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Canada, a New Map of Upper and Lower, by John Cary.
River St. Clair, with the Islands and Channels ascertaining the main navigable

water &c., the Mouths of, by Thos. Smith,
River Detroit, from Lake Erie to Lake St. Clair, a Survey of the, by Capt. W. F.

W. Owen.
York, a plan of, by Lieut. G. Phillpotts, Royal Eng.
Canada, Map of the Western District of, by C. Rankin.
Prince Edward, Map of the District of, by P. Elmore.
Canada, a Map of, by Edward Staveley, Montreal.
Territorial Divisions, Act of Upper Canada, Index Map to, by Thomas Devine.
Canada, Map of the Provinces of, with Newfoundland and a large Section of the

U. States, J. Bouchette.
Wellington, Ont., Map of the County of, by E. Kertland,
Isle Royale in Lake Superior, Michigan, Wisconsin, etc., a Geological Map of,

by J. Farmer, Detroit.
Canada West, a Map of, by Barr & Corss, Toronto.
Canada, from Red River to the Gulf of St. Lawrence, a Government Map of,

by Thomas Devine.
Canada, a Geological Map of, by Robert Barlow, Montreal.
Simcoe, Map of the County of, by J. Hogg, Collingwood.
Dundas Marsh, known as Coote's Paradise, a Plan of the, by Charles D. O'Keefe.
Western Peninsula of Ontario, Map of the, shewing the Railways completed and

in progress, by Copp & Co.
Ontario, New Railway and Postal Map of the Province of, by Walker & Miles,

Dominion of Canada, Quebec and Ontario, Map of, by James Spencer.
Toronto, Map of the City of, by H. J. & W. A. Browne.
North America, Map of Part of, by Thomas Devine.
Picton, Map of the Town of, by R. W. Hermon.
Western Peninsula of Ontario, Map of the, by Copp & Co.
Uxbridge, Plan of the Village of, by C. Hanning.
Mill Point, Plan of the Proposed Extension to, in the Township of Tyendinaga,

also plan of the Napanee, Tamworth and Quebec Railway, by Matthew J.

Lake Superior, Plan of Part of the North Shore of, showing Thunder and Black

Bays, by C.L.D.
Dominion of Canada, Newfoundland, Labrador, etc., by J. B. Carter, Ottawa.
Ontario, New Political Map of, by J. B. Carter.
Railways of Canada, Map showing the, by C. Schreiber.
Midland Railway of Canada and Connections.
Toronto, Map of the City of, by R. L. Polk & Co.
Ontario, Map of, by S. Hughes, Toronto.
Lakes Superior and Winnipeg, Map of the Country between, by J. Johnston.
Railways of Canada, Map shewing the, by O. Schreiber.
Nova Scotia, Mineral Map of, by A. F. Church & Co.
Labrador Boundary Map, by J. Johnston.
Township of York, The “Recorder,” Map of the, showing the boundaries of

Public School sections, by Alexander & Cable.
Arctic Regions, Tracts of Search Parties, and Progress of Discoveries.
Ontario, Map of the Province of, showing Counties, Townships, Railways end

Post Offices, Copp & Co.
Lake of the Woods and Shoal Lake, Ont., Map of the Northern Part of the,

by Copp & Co.
Ontario, a New Railroad, Post Office, Township and County Map of the Province

of, with distances, by the Provincial M. Pub. Co.
Ontario, Quebec, etc., Postal Maps, by Le Feuvre & Maingy.


1881. 1882. 1882. 1882. 1834. 1884. 1884. 1886. 1889. 1890. 1892.

1896. 1896.




Undated :

Dominion of Canada, Map of the, issued under the direction of the Hon. C. Sifton.
Dominion of Canada, New Commercial Map of the. by J. B. Carter, Toronto.
Dominion of Canada, Map of the, comprising the seven Provinces and New-

Canada, Map of the Provinces of Upper and Lower, with the adjacent parts of

the U. States, Joseph Bouchette.
Toronto, New Index Map of, Bryce.
Georgian Bay and Wellington Railway, Map showing the Route of,
Quebec, Map of Part of the Province of, Nicolet, Lotbiniere, Three Rivers, &c.
United States of America, Map of the, by Copp, Clark & Co.
America, Map of the North and South, by Copp, Clark & Co.
New York Central Lines, Map of the, America's Great Railway System.
Spain and Portugal, Map of, by W. & A. K. Johnston.
Africa, Map of, by Copp, Clark & Co., Toronto.
Europe, Map of, by Copp, Clark & Co.
Italy, Map of, by W. & A. K. Johnston.
Central Europe, Map of, by W. & A. K. Johnston.
Italy, Map constructed for use in Colleges and Schools, W. & A. K. Johnston,

Asia, Map of, by W. & A. K. Johnston.
British Isles, Map of the, by Copp, Clark & Co.

