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The Lord hath look d out from His pillar

of glory, And all her brave thousands are dash'd in

the tide.

Sound the loud, dc. 131. Time Misimproved. AS o’er the past my memory strays,

Why heaves the secret sigh? 'Tis that I mourn departed days,

Still unprepared to die. 2 The world, and worldly things belov’d,

My anxious thoughts employ'd ; While time unhallow'd, unimprov'd,

Presents a fearful void.
3 Yet, holy Father, wild despair

Chase from this labouring breast ;
Thy grace it is which prompts the prayer,

That grace can do the rest.
4 My life's best remnant all be Thine ;

And when Thy sure decree
Bids me this fleeting breath resign,

O speed my soul to Thee! 132. Death of the Righteous. SWEET is the scene when Christians die,

When holy souls retire to rest; How mildly beams the closing eye!

How gently heaves th' expiring breast ! 2 So fades a summer cloud away,

So sinks the gale when storms are o'er, So gently shuts the


of day,
So dies a wave along the shore.



3 Triumphant smiles the Victor's brow,

Fann'd by some guardian angel's wing: O grave, where is thy victory now?

And where, insidious death, thy sting ? 133. Psalm CXXXIII. SWEET is the love that mutual glows

Within each brother's breast; And binds in gentlest bonds each heart,

All blessing and all blest. 2 Sweet as th' odorous balsam poured

On Aaron's sacred head, Which o'er his beard, and down his vest,

A breathing fragrance shed.
3 Like morning dews on Zion's mount,

That spread their silver rays ;
And deck with gems the verdant pomp

Which Hermon's top displays. 4 To such the Lord of life and love

His blessing shall extend ;
On earth a life of joy and peace,

And life that ne'er shall end.


134. The Star of Bethlehem. WHEN, marshall'd on the nightly plain,

The glittering host bestud the sky, One Star alone, of all the train,

Can fix the sinner's wandering eye. Hark! hark! to God the chorus breaks,

From every host, from every gem ; But one alone the Saviour speaks,

It is the Star of Bethlehem.

2 Once on the raging seas I sailed ;

The storm was loud—the night was dark, The ocean yawn'd—and wild winds wailed,

And roared around my found'ring bark. Deep horror then my vitals froze,

Death-struck, I ceas’d the tide to stem ; When suddenly a star arose,

It was the Star of Bethlehem. 3 It was my guide, my light, my all,

It bade my dark forebodings cease ; And, through the storm and dangers’ thrall

It led me to the port of peace. Now safely moor’d, my perils o'er,

I'll sing, first in night's diadem, For ever, and for evermore,

The Star, the Star of Bethlehem.



Fear Not.
GIVE to the winds thy fears,

Hope and be undismay'd,
God hears thy sighs, and counts thy tears,

He will lift up thy head. 2 Through waves, through clouds and storms,

He gently clears thy way:
Then wait His time, so shall the night

Soon end in joyous day.
3 Thou seest our weakness, Lord !

Our hearts are known to Thee ;
Oh! lift Thou up the sinking hand,

Confirm the feeble knee. 4 May we, in life and death,

Boldly Thy truth declare ;

And publish, with our latest breath,

Thy love and guardian care,


136. Psalm CXXXVI.
LET us with a gladsome mind

Praise the Lord, for He is kind ;
For His mercies shall endure,

Ever faithful, ever sure.
2 He with all commanding might,
Fill’d the new-made world with light:

For His mercies, &c. 3 All things living He doth feed ; His full hand supplies their need :

For His mercies, &c. 4 He His chosen race did bless In the wasteful wilderness :

For His mercies, &c. 5 He hath with a piteous eye Look'd upon our misery :

For His mercies, &c. 6 (The first stanza repeated.)

137. Psalm CXXXVII. 12,11. BY Babylon's waters we silently sorrowed !

Yea, wept as we thought of our deso

late home! The wings of the doves we then fain would

have borrowed, And fast from the tyrant's dominions have 2 Our harps hung we sadly on willows


surrounding ! Their notes full of melody ceased to be

heard : Save when the bleak blast thro' their chords

was resounding ! But mournful and low were the notes that

it stirred. 3 Our enemies fierce, and as strong as the

lion, Now boldly required a song from our hands: But how could we sing the sweet hymns

of our Zion ’Neath slavery's chains, in proud Babylon's

lands? 4 Arise, O Jehovah! with blessings appearing;

Thy banners of mercy upraise and unfurl ! With gladness the hearts of Thy lone

Israel cheering, And build us that city whose gates are of

pearl. 5 There safe and secure in its walls of

salvation, In loud pealing anthems our voices shall

rise ! For ever defended from each hostile nation! No tears shall then dim our once sorrowful

eyes ! 138. For the Queen. O KING of kings! Thy blessing shed

On our anointed Sovereign's head ; And, looking from Thy holy heaven, Protect the crown Thyself hast given.


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