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. 557 Managers; on many Theatrical Regulations, and on the Regulations on the Continent, for the Security of Literary and Dramatic Property; particularly deserving the attention of the Subscribers for a Third Theatre. By JAMES LAWRENCE, Knight

of Malta. l.[ Original.] No.4. Attempt to estimate the Poetical Talent of the Present

Age, including a Sketch of a the History of Poetry; and Characters of Southey, Crabbe, Scott, Moore, Lord Byron, Campbell, Lamb, Coleridge, and Wordsworth. By T. N, TALFOURD, of

the Middle Temple. [Original.] No. 10. Inaugural Oration, spoken on the 4th of November, 1815, at the Ceremony of laying

the first Stone of the London Institution for the Diffusion of Science and Literature. By CHARLES BUTLER, Esq. No. 14. Reply to the Observations of the Edinburgh Review on the Anglo-Saxon Antiquities.

By the Rev. Joun LINGARD. (Original.] No. 14. Dissertation on the Eleusinian and Bacchic Mysteries. By Thomas TAYLOR. Nose

15 and 16. Discourse delivered to the Literary and Scientific Society at Java. By the Hox.

T, S. Raffles, President. No. 15. Reasons for a further Amendment of the Act to amend the Copy-Right Act of Queen

Anne. By Sir EGERTON BRYDGES, Bart. M.P. No. 20. Origin and Vicissitudes of Literature, Science, and Art, and their Influence on the

present State of Society. A Discourse, delivered on the opening of the Liverpool

Royal Institution, Nov. 1817. By WILLIAM Roscoe, Esq. No. 22. Letter to His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, on the Expediency of Revising

the Authorized Version of Scripture. By an Essex Rector. (Original.] No. 26. On the Presence of Pluto in Elysium. [Original.) No. 27. Ossiana ; or Fingal ascertained and traced in Ulster ; by the analogy of Names

and Places mentioned in Ossian's Poems. By H. Y. CAMPBELL., Esq. R. N.

F.A.S. No. 29. Reply to the Charges bronght by the Reviewer of Spence's Anecdotes, in the

Quarterly Review for Oct. 1820, against the last Edition of Pope's Works; and Author of " A Letter to Mr. Campbell,” on " The Invariable Principles of Poetry.” By the Rev. W. L. Bowles. (Original.] No. 33. Observations on the Poetical Character of Pope ; further elucidating the “Invariable

Principles of Poetry," &c. with a Sequel, in reply to Octavius Gilchrist. By the

Rev. W. L. BOW LES. (Original.] Nos. 34 and 35. Two Letters to the Right Hon.

Lord Byron, in answer to his Lordship’s Letter to

*, on the Rev. W. L. Bowles's Strictures on the Life and Writings of Pope ; more particularly on the Question, whether Poetry be more immediately indebted to what is Sublime and Beautiful in the works of Nature, or the works of Art? By the Rev. W. L. Bowles. Second Edition, enlarged and cor

rected exclusively for the Pamphleteer. No. 36. Brief Observations on the Copy-right Bill; attempting to prove its injustice towards

Authors, and its tendency to injure the cause of Literature. In a letter to the

Bishop of Norwich. [Original.] No. 36. Letter 10 the Right Hon, Lord Byron, protesting against the Immolation of Gray,

Cowper, and Campbell, at the shrine of Pope. No, 36. Letter to the Rev. W. L. Bowles, in Reply to his Letter to Thomas Campbell,

Esq. and to his two Letters to the Right Hon. Lord Byron; containing a Vindication of their Defence of the Poetical Character of Pope, and an Inquiry into the nature of Poetical Images, and of the characteristic qualities that distinguish

Poetry from all other species of writing. By M. M'Dermot. Nos. 39 and 40. Letters to Mr. T. Campbell, as far as regards Poetical Criticism, &c. &c. and the

Answer to the Writer in the Quarterly Review, as far as they relate to the same subjects. Second Edition. Together with an Answer to some objections; and

further Illustrations. By the Rev. W. L. Bowles. No, 40. On the Censorship recently established by virtue of Article 4 of the Act of March 17,

1822. By Viscount Chateaubriand. Second Edition. Translated exclusively for

the Pamphleteer. No. 47. Observations on the Regiam Majestatem. Second Edition. No. 49. The Plagiary warned. A Vindication of the Drama, the Stage, and Public Morals, from the Plagiarisms and Compilations of the Rev. J. A. James, in a Letter to the Author. Second Edition, with alterations. No. 49.

