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up the servants of Godi if so, I think it will terminate in God's honour, and in his people's good. We have got many things to be purged out of the church, and the fan will surely come amongst us. We have got many strange connex- ions, which are kept up by a contracted spirit, and cemented together by prejudice against others. This is building up the old partition wall which the Saviour came to destroy, and which every gospel trumpeter ought level, like the walls of Jericho, even to its foundation. We have likewise many human inventions, such as pompous places of worship, an half-hearted gofpel, an organ, sine singing, &c. in order to blunt the edge of persecution, that the offence of the cross may cease, and the rich worldlings make a prosession without being expofed to contempt for religion. These things have patched up a peace where God himself declared war, and therefore the fan must come to surge the floor, and to separate the chafffrom the wheat, Jer. xxiii. 28. I am much mistaken if these things are not some of the beginnings of sorrow. We have many good ministers of Jesus Christ, who, in attempting to oppose others, have warped fadly from the truths of the gofpel, in order to represent those as erroneous who have stood fast in their own testimony for God. I hope these will look about them, own and cleave to their own standard, as they see so many attempting to run away with *" tile banner of the church.

B 4 Others

Others are declaring, that the third part of the Bible has only a moral meaning, though the Holy Ghost fays, that all scripture is given by inspiration of God, 2 Tim. iii. i6. Others tell us, that many parts of the scriptures arc indelicate, though the Almighty declares that every word of his is pure, Prov. xxx. 5. Others sind fault with a spiritual interpretation of the word of God, except scholastic rules are observed; though the Holy Ghost fays that no prophecy of the scriptures is of any private interpretation, t Pet. i. 20. We have got other labourers in the vineyard, who are chaining up all their followers to their own pews, whether they are sed there or not: these lead them out of one bondage into another.

You know, Sir, that many poor fouls have stole into Monkwell-street Chapel, and though they have got a blessing under my ministry, they have not dared to come again, unless they stood at the door, or behind it, incog, for sear their pastor should see them: and if they have bought a book of mine, it was obliged to fly into the clofet, like a nightbird by day, for sear of the reader's being excommunicated for having it in his possession. This is bringing the necks of poor sinners out of one yoke into another; bringing them from under the bondage of the law, that they may submit to the yoke of priestcrast. Take my yoke upon you, fays the Saviour, and learn of me. He that will be great,

let let him be servant of all, fays Christ. A preacher is to take the oversight of his flock, without art eye to gain s neither are they to be lords over God's heritage, i Pet. v. 3. And, in effect, to lord it over the flock of God, is too much like being a rival to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Rev. xix. 16. Surely such souls may complain, and lay, as Zion of old did, O Lord our God, other lords besides thee have had dominion over us; but by thee only will we make mention of thy name, Ifa. xxvi. i3. Reader, call no man Master, for One is your Master, even Christ, Matt, xxiii. 8, 6. Therefore call no gofpel minister Rabbi, Rabbi, for God has strictly forbidden mastership in his ministerial servants. My brethren, be not many masters, knowing that we shall receive the greater condemnation, for in many things we offend all, James iii. i.

Many of these things must be done away, • that the excellency and the power of religion may appear to be of God, and not of us. God is jealous of his own honour, and will never give his glory to another. God's own truth, faithfully delivered, will bring glory to God from every recipient of grace; but if false doctrine be advanced instead of truth, the hearer is zealously affected, but not well; and if he adheres to false, or legal doctrines, he is excluded from Christ by the preacher, that he may effect, or place his affections on him instead of Christ. Gal. iv. i7. I am sorry to fay it;

but bur I hope to be honest in my Lord and Master's work, for I know that the goods which are put into the hands of every faithful minister are his Spirit, his word, and his people; and it becomes a steward to be found faithful, and not to waste his Master's goods. But, alas! for the want of gofpel matter, and gofpel experience, many have kept a flying troop in a prosession by nothing but telling eld wives* fables; and there are to this day legions in London who would go three miles to hear a country tale from the pulpit, who would not go over the thresholds of their doors to hear Paul explain the seventh chapter of his epistle to the Romans. I know a pious broken-hearted soul, in London, who once fat in a congregation of three or four thoufand souls, and wept almost through the whole time of service, to sec such a number gathered together, and nothing to entertain their minds with but a sew foolish tales, more fit for a tea-table, or a washing-tub, than a pulpit. We may fay, indeed, of such a ministry, as an old woman fays of her calling, that— Mangling Is


I will never believe that God will own any doctrine but his own pure word. It is truth that is to make a sinner free; and if a preacher has any armour in God's work, it is truth. Under bis feathers sbalt thou trust, and bis truth shall be tby shield and buckler, Ps. xci. 4. These things have embittered tered the minds of many sods against die holy word of God, and against the preachers of it; and as they themselves have not an experience of the truth of God, they have not the springing well of God's Spirit within them; and therefore they sind, that dealing in doctrines which they never enjoyed, and talking of grace which they never selt the power of, is all against the bent of their own spirits. Hence it is that they turn to the natural bias of their own wills, and preach up for doctrines thofe things which lie within the compass of natural reason; and they sind that to be a minister of the letter is much eaficr than to attempt the ministry of the spirit. These, fays the Apostle, are desirous of being teachers of the law, understanding neither what they fay, nor whereof they affirm. These lay by the truths of the gofpel, the promises, and the blessings of it, and fly to the precepts, and zealously enforce them, without any regard to the promised blessings of grace, which alone can enable the poor sinner to walk in the commandments of God.

These, fays the apostle, begin in the spirit, and end in the flesh, that is, they make a beginning with the gospel dispensation, but end with the carnal commandment; they confuse the lines of the gofpel plan, they make shipwreck of the doctrines 9s faith, which they once consessed and preached, and then they go on board of the galley with oars, Ifa. xxxiii. II. For isa man be not a real believer in the blessed


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