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YEAR. 1842.



By-laws of the Western District Literary and Philosophical and Agricultural

Association, Amherstburg, donated by the Rev. Thomas Natress, B.A.
Return under the Assessment Act of 1819, of all lands described for Patent,

Huron Dist.
Bills-annotated—re admission of Land Surveyors, and the Surveys of Lands in

Upper and Lower Canada.
Marriage Licenses, by Rev. Dr. Jennings, Toronto, donated by Mr. W. T. Jen-

nings, C.E., Toronto.
Toronto Harbour, Survey of, by John G. Howard, 1846.

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Minutes (MS.) of the first meeting of the Board of Education for Upper Canada,

signed, “Egerton Ryerson." Statement re the causes that led to General Armstrong's resignation of the office

of Secretary of War in 1814, by Thomas L. McKenney. Letter, D. McDermid, Cornwall, to the Honorable Mr. Justice McLean, re claim

for arrears of pension. Copy of the Commission of the Comte de la Galissoniere from Louis XV., coun

tersigned by Barrin. Certified extracts from the Registers du Conseil Super

ieurs de Quebec, 27 Feb., 1747. Notice of meeting of St. John's Chapter in re organizing St. Andrew's Chapter,

R.A.M., signed John McA. Cameron, Secretary. Addressed to Hugh Miller,

Statement of sale of Freehold land with conditions of sale (printed).

1 Feb.


8 Aug. 1849.




1851, 15 Oct. 1852.

1853. 1853.

Return of the number and names of militiamen located previous to 1 January,

1843, but whose locations were forfeited for non-performance of settlement

duties. Return of the number and names of the sons and daughters of U. E. Loyalists

whose claims have been recognized by Orders in Council since 1 January,

1843. Return of the number and names of U. E. Loyalists located prior to 1 January,

1843, but whose locations have been forfeited for non-performance of settle

ment duties.
Criticism on the Common School Bill of 1850 introduced by the Hon. Francis

Hincks, by Murdoch MacDonald, Perth, Ont., 36 pp. ms.
Calendar of prisoners for the October Assizes County of Haldimand, R. Mather

Circular to Crown Land Agents in Lower Canada to cease delivery of Location

Movarian Indians Lease and Sale to Holcroft Clench.
Settlers' Accounts-H. C. McMullen, Sullivan, James Walsh, Arthur, and Dun-

can McIntyre, Egremont, Ont.
Settler's License in favor of Alexander Stewart of McNab Tp., yeoman.
Merchant Shipping Act Amendment.
Return of the Legislative Assembly, in re charge made by the Commissioner of

Crown Lands against the Auditor of Public Accounts.
Bill to change the Constitution of the Legislative Council by rendering the same

Elective, Hon. Mr. Cauchon.
Letter. Hector Cameron, Toronto, to Hon. Mr. Justice McLean, Cornwall, re

the rights of St. Andrew's Church to damages from the Railway Co. for

preventing access to a lot on the Humber.
Petition to H. E. the Governor General, re Canada Company lands in Goderich.
Correspondence between A. MacNabb, Esq., Southampton, Ont., and the Hon.

McMurrich, Toronto, re settlements in County of Bruce.
Statement showing the total expenses of the Judiciary of the Dominion of Canada

for the quarter next commencing on the 1st July, 1867.

1855. 1855-1867. 1856, 19 June. 1856.

15 May.

1861. 1862-65.


YEAR. 1869.

1869. 1879.

Petition of 264 SETTLERS in the Township of Bruce, County of Bruce, re the “Land

Improvement Fund of Bruce."
Journal of the Rev. S. D. Hinman, Missionary to the Santee Sioux Indians.
Report of the Select Committee of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on the

Huron and Ontario Ship Canal, with maps and Plans.

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(Alphabetically Arranged.)

Algonquin, Manabozho and Hiawatha, legend, by J. C. Hamilton, LL.B., Toronto.
Anderson, Thomas Gummersell, Supt. of Indian Affairs, Diary of.

Baldoon Settlement, The, in Essex County, C. M. Burton, Detroit.
Bargain and Sale : G. Wright to N. M. Connel and A. A. Anderson, Brampton, Ont., 1856.
Battle of Windsor, Ont., 1833 ; Copy of Manuscript, Mr. McRae.
Bigot, François : Extracts, Abrégé des Mémoires de, 1763.
Bill, re Registration of Vital Statistics : J. Cox, Brantford, Ont., to Hon. E. B. Wood.


