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53. And whereas it hath been represented to Us, that many Parts of the Province under your Government are particularly adapted to the Growth and Culture of Hemp and Flax; It is therefore Our Will and Pleasure, that, in all Surveys of Land for Settlement, the Surveyor be directed to report, whether there is any, or what Quantity of Lands contained within such Survey, fit for the Production of Hemp and Flax; And You are to take particular Care to insert a Clause in every Grant of Land, where any part thereof is fit for such Production, obliging the Grantee annually to sow a proportionable Part of his Grant with Hemp or Flax Seed.

54. And whereas it hath been further represented to Us, that a great part of the Country in the neighborhood of Lake Champlain, and between that Lake and the River St. Lawrence, abounds with Woods producing Trees fit for Masting for Our Royal Navy, and other useful and necessary Timber for Naval Construction; You are therefore expressly directed and required to cause such Parts of the said Country, or any other within your Government, that shall appear upon a Survey to abound with such Trees, and shall lye convenient for Water Carriage, to be reserved to Us, and to use your utmost Endeavour to prevent any Waste being committed upon the said Tracts, by punishing in due Course of Law any Persons who shall cut down or destroy any Trees growing thereon; and you are to consider and advise with Our Council, whether some Regulation that shall prevent any Saw Mills whatever from being erected within your Government, without a Licence from you, or the Commander in Chief of Our said Province for the Time being, may not be a Means of preventing all Waste and Destruction in such Tracts of Land as shall be reserved to Us for the Purposes aforesaid.

55. And whereas it appears from the Representations of Our Governor of the District of Trois Rivières, that the Iron Works at St. Maurice in that District are of great Consequence to Our Service; It is therefore Our further Will and Pleasure, that no part of the Lands, upon which the said Iron Works were carried on, or from which the Ore used in such Works was procured, or which shall appear to be necessary and convenient for that Establishment, either in respect to a free Passage to the River St. Lawrence, or for producing a necessary Supply of Wood, Corn and Hay, or for Pasture for Cattle, be granted to any private Person whatever; and also that as large a District of Land as conveniently may be, adjacent to and lying round the said Iron Works, over and above what may be necessary for the above Purposes, be reserved for Our Use, to be disposed of in such manner as We shall hereafter direct and appoint.

56. And whereas it is necessary, that all Persons who may be desirous of settling in our said Province, should be fully informed of the Terms and Conditions, upon which Lands will be granted in Our said Province; You are therefore, as soon as possible, to cause a Publication to be made, by Proclamation or otherwise, as you in your Discretion shall think most advisable, of all and every the foregoing Terms, Conditions and Regulations of every kind, respecting the Grants of Lands; in which Proclamation it may be expedient to add some short Description of the natural Advantages of the Soil, and Climate, and its peculiar Conveniences for Trade and Navigation; and you are to take such Steps as you shall think proper for the publishing such Proclamation in all the Colonies in North America.

57. And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that all the foregoing Instructions to you, as well as any which You may hereafter receive, relative to the Form and Method of passing Grants of Lands, and the Terms and Conditions to be annexed to such Grants, be entered upon Record, with the

Grants themselves, for the Information and Satisfaction of all Parties whatever, that may be concerned therein.

58. And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that you do consider of a proper and effectual Method for collecting, receiving and accounting for Our Quit Rents, whereby all Frauds, Concealment, Irregularity or Neglect therein may be prevented, and whereby the Receipts thereof may be effectually checked and controlled; And if it shall appear necessary to pass an Act for the more effectually ascertaining, and the more speedily and regularly collecting Our Quit Rents, you are to prepare the Heads of such a Bill, as you shall think may most effectually conduce to the procuring the good Ends proposed, and to transmit the same to Our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, in order to be laid before Us for Our further Directions therein.

59. And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that the Surveyor-General, or such other Person or Persons as you shall think proper to appoint, do, once in every year or oftener as Occasion shall require, inspect the State of all Grants of Lands made by you, and make report thereof to you in Writing, specifying whether the Conditions therein contained have or have not been complied with, or what Progress has been made towards fulfilling the same; and you are annually to transmit Copies of such Reports to Our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations.

60. And whereas Our Province of Quebec is in part inhabited and possessed by several Nations and Tribes of Indians, with whom it is both necessary and expedient to cultivate and maintain a strict Friendship and good Correspondence, so that they may be induced by Degrees, not only to be good Neighbours to Our Subjects, but likewise themselves to become good Subjects to Us; You are therefore, as soon as you conveniently can, to appoint a proper Person or Persons to assemble, and Treat with the said Indians, promising and assuring them of Protection and Friendship on Our part, and delivering them such Presents, as shall be sent to you for that purpose.

61. And you are to inform yourself with the greatest Exactness of the Number, Nature and Disposition of the several Bodies or Tribes of Indians, of the manner of their Lives, and the Rules and Constitutions, by which they are governed or regulated. And You are upon no Account to molest or disturb them in the Possession of such Parts of the said Province, as they at present occupy or possess; but to use the best means You can for conciliating their Affections, and uniting them to Our Government, reporting to Us, by Our Commissioners for Trade and Plantations, whatever Information you can collect with respect to these people, and the whole of your Proceedings with them.

