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e Oh when shall my spirit exchange

This cell of corruptible clay,
For mansions celestial, and range
Through realms of ineffable day!
4 My glorious Redeemer, I long-
To see thee descend on the cloud,
Amidst the bright, numberless throng,

And mix with the triumphant crowd. e Oh when wilt thou bid me ascend,

To join in thy praises above-
To gaze on thee-world without end,
And feast on thy ravishing love?
-5 Nor sorrow, nor sickness, nor pain,

Nor sin, nor temptation, nor fear,

Shall ever molest me again,o Perfection of glory reigns there. -This soul and this body shall shine, In robes of salvation and praise ; And banquet on pleasures divine,

Where God his full beauty displays. d 6 Ye palaces, sceptres, and crowns,

Your pride with disdain I survey;
Your pomps are but shadows and sounds,

And pass in a moment away :
o The crown that my Saviour bestows,

Yon permanent sun shall outshine ; g My joy everlastingly flowsMy God, my Redeemer, is mine. Francis. HYMN 102. 5 & 6. Newcastle. [*]

Praise for Saldation.
1 UR Saviour alone,

The Lord let us bless,
Who reigns on his throne,

The Prince of our peace;
Who evermore saves us,

By shedding his blood: o All hail, holy Jesus,

Our Lord and our God!
2 We thankfully sing
Thy glory and praise,
Thou merciful Spring
Of pity and grace.

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Thy kindness for ever

To men we will tell;
And say, our dear Saviour

Redeem'd us from hell.
3 Preserve us in love,
While here we abide :
O never remove

Thy presence, nor hide
Thy glorious salvation;

Till each of us see,
With joy, the bless'd vision,

Completed in thee!
HYMN 103. S. M. Nativity. [*]

Song of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. xv, 3.
WAKE, and sing the song

- Of Moses and the Lamb;
o Wake, ev'ry heart and ev'ry tongue,

To praise the Saviour's name. e 2 Sing of his dying love;

Sing of his rising power ; --Sing how he intercedes above

For those whose sins he bore. -3 Sing, till we feel our heart

Ascending with our tongue; Sing, till the love of sin depart,

And grace inspires our song. 04 Sing on your heavenly way,

Ye ransom'd sinners, sing; u Sing on, rejoicing ev'ry day,

In Christ, th' eternal King. e 5 Soon shall we hear him say, d 'Ye blessed children, come;' -Soon will he call us hence away,

And take his wand'rers home. 06 Soon shall our raptur'd tongue

His endless praise proclaim ; g And sweeter voices tune the song

Of Moses and the Lamb. Hammond.
HYMN 104. 7. Redeeming Love. [*]

The Christian's Song.
TRATEFUL notes and numbers bring,
IT While Jehovah's praise we sing;

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& Holy, holy, holy Lord,

Be thy glorious Name adar'd! -2 Men on earth, and saints above,

Sing the great Redeemer's love :

Lord, thy mercies never fail; o Hail, Celestial Goodness, hail! e 3 Though unworthy, Lord, thine ear -Can our humble praises hear; o Purer praise we hope to bring,

When with saints we stand and sing. -4 Lead us to that blissful state,

Where thou reign'st supremely great : e Look with pity from thy throne;

Send the Holy Spirit down. -5 While on earth ordain'd to stay, Guide our footsteps in thy way; Till we come to reign with thee, And thy glorious greatness see. 0 6 Then with angels we'll again u Wake a louder, louder strain ; s There in joyful songs of praise,

We'll our grateful voices raise. - There no tongue shall silent be,

All shall jain sweet harmony;
g That through heaven's all spacious round,

Praise to God may ever sound.
Lord thy mercies never fail;
Hail, Celestial Goodness, hail !

HYMN 105. L. M. Oporto. [*]

Dignity, and Happiness of the Christian. 1 HTONOUR and happiness unite,

I To make the Christian's name a praise: How fair the scene, how clear the light, That fills the remnant of his days ! 2 A kingly character he bears ; No change his priestly office knows; Unfading is the crown he wears; His joys can never reach a close. 3 Adorn'd with glory from on high, Salvation shines upon his face ;

His robe is of th' ethereal dye,
His steps are dignity and grace.
4 Inferiour honours he disdains