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Solemn notes of sweetest sound,
Great Jehovah's praise resound,
From Thy works our joys arise,
Oh! Thou only good and wise !
Who Thy wonders can declare ?
How profound Thy counsels are !



A DEBTOR to mercy alone,

Of covenant mercy I sing,
Nor fear with Thy righteousness on,

My person and offerings to bring.
The terrors of law and of God,

With me can have nothing to do ; My Saviour's obedience and blood

Hide all my transgressions from view. 2 The work which His goodness began,

The arm of His strength will complete : His promise is yea


amen, And never was forfeited yet. Things future, nor things that are near,

Not all things below, or above, Can make Him His purpose forego,

Or sever my soul from His love. 3 My name from the palms of His hands,

Eternity will not erase ; Imprest on His heart it remains,

In marks of indelible grace.
Yes, I to the end shall endure,

As sure as the earnest is given,
More happy, but not more secure,

The glorified spirits in heaven.

94. Rev. XIX. 8.

C.M. SAY who are these ! array'd in white,

And whence this shining train ? The conqueror's palm, the robe of light

Their righteousness proclaim. 2 Thou know'st, th' enraptur'd soul replies,

As gazing on the throng, Unnumber'd voices swell the skies

With never-dying song.
3 Their hour of tribulation's past,

Cradled on beds of woe;
Their nurse was winter's chilly blast.

A world in arms their foe.
4 But now they sing of battles won,

Of garments roll'd in blood,
Of vanquish'd hosts by David's Son,

The bleeding Lamb of God.
5 Of blood that loos’d the captive's chain,

Redeem'd his life, and seal'd The record of a deathless name,

That lives in heaven reveal'd. 95.

Psalm XCV.
O COME, loud anthems let us sing,

Loud thanks to our Almighty King; For we our voices high should raise,

When our salvation's Rock we praise. 2 Into His presence let us haste,

To thank Him for His favours past;
To Him address, in joyful songs,
The praise that to His name belongs.


3 For God the Lord, enthron'd in state,

Is with unrivall’d glory great ;
A king superior far to all

Whom gods the heathens falsely call. 4 O let us to His courts repair,

And bow with adoration there ;
Down on our knees devoutly all
Before the Lord our Maker fall.



Psalm XCV.
O COME, let us sing to the Lord ;

In God, our salvation, rejoice;
In Psalms of thanksgiving record
His praise with one heart and one voice ;
For Jehovah is King and He reigns
The God of all gods, on His throne :
Each star in its course He maintains,

The ends of the earth are His own. 2 The sea is Jehovah's; He made

The tide its dominion to know :'
The land is Jehovah's ; He laid
Its solid foundation below,
O come, let us worship and kneel
Before our Creator, our God;
As those who would serve Him with zeal,

The flock whom He guides with His rod. 97.

Psalm XLII.
AFFLICTION is a stormy deep,

Where wave resounds to wave:
Tho'o'er my head the billows roll,

I know the Lord can save.


2 The hand that now withholds my joys,

Can yet restore my peace;
And He, who bade the tempest roar,

Can bid the tempest cease.
3 (In the dark watches of the night,

I'll count His mercies o'er,
I'll praise Him for ten thousand past,

And humbly sue for more.)
4 Here will I rest and build my hopes,

Nor murmur at His rod;
He's more than all the world to me,

My health, my life, my God.




O SING aloud, each nation,

A song for ever new!
For God declares salvation !

And praise to Him is due.
His righteousness is spreading

In sight of heathen lands,
And beams of mercy shedding,

More countless than the sands ;
2 With shawms and trumpets sounding,

Rejoice before the LORD!
In psalms of praise abounding,

Join all in one accord ;
E'en let the waves of ocean

JEHOVAH's power proclaim ;
Let all men with devotion

Adore His holy name!

99. Sabbath Evening Hymn.

10's ERE yet the evening star with silver ray

Sheds its mild lustre on this sacred day; Let us resume with thankful hearts again,

The rites that heav'n and holiness ordain. 2 Still let those precious truths our thoughts

engage, Which shine reveal'd on inspiration's page; Nor those bless'd hours in vanity be pass'd,

Which all, who lavish, will lament at last. 3 O God our Saviour, in our hearts abide; Thy blood redeems us, and Thy precepts

guide: In life our Guardian, and in death our

Friend ; Glory supreme be Thine, till time shall end. 4 And as yon sun descending rolls away,

To rise in glory at return of day;
So may we set, our transient being o'er,

So rise in glory on the eternal shore. 100.

Psalm C.
ALL people that on earth do dwell,

Sing to the Lord with cheerful voice, Him serve with fear, His praise forth tell ;

Come ye before Him, and rejoice. 2 The Lord, ye know, is God indeed :

Without our aid He did us make ; We are His flock, He doth us feed,

And for His sheep He doth us take.


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