Claims of Sir Philip Francis to the Authorship of Junius, disproved: By E. H. BAR

KER, Esq. No. 54. Remarks on the Character and Writings of John Milton ; occasioned by the publica

tion of his lately discovered • Treatise on Christian Doctrine.' By W.E. CHANNING, LL.D. Second Edition. No. 58.

MEDICAL. Observations on Medical Reform. By a Member of the University of Oxford. [Ori.

ginal.] No. 6. Sketch of the new Anatomy and Physiology of the Brain and Nervous System of Drs.

Gall and Spurzheim, considered as comprehending a complete system of Phrenology, with Observations on its tendency to the Improvement of Education, of Punishment, and of the Treatment of Insanity. By T. FORSTER, Esq. F.L.S. No. 9. Report from the Committee of the House of Commons on Madhouses in England:

No. 11. Observations and Reflections on the Bill for “ Better regulating the Medical Profesa

sion as far as regards Apothecaries ;" proving it to be a measure best suited to the Public Convenience, and most conducive to the Preservation of the Community

from the Effects of existing Frauds and Abuses. By R. M. KERRISON, Esq. No. 12. Suggestions for the Prevention and Mitigation of Epidemic and Pestilential Diseases,

comprehending the Abolition of Quarantines and Lazarettos; with some opportune Remarks on the Danger of Pestilence from Scarcity. By Ch. MacLEAN, M.D.

No. 20. Letter to Sir William Garrow, on his proposed Bill for regulating the Practice of Sur

gery throughout the Kingdom. By J. HAMILTON, M.D. No. 23. On the Evil Effects produced in the Human Constitution by Stimulating Food, and

by Spirituous and Fermented Liquors, when taken moderately and habitually. Second Edition, recomposed for this Work, with great additions. By a Member of the North American Academy of Sciences. No. 23. Modern Maladies, and Present State of Medicine.-

The Anniversary Oration before the Medical Society of London. By D. Uwins, M.D. No. 25. Vindication of the University of Edinburgh (as a School of Medicine) from the as

persions of " a Member of the University of Oxford.” With Remarks on Medical Reform. By LAWSON WHALLEY, M.D. No. 26. Observations on the Casual and Periodical Influence of Particular States of the At

mosphere on Human Health and Diseases, particularly Insanity; with a Table of

Reference to Authors. By T. FORSTER. M. B. No. 27. Hunterian Oration for the year 1819, delivered before the Royal College of Surgeons

in London. By JOHN ABERNETHY, F.R.S. No.27. On the Phenomena of Insanity : being a Supplement to Observations on the Casual and Periodical Influence of peculiar States of the Atmosphere on Human Health

and Disease. By Thomas FORSTER, M.B. No. 29. Summary of Facts and Inferences respecting the Causes, proper and adventitious, of

Plague, and other Pestilential Diseases; with proofs of the non-existence of contagion in these maladies : intended for the use of the Select Committee of the House of Commons, for inquiring into the validity of the Doctrine of Contagion, in the Plague, &c. in February, 1819, and presented to them, but not hitherto published. By CHARLES Maclean, M.D. Lecturer on the Diseases of Hot Climates to the

Honorable East India Company: (Original.] No. 31. Brief Inquiry into the Causes and Mitigation of Pestilential Fever, and into the opi

nion of the Ancients respecting Epidemical Diseases. By T. FORSTER, M.B.

Second Edition. No.48. Brief Sketch of the Progress of Opinion on the subject of Contagion ; with some Re

marks on Quarantine. By W. MacMICHAEL, M. D. No. 50. Address to the Public on the Propriety of Midwives, instead of Surgeons, practising Midwifery. By J. R. PICKMERE. Fourth Edition. [exclusively.) No. 55.