Great Britain and Ireland, Map of the United Kingdom of.
Undated, but of the early 18th Century Prints :-

Illinois Country with part of the River Mississippi, plan of the several villages in

the, by Thos. Hutchins. Amérique Septentrionale, divisée en ses principales parties : suivant qu'elles

appartiennent aux Français, Castillans, Anglais, Suedois, Danois, Hol

landais, by 8. Sanson, Paris.
Nouvelle France, Map of.
North America, from the French of Mr. D’Anville improved with the English

Surveys, &c.
Continent and Islands of America, Map showing the Division and Possession of

Isthmus of Dorien, the Bay of Panama, the Gulph of Vallona and a Draft of the

Golden and Adjacent Islands, a New Map of the.
New Kingdom of Leon, Gulf of Mexico, Great Antilles, Bahama Islands, &c.
Louisiana, with Part of Florida and Canada and the Adjacent Countries, a Map

of, by E. Bowen.
Louisiane, Virginie, Caroline et de la Floride, Carte d'une partie de la.
Jamaica, a New Map of the Island of.
Nova et Accurata Poli Arctici et terrarum Circum Laccutium Descriptio.
Battle fought upon the Height of Abraham near Quebec on the 28th of April,

1760, Plan of the, by Patrick McKellar.

Part of Canada, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Quebec, &c.
Undated, valuable original Maps of Ontario, of the closing years of the 18th and opening

years of the 19th Century .-
Luneburg, a plan of the District of, by S. Holland.
Mecklenburg, a plan of the District of, by S. Holland.
Ontario, Old Survey of part of, Grand Isle, Isle Tonte, Townships 1 to 7.
Union Reserve and Malden, Map of.
Lake Ontario from Cataraque to Niagara, Plan of the North side of, by Kotte

& Peachey.
Fort and Bay of Frontenac with the Adjacent Countries, a plan of the.
Upper Ca da, the first and second organization of the Province.


J. GEORGE HODGINB, M.A., LL.D., I.S.O. (Historiographer to the Department of Education of the Province of Ontario).


(Historiographer of the Education Department of Ontario).

Dr. Hodgins, whose collection of documents and papers has so greatly enriched the Ontario Archives this year, has had a remarkably long and useful career in the public service, having completed sixty-two years of service as a Public Official. He entered the Civil Service of Ontario as Chief Clerk of the Education Department in 1844—the same year as saw the appointment of Dr. Ryerson as Chief Superintendent of Public Instruction, with whom Dr. Hodging acted throughout as a trusted adviser and colleague. Dr. Hodgins became Secretary of the Council of Public Instruction in 1846, and Deputy to the Chief Superintendent in 1855. From 1876 to 1889 he was Deputy Minister of Education, and in the latter year became Librarian and Historiographer to the Department. In 1894 appeared the first volumes of his Documentary History of Education in Ontario, a work which has now reached the 15th vol., and is a massive monument to his industry and judgment in a field in which he is facile princeps.

His scholastic attainments are of a high order and in addition to academic aknowledgment he has been honored by the Royal Geographical Society of London (1861), by the Government of France (1879), by the Governor-General of Canada (Confederation Medal 1885), by the Imperial Government (Imperial Service Order). He was born in the City of Dublin, Ireland, on August 12th, 1821, and coming in early youth to Ontario, received his education in Upper Canada Academy and Victoria College, Cobourg, taking his degree at Victoria University. He graduated in the faculty of law in Toronto University, receiving the degree of LL.B., in 1860, and in 1870 that of LL.D., the year in which he was called to the bar. Among his published works are “Lovell’s General Geography.” “First Steps in General Geography," "School History of Canada and of the other British North American Provinces," "Canadian School Speaker and Reciter," "The School Manual," "Lectures on School Law," "Sketches and Anecdotes of the Queen, "The School House,” “Report of the Educational Features of the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia,” besides contributing liberally to the periodical pre-s on National and Educational subjects, and filling with ability the edi. torial chair of the Educational Journal of Upper Canada. This fine testimony to his capacity for service was borne by the Rev. Dr. Ryerson, his chief for thirty-three years, writing to the Hon. Edward Blake :-—“He is the most thoroughly trained man in all Canada, for the Education Department; and is the a blest and most thorough administrator of a public department of any man I have met.”

Outside his official sphere Dr. Hodgins has shown public spirit and given public service. He took part in the formation of the Queen's Own Rifles, was Lieutenant of that Corps in 1862, and Captain of No. 9 Company, East Toronto, in 1869, holding a second-class certificate from the Military School, Toronto. From 1860 he was Secretary of the Bible Society; in 1870 he became Secretary of the Anglican Synod of the Diocese of Toronto, and in 1875 he was president of the Irish Protestant Benevolent Society of Toronto. In his ripe, old age he still wields a ready, tireless pen, drawing upon his remarkable store of official knowledge, and giving volumes to the public with the regularity of the successive years.

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