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rity of the British Interests in that quarter, By CHARLES Assex, Esq. latc Secre

tary to the Government of Java. No. 28. Remarks on the Cession of the Floridas to the United States of America, and on the necessity of acquiring the Island of Cuba by Great Britain. By J, F. RATTENBURY, Ésq. Second Ed. with considerable additions. (Printed exclusively in this

work.) No. 29. Germany and the Revolution, by Professor Goerres, late Editor of the Rhenish Mer

cury. Translated liberally (from the German Pamphlet lately suppressed by the

Prussian Government) exclusively for the Pamphleteer. No. 30. On the Liberty of the Press in Great Britain, translated from the German of the cele

brated F. Von Gentz, Aulic Counsellor to the Emperor of Austria, and author of

"Fragments of the Balance of Power in Europe,” &c. No. 30. Defences of the Whigs; a new Edition, with a Preface. By THOMAS LORD ERSKINE.

No. 30. On the Administration of the Criminal Code in England, and the Spirit of the English

Government. By M. Cottu, Counsellor of the Royal Court of Paris, and Secretary General to the Royal Society of Prisons, and to the Special Council of the

Prisons of Paris. [Translated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 31. Information on the principal Events which took place in the Goverument of Spain,

from the commencement of the Insurrection in 1808, to the Dissolution of the Ordinary Cortes in 1814; intended to explain the Causes which led to the late Revolution, and more articularly to repel the calumnies of the French Press, respecting that glorious and memorable occurrence. By Count ToRexo, the leader of the present Cortes, and late an Exile in England and France. Translated from the

original Spanish by William Walton, Esg. exclusively for the Pamphleteer. No. 33. Hints on Emigration to the Cape of Good Hope. By W. J. BURCHELL, Esq. No.33. Observations on the Present Distress; addressed to the Rt. Hon. Lord

By Vindex. No 34. Free Trade essential to the Welfare of Great Britain ; or, an Inquiry into the cause

of the present Distressed State of the Country, and the consequent increase of Pauperism, Misery, and Crime. To which are added, some observations on two letters to the Rt. Hon. R. Peel, M.P. by one of his Constituents : the First, on the Pernicious Effect of a Variable Standard of Value ; the Second, on the Cause of the

Increase of Pauperism, &c. By Joux Clay. No. 34. Essay on the Currency; or the Alterations in the Value of Money, the great cause of

the Distressed State of the Country: With a Comparison between the stale of the Currency in the reign of William the Third, and its present debased or depreciated

state. (Original.] No. 34. , The United Kingdom Tributary to France the real cause of the Distresses of the

Country: demonstrated in a Letter to the Rt. Hon. the Earl of Liverpool. No. 34. The-Speech of the Marquis of Lansdown on Foreign Commerce; spoken in the

House of Lords. Now first revised and corrected by the Author, for the Pamphleteer.

No. 34. Declaration of England against the Acts and Projects of the Holy Alliance; with an

Appendix containing Official Documents. No. 35. Reflections on the Conduct of the Allies. No. 35. On the Dissolution of the Chamber of Deputies, and on the possible consequence of

this dissolution to the Nation, the Government, and the Ministry. By M. B. CONSTANT, Députy for “ La Sarthe.” [Translated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 35. On the Piedmontese Revolution. By the Count SANTA-Rosa, Ex-Minister. [Trans

lated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 37. The State of the Nation at the commencement of the year 1822. Considered

under the Four Departments of the Finance-Foreign Relations—Home Depart. ment-Colonies and Board of Trade, &c. &c. With an Appendix explanatory of

recent Measures adopted by Ministers. No. 39. A History of the Pepal Laws against the Irish Catholics; from the Treaty of Lime

riek to the Union. With an Index. By Sir HENRY PARNELL, Bart. M.P. [New

Edition, corrected for the Pamphleteer exclusively.] Nos. 39, 40, and 41. The Elector's Renjembrancer; or a Guide to the Votes of each Member of the House

of Commons, for the first two Sessions of the present Parliament. With Observations on the Conduct and Speeches of various Members. No. 1. (To be continued at the close of every succeeding Session.)

