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Acquaint thee..

...Knox. 270
A debtor to mercy.

Toplady. 93
Affliction is a stormy

Cotton. 97
Again the Lord of

Barbauld. 39
All dead and silent

. Kruinmacher. 1
All hail the great

.Perronet. 167
All people that on'.. Sternhold and Hopkins. 100
Almighty Maker of

And now the sun's

..J. Chandler. 264
Angels from the

....J. M. 246
As o'er the past my

.Bishop Middleton. 131
As pants the hart for Tate and Brady.

As the dew from

Gwyther. 13
As when the Hebrew

Awake and sing...

Awake, awake, the,

.. Gipps. 250
Awake, my soul, and.

.Bishop Kenn. 2
Awake, our souls..

W. 221
Awake sweet harp

.Kirke White. 161

Baptized into Thy
Before Jehovah's
Begone, my worldly.
Begore, unbelief
Behold how sinners
Beneath our feet
Beset with snares
Be with me, Lord
Beyond the glittering
Blessed be Thy name
Blest are the souls
Bound upon the...
Bread of life, in
Brethren, let us walk
Bright and joyful is

Cotterill. 74
.S. Madden, alt. 214

Newton. 67

.W. 166
Bishop Heber. 77

.D. 101

.King. 62
Dr. Turner. 8+

.Hogg. 231

Milman, 52

.R. H. 222
. Kelly. 105
.J. M. 27

Brightest and best

Bishop Heber. 41
By Babylon's waters . . Albany Rossendale Lloyd. 137

Children of the
Christians, brethren.
Christians, the glorious
Christ the Lord is
Clothed in mortal's.
Come, blessed Spirit
Come, Holy Spirit
Come let us praise.
Come let us join
Come, Lord Jesus
Come see the place
Come sound His
Come, Thou Fount
Come, Thou long
Come, Thou mighty
Come, we that love
Come, ye Saints .
Come, ye that know.
Creator, Spirit

.Cenn. 188

Cawood. 60

.T.R. 281

.Bedo. 169

Browne. 16
..J. Chandler. 88

...W. 112
...J. E. White 180
.James Montgomery.

..W. 158
.Robinson. 109
S. Madden. 14

W. 213
Kelly. 216


Dark was the night
Deathless Principle
Dismiss us with

Hawiers. 102
. Toplady. 103


Ere yet the evening
Eternal Source of .....

Far from these
Far from the world.
Far o'er earth's
Father of heaven.
Father of love
Father, 'tis Thine
Father, whate'er of
Fear was within
From all that dwell.
From every stormy
From foes that..
From Greenland's

. Mason. 99
. Cotterill. 142

Steele. 207
Cowper. 210

.T. R. 285
.J. Cooper.

.R. W. Kyle. 249

Wix. 144

Steele. 56
Mrs. Hemans. 220

.H. Stowell. 117
.Bishop Heber, 227
Bishop Heber. 154

From heaven the..
From Jesse's root

Hall. 53
Pope. 189

Give to the winds

M. Luther. 135
Give to our God

.W., ait. 215
Glorious things

. Newton. 87
Glory, glory, ever

...Kelly. 238
Glory to Thee, my

.Bishop Kenn.
God is gone up on

God is gone up with

Bishop Heber. 64
God is in the

Grenville Pigott. 259
God is our refuge

H. F. Lyte.

God moves in a

.. Cowper. 58
Good is the Lord

. Cotterill. 65
Go to dark Gethsemane ..James Montgomery. 243
Grace 'tis a joyful.

..D., alt. 186
Gracious Father..

. Albany R. Lloyd. 220
Great God of hosts

.Milman. 183
Great God, the

Gibbons. 198
Great God, what do

. Martin Luther. 163
Guide me, 0 Thou...

Olivers. 54

Hail, gospel day.

. Albany R. Lloyd. 274
Hail, sweet return......Lady Lucy Whitmore. 32
Hail, Thou once despised

Hail to the Lord's

..J. M. 72
Hark, the herald

Prayer Book. 6
Hark, the voice of

Evans. 248
Hark, what mean

.. Cawood. 149
Have we not heard..