Capitulation of Detroit : Capitulation Papers by General Hull, from the late Mr. Christopher Robinson, K.C., Toronto. 1. letter from General Hull to General Brock re cessation of hostilities, dated 16th August,

1812. Two sheets. Address of General Brock on the back of second sheet. 2. Letter from General Hull to General Brock re flag of truce, dated 16th August, 1812. Two

sheets. Address of General Brock on the back. 3. Articles of Capitulation, dated Camp at Detroit, 16th August 1812. Four sheets. docketted

on back. 4. Articles of Capitulation (as in No. 3). Two sheets and no docket on back. 5. Supplemental and additional articles to the Articles of Capitulation for the surrender of

Detroit, dated 16th August, 1812. Two sheets, docketted. 6. An Article in addition to the Supplemental Article of the Capitulation, dated 16th August,

1812. One sheet. 7. Additions proposed by General Hull, no date nor signature, but in General Hull's hand

writing. One sheet. 8. Proclamation by Isaac Brock, Esquire, Major-General Commanding His Majesty's Forces

in the Province of Upper Canada, &c., &c. To the inhabitants of Detroit, 16th August,

1812. Three sheets. 9. The same on two sheets. 10. Plan of Fort Detroit. Positions marked.

11. Plan of Fort Detroit. Positions marked. Commission : Under the Alien Act, 1819, Copy of. Correspondence : Copies and Extracts of, since 1835, Respecting Indians in B. N. A. Provinces.

D Deed, Copy of : Joseph Eby to J. Miller. Lands in the County of York, Ont. Deed, Copy of: T. Markland to R. Macaulay. Lands in Hallowell and Ameliasburgh. Deed, Copy of : D. Overton to I. Smith, of Brookhaven, to Lands in Lyn Tp., N.Y. State. Diary : John Potts, Richmond Fort, 1754. Addressed to Messrs. White and Isbester, Com

manders-in-Chief of Moose and Albany Forts. Dictionary : Selection of Words of the Inhabitants of New France (Indian ) and their Meaning in French and English.

Fenwick Papers. Pamphlets, reports and papers from the collection of the late Rev. Thomas
Fenwick, Woodbridge, Ont.

Greely, Susan Burnham : Sketches of the Past, Haldimand and Northumberland.

H High Roads and Communications; Population and Agriculture and the Settlement of the

King's Land ; the External and Internal Commerce ; and the Regulations of the Police. Hodgin's Collection, The. From J. George Hodgins, LL.D., I.S.O., Toronto, consisting of

the following entries among many others :

Private Letters of Public Men. No. of Letters. 54 The Draper-Ryerson Letters, 1842-1847. 15 The Bidwell Case and Letters, 1862-1873. 17 The New Brunswick University Case, 1854-1860. 39 The Sir John Macdonald Correspondence, 1854-1872. 24 The Sir Francis Hincks' Correspondence, 1842-1884. 2 Letters of Sir Allan Macnab, 1855. 3 Letters of Sir Alexander Campbell, 1887. 4 The Hon. W. H. Merritt Correspondence, 1848-1849. 1 Bishop Strachan's Letter to Dr. Ryerson, 1857. 3 Bishop Hellmuth's Letters to Dr. Ryerson, 1875. 4 Hon. J. C. Morrison's Correspondence, 1846, 1849, 1860. 5 Correspondence with Hon. E. B. Wood, 1869-1873. 6 Sir J. Wm. Dawson, Magill College, 1854-1858. 3 Rev. Dr. McCaul, Toronto University, 1860. 3 Sir Daniel Wilson, Toronto University, 1856, 1876-7. 2 Rev. Professor Hincks, Toronto University, 1851-55. 14 Single letters from or to Rev. Dr. Fuller, Rev. Dr. Leitch, Sir E. P. Taché, Hon W.

Cayley, Hon. R. Baldwin, Hon. J. Carling, Hon. D. A. Macdonald, Hon. J. S. Macdonald, Hon. Dr. Widner, Hon. D. Mills, J. W. B. McGann, D. B. Stevenson, Hon. B.

Flint, Hon. P. M. Van Koughnet, Captain Fitzgibbon. Various dates. 7 Hon. P. J. O. Chauveau, Chief Supt. Education, L.C., 1855-60. 10 Hon. A. S. Hardy, 1875, 1877, 1883. 25 Hon. Adam Crooks. Correspondence, various. 246 Letters, Miscellaneous.