A Reply to the Sixth Edition of a Pamphlet (supposed official) on the State of the

Nation at the commencement of 1822 ; considered under the Four Departments of Finance--Foreign Relations Home Department-Colonies and Board of Trade, &c. By J. Collier. With a Third Chapter on Agricultural Distress, Second

Edition, with Additions. No. 41. Letter to the Right Hon. William Pitt, on his Apostasy from the Cause of Parlia

mentary Reform. To wbich is subjoined an Appendix containing important Docoments on that Subject. Third Edition. To which is now added a Proposal for a Constitutional Reform, founded on Property, and subversive of Oligarchy and Och

locracy No. 41. . Address to the People of England on the Cause of the Greeks, occasioned by the late

inhuman Massacres in the Island of Scio, &c. By the Rev. T. S. Hughes. Second

Edition, with Additions. Letter addressed to the Rev. T. S. Hughes, by E. H. BARKER, Esq. occasioned by

the Perusal of the “ Address to the People of England in the Cause of the Greeks.

Second Edition, with Additions. No. 41. Corrected Report of the Speech of the Right Hon. George Canning, in the House of

Cominons, 25th April, 1822, on Lord John Russell's Motion for a Reform of Par

liament. No.41. The Speech of J. G. Lambton, Esq. in the House of Commons, on moving for a Committee to consider the State of the Representation : with a Bill for a Reform of

Parliament. No. 41. Alphabetical List of the Members of the Commons House of Parliament; showing

The places they Represent; and distinguishing those who hold Places, and who are dependent on the Present Administration; and also those who hold Commissions in the Navy and Army; and how they voted on 14 Great Questions, divided on during the Sessions of 1821-2: and the Minorities on 36 Questions. The names of the Members corrected to the present time, (being the only correct List ertant.) No. 42. Short Discussion of the Spanish Question. (Original.] No. 42. Letter to the Right Hon. George Canning, M.P. on the Policy of Recognising the

Independence of the South American States. By J. Lowe. No. 42. Postscript to Observations on the present Agricultural and National Distress : ad

dressed to a Noble Lord. By Vindex. No. 42. Opinions as to the Real State of the Nation, with Strictures on a pamphlet intitled, '« The Administration of the Affairs of Great Britain." By the Ghost of the Mar

quess of Londonderry. Second Edition, with Additions. No. 42. Preliminary Discourse, read in the Cortes at the Presentation of the Projet of the

Constitution, by the Committee of the Constitution. To which is added the Pre

sent Spanish Constitution. [Translated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.) No. 43. Considerations on the Greek Revolution, with a Vindication of the Author's Address

to the People of England,' froin the Attack of Mr. C. B. Sheridan. By the Rev,

T. S. Hugues. No. 43. Les Cabinets et les Peuples, depuis 1815 jusqu'à la fin de 1922. Par M. Biovox.

Nos. 43 and 44. On the Appointment of the Rt. Hon. Geo. Canning to the Foreign Department; and

on its Effects on the State of Society in England, and on European Politics : comprehending a Review of the Political State of Europe since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, and offering various important Suggestions for the consideration of the

approaching Congress at Verona. By L. GOLDSMITH. No. 44. Analysis of the British House of Commons, as at present constituted; in which are

exhibited the Nature and Extent of the Suffrage, Patronage, and Population, in

every County, City, and Borough: with the Votes of every Member.' No. 44. Leading Principles of a Constitutional Code for any State. By JEREMY BEXTHAY.

[Original.] No. 44. On the Recognition of Columbia by Great Britain. By J. LOWĖ, No. 44.* * Unchristian Perfidies of the Most Christian Cabinet of France towards Free Spain;

being an Appeal to the public Opinion of Europe. By a British Travellers in the

Peninsula. No. 44. Report on the present State of the Greek Confederation, and on its Claims to the

Support of the Christian World. Read to the Greek Committee on Saturday, Sep

tember 13, 1823. By EDWAND BLAQUIERE, Esq. No. 44. pm Appeal to the People of G. Britain on the subject of Confederated Greece. By

La Grèce en 1821 et 1822. Correspondance publiée par un Grec. No. 45.

