to be paid in cash or wheat on every 5 acres from 200 to

400 acres settlement.
Reports on Roads, &c., in Markham, by Capt. Fenwick.
Return re Roads in Gwillimbury, by Capt. Travers.
Return of Roads, Cross-roads, &c., in East Gwilliambury.
Return of Roads in 8th, 9th and 10th Concessions of Markham.
Return re Roads in the Township of Vaughan.
Plan re Roads in Markham.
Plan showing roads in the Township of Darlington, Clarke & Hope, by S. Wilmot,

Letter, Lieut. James Miles to Col. Chewett, re roads.
The Gleaner and Niagara Newspaper, Vol. II, No. 2, 10th Dec. 1818; No. 36,

do., 5th Aug., 1819; No. 48, do., 28th Oct., 1819. Contributed by Mrs.

McCully, Deer Park, Ont.
Commission under the Alien Act. District of London. James Mitchell and

George C. Salmon.
An Act to establish a Superior Court of Civil and Criminal Jurisdiction and to

regulate the Court of Appeal. Original draft MS. (no date).
Granting John Oliver a lease of the Ferry across Rideau Lake on the road from

Brockville to Perth.
Memo relative to the Reservations for the Crown and Clergy for the Six Nations

Lands in the County of Lincoln.
Letter from Geo. A. Jones, Albany, to Francis P. Jones, Montreal, re business

and politics.
Letter, Henry Ewing to Thomas Ridout, Esq., re Roads in the Townships of

Haldimand and Cramahe.
Account of Land located by Mr. Burwell in the Township of ('arradoc.
Memorandum, re Roads, &c., in Middlesex, R. Burwell.
Memorandum, re Survey by Mr. Burwell.
Return from John Booth to Thomas Ridout, Esq., re Roads.
Return of Roads, &c.. in Vaughan, by Lieut. Schultz.
Roads, &c., in the Townships of Longueuil and Hawkesbury.
Report upon surveying by Mr. Aitken.
Account of Goods seized by John Chisholm, Collector of Customs at Burlington

Letter appointing the Hon. and Rev. Dr. Strachan President of the Board for

the General Superintendence of Education. Board : The Hon. and Rev. Dr.
Strachan, President; Hon. J. Wells, Hon. G. H. Markland, Rev. R. Addison,
J. B. Robinson and T. Ridout.

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1821. 1821. 1821. 1822. [ ] [ ] [ ] 1822.


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Despatches, &c., re a grant of 6,000 acres to Hon. Wm. McGillivray.
List of gentlemen at the Bar of the Bench according to their standing.
In B. A. S., John James Luttrell vs. Wm. Butterworth. Trinity Term 3rd year

Society. Libel.
Deed for lands to Hon. Col. Neil McLean, Cornwall, from John McLean,

Memorandum, re Roads, Bye-pathe, Rivers, Lakes, Churches, Grist and Saw

Mills, &c.
R. Shirriff, respecting Timber Supply.
Instructions respecting the collection of Timber Dues.
Autograph of Sir Perigrine Maitland, Lieut.-Governor of Upper Canada.
Order signed by Sir John Colborne, as Colonel commanding the 52nd Regiment,

N. D.
Crown grant in favor of James Sinclair, Kingston, from J. W. Seymour Corley,

The Observer, York, Vol. VIII, No. 49, containing speech by Rev. John Strachan,

D.D., on the Clergy Reserves, contributed by Mrs.
Oath of John Weel & George Bullock declaring that no improvement has been

made on Lot 23 in the 1st Conc. of the Township of Adjula.
Memorandum, re Road Bills, &c.
Memorandum of Solomon Ball, claiming the N. 1 of Lot 23 in the 2nd Concession

of Ernest Town. Memorandum, calculations of Lord Selkirk's Tract on the Grand River, to find

out an error. Certificate for Prize money to Timothy Collins, of H.M.S. Rammillies. Memorandum, re Townships in the London & Western Districts which have been

contracted for by Mr. Burwell, showing those which have not yet been

Rachel Robinette vs. Abijah Lewis, for dower in certain lands.
Draft of Mr. H. Burwell for 700 acres of land in South Walden.
Edwards, W. Minutes, Reports and Papers re Mechanic's Institute, Toronto,

from J. P. Edwards, Toronto.
Letter. A. Campbell to S. P. Hurd, requesting to postpone the survey of Seymour