MILITARY AFFAIRS. Plan for Increasing the Incomes of Officers of the Army; and also for a Provision for Officers' Widows and Children. By D. Roberts, Esq.; and a Supplement, (now first published) by J. PhilPrart, Esq. No. 3,

A Letter to the Officers of the Army, explaining the cause of the above Plan being for

the present suspended. By Lieut. Col. Roberts; with Supplementary Observations, by J. Philippart, Esq. No. 4. Observations on the Bill rendering the Militia disposable for Foreign Service. By

John PHILIPPART, Esq. [Original.] No. 5. An Argument on Military Obedience. By a Half-pay Officer. (Original.] No. 33.

MISCELLANEOUS, Observations on the State of the Brewery, and on the Saccharine Quality of Malt.

By J. BAVERSTOCK, Esq. [Original.] No. 4. Lord Sheffield on the Trade in Wool and Woollens, including an exposition of the

Commercial situation of the British Empire, in the years 1809, 10, 11, and 12.

No. 6. Short Sketch of a Short Trip to Paris in 1788. By the Rev. Dr. Valpy. No. 6. Report of Lord Sheffield, at the Meeting at Lewes Wool Fair, 1813. No. 7. Sketch for a new Division and Subdivision of Monies, Weights, and Coins. By MER

CATOR. No.7. Observations on the Brumal Retreat of the Swallow. With an Index to many pas

sages relating to this Bird in the Works of Ancient and Modern Authors. By T.

Forster, F.L.S. No. 8. On the means of guarding Dwelling Houses, by their Construction, against Accidents

by Fire. No. 10. A new Theory of the Two Hemispheres, whereby it is attempted to explain, on Geo

graphical and Historical facts, the time and manner in which America was peopled.

By G. A. THOMPSON, Esq. No. 10. Report from the Committee of the House of Commons on the King's Bench, Fleet,

and Marshalsea, Prisons, &c. No. 12. Outlines of a Plan for building Twenty five Churches or Chapels at an expense of

100,000l. to Government, or at no expense to Government, if it should be thought advisable to have recourse to Queen Anne's Bounty, for this purpose. By the Rev.

T. FALCONER, M.A. No. 12. Speech of Mr. Phillips on the Case of Guthrie v. Steme for Adultery. No. 13. Remarks on the Comparative Value of Freehold and Copyhold Land; showing the

Worth of Lives on Admittance and Enfranchisement, and on the purchase of Ad

Vowsous. By W. Rouse, Esq. No. 14. A Short Letter to the Chancellor of the Exchequer, on the dangerous Competition of means of making Theatres vie with each other in promoting the Perfection of Taste and the Improvement of Morals ? By A. DELPLA. [Translated exclusivdy for the

the Distilleries with the Breweries. By a Freeholder. No. 14. On the Amelioration of Slavery. BY HENRY Koster. (Original.] No. 16. On the Desirableness and Utility of Ladies visiting the Female Wards of Hospitals

and Lunatic Asylums. By CATHERINE CAPPE. (Original.] No. 16. Treatise on Greyhounds, with Observations on the Treatment and Disorders of them.

By Sie RichARD CLAYTON, Bart. No. 17. Journal of an English Traveller from 1814 to 1816; or Memoirs and Anecdotes of

Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales and her Court, with Letters of H.R.H.,

the Earl of Liverpool, Mr. Whitbread, &c. No. 19. Copy of the Report presented to the House of Commons by the Committee appointed

to examine the several petitions presented to the House, against the Employment

of Boys in Sweeping of Chimnies.' No. 20. Usury explained ; or Conscience quieted in the case of Putting out of Money at Inte

rest. By Philopenes. London : Printed by D. E. in Fetter Lane, 109g. No. 21. Address to the Guardian Society. No. 21. Observations on the Effect of the Manufacturing System: with Hints for the improvement of those parts of it which are most injurious to Health and Morals.