Appeal in behalf of the Greeks, with a Letter from Lord Erskine to Prince Mavrocordato. No.45. Relation des Evénemens Politiques et Militairesqui ont eu lieu ä Naples en 1820 et 1821, adressée à S. M. le Roi des Deux Siciles, par le Général §. Pépé; avec des Remarques et des Explications sur la conduite des Napolitains en général, et sur celle de l'Auteur en particulier, pendant cette époque; suivie d'un Recueil de , Documens Officiels, la plupart inédits. No. 46. Reform; in two Parts. The first contains an Introductory Letter addressed to J. G. Lambton, Esq. M. P.; with the form of a proposed Bill for a General Reform in the Commons House of Parliament. The second, or the touchstone, contains some Prefatory Observations on the present System of Elections, a proposed Petition, and form of a Bill for the Reform of a Borough; with General Remarks. By PhiloJunius. [Original.] No. 46. Comparison between the Powers of England and Russia, as they stand in relation to Europe at large. By M. L'Abbe De PRADt. [Translated exclusively for the Pamphleteer.] Nos. 47 and 50. Thoughts on the present Disturbances in the Southern Districts of Ireland. [Original.] No. 47. Considerations sur la Guerre actuelle entre les Turcs. Par un Grec. No. 47. The Non-establishment of Liberty in Spain, Naples, Portugal, and Piedmont, explained, &c. [Translated exclusively for the Pumphleteer.] No. 47. Letter from the late Duke of Richmond to Lieut.-Col. Sherman; in which are discussed and established the Policy, as well as the Law, Reason, and Equity of Annual Parliaments and Universal Suffrage. No. 48. Thoughts on the Greek Revolution. By C. B. Sherida N, Esq. Second Edition, with additional Notes. No. 48. Sketch of Ireland, in 1824: the Sources of her Evils, and their Remedies suggested. By Sir W. Hill ARY. Second Edition, with additions. No. 49. Remarks on the Asiatic Policy of England and Russia. [Original.] No. 49. Remarks on some of the Evils of Ireland, and their Removal. [Original.] No. 49. The Case of Ireland set at rest: addressed in a Letter to the Rt. Hon. R. Peel, M.P. By W. Firth. No. 49. Letter to the Rt. Hon. W. Huskisson, M.P. on the Quarantine Bill. By A. B. GRAN ville, M.D. No. 50.

Observations on Mr. Secretary Peel's Speech, March 21, 1825, introducing his

Police Magistrates' Salary-raising Bill, and the pending County Courts' Bill. By JEREMy BENTHAM. No. 50. Vrai Système de l'Europe relativement à l’Amerique et à la Grèce. Par M. De PRA dr. Nos. 50, 51, and 52. Indications respecting Lord Eldon, including o: the pending Judges' Salaryraising Measure. By JEREMY BENTHAM, Esq. o. 51. Greece and her Claims. By E. BLAquik RE, Esq. No. 52. Analytical Exposition of the Erroneous Principles and Ruinous Consequences of the Financial and Commercial Systems of Great Britain : illustrative of their Influence §. the Physical, Social, and Moral Condition of the People. By J. Powell. 0. 52. Resolutions, relative to the State of the Nation, submitted to the Consideration of Parliament, by Mr. Hume, May 4, 1826. No. 52. Letter to the Electors, on the Catholic Question. By the Rev. SYDNEY SMITH. Second Edition. No. 53. De la Constitution de l'Angleterre, et des Changemens principaux qu’elle a €prouvés, tant dans son esprit que dans saforiue, depuis son origine jusqu'à nos jours; avec quelques Remarques sur l'ancienne Constitution de la France. No. 53. Letter to the Earl of Liverpool on the Cause of our present Embarrassment and Distress, and the Remedy. By C. C. Western, Esq. M.P. No. 53, Letter to the Rt. Hon. G. Canning, on the Bill of 1825 for removing the Disqualifications of His Majesty's Roman Catholic Subjects, and on his Speech in support of the same. By the Rev. H. Phillpotts, D.D. Sirth Edition. No. 54. Short Letter to the Rt. Hon. G. Canning, on the present Position of the Roman Catholic Question. By the Rev. H. Phillports, D.D. No. 54.