Rare Documents and Pamphlets. No. Date. 1 1666 The LaSalle Homestead and old Landmarks of French Canada. 2 1669-1697 Atlantis Insula, Six Antique Maps, well engraved. 3 1729 An Account of Ordnance Stores in Placentia, Nefd. 4 1729 Agreement to Transport Stores to Boston, Mass. 5 1730 State of Placentia Fort and Garrison, Newfoundland. 6 1730 Inventory of Stores in Placentia Fort. 7 1744 Letter from Boston to Ordnance Office, London. 8 1744 Certificate of B. Pollard, with Seal, in favour of two merchants. 9 1744

four persons. 10 1744

W. Palfrey. 11 1757 Extract of Letter from Secy. Wm. Pitt to Gen. Abercrombie. 12 1758

Gen. Abercrombie to Secretary Wm. Pitt. 13 1758

Gen. Forbes to Secretary Wm. Pitt. 14 1758 15 1759 Letter from T. Hartwell, Ordnance Office, London. 16 1758 Commission from Governor of Leeward Island to take Evidence. 17 1759 Sermon by Rev. C. Bulkley, London, on Taking of Quebec. 18 1759

R. Winter, London. on Taking of Quebec. 19 1759 Lately Discovered Likeness of Gen. Wolfe (wood cut). 20 1761 Pamphlets on Occupation of Canada and Guadeloupe. 21 1763 Memorial of Lord Egmont for Grant of Island of St. John, St. Lawrence.





No. Date.
22 1763 Grant of Cape Charles (St. Lawrence) by Gov. Murray.
23 1765 Proclamation of Gov. Sir H. Palliser, Granting Permission to Fish.
24 1765 Sale of the Sloop Esquimaux and her tackling.

1766 Original Letter to Sir H. Palliser, and his Reply. 26 1768

of Sir Hugh Palliser to Mr. Sharp. 27 1775

of Charles O'Hara to J. Boddington. 28 1775 Memorial of Capt. Gamble to Lord Barrington. 29 1775 Original Letter of Capt. Gamble to Mr. Chamier. 30 1775 Doctor Samuel Johnson's “Taxation No Tyranny” in answer to Resolution

and Address of Annual Congress. (Vouched for by Lord Macaulay). 31 1775-6 Journal of Congress in 1775-76. (Reprinted in London, 1777). 32 1775 Senter's Journal of Secret Expedition against Quebec. 33 1776 Original Letter of Gen. Prescott (afterwards Gov. of Lower Canada) to Lord

Amherst. 1812 The Fight in Beechwoods or Beaver Dams, 1812. (Mrs. Secord, etc.). Substi

tuted. 35 1779 Original Letter of G. Curtis, Master of Ship Nottingham. 36 1779 37 1779

N. Laban, Supt. of Ship Nottingham, 9th Sept., 1779. 371 1779

12th Nov., 1779. 38 1782 Original List by Sir G. Carlton of Officers in America. 39 1784 Original Letter of Capt. G. B. Byron to Ordnance, London (initialled by Sir

Guy Carlton). 40 1784 Original Letter of Capt. G. A. Byron to Ordnance, London. 41 1785 Lord Keppel's Paper Relative to Lord Albemarle's Affairs. 42 1787 Lord Dorchester's (Sir G. Carlton) Warrant for £508 6s. 8d. 43 1787 Lord Dorchester (Sir G. Carlton) Warrant for £514 8s. 8d. 44 1787

£628 168. 2d. 1787

£596 158. 8d. 46 1789 Rules and Regulations for the Land Office Department, in English and French.

17th February, 1789. 47 1789 Form of Certificate for Single Lot of Land. 1789

“ Town Lot of Land. 49 1789

Family Lands and Bounty. 50 1789 Proceedings of Executive Council, Quebec, in November 9th, 1789. 51 1789 Form of Application for Lot of Land, by U. E. Loyalists. 52 1790 Proceedings of Executive Council, Quebec, in January, signed by the Clerk. 53 1790

addition to Rules. 54 1790 Memorial of Capt. McGinnis to Sir George Yonge. 55 1790