62. Whereas We have, by Our Proclamation dated the seventh day of October in the Third year of Our Reign, strictly forbid, on pain of Our Displeasure, all Our Subjects from making any Purchases of Settlements whatever, or taking Possession of any of the Lands reserved to the several Nations of Indiang, with whom We are connected, and who live under Our Protection, without Our especial Leave for that Purpose first obtained; It is Our express Will and Pleasure, that you take the most effectual Care that Our Royal Directions herein be punctually complied with, and that the Trade with such of the said Indians as depend upon your Government be carried on in the Manner, and under the Regulations prescribed in Our said Proclamation.

3RD JANUARY, 1775.

Instructions to Guy Carleton, Esquire, Captain General and Governor in

Chief, &c. &c.

The clauses in Governor Murray's Instructions, dated 7th December 1763, cited above, are repeated in those to Governor Carleton dated 3rd January 1775, with this clause additional :

50. And Whereas it hath been represented to Us that the Governors of several of Our Colonies in America have Granted Lands away close to the Forts belonging to Us by which means the Garrisons of such Forts have been obliged to pay the proprietors of those Lands extravagant prices for Wood cut for a necessary supply of Fuel, and thereby a great and Unreasonable Expense has been brought upon the Military Contingencies It is Our Express Will and Pleasure that You do take Especial Care, that in all Warrants for Surveying of Lands adjacent or Contiguous to a Fort or Fortification, whether such Warrant be Granted upon an Original Petition to you in Council, or upon Our Order in Our Privy Council there be an Express Direction to the Surveyor that he do reserve to Us Our Heirs and Sucessors for the Use of the Fort, near to which the Lands shall lye such a part of the Land petitioned for (being Woodland) and in such a Situation as the Commander in Chief of the said Fort (with whom he is to be required to Consult and Advise in all such Cases) shall Judge Convenient and sufficient for a permanent and Certain Supply of Fuel for such a Garrison as the said Fort may be able to Contain. And it is Our further pleasure, that a regular plot of such reserved Land, describing the Bounds, expressing the Quantity of Acres, and properly signed and attested by such Surveyor, be delivered to the Commanding Officer of each Fort, to be there publickly hung up and a Duplicate thereof als Recorded in the Secretary's Office or other proper Office of Record in Our province under Your Government; and as we judge the due Execution of this Our Order to be essential to Our Service, You are hereby required to take Care, that the Regulations above prescribed be duly entered upon the Council Books of Our said Province, as a standing Order to all persons, who may be Intrusted with the powers to which they refer.

In further Instructions to Governor Carleton, dated 3rd January 1775, it is provided :

38. By Our Commission to you under Our Great Seal of Great Britain you are authorised and impowered, with the advice and consent of Our Council, to settle and agree with the Inhabitants of Our said Province of Quebec for such Lands, Tenements, and Hereditaments, as now are, or shall hereafter be in Our Power to dispose of. It is therefore Our Will and Pleasure, that all Lands, which now are, or hereafter may be subject to Our Disposal, be granted in Fief or Seigneurie, in like manner as was practiced antecedent to the Conquest of the said Province; omitting however in any Grant, that shall be passed of such Lands, the Reservation of any Judicial powers, or privileges whatever. And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that all Grants in Fief or Seigneurie, so as to be passed by you, as aforesaid, be made subject to Our Royal Ratification, or Disallowance, and to a due Registry thereof within a limited time, in like manner as was practised in regard to Grants and Concessions held in Fief and Seigneurie under the French Government.

39. It is Our Will and Pleasure however, that no Grants be made of any Lands, on which there is any considerable growth of white Pines fit for

Masting Our Royal Navy, and which lie convenient for Water carriage; But that you do cause all such Lands to be set apart for Our Use, and proper regulations made, and penalties inflicted, to prevent trespasses on such Tracts, and the cutting down, or destroying the Trees growing thereon.

In a plan for the management of Indian affairs, dated 1764, and annexed to Governor Carleton's Instructions here quoted from, are the following clauses :

41. That no private person, Society, Corporation or Colony be capable of acquiring any Property in Lands belonging to the Indians, either by purchase of, or Grant, or Conveyance from the said Indians, excepting only where the Lands lye within the Limits of any Colony, the soil of which has been vested in proprietors, or Corporations by Grants from the Crown; in which Cases such Proprietaries or Corporations only shall be capable of acquiring such property by purchase or Grant from the Indians.

42. That proper Measures be taken, with the Consent and Concurrence of the Indians, to ascertain and define the precise and exact Boundary and Limits of the Lands, which it may be proper to reserve to them, and where no Settlement whatever shall be allowed.

