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d 4 (What if, to make his terrour known,
He lets his patience long endure,
Suff?ring vile rebels to go on,
And seal their own destruction sure ?
5 What if he means to show his grace,
And his electing love employs,
To mark out some of mortal race,
And form them fit for heavenly joys?]
- 6 Shall man reply against the Lord,

And call his Maker's ways unjust ? o The thunder of whose dreadful word

Can crush a thousand worlds to dust.
p 7 But, O my soul, if truth so bright,
Should dazzle and confound thy sight;
Yet still, his written will obey,

And wait the great; decisive day.
g 8 Then he shall make his justice known;

And the whole world before his throne,
With joy or terrour shall confess
The glory of his righteousness.

HYMN 118. S. M. St. Bridge's. [*] Sin against the Law and Gospel. John i, 17; Heb. iii,3,5,6; 2, 28, 29. 1 THE law by Moses came;

1 But peace and truth and love, Were brought by Christ, a nobler name,

Descending from above. 2 Amidst the house of God,

Their diff'rent works were done; Moses a faithful servant stood,

But Christ a faithful Son. 03 Then to his new commands

Be strict obedience paid ;
O'er all his Father's house he stands,

The Sovereign and the Head. e 4. The man who durst despise

The law that Moses broughtp Behold! how terribly he dies

For his presumptuous fault. e 5 But sorer vengeance falls

On that rebellious race,
Who hate to hear when Jesus calls,

And dare resist his grace.

HYMN 119. C. M. Abridge. [*]

Various success of the Gospel. . 1 Cor. i, 23, 24 ; 2 Cor. ii, 16; 1 Cor. iii, 6, 7. CHRIST and his cross is all our theme;

U The myst'ries that we speak Are scandal in the Jews' esteem,

And folly to the Greek.
0 2 But souls, enlighten'd from above,

With joy receive the word ;
They see what wisdom, power, and love,

Shine in their dying Lord.
-3 The vital savour of his name

Restores their fainting breath: e But unbelief perverts the same a. To guilt, despair, and death. -4 Till God diffuse his graces down,

Like showers of heavenly rain, In vain Apollos sows the ground, And Paul may plant in vain.

HYMN 120. C. M. Mear. [*]

Faith of Things unseen. Heb. xi, 1, 3, 8, 10. 1 LTAITH is the brightest evidence

I Of things beyond our sight; Breaks through the clouds of flesh and sense,

And dwells in heavenly light. 2 It sets times past in present view,

Brings distant prospects homeOf things a thousand years ago,

Or thousand years to come. 3 By faith, we know the worlds were made,

By God's almighty word;
Abra'am, to unknown countries led,

By faith obey'd the Lord.

Built by th' eternal hands; o And faith assures us, though we die,

That heavenly building stands.

HYMN 121. C. M. St. Martin's. [*] Children devoted to God. Gen. xvii, 7, 10; Acts xvi, 14, 15, 33. iMHUS saith the mercy of the Lord

I "I'll be a God to thee: .

I'll bless thy num’rous race, and they

‘Shall be a seed for me.'
2. Abra'am believ'd the promis'd grace,

And gave his sons to God;
But water seals the blessing now,

That once was seal'd with blood. 3 Thus Lydia sanctified her house,

When she receiv'd the word; Thus the believing Jailer gave

His household to the Lord.
4 Thus later saints, eternal King,

Thine ancient truth embrace :
To thee their infant offspring bring,
And humbly claim the grace.

HYMN 122. L. M. Quercy. [*]

Believers buried with Christ. Rom. vi, 3, 4, &c. e 1 DO we not know that solemn word,

That we are buried with the Lord ? Baptiz’d into his death, and then

Put off the body of our sin ? 0 2 Our souls receive diviner breath,

Rais'd from corruption, guilt, and death; o So from the grave did Christ arise,

And lives to God above the skies.
-3 No more let sin or Satan reign
Over our mortal flesh again!
The various lusts, we serv'd before,
Shall have dominion now no more.
HYMN 123. C. M. Reading. [b *]

The Repenting Prodigal. Luke xv, 13, &c. 1 REHOLD the wretch, whose lustand wine

Have wasted his estate!
He begs a share among the swine,

To taste the husks they eat.
p 2 'I die with hunger here,' he cries,

'I starve in foreign lands; 'My father's house has large supplies,

And bounteous are his hands. -3 I'll go, and with a mournful tongue,

Fall down before his face ;

ur souls corruptiod Christ Skies.

p 'Father, I've done thy justice wrong,

Nor can deserve thy grace.' 0 4 He said, -and hasten'd to his home,

To seek his father's love; -The father saw the rebel come, e And all his bowels move. u 5 He ran and fell upon his neck,

Embrac'd and kiss'd his son; p The rebel's heart with sorrow brake,

For follies he had done. 0 6 Take off his clothes of shame and sin;' 0 (The father gives command ;) ODress him in garments white and clean;

With rings adorn his hand. by A day of feasting I ordain ;

'Let mirth and joy abound !
s 'My son was dead, and lives again;

"Was lost and now is found.?
HYMN 124. L. M. Armley. [b *}

The First and Second Adam. Rom. v, 12, &c. e1 DEEP in the dust, before thy throne,

U Our guilt and our disgrace we own; a Great God we own th' unhappy name,

Whence sprung our nature, and our shame!
2 Adam the sinner: at his fall
Death, like a conqu’ror, seiz'd us all :
A thousand new-born babes are dead,

By fatal union to their head.
e 3 But whilst our spirits, fill’d with awe,

Behold the terrours of thy law, o We sing the honours of thy grace,

That sent to save our ruin'd race. 4 We sing thine everlasting Son, Who join'd our nature to his own: g Adam, the Second, from the dust

Raises the ruins of the first. e 5 [By the rebellion of one man,

Through all his seed the mischief ran; -And by one man's obedience now,

Are all his seed made righteous too. 0 6 Where sin did reign and death abound,

There have the sons of Adam found


o Abounding life; there glorious grace
Reigns, through the Lord our righteousness.]

HYMN 125. C. M. Barby. [*]
Christ's Compassion to the Wcak and Tempted.

Heb. iv, 16; v, 7; Matt. xii, 20.
1 W ITH joy we meditate the grace

W Of our High Priest above; e His heart is made of tenderness,

His bowels melt with love.
p 2 Touch'd with a sympathy within,

He knows our feeble frame;
He knows what sore temptations mean,

For he has felt the same.
-3 But spotless, innocent, and pure,

The great Redeemer stood; e While Satan's fiery darts he bore,

And did resist to blood. p 4 He, in the days of feeble flesh,

Pour'd out his cries and tears, e And, in his measure, feels afresh

What ev'ry member bears.
b 5 (He'll never quench the smoking flax,

But raise it to a flame;
The bruised reed he never breaks,

Nor scorns the meanest name.)
0 6 Then let our humble faith address

His mercy and his power; o We shall obtain deliv’ring grace,

In the distressing hour.

HYMN 126. L. M. Islington. [*] Charity and Uncharitableness. Rom. xiv, 17, 19; 1 Cor. x, 32. INOT diff'rent food, nor diff'rent dress,

Il Compose the kingdom of our Lord; But peace, and joy, and righteousness, Faith, and obedience to his word. 2 When weaker Christians we despise, We do the gospel mighty wrong; For God, the gracious and the wise, Receives the feeble with the strong. 3 Let pride and wrath be banish'd hence ; Meekness and love our souls pursue ;

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