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"Another cause which at present greatly impedes the settling of this Country is the present standing order of Survey for Townships situated on Navigable Rivers & Lakes; by that order of Survey there are so many reserves made that only two Farm Lots can be granted in the front, two in the second, and twelve in the third concession, a Plan of Survey in its nature so injurious to new settlers that none will consent to settle in the back consession, and leave so large a quantity of Wood Land in their front, through which they would, at a greater expense and labor than new Settlers can bear, have to make roads

This very great Inconvenience and obstruction to Settling of the Country I have above twelve months past pointed out to the Land Board of Hesse; In my survey this spring I laid out four Townships, two on each side of River La Franche, in the manner directed by said plan of survey but such as have applied for Land they will not go into the back consessions to settle while there is so much waste and unoccupied Land in front. I did at the same time mark the fronts of each of these Townships into such Farm Lots as is directed by said order of Survey, so that the Land Board might at any time grant them, when they were vested with authority to deviate from the present order of Survey. In the Townships surveyed on River La Franche I found twenty eight Families settled in front some with very considerable Improvments, should the present order of survey be carried into effect there, it will remove every one of them from these Improvments" As to the Reserves of Land made at River Canard and the Huron Church for the use of the Huron Indians and others (see my Plan of Survey transmitted to the survey General's office by last winter's express] I have but little to say, only that I am fully pursauded the Reserves when made were intended for that use and no other, nor have I as yet heard of any intention of their being applied to any other use, but how far such reserves may or may not be injurious to the settlement of the part of the Country the Inspector General of Indian Affairs can best tell, as he has last summer enquired very minutely into these matters; The Reserve at the Huron Church is of no manner of consequence being only a barren sandy Plain; That at River Canard is for reasons very valuable, and ould a village or Town be established in its vicinity (at Isle Bois Banck) that reserve will prove very Injurious to the Interests of the Inhabitants, those already settled there complain much of what they suffer in the loss of Cattle and Hogs by the Indians at present settled on the Reserve; there are but Two or three Families who live there constantly, but many more resort there during the summer season for the purpose of raising Indian Corn & Beans; the Chief (Dewentatee) who lived there and had the greatest claim on those lands died about two months past a circumstance which I think will be an Inducement to the others to move from thence, The Land am of opinion might be well provided for at River Chenail Ecarté near the entrance of River St Clair on the North Easterly shore of Lake St Claire, a situation where they can have little or no intercourse with the White Inhabitants; There is no land in this country that would get Inhabited so soon as the Reserve at River Canard was it not for the great Resort of Indians to that place during the Summer Season, a circumstance ever unfavorable to New Settlers in the vicinity of such a place.

By my survey of this Country sent down last Winter the Land Committee will please observe that all the land fronting on the Easterly side of the Streight is thickly inhabited from the North Boundary of the Reserve at River Canard as far up as above Peach Island in Lake St Clair, many

of these Inhabitants have by their joint petitions presented to the Land Board on the 22nd, ult., prayed for the 2nd, 3rd & 4th concessions in their respective Rears setting forth that if they could not have this granted the want of Wood and Hay would oblige them to Abandon their front lots. In consequence of which I did on the 25th ult, by Order of the Land Board take a cursory Survey of their respective Farms from the North Boundary of the Reserve at River Canards upwards to near Maisonville's Mill, and find there is little or no wood Land in that space until near the rear of the 2nd Concession, being a distance of near Eighty Arpents back from their front being formerly a plain, it seems rather hard to cut them off from wood, but if they are put into possession of the 3rd and 4th Concessions in their Rears will not in many years be settled; for these people with very little exception, having once obtained their grants will clear no more land yearly than just what they require for fuel, having more Land Clear in the 1st & 2nd Concessions than they will occupy; this with the want of Public Roads will prevent English Farmers from ever settling in the Rear of the Petitioners should their request be granted; from River Canard upward I do not find one yard left for a Public Road to lead to the back Concessions each person passing through his own Lot. The opening of Roads at this Place at proper distances from each other is an object that requires immediate attention, as it may be the means of inducing English Farmers to settle back here sooner than go a great distance up River La Franche, besides it will be a great means of strengthening this frontier which at present is inhabited only by Canadians."

The recommendations of the Boards, were however usually upheld by the Council, as against the suggestions of the Deputy Surveyors.

Early Surveys and Plans.

Belonging to this period are the eight surveys given on the following pages :

1. The Huron Reserve and Malden.
2. Allotments on chippewa Creek, Niagara.
3 Sketch showing the garrison Line at Niagara.

6. A plan of the District of Mecklenburg-Holland.
7 A plan of the District of Lunenburg-Holland.
8 A plan of Johnstown, with the town parks laid out in the year 1790.

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From Original in Ontario Bureau of Archives, Toronto.

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