Capt. George Burns to Sir George Yonge. 56 1791

Lieut. F. P. Robinson to Sir George Yonge, afterward Gov. of U. C. 57 1790

Capt. R. McRea to the King. 58 1790

Lieut.-Col. Peter Craig to the King. 59 1792 Proclamation of Lt.-Gov. Simcoe on Settlement of Lands. 591 1792

about Judges and Civil Officers to retain office. 60 1792

to settlers on Lands. 61 1792

on the passing of temporary lands for U. E. Loyalists. 62 1792 House of Lords Proxy, signed by Lord Fortescue. 63 1793 Pamphlet by Jeremy Benthan on Emancipate the Colonies.” 64 1793 Laws of Lower Canada in English and French. 65 Not Dated Extract from Report of Committee in English and French on a Bill for Roado

and Bridges. 66 1794 Proceedings of Executive Council of l'. C., 6th November (1), 67 1794


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No. Date.
68 1795 Notice to the U. E. Loyalists as to Land Grants.
69 Not Dated Form of Petition to Gov. Simcoe for Grant of Land.
70 Not Dated Form of Certificate of Surveyor of Lands.

Proclamation of Gov. Simcoe to the U. E. Loyalists, 6th April. 72 1796 Proclamation of Gov. Simcoe on failure of persons in regard to Land Grants,

25th May. 73 1796 Proclamation of Gov. Simcoe on charge for surveying the land granted, 1st

July. 74 1796 Proclamation of Gov. Simcoe on the Election of Members of the Legislature,

16th August. 75 1796 Notice of the Surveyor General to persons claiming lands. 76 1798 Proclamation of President Russell placing impost on Land Grants. 77 1798

relieving U. E. Loyalists of charge. 78 1801

Lt.-Gov. P. Hunter appointing Hemp Seed Commission. 79 1801 Copy of Indenture of David Brook as an Apprentice (herewith). 80 1801 Meteorological Observations at Toronto in the year 1801. 81 1802-4 “The British Spy,” Letters from Virginia by an Englishman. 82 1810 House of Lords Proxy by the Duke of Bedford. 1811

Lord Conyngham. 84 1812 Facsimile of Proclamation by General Smith at Buffalo. 85 1813 Battle of Chateauguay, Account by W. D. Lighthall, M.A. 86 1815 House of Lords Proxy by Lord Hillsborough. 87 1819

Lord Charlemont. 88 1819 Certificate of Identity of W. Forrest by British Consul Buchanan, N.Y. 89 1820 Proceeding of the General Assembly of Nova Scotia on Contention with U. S.

by England. 90 1821 Sketch of a Plan for the Settling in U. C. of English Labourers. 91 1822 Sketch with addition of a Plan for Settling English Labourers in U. C. 92 1826 Report and Estimates of Improving the Navigation of the St. Lawrence. 93 1827 Petition of Rev. R. Addison and others against the Assessment Law. 94 1827 Remarks upon Emigration to the B. N. American Provinces. 95 1827 Localities of Canadian Minerals by Dr. John Bigsby. 96 1831 Mohawk Version of St. Matthew's Gospel by Rev. P. Jones. 97 1832 First Report to House of Assembly of U. C. on Education. 98 1835 Letters from Four Settlers in Upper Canada. 99 1835 Thermometrical Observations, taken at Ancaster, U. C. 100 1836 Report of a Committee of House of Assembly on Grants to Religious Bodies. 101 1836 Proclamation by Gov. Lord Gosford regarding Quarantine. 102 1839 Aborigines Protection Society's Report on the Indians of U. C. 103 1839 Act to Alter and Amend the Provincial Militia Act. 104 1839 1st Despatch of Lt.-Gov. Sir Geo. Arthur on King's College Act and Funds. 105 1839 2nd 106 1839 Manual on Cavalry Movements for Volunteers. 107 1839 Abstract of Field Exercise and Evolutions of the Army. 108 1839 Returns of U. C. Public Revenue from 1833-1838. 109 1840 The Right of the U. S. to the N. E. Boundary, by Albert Gallatin. 110 1840 Aborigines Protection Society's Outline of a System of Legislation for Protection

of Indians. 111 1841 Sol. General Day's First School Bill for United Canada. 112 1843 Hon. R. Baldwin's First University of Toronto Bill, not passed. 113 1842 By-Law on School Fund of the Ottawa District (substituted) 114 1844 Pamphlet on the Difficulties about Indian Lands on the Grand River. 115 1844

Origin and History of the N. American Indians, by J. Mackintosh. 116 1814 Tariff of Customs, Provincial and Imperial, by J. W. Dunscomb. 117 1845 Petition to the Legislature by the Visitors of King's College.

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