43. That no purchases of Lands belonging to the Indians, whether in the Name and for the Use of the Crown, or in the Name and for the Use of proprietaries of Colonies be made but at some general Meeting, at which the principal Chiefs of each Tribe, claiming a property in such Lands, are present; and all Tracts, so purchased, shall be regularly surveyed by a Sworn Surveyor in the presence and with the Assistance of a person deputed by the Indians to attend such Survey; and the said Surveyor shall make an accurate Map of such Tract, describing the Limits, which Map shall be Entered upon Record, with the Deed of Conveyance from the Indians.

16TH JULY, 1783.

Additional Instructions to Frederick Haldimand, Esquire, Captain-General

and Governor-in-Chief, &c. &c.

Whereas many of Our Loyal Subjects Inhabitants of the Colonies and Provinces, now the United States of America are desirous of retaining their Allegiance to Us, and of living in Our Dominions, and for this purpose are disposed to take up and improve Lands in Our Province of Quebec; and We being desirous to encourage Our said Loyal Subjects in such their Intentions, and to testify Our Approbation of their loyalty to Us, & Obedience to Our Government, by alloting Lands for them in Our said Province; And whereas We are also desirous of testifying Our Approbation of the Bravery and Loyalty of Our Forces serving in Our said Province, and who may be reduced there, by allowing a certain quantity of Land to such of the Non-Commissioned Officers and private Men of Our said Forces, who are inclined to become settlers therein. It is Our Will and Pleasure, that immediately after you shall receive this Our Instruction, you do direct Our Surveyor General of Lands for Our said Province of Quebec, to admeasure and lay out such a Quantity of Land as you with the advice of Our Council shall deem necessary & convenient for the settlement of Our said Loyal Subjects, the nonCommissioned Officers and private Men of Our Forces which may be reduced in Our said Province, who shall be desirous of becoming Settlers therein; such Lands to be divided into distinct Seigneuries or Fiefs, to extend from two or four leagues in front, and from three to five leagues in depth, If situ

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ated upon a Navigable River, otherwise to be run square, or in such shape and in such quantities, as shall be convenient & practicable-and in each Seigneurie a Glebe to be reserved and laid out in the most convenient spot, to contain not less than 300 nor more than 500 Acres; the propriety of which Seigneuries or Fiefs shall be and remain vested in Us, Our Heirs and Successors, and you shall allot such parts of the same as shall be applied for by any of Our said Loyal Subjects Non-Commissioned Officers & Private Men of Our Forces reduced as aforesaid, in the following proportions; that is to say

To every Master of a Family, One Hundred Acres, and Fifty Acres for each person, of which his Family shall consist.

To every single Man Fifty Acres.

To every Non-Commissioned Officer of Our Forces reduced in Quebec
Two hundred Acres.

To every private Man reduced as aforesaid One Hundred Acres.
And for every Person in their Family Fifty Acres.

The said Lands to be held under Us Our Heirs & Successors, Seigneurs of the Seigneurie or Fief in which the same shall be situated, upon the same terms, acknowledgements and services, as Lands are held in Our said Province under the respective Seigneurs holding and possessing Seignuries or Fiefs therein, and reserving to Us Our Heirs and Successors, from and after the expiration of Ten years from the Admission of the respective Tenants, a Quit Rent of one half penny p. Acre.

It is Our further Will and Pleasure, that every person within the Meaning of this Our Instruction, upon their making application for Land, shall take the Oaths directed by Law before you or Our Commander in Chief for the time being, or some Person by you or him Authorized for that purpose, and shall also at the same time make and subscribe the following declaration, Viz. "I A-B do promise and declare that I will maintain and defend to the "utmost of my power the Authority of the King in his Parliament as the " Supreme Legislature of this Province," which Oaths and declaration shall also be taken made and subscribed by every future Tenant before his, her, or their Admission, upon Alienation, descent, Marriage or any other wise howsoever, and upon refusal, the Lands to become revested in Us Our Heirs and Successors. And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that the expence of laying out and surveying as well the Seigneuries or Fiefs aforesaid as the several Allotments within the same, and of the Deed of Admission shall be paid by the Receiver General of Our Revenue in the said Province of Quebec out of such Monies as shall be in his hands, upon a Certificate from you or Our Commander in Chief for the time being in Council, Oath being made by Our Surveyor General to the Account of such Expence; Provided however that only one half of the Usual and accustomed Fees of Office shall be allowed to Our said Surveyor General or any other of Our Officers in the said Province entitled thereunto upon any Surveyor Allotment made, or upon Admission into any Lands by virtue of this Our Instruction.

And whereas We have some time since purchased the Seigneurie of Sorel from the then Proprietors, the Lands of which are particularly well adapted for Improvement and Cultivation, and the local situation of the said Seigneurie makes it expedient that the same should be settled by as considerable a number of Inhabitants of approved Loyalty as can be accommodated therein with all possible dispatch.

It is therefore Our Will and Pleasure that you do cause all such Lands within the same as are und sposed of, to be run out into small Allotments and that you do Alot the same to such of the Non-Commissioned Officers and private Men of Our Forces, which may be reduced in Our said Province, o

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