S. J. C. 150
Heal us, Emmanuel

.Cowper. 170
Hear the glad sound

He comes, He comes.

Madan. 191
He cometh, He cometh

W. M'Comb. 91
He dies, the Friend of

W., alt. 200
High let us swell

.Prayer Book. 266
High on a throne

.J. Cooper. 173
Holy Ghost, whose

Hosanna to the

How beauteous are

How bright a day.

Bathurst. 113
How did my heart


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How good and how

. Albany R. Lloyd. 268
How sacred is that Robert Montgomery. 232
How sad our state

W. 59
How sweet in the

Cunningham. 104
How sweetly flowed

.Bowring. 21
How sweet the name.

Newton. 110
How sweet within

.J. Chandler. 269
How wondrous is God....

Hymns of praises, let

.Prayer Book. 17

... l'ix.

If human kindness...
I hold the sacred book
I'll tune my harp
Inspirer and hearer.
In every place
In the dust I'm
I praised the earth
Israel's Shepherd
It is good when we.

Noel.. 187

..Prior. 104

. Toplady. 240
.John F. M. Dovaston. 262

.Bowring. 237
Bishop Heber. 242
.J. Bickersteth. 40

Bentham. 145

Jehovah God, Thy
Jehovah, Lord of
Jerusalem, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem, my happy.
Jesus is the Lord my
Jesus, lover of my
Jesus shall reign.
Jesus, Thy blood

.Dr. Thompson. 211
Spirit of the Psalms.
Wilson's Collection. 141

. Sandys. 172

Kelly. 38
C. IV. 126

W. 116
Vaughan. 203

Laden with guilt
Let us with a glad
Let worldly minds ..
Light of those whose
Lo! He comes with
Look down, O Lord
Lord dismiss us
Lord have mercy
Lord, I am vile
Lord, I approach..
Lord, now we part
Lord, when we bend
Lo! the lilies of the

North. 69
Milton. 136
Newton. 174
Toplady. 121

Olivers. 44
Cotterill. 111

Milinan. 176

W. 51
Sternhold and Hopkins.


. Carlyle. 223
Wilson's Collection. 107

May the grace of
Messiah, at Thy glad
My God, and is Thy.

Newton. 254

.Logan. 128
.Prayer Book. 192

O blest were the

...Bishop Heber. 185
O bright and blessed .J. F. M. Dovaston. 153
O Christians think

. Albany R. Lloyd. 273
O come, let us sing

...J. M. 96
O come, loud anthems

Tate, and Brady.

O come, ye saints..

O'er the gloomy hills

.Williams. 217
O for a glance.

.. Hart. 204
O for a closer walk.

Cowper. 63
O for a heart to

C. W. 49
O God, our creator.

C. Arthur. 156
O God, my heart with

. Bowdler. 83
O had I the wings of .Liverpool Collection. 55
Oh for a thousand ..

C. W. 146
Oh for the harp that

.Barton. 181
O help us, Lord..

Milman. 226
O King of kings, Thy.

Wilson. 132
O Lord of earth and

Wilson's Collection. 190
O Lord, Thou hast

R. I. M'Ghee. 80
0 mortal man

.H. N. D. 261
One there is above..

.. Newton. 81
O Saviour whom this

Bishop Heber. 140
O send God's holy

Brownrig. 30
O sing aloud

. Albany R. Lloyd. 98
O that the Lord

W. 119
0 Thou the first and great. Robert Burns. 90
0 Tliou from whom...

Humphries. 271
Our gracious God. . Albany R. Lloyd. 265
Our Lord is risen

C. W.

Our years roll on..

Legh Richmond. 179
O weep not o'er thy.

Bishop Heber. 43
O why should Israel's

..More. 208
O worship the King.

. Sibthorp. 78
Pilgrim burden'd...

Crabbe. 70
Praise the great God

..K. 148
Praise the Lord, ye

Eta, 147
Praise to God immortal.

Barbauld. 75

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