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the Judge delivers him to the Officer, to be cast into prison. The Officer could have no prisoners to wreak his rage upon, if there were no Law to curse the sinner. Satan is not divided against himself. Thofe preachers who oppofed Paul's Gofpel with Circumcision and the Law of Mofes, are expressly called Satan's own ministers transformed, 2 Cor. xi. 14, i5. The Galatians, who turned their backs upon Christ, and went to the Law to be made perfect by the flesh, are declared to be bewitched; and we know that all witchcraft comes from Satan. All the sinners that ever this trading Justice has got into his dismal cave, have died under the Law; and all the staves that Satan ever has lost, have been delivered from the Law, and faved from sin and hell, by the Grace of God revealed in the everlasting Gofpel. The Saviour did preach up holiness. He pronounced the blessing of Justification upon his elect followers, which absolved and acquitted them from all penal evil: "Now ye are clean through "the word that I have spoken unto you." He gave them notice that he would cleanse them from all suture defilement by his blood and Spirit, which he signified by washing their feet; and he promised to send the " Holy Ghost to abide with them for ever, and bid them abide in him as the branch "docs in the vine; and that such souls should bring "forth much fruit: but without him they could do "nothing." But the holiness preached up in this

Sermcn Sermon has little or no resemblance of this. Lec us now see how you preach it up.

Quot. " If you cannot stand behind your counter un"der the influences of the Holy Spirit, stand there no "more; if you cannot eat your food with a single eye to "glorify God, rather starve than feed; if you cannot Lie "down upon your beds to rest with a desire that (by your ** rest) you may be recruited to serve God, rest no more.''

Answ. If none but such persons as are here described were to stand behind a counter, there would not be shopkeepers enough in all the world to serve the inhabitants of London, so as for every one to get one article in a week; and were none but such persons to eat, as you describe, the world would be thin enough of inhabitants in fix weeks. From all selfmurder, and from sudden death, good Lord, deliver us!

Quot. "Though a man, in his carnal, unconverted "state, will hardly keep himself from anger; yet he can "easily keep himself from murder."

Answ. That a man can easily keep himself from murder, appears plain by Hazael. Elifha told him, that he should "slay the young men of Israel, dash "their children, and rip up their women with "child:" who answered—" Is thy servant a dog, "that he should do this great thing?" And the next day he killed his own sovereign; and soon aster

b 3 acted acted all the rest of the bloody tragedy, i Kings, Chap. 8. To make men their own keepers is a poor doctrine: they arc better kept that God keepeth.

Qwot. " People, if they are ever so vile, can keep them' ** selves from outward actions; and generally do, for fear ** of the consequences that attend them. The thievish

man may keep himself from thievish actions through fear ** of punishment. Man may restrain himself from many "outward acts of violence."

Answ. This doctrine of self-keeping, Sir, has a tendency to keep men from looking to Him who is « called Jesus, because he shall fave his people from ** their fins." The Scriptures fay, that " the strong u man, armed, keeps possession of the palace -t" and that " the Devil takes the sinner captive at his will." If so, where is the sinner's power to keep himself, if God leaves him? And surely we have sew empty gaols, maiden-affizes, or barren hanging-days, to prove the truth of this doctrine. "Except the Lord keep "the city, the watchman waketh but in vain:" and if God takes off his restraint, the sinner runs to mischief; the sear of hell-fire is not enough to deter him, much less the sear of a gallows.

Quot. "A man may subscribe to his meeting, and come "to his meeting; he may pay his tithes, and go to his w church; he may go to a shop, and pay his debts," &c.

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Answ. I do not agree with ray friend Rowland in these assertions. Providence must have a hand in all this. If a man subscribes to a meeting, God must give him money and inclination. The gold and silver is the Lord's, and so is a heart to do good therewith. A man cannot pay tithes unless God enable him to keep a farm, give him crops, and a good market. And, if he pays his debts, God's providence must savour him; for Mofes fays, it is God that gives him power to get wealth. Read Deut. Chap. viii.

Quot. u Where I preach one sermon upon Justifica"tion, I hope I shall preach half a dozen upon Sanctifi"cation."

Answ. If you were to preach twelve dozen, Sir, upon the subject, unless you are more explicit than you are in this, there is not a soul living that would understand your meaning. Without a distinction in the sounds, we cannot tell what is piped or harped. A man may as well preach upon Multiplication as Mortification, unless he gives us the explication or signification.

What I have here quoted is pretty nearly all the matter that is drawn from the text. The other parts will hardly bear transcribing. "Smiting the empty "sugar-tub, which makes a famous fine found—Send"ing the cleanly person into the pigs pound—The * card-player's dexterity at the sight of friend Rowfa 4 "land— "land—And the man in a comfortable frame turnb"ling over the threshold, drunk, into the meeting," (which I take to be an oblique throw at the comforts of the Gofpel)—are things that will not bear public inspection: and therefore, to let friend Rowland know that I bear lighter upon his folly than he does on my character, I only touch them. But, if he proceeds with his false charges and unjust slander, I may in time send the whole of them forth, and my dissection of them—for he that fins openly', is to he rebuked before all, that others may fear. And I ask farther, Whether the above-mentioned stories can be called found speech, that cannot be condemned^ or, speaking as the oracles of God, or doing the work cf an evangelist? By no means. And I think friend Rowland himself was aware of this; otherwise, why should he threaten me with a prosecution for a libel, but from a consciousness that what he has said in secret would not bear the house-top?

To conclude, friend Rowland. Should you, at any future period, happen to come out of any street or lane, and unexpectedly clap your eyes upon me, as you once did by St. Paul's Church, do not leap up and run from me at that distracted rate you then did. Never fly, Sir, unless you are pursued. As yet I do not understand the way in which you go; and, till I do, you may depend upon it that I never shall become a follower of you: she wisdom of the wife is to understand his way.


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