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keep their Father's commandment, which is the commandment of Lise; which kept Abraham from considering his own body dead at a hundred years old. These forfake not the Law of their Mother, which is the Law of Faith; by which Sarah received strength to conceive seed, judging Him faithful who had promised. Through Faith they obtain witness that they are righteous; and through Faith they obtain this good report, As many as are of Faith, are blessed with faithful Abraham. These are they that commend not themselves, but them whom the Lord commendeth: on whom the most high God put such high encomiums, reported so good a report, and gave so glorious a testimony, that it stands recorded by the hand of Heaven in the eternal annals: which mysterious record, in it's genuine sense, will prove an everlasting task to every bond-child, every legal work-monger, every proud doer, every Uazite, every infant of the flesh, to the world's end. It is a promise to the heirs of promise, as well as an eternal testimony to the Father of the heirs: " I will make thy seed to multiply as the stars ** of heaven, and will give unto thy seed all these "countries; and in thy seed shall all the nations of "the earth be blessed: Because That Abraham


Gen. xxvi. 4, 5. Let thofe who traduce us explain Abraham's obedience to God's voice, the charge which he kept, together with the commandments, statutes, and laws, to which he was so obedient, four

hundred years before the Law was given. 1 come

to my third particular, that; the Law is,

Thirdly^ Impersectly sulfilled, in the exercise of grace, by the faint. "Owe no man any thing but ** to love one another-, for he that lovetb another "hath fulfilled the Law, for Love is the fulfilling of w the Law." Rom. xiii. 8, i0. This sulfilling of the Law is not persect obedience; for though the Law is persectly sulfilled in the faint, all God's work being persect; yet it is not persectly sulfilled by the faint, because he hath a principle in him that lusteth to envy. However, every faint under heaven (hall be brought to love the brotherhood. "They that ** hate Zion shall be desolate.—He that hateth his "brother is in darkness, and knoweth not whither "he goeth, because that darkness hath blinded his "eyes.—He that hateth his brother is a murderer, "and ye know that no murderer hath eternal lise "abiding in him." For though "the spirit in "man lusteth to envy," yet he shall be purged from it, otherwise he shall never be faved: for, as the merciless creditor, who had no compassion on his fellow-servant, was delivered to the tormentors, So shall my heavenly Father do unto every one of you, if ye, from your heart, forgive not every one bis brother their trejpasses: for, "till heaven and earth pass, ** one jot or one tittle shall in nowise pass from the "Law [even in this sense] till a!l be fulfilled."


Fourthly, The penal part of the Law shall be effectually and eternally sulfilled in the damnation of the wicked. The Law, which is spiritual, and reaches to the actions of body and foul, shall then appear as a fiery Law. The works of the flesh, and their heart-sins, shall both be punished; the body in unconsuming and unconsumed brimstone, and the soul in unquenchable wrath. Their little sins, as they are often called, shall appear insinite, and not a jot or tittle of the Law fail in the discharge of it's dreadful artillery: / will spend my arrows upon them, DeUt. xxxii. 23. Every plague, every threatening, every curse, and every sentence, shall be righteously,

justly, and sully executed. 1 was obedient unto

death, to redeem mine elect; and they shall be subject to eternal death, that die in their sins. Tht gulph fixed on them shall never be moved; the sen* tence shall never be recalled; their worm shall never die, their fire shall never be quenched. The smoke of their torments shall ever ascend. Yea, the third heaven, the residence of God himself, sball as soon pass away, as a jot or tittle of the Law can fail cursing them that die under it. The third heaven shall never be moved; and out of utter darkness the criminal shall never come, till he has paid the utmost mitt; which mile is obedience to the jot or tittle of the Law. But suffering the sentence can never be, tbeying the precept; therefore there can be no coming out thence: for not a jot or tittle shall in any

wise pass from the Law till all [in this sense} be punctually fulfilled. And I have begun to sulfil it (as a righteous Judge) in this sense already. They who refuse my Gofpel, to them it is a favour of death unto death. They are not only cursed to death by the Law, but damned to death, as infidels, by the Gospel: "He that believeth not mail be damned.— "He that believes not my word, hath one tbac "judgeth him: the word that I have spoken, the "fame shall judge him in the great day.—They that "nock, their bands shall be made strong.—They arc "bound on earth, and in heaven they are bound.— "They that believe not are condemned already, "and the wrath of God abideth on them.—This is M the condemnation, that light is come into the ** world, and men love darkness rather than light, ** because their deeds are evil.—Yea, for judgment ** I am come into this world, that those Which see "not might see, and that those that see might be "made blind." As a Judge, I have begun to sulfil (in the fouls of mine enemies) the penal fanction^ of the Law already; and my Gofpel shall be preached in all the world, for a witness against such, and then shall the end come. All my disciples shall love their brethren, and from their heart forgive every one his brother their trespasses; otherwise my heavenly Father shall never forgive them. Righteousness will I lay to the line of the precept, and judgment to the plummet of the sentence; the hail

shall shall sweep away the resuges of lyes, and the floods of wrath shall overflow the hiding-places.—For till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wife pass from the Law till all be punctually sulfilled. But I will send the Holy Spirit into the hearts of my dear disciples, which shall flay such, envy, make them forget anger, and forgive and love their brethren, as I have loved them. The Law worketh wrath; but the love of the Spirit worketh. no ill to a neighbour, much less to a brother in faith. The kingdom of heaven within them mall deliver them from such evils. They shall be angry at sin, and at sinners; at evil doctrines,, and evil practices. Thus "they shall be angry, and sin not." But anger against a brother shall not rest in them; for they are not fools, but the children of Wisdom.

Mofes and Elias shall both resign their offices to me; and my people shall have one Prophet, one Lawgiver, one Mediator, and one Shepherd. They shall all be taught of their God, Ifa. liv. i3. And a Law shall proceed from me, and I will make my judgment to rest for a light to them, Ifa. li. 4. I will be their Day's-man, Mediator, Intercessor, and Advocate; and they shall be the humble sheep of my fold, under one Shepherd. They shall pass from the ministration of death to the promise of everlasting life. I will deliver them from the yoke, "Do and live" and from the dreadful burden of " Cursed is he that "continueth not." And they shall take my yoke upon

D them,

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