The Miami Indians

University of Oklahoma Press, 1970 - 352 páginas

One of the small group of tribes comprising the Illinois division of the Algonquian linguistic family, the Miamis emerged as a pivotal tribe only during the French and British imperial wars, the Miami Confederacy wars of the eighteenth century, and the treaty-making period of the nineteenth century.

The Miamis reached their peak of political importance in the Indian confederacies which blocked the Northwest Territory in the 1790's and during the War of 1812. Their title to much of the present state of Indiana enabled them to make advantageous treaties and delay emigration until the late 1840's.

The tribe's 1846-47 emigrations produced two branches, the Indiana group and the Kansas-Oklahoma group, which have maintained political co-operation in spite of deep-seated cultural antipathies and dispossession. Their solidarity has been rewarded by success in their suits before the United States Court of Claims.

This account spans the years from 1658 to the present, emphasizing the occasions on which the Miamis were a decisive influence on the course of American history.

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Correction: The treaty years 1814- Lydia Thorpe was thew girl taken not Hannah. Hannah was one of her and Cptn Dixons two children. The other being Charles. Hannah Dixon married a white man, Abraham Marks,whose father John Marks was descended from Scottish nobility. This error I believe started in the Indiana women's history website. Oddly enough,not my relatives! I'm a relative of Elijah Hackleman, a nearby resident who spoke of this incident to others and wrote of it in his book briefly (Hackleman Family Record) Hopefully this info will be of some help! 


Early Miami Life
The French Period in Indiana 17001763
The British Period 17601783
The Miami Confederacy
The First Treaties and the War of 1812
The Treaty Years 18141840
Emigration 18411847
The Miami Tribe of Oklahoma 18461968
The Miamis in Indiana 18461968
The Modern Miamis
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Bert Anson , author of many articles published in historical magazines, teaches history in Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana. A graduate of DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana, he holds a Ph.D. degree from Indiana University.

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