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Plain statement in support of the Political Claims of the Roman Catholics. By Lond Nug ENT. No. 55. Protestant Tory Refuted: in Reply to a Pamphlet entitled, “The Grand Vizier Unmasked.” No. 55. Letter addressed to the Rt. Hon. G. Canning, intended as an Humble Windication of the present Ministry. By A. S. Wade, D.D. No 55. Brief Reflections and Suguestions regarding several Subjects intimately connected with the Power and Prosperity of the British Empire. [Original.] Nos. 55 and 5ts. Letter to the Marquis of Lansdown, on the Affairs of Portugal and Spain; more particularly as regards the Crisis likely to ensue by the Return of the Infante ixon Miguel, armed with Power, to the Portuguese Territory. By W. Walrox. Second Edition. No. 56. Letter to the Rev. H. Phillpotts, D.D. on the Subject of his Two Letters to the Right Hon. G. Canning. By T. Gisbonne, jun. No. 56. Letter to the Rt. Hon. Lord Goderich on the Necessity of a close Alliance between England, France, and the Netherlands. By an Englishman. No. 57. Lord Rossmore's Letter on Catholic Emancipation. No. 57. Letters, &c. on the Catholic Question and the Establishment of Brunswick Clubs. No. 58.


Account of a Supply of Fish for the Manufacturing Poor. By Sir Tuomas Bersasp, Bart. No. 2. First Report of the Committee of the Fish Association, respecting the Measures to be adopted for increasing the Supply and Use of Fish in the Metropolis and its Neighborhood. No. 2. Second Report of Do. No. 3. Public Prosperity, or Arguments in Support of a Plan for raising Six Millions Sterling, and for employing that Sum in Loans to Necessitous and Industrious Persons. By AND. Beckett, Esq. No. 4. Memoir concerning the Commercial Relations of the United States with Great Britain. By M. De Talleymand. Read at the National Institute. No. s. Inquiry concerning the Propriety of increasing the Import Duty on Foreign Carn. By John Naismith, Esq. (Original.] No. 8. Report from the Committee of the House of Commons, on Laws relating to the MHanufacture, Sale, and Assize of Bread. No. 11. ~Inquiry into the Rise of Prices in Europe, during the last twenty-five years, compated with that which has taken place in England; with Observations on high and low Prices. By Arthur Young, Esq. No. 11. Second Report of the Association for the Relief of the Manufacturing and Laboring Poor, relative chiefly to the General Supply of Fish in the Metropolis and the Interior. No. 12. Letters on Public House Licensing: showing the Errors of the Present System; together with a Proposal for their Cure. By a Magistrate for Middlesex. No. 13. Considerations on the Rate of Interest, and on Redeemable Annuities. By E. B. Sugden, Esq. No. 13. Address to the Proprietors of Bank Stock on the Management of the Governor and Directors of the Bank of England, and on the Laws relating thereto. By D. B. PAYNE, Esq. No. 14. observations on the Scarcity of Money, and its Effects on the Public. By the Rev. Dr. TAthem. No. 14. Essay on Provident or Parish Banks; for the Security and Improvement of the Savings of Tradesmen, Artificers, Servants, &c. until required for their future Wants or Advancement in Life. By B. Beaumont, Esq. No. 14. Speech of J. C. Curwen, Esq. M. P. in the House of Commons, May 28, 1816, on a Motion for a Committee for taking into Consideration the State of the Poor Laws, No. 15. Inquiry into the Cause of the Increase of Pauperism and Poor Rates, with a Remedy for the Same, and a Proposition for Equalising the Rates throughout England and Wales. By W. Clarkson, Esq. No. 16. - Address to Her Royal Highness the Princess Charlotte, on her Marriage; showing the Cause of the Distress of the Country, and pointing out a safe and effectual Remedy. [Original.] No. 16. Defence of Economy, against the late Mr. Burke. By JEREMY BExth