By Robert Owen. Third Edition. No. 21. Letter to the Common Council and Livery of the City of London, on the Abuses

existing in Newgate ; showing the necessity of an immediate Reform in the ma

nagement of that Prison. By the Hon. H.Ğ. BenneTT, M. P. No. 22. Account of the Management of the Poor in Hamburgh, between the years 1788 and

1794, in a Letter to some Friends of the Poor in Great Britain. By Baron Von Voght. No. 22. French Drama : or, a Discussion on the following question: Which are the best John Ireland, D.D. formerly Vicar of Croydon, now Dean of Westminster. No. 27. Is it impossible to free the Atmosphere of London, in a very considerable degree,

Pamphleteer.] No. 23. Treatise on Duelling; with the Annals of Chivalry, the Ordeal Trial, and Judicial

Combat, from the earliest times. By A. BOSQUETT, Esq. No. 23. Funeral Oration, delivered at Venice, on the Death of Doge Leonardo Loredaho.

By ANDREA NAVAGERO, Venetian Senator. Translated from the Original Italian. To which are subjoined Remarks on the Venetian Republic. By C. KL.

SALT, Esq. [Original.] No. 23. A Letter to Sir Samuel Romilly, M. P. from Henry Brougham, Esq. M. P.; upon the

Abuse of Charities. No. 26. A Dissertation on the Theory and Practice of Benevolence : being a practical in

provement of the Second Edition of the Complaints of the Poor People of England, by the same Author. By George DYER, A.B. New Edition, with consider

able additions. Nos. 26 and 27. On Propelling

Vessels by means of Windmill Sails. By J. M. BARTLETT. (Origi. nal.] No. 27. A Letter to Henry Brougham, Esq. M.P. from

from the Smoke and Deleterious Vapours with which it is hourly impregnated By

W. FREND, Esq. Actuary of the Rock Insurance. No. 29. A Memoir of the Principal Occurrences during an Embassy from the British Govero

ment to the Court of China in the year 1816. By the Rev. Dr. ROBERT Morri. SON, attached to the Embassy. [Original.] No. 29. Notes on a Visit made to some of the Prisons in Scotland, and the North of England,

in company with Elizabeth Fry; with some general Observations on the subject of

Prison Discipline. By Joseph Joun Gurney. Nos. 29, 30, and 31. First Report of the Commissioners appointed to consider the subject of Weights and

Measures. No.31. Baron Smith's Charge, delivered on the 9th of March, 1820, to the Grand Jury of the

County of Westmeath, and published at their unanimous request. No. 31. The British Mitre, and its Derivatives ; being a sketch of a proposed Reformation

in the British Measures, Weights, and Coins; founded on a System from which, as a universal basis, may emanate, after correction, the different systems of all civilized

nations. [Original.] No.31. Speech of the Right Hon. George Canning, delivered at the Liverpool Dinner, given in celebration of his re-election, March 18, 1820. [Fourth Edition, revised and cor

rected.] No. 31. Philosophic and Practical Inquiry into the Nature and Constitution of Timber; include

ing an investigation into the causes and origin of the dry rot; some important considerations, introductory to the suggestion of a better method for seasoning timber; a proposal for effectually preserving timber against ever contracting the dry rot, or internal decay; and the particulars and result of a set of successful experiments made, and tending to establislı the authenticity of the above proposal. By Join

LINGARD. No. 32. Two Political Allegories ; written in the year 1793, and now revised for the Part

phleteer. By the Hon. Sir William C. Smith, Bart., L.L.D.F.R.S. No. 32. Speech of Jos. Marryatt, Esq., in the House of Commons, on Monday, June 6th,

1820, upon the Petition of the Ship Owners of the Port of London, against any alteration in the Duties on Timber. [Published by the Committee of the Society of

Ship Ouners.] Second Edition. No. 33. Report of the Secretary of the Treasury, in obedience to a resolution of the House of

Representatives of ist March, 1818, transmitting Statements in relation to the Codition of the Bank of the United States, and its offices : also, Statements in relation to the Situation of the different Chartered Banks in the different States, and the

district of Columbia, &c. (Now first printed in this country.) No. 33. General Observations on Provident Banks ; with a Plan of the Unlimited Provident

Bank at Cambridge ; and a scale of the price of Debentures, without loss to tive Revenue. By Professor CHRISTIAN. (Original.] No. 33.. Marriage and Divorce. (Original.] No.33.

