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o His power is sovereign to fulfil

The noblest counsels of his will. e 4 And will this glorious Lord descend,

To be my Father and my friend ? g Then let my songs with angels join!

Heaven is secure, if God be mine.

HYMN 169. P. M. Triumph. [*]

The Same.
THE Lord Jehovah reigns,

1 His throne is built on high;
The garments he assumes,
Are light and majesty;

His glories shine
With beams so bright,
No mortal eye

Can bear the sight.
g 2 The thunders of his hand

Keep the wide world in awe;
His wrath and justice stand,
To guard his holy law;

And where his love
Resolves to bless,
His truth confirms

And seals the grace.
--3 Through all his ancient works,

Surprising wisdom shines;
Confounds the powers of hell,
And breaks their curs'd designs :

Strong is his arm

And shall fulfil
g His great decrees,

His sovereign will.
e 4 And can this mighty King
Of glory condescend-
And will he write his name,
My Father and my Friend!

I love his name,
I love his word;
Join, all my powers,
And praise the Lord.


HYMN 170. L. M. Psalm 97. Old Hundred. [*]

God Incomprehensible and Sovereign. 1 W AN creatures, to perfection, find

U Th' eternal, uncreated Mind ? Or can the largest stretch of thought Measure and search his nature out? 2 'Tis high as heaven! 'tis deep as hell! And what can mortals know or tell? His glory spreads beyond the sky, And all the shining worlds on high. 3 But man, vain man, would fain be wise; Born like a wild young colt, he flies Through all the follies of his mind, And smells and snuffs the empty wind.] 4 God is a King of power unknown;

Firm are the orders of his throne: e If he resolve, who dare oppose,

Or ask him why, or what he does ? -5 He wounds the heart, and he makes whole;

He calms the tempests of the soul; e When he shuts up in long despair,

Who can remove the heavy bar ? g 6 He frowns--and darkness veils the moon

The fainting sun grows dim at noon;
The pillars of heaven's starry roof
Tremble and start at his reproof.
7 He gave the vaulted heaven its form,
The crooked serpent and the worm ; .
He breaks the billows with his breath,
And smites the sons of pride to death.

8 These are a portion of his ways;
e But who shall dare describe his face?
e Who can endure the light? or stand

To hear the thunders of his hand ?

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HYMN 1. L. M. Gloucester. [* b]

The Lord's Supper instituted. 1 Cor. xi, 23, &c. I'M WAS on that dark, that doleful night,

1 When powers of earth and hell arose Against the Son of God's delight, And friends betray'd him to his foes2 Before the mournful scene began,

He took the bread, and bless'd and brake; é What love through all his actions ran!

What wondrous words of grace he spake! d 3 This is my bodybroke for sin

Receive and eat the living food :
-Then took the cup and bless'd the wine:
d 'Tis the new covenant in my blood.

4 [For us his flesh with nails was torn;
He bore the scourge, he felt the thorn;
And justice pour'd upon his head
Its heavy vengeance, in our stead.
5 For us his vital blood was spilt,
To buy the pardon of our guilt;
When for black crimes of biggest size,
He gave his soul a sacrifice.]
6 Do this, he cry'd, till time shall end,
In memry of your dying friend ;
Meet at my table, and record

The love of your departed Lord. 07 Jesus, thy feast we celebrate;

We shew thy death, we sing thy name
Till thou return, and we shall eat
The marriage supper of the Lamb.

• HYMN 2. S. M. Dover. [*] Communion with Christ, and with Saints. 1 Cor. x, 16, 17. 1[TESUS invites his saints

To meet around his board ; Here pardon'd rebels sit, and hold

Communion with their Lord. 2. For food he gives his flesh;

He bids us drink his blood: Amazing favour! matchless grace

Of our descending God!] 3 This holy bread and wine

Maintain our fainting breath, By union with our living Lord,

And interest in his death. 4 Our heavenly Father calls

Christ and his members one; e We, the young children of his love, O And he, the First-born Son. -5 We are but several parts

Of the same broken bread; One body hath its sev'ral limbs, 0 But Jesus is the head. 06 Let all our powers be join'd,

His glorious Name to raise :
Pleasure and love fill ev'ry mind,
And ev'ry voice be praise.
HYMN 3. C. M. York. [*]

The New Covenant Sealed.
I'MT HE promise of my Father's love

1 Shall stand for ever good-
e He said-and gave his soul to death,

And seal'd the grace with blood.
-2 To this dear covenant of thy word

I set my worthless name;
I seal th' engagement to my Lord,

And make my humble claim.
3 Thy light, and strength, and pard’ning grace,

And glory shall be mine;
My life and soul, my heart and flesh,

And all my powers are thine.
4 I call that legacy my own,

Which Jesus did bequeath ; p 'Twas purchas'd with a dying groan,

And ratify'd in death.

o 5 Sweet is the mem’ry of his name,

Who bless”d us in his will;
And to his testament of love
Made his own life the seal.
HYMN 4. C. M. Canterbury. [b]

Christ's dying Love. e 1 LTOW condescending, and how kind

II Was God's eternal Son!
e. Our mis'ry reach'd his heavenly mind,

And pity brought him down.
2 (When justice, by our sins provok'd,

Drew forth his dreadful sword ; -He gave his soul up to the stroke,

Without a murm'ring word.].
p 3 He sunk beneath our heavy woes,
o To raise us to his throne :
- There's ne'er a gift his hand bestows,
e. But cost his heart a groan.
-4 This was compassion like a God

That when the Saviour knew
The price of pardon was his blood,

His pity ne'er withdrew.
05 Now, though he reigns exalted high,

His love is still as great : o Well he remembers Calvary

Nor let his saints forget. e 6 [Here we behold his bowels roll, - As kind as when he dy'd; p And see the sorrows of his soul

Bleed through his wounded side. - Here we receive repeated seals

Of Jesus' dying love:
Hard is the wretch who never feels

One soft affection move.]
p 8 Here let our hearts begin to melt,

While we his death record ;
-And, with our joy for pardon'd guilt,
Mourn that we pierc'd the Lord.

HYMN 5. C. M. Barby. [*]
Christ, the Bread of Life. John vi, 31, 35, 39.

ET us adore th' eternal Word;
L 'Tis he our souls hath fed :
Thou art the living stream, O Lord,

And thou th' immortal bread.

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