AM, Esq. [Original.] No. 17. Hints for the Cultivation of the Peat Bogs in Ireland, with a View to the Increase of Population, Security, and Public Happiness, especially in that Part of the United Kingdom, in a Letter to the Rev. T. Malthus. [Original.] No. 17. Further Observations on the State of the Nation—the Means of Employment of Labor—the Sinking Fund and its application—Pauperism—Protection requisite to the Landed and Agricultural Interests. By R. PREston, Esq. M. P. No. 17. Plan suggested for mature Consideration for superseding the Necessity of the Poor . Rates, by means of Cottage Acres, and Farms, termed Leaven Farms; thus denominated from the intended Benefits likely to result from its pervading the whole mass. [Original.] No. 17. Inquiry into the Causes and Remedies of the late and present Scarcity and High Price of Provisions, in a Letter to Lord Spencer, Nov. 8, 1800, with Observations on the Distresses of Agriculture and Commerce which have prevailed for the last three years. By Sir Gilbert BLANs, Bart. F. R. S. Second Edition, with considerable alterations and additions. [Printed erclusively for the Pamphleteer.] No. 17. Letter to the Right Hon. Lord Sidmouth, showing the extreme Injustice to Individuals and Injury to the Public, in the present System of Public House Licensing, and proposing a Constitutional Remedy for its numerous Evils. By J. T. B. Beaumont, Esq. No. 18. Practical Observations on the Management of the Poor, and the Laws relating to them. By the Rev. Thomas JEE. [Original.] No. 18. Temperate Discussion of the Causes which have led to the present High Price of Broad. Addressed to the plain sense of the People. By the Right Hon. C. Long, M. P. Second Edition. No. 19. Speech of J. C. Curwen, Esq. in the House of Commons, Feb. 21, 1817, on a Mo. tion for a Committee to take into consideration the Poor Laws. No. 19. Letter to the Right Hon. the Earl of Liverpool on the New Coinage. Toy Thomas SM1th. No. 19. Supply of Employment and Subsistence for the Laboring Classes in Fisheries, Manufactures, and the Cultivation of Waste Lands; with Remarks on the Operation of the Salt Duties, and a Proposal for their Repeal. . Addressed to the Right Hon. N. Vansittart. By Sir T. BERNARD, Bart. No. 19. Postscript to the above, in which some popular Objections to the Repeal of the Salt Duties are considered. By the Same. Second Postscript on the Repeal of the Salt Duties, and its Effects in relieving the present Distresses of the Poor. By the Same. No. 19. Address to the Fundholder, the Manufacturer, the Mechanic, and the Poor, on the Subject of the Poor Laws. By R. Preston, Esq. M. P. Second Edition, with alterations. No. 19. Defence of Economy, against the Right Hon. G. Rose, M.P. &c. By J. Remy Besrham, Esq. [Original.] No. 20. Ohservations on the present State of Pauperism in England, particularly as it affects the Morals and Character of the Laboring Poor; in a Letter to T. W. Coke, Esq. M.P. By the Rev. G. Gloven, M.A. No. 20. On the Means of Reducing the Poor's Rates, and affording effectual and permanent Relief to the Laboring Classes. By Major Tonness. [Original.] No. 20. Letter to D. Ricardo, Esq. containing an Analysis of his Pamphlet on the Depreciation of Bank Notes. By Dr. Crombie. No. 20. Method of increasing 'the Quantity of Circulating Money, on a new and solid Principle. No. 21. Arguments in favor of the Practicability of relieving the able-bodied Poor, by finding Employment for them; and of the beneficial Consequences of such Employment, both to the Morals of the Poor and the National Wealth : addressed to the Committee on the Poor Laws. By Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. a Member of the Committee. No. 21. Sketches on Political Economy. By Anthony Dunlop, Esq. [Original.] No. 22.

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