ebon il (1

Skotel of a Plan for a Reformation in the System of Provincial Banking in by which Ache Notes of Country Baokers may be rendered as secure as those of the Bank of England, and the Agriculturists, Manufacturers, &c. relieved from the distress and

inconvenience occasioned by the want of a secure Circulating Medium No.85. Two Pairs of Historical Portraits : Octavius Cæsar and William Pitt (reprinted);

Rienzi and Buonaparte (never before published). By G. W. MEADLY, Author of ... Mewoirs of William Paley, D.D.," and of Algernon Sidney." No. 351 Thoug!its on the Criminal Prisons of this Country; occasioned by the Bill now in the

House of Commons, for consolidating and annending the Laws relating to Prisons; with some Remarks on the practice of looking to the Task-master of a Prison, rather than to the Chaplain, for the reformation of offenders; and of purchasing the work of those whom the Law has condemned to hard labor as a punishment, by allowing them to spend a portion of their earnings during their imprisonment. By G. Hol

FORD, Esq. M. P. Second Edition, with corrections and alterations. No. 35. The Exclusion of the Queen from the Liturgy, historically and legally considered. By

a Barrister. Fourth Edition, enlarged by the Author. No. 35. Phocion in Reply to Cato in Defence of the People of England, and in Vindication of

the Public Press; with a few words in conclusion to the Earl of Liverpool. By a

BARRISTER. Second Edition. No. 35. On the present Timber and Deal Trade, as regards Europe and the British American

Colonies ; resting on plain facts. By H. D. Dunsky." (Original.] No. 35. Sure Methods of Attaining a Long and Heathful Life ; with the Means of Correcting a

Bad Constitution. By Lewis Cornaro. Translated from the Italian. Thiriy

third Edition. Nos. 36 and 37. Further Remarks on some Passages in Scripture relating to Marriage and Divorce ;

with reference to the Pamphlet in No. 34. (Original.] No. 36. Letters of Joseph II., written to distinguislied Princes and Statesmen, on various in

teresting subjects. (Now first translated from the German exclusively for the

Pamphleteer.] Nos. 37 and 38. Vindiciæ Britannicæ. Christianity interested in the Dismissal of Ministers. A Vin

dication of the People from the charge of Blasphemy, and a Defence of the Free. dom of the Press. In six Letters to William Wilberforce, Esq.M.P. and the Re:,ligious Public. By CHRISTOPHILPS. Second Edition ; altered and corrected ex

clusively for the Pamphleteer. Nos. 37 and 38. Anticipation : containing the Substance of His Majesty's Speech to both Houses of

Parliament on the approaching Session ; together with a full and authentic Acrecount of the Debate which will take place in the House of Commons on the mos tion for the Address and the Amendment. With Notes. By RICHARD TICKELL,

Esq. London, printed 1778. No. 38. A Letter of Expostulation to Lord Byron on his present Pursuits; with Animad.

versions on his Writings, and Absence from his Country in the hour of Danger.

[Original.] No. 38. The Return to Nature; or, a Defence of the Vegetable Regimen : with some Account of an Experiment made during three or four years in the Author's family. By John

Frank NEWTON, Esq. Nos. 38, 39, and 40. Observations on the present State of the Police of the Metropolis. By GEORGE B.

MAINWARING, Esq. Second Edition ; printed exclusively in the Pumphleteer.

Nos. 38 and 39. Observations on Trade, considered in reference particularly to the Public Debt, and

to the Agriculture of the United Kingdom. Ry RICHARD HEATHFIELD. No. 39. Thoughts on Liberty, and the Rights of Englishmen. By BASIL MONTAGU, Esq.

No. 41. Considerations of the Police Report of 1816, with a Plan for effectually suppressing

the Trade of Thieving. With a few Words inducing towards the Discovery of Perpetual Motion, perhaps the actual Discovery thereof. No. 41. The Love-letters of King Henry VIII. to Anna Boleyn. Now frst correctly printed

from the Autographs in the Library of the Vatican Palace ; with an Historical 1 Introduction, illustrated by Letters of distinguished Contemporaries, Notes, and Fac

similes. By the Editor of the Historia Brittonum." (Original.] Nos. 42 and 43. Cautions to Continental Travellers. By the Rev. J. W. CUNNINGHAM, A.M. Second

Edition, with corrections. No. 42.

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