Narrative re Estate of Angus Shaw, of the Canadian North West Fur Company ;

copies of papers and comments thereon by Alexander Darroch, of St. Thomas,

Discharged Soldiers' location ticket. Patrick Missett.
Address to the York Mechanics’ Institution by Dr. Dunlop.
Particulars of Roup Sale (with prices received) of David Graham, prior to emi-

grating with his family to Ontario. Donated by John Burns. Whitby, Ont.
Letter, S. P. Hurd to James West, re Land.
Letter from A. Campbell to S. P. Hurd, re lands in the Township of Seymour.
Notice of meeting of the Heads of Families of the City of Toronto, with the

resolutions passed and list of subscriptions made at same “for the relief of
the orphans and widows left destitute by the deaths caused by the prevailing

malady.” Signed, John STRACHAN.
Disbursements, collecting Crown Timber Dues at Bytown.
Certificate that William HARRISON served as Quarter Master in the R.N. on the

Lakes of Canada.
Certificate that William Harrison has taken the oath of allegiance before Thomas

Colored Population of South-western Ontario, facts re Patrick Shirreff, Farmer,

Mungo's Wells, East Lothian. Donated by the Rev. Thomas Natress, B.A.,




18 Apl.
11 Aug.

30 Jun.
28 Oct.

YEAR. 1835.

[ ]
[ ]
[ ]
24 May

Exploration of the Northward Shore of Lake Huron. Official Correspondence

and Instructions to Lieut. Carthew, R.E.
Letter, S. P. Hurd to L. Burwell, re School Lot near the Mohawk Church.
Letter, S. P. Hurd to Dep. Surv. Hawkins, re death of James Booth.
Letter, S. P. Hurd to Mr. Birdsall, re Contingent Expenses by D.P.L. Surveyors.
Memorandum, re Lands, E. Washburn.
Document transmitting a plan of the Indian Reserve at Thurlow to Col. Givins.
Statement of land granted to U. E. Loyalists and Militia Claimants.
C. Shireff, respecting collection of timber dues.
Letter, Alex. McDonell, to Archibald McLean, Barrister, Cornwall, re accounts.



16 Nov. 1838.



Letter, R. C. Wilkins to Henry Ruttan, re Boundary Lines of the Township of

Caer Howell Bowling Green Club. First list of members and officers. Rules

and Regulations—“Rules of the noble game of Bowls as established at the

Green in the College Avenue." Minutes of meetings, officers etc., 1837–1850. Upper Canada Gazette, Extraordinary, containing an account of the engagement

at Prescott, and the skirmishing at Chateauguay. Religious Liberty, a letter upon the l'hanksgiving Proclamation of Sir F. B. Head,

by John Roaf, Toronto. Letter, Chas. Richardson to John Joseph, Esq., re Return of Licensed Surveyors

of Roads, &c., Niagara. Papers of late Rev. John Scott, Brampton, including letters from the Rev. Dr.

Ryerson, Leaders' Plans for the Circuits of the City of Toronto, 1841-2, and 1844 ; Yonge Street Circuit 1843-4, St. Catharines Circuit 1835-6. Stamford Circuit 1844. Letters and articles written on current public questions. Minutes (MS.) of Conference in Toronto, 1840, of Representatives to the British Conference, Methodist Church. Supplement to the British Colonist May 28, 1844, re the Defence by Dr. Ryerson of Sir Chas. Metcalfe. Copies of the Christian Guardian : 27, March, 1844, containing a condemnation of Mr. Draper's Defence of King's College ; 3, April 1844, Eulogy on Mr. Draper; 15, May 1844, Notice of the United Empire Association. The British Colonist, 31 May, 1844 : Canada Company sale of lands, Introductory address by Rev. Dr. Ryerson in defence of Sir Charles Metcalfe. The Weekly Pilot, 4 January 1845: The Clergy Reserves Discussed, Hon. Mr. LaFontaine's

speech on the Address, Rev. Dr. Ryerson's “Defence” criticised. Specimens of Fractional Currency, issued in Toronto by Watkins & Harris,

owing to suspension of specie payments in consequence of the Mackenzie

Rebellion. 28.6d. ; 18.3d. ; 7}d. Donated by H. F. Wyatt, Esq., Toronto.
Notes from Charles Buller.
L. P. Jarvis, Petition of Chiefs of the Chippewa Indians, that so much land may

be set apart for them as will be equivalent to a quantity sold by Col. Talbot

on Big Bear Creek nnder the supposition that it was Crown Lands. Report (MS.) upon the affairs and influence of the Canada COMPANY as locally

applicable to Upper Canada, to His Excellency the Right Honorable C.
Poulett Thomson, Governor General, by Daniel Lizars, a Justice of the

Peace for the London District.
Enquiry into the affairs of the Canada COMPANY, correspondence and memor-


1839. 1839.

1840, 14 Jan.

anda relative thereto. Remarks on Lizars' Report (above). Answers by the
Canada COMPANY to same. Preliminary and confidential Report to His

Excellency, Sir G. Arthurs.
List No. 4 Militia Claims for Scrip. Approved at Quebec.



31 Dec.
18 Jan.

Plan of and contract for building a ooden bridge over Nine Mile River, Ashfield.
Papers accompanying above claims.

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