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04 Jesus the Lord appears at last,

And makes his Father'scounsels known; o Declares the great transactions pass'd,

And brings immortal blessings down. e 5 He dies ! -and in that dreadful night

Did all the powers of hell destroy ; o Rising-he brought our heaven to light, And took possession of the joy.

HYMN 138. C. M. Colchester. [*]

Saints in the Hands of Christ. John x, 28, 29.
1 TIRM, as the earth, thy Gospel stands,

T My Lord, my hope, my trust;
If I am found in Jesus' hands,

My soul can ne'er be lost.
2 His honour is engag'd to save

The meanest of his sheep;
All, whom his heavenly Father gave,

His hands securely keep.
3 Nor death, nor hell shall e'er remove

His fav’rites from his breast;
In the dear bosom of his love
They must for ever rest.
HYMN 139. L. M. Green's. [b *]

Hope in the Covenunt. Heb. vi, 17—19. ei LTOW oft have sin and Satan strove

II To rend my soul from thee, my God! o But everlasting is thy love,

And Jesus seals it with his blood. -2 The oath and promise of the Lord

Join to confirm the wondrous grace; g Eternal power performs the word,

And fills all heaven with endless praise. e 3 Amidst temptations, sharp and long,

My soul to this dear refuge flies; -Hope is my anchor, firm and strong,

While tempests blow, and billows rise.
04 The gospel bears my spirit up;
g A faithful and unchanging God

Lays the foundation for my hope,
In oaths, and promises, and blood.

HYMN 140. C. M. York. Reading. [b *]

A living and a dead Faith. e 1 M ISTAKEN souls! that dream of heaven,

11 And make their empty boast-
Of inward joys, and sins forgiven,

While they are slaves to lust.
2 Vain are our fancies' airy flights,

If faith be cold and dead;
-None but a living power unites

To Christ, the living head. 0 3 'Tis faith, that changes all the heart;

'Tis faith, that works by love; That bids all sinful joys depart,

And lifts the thoughts above.
0 4 'Tis faith that conquers .earth and hell,

By a celestial power;
This is the grace that shall prevail

In the decisive hour.
e 5 (Faith must obey her Father's will,

As well as trust his grace;.
A pard’ning God is jealous still

For his own holiness.
-6 When from the curse he sets us free,

He makes our natures clean; Nor would he send his Son to be

The Minister of sin. on His Spirit purifies our frame,

And seals our peace with God: -Jesus, and his salvation, came

By water and by blood.)

HYMN 141. S. M. Aylesbury. [b] The Humiliation and Exaltation of Christ. Isa. liii, 1–5,10-12. e 1 W HO has believ'd thy word,

W Or thy salvation known? o Reveal thine arm, Almighty Lord,

And glorify thy Son. c 2 The Jews esteem'd him here

Too mean for their belief; p Sorrows his chief acquaintance were,

And his companion grief

- They turn'd their eyes away,

And treated him with scorn; p But 'twas their grief upon him lay;

Their sorrows he has borne.
a 4 'Twas for the stubborn Jews,

And Gentiles, then unknown,
The God of justice pleas'd to bruise

His best beloved Son.
-5 “But I'll prolong his days,

* And make his kingdom stand; o 'My pleasure,' saith the God of grace,

Shall prosper in his hand. 6 ('His joyful soul shall see

The purchase of his pain;
And by his knowledge justify

The guilty sons of men.)
07 (“Thousands of captive slaves,

Releas'd from death and sin;
Shall quit their prisons, and their graves,

*And own his power Divine.)
U 8 'Heaven shall advance my Son

"To joys that earth deny'd ; e Who saw the follies men had done, a And bore their sins, and dy'd. HYMN 142. S. M. Bingham. [b]

The Same. Isa. liii, 6 9 _12. ei T IKE sheep. we went astray,

I And broke the fold of God;
Each wand'ring in a diff'rent way,

But all the downward road. p 2 How dreadful was the hour,

When God our wand'rings laid,
And did at once his vengeance pour,

; Upon the Shepherd's head.
o 3 How glorious was the grace,

When Christ sustain'd the stroke!
His life and blood the Shepherd pays,

A ransom for his flock.
a 4 His honour and his breath

Were taken both away;
Join'd with the wicked in his death,

And made as vile as they,

I. HYMN 143.
05 But God will raise his head,

O'er all the sons of men;
And make him see a num'rous seed,

To recompense his pain.
g 6 "I'll give him,' saith the Lord,

"A portion with the strong; 'He shall possess a large reward,

And hold his honours long.

HYMN 143. C. M. Barby.. [*] Characters of the Children of God, from several Scripturos. b.1 A S new-born babes desire the breast,

A To feed, and grow, and thrive ;
So saints with joy the gospel taste,

And by the gospel live.
2 (With inward gust, their heart approves

All that the word relates;
They love the men their Father loves,

And hate the work he hates.
3 Not all the flatt'ring baits on earth

Can make them slaves to lust;
They can't forget their heavenly birth,

Nor grovel in the dust.
4 Not all the chains that tyrants use

Shall bind their souls to vice:
Faith, like a conqu’ror, can produce

A thousand victories.)
5 Grace, like an uncorrupted seed,

Abides and reigns within ;
Immortal principles forbid

The sons of God to sin.
e 6 Not by the terrours of a slave,

Do they perform his will;
o But with the noblest powers they have,

His sweet commands fulfil.
They find access at ev'ry hour

To God, within the vail;
Hence they derive a quick’ning power,

And joys that never fail.
08 0 happy souls! O glorious state

Of ever-flowing grace!
To dwell so near their Father's seat.
And see his lovely face!

e 9 Lord, I address thy heavenly throne;

Call me a child of thine;
Send down the Spirit of thy Son,

To form my heart divine.
-10 There shed thy choicest love abroad,

And make my comforts strong; d Then shall I say, My Father, God,

With an unwav’ring tongue. HYMN 144. C. M. Canterbury. York. [b *] The witnessing and sealing Spirit. Rom. viii, 14, 16. Eph. i, 13, 14. e 1 W HY should the children of a king

Y Go mourning all their days? o Great Comforter, descend, and bring

Some tokens of thy grace.
e 2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints,

And seal the heirs of heaven?
When wilt thou banish my complaints,

And show my sins forgiv'n?
- Assure my conscience of her part

In the Redeemer's blood;
And bear thy witness with my heart,

That I am born of God.
04 Thou art the earnest of his love,-

The pledge of joys to come;
And thy soft wings, celestial Dove,

Will safe convey me home. :-
HYMN 145. C. M. Sunday. Christmas. *7

Christ and Aaron Heb. vii, and ix.
1 TESUS, in thee our eyes behold

J A thousand glories more,
Than the rich gems, and polish'd gold,

The sons of Aaron wore. e 2 They first their own burnt-off'rings brought,

To purge themselves from sin ; o Thy life was pure without a spot,

And all thy nature clean.
-3 [Fresh blood, as constant as the day,

Was on their altars spilt;
But thy one off?ring takes away,

For ever, all our guilt.
4 Their priesthood ran through sev'ral hands,

For mortal was their race;

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