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Prayer is the soul's

.J. M.

Redeemer Lord
Rock of ages cleft

Albany R. Lloyd. 267

. . Toplady. 199

Salvation's banner..
Salvation, O the joyful
Saviour of good .
Say who are these
See the leaves
Since o'er Thy footstool.
Sinners, this solemn..
Sound the loud .
Sovereign of worlds
Speed heralds of
Spirit of mercy
Strike, strike the
Sweet is the love.
Sweet is the scene
Sweet is the work
Sweeter sounds

.Albany R. Lloyd. 278

W., alt. 114
Merrick. 164

.J. Turner. 94
Bishop Horne, 205

S. H. 129
.J. Hoskins. 178

.... Moore. 130

...Gwyther. 118
. Albany R. Lloyd. 277

..Kyle. 66
..J. O'Callaghan. 123
Bishop Lowth. 133
Barbauld. 132

W. 106
.Newton. 236

The angel comes

Milman. 108
The Assyrian came

.Hebrew Melody.

The billows swell

Cowper. 124
The chariot, the..

Milman. 68
The day of wrath

Sir W. Scott. 125
The grass and towers

Newton. 228
The happy morn.

Wilson. 162
The heathen perish

.J. M., alt. 219
The heavens are telling ... Albany R. Lloyd. 283
The Lord descended ..Sternhold and Hopkins. 232
The Lord of might..

.R. H. 224
The Lord my pasture

. Addison. 23
The Lord will come..

.Bishop Heber. 61
The Lord our God.

.Kirke White. 160
There is a book .

. Keble. 157
There is a fountain

There is an eye

C. S. P. 57
There is an hour.

S. P. 193
There is a dwelling

. Bishop Mant. 202
There is a land

W. 182
There is a river

Cheltenham. 47
There seems a voice

. Mrs. Opie. 127
There's joy in heaven

Wills. 171
There was joy in

.Bishop Heber. 225
The saints on earth.

The Saviour calls

Steele. 209
The Saviour's gentle

. Cotterill. 234
'The Saviour to glory

The spacious firmament

. Addison. 19
The Son of God goes.

Wilson's Collection. 190
The sun that walks

.Parnell. 194
This day the light

H. 284
This is the day

W'. 175
Though troubles assail

Though I an angel's Albany R. Lloyd. 206
Thou art gone to

.Bishop Heber. 233
Thou art the way

C. 0. T. 247
Thou dear Redeemer.

Cenn. 241
Thou God of power.

M. 197
The Lord by strictest.

Tate. 139
Thou who art enthron'd..


Thou whose almighty word

Mariot. 152
Through all the changing. Tate and Brady. 34
Through all the dangers

..Kelly. 3
Through earth the Saviour's .Buddicom. 18
Throned on a cloud

Gipps. 250
Through the day

.Kelly. 5
Time, fleeting time . Albany R. Lloyd. 276
To bless Thy

.N. V. alt. 272
To praise the ever bounteous

To Thee my God

More. 229
To Jesus the crown

Cowper. 165

Unto the Lord ....

.Newton R. Lloyd. 258

We sing the praise
We Thee 0 Triune
What tongue can tell.
What wisdom is
When all Thy mercies
When from the eye
When gathering clouds

..Kelly. 143
Albany R. Lloyd. 79

Kelly. 245
Franks. 26
Addison. 71
.S. Rowe. 263
.C. Grant. 168

When I can read..

When I survey the

When languor and

Toplady. 85
When marshall'd...

Kirke White, alt. 134
When musing sorrow

Noel. 20
When O my Saviour

.Cennic. 15
When rising from ...

Addison. 45
When the sabbath.

.Charles Jeffrys.

When through the torn sail ....Bishop Heber. 282
Where are the dead James Montgomery.

Where'er I am

Mrs. H. Moore. 120
Where shall I fly

H. T. Lyte. 241
Where two or three

Sternet. 20
While Britain favoured

Who can describe

W, 212
Who can tell

T. Salwey. 260
Why those fears.

Kelly. 159
With songs and honours

W. 37

Ye angels who stand...
Ye sons of earth

.D'Flury. 177
..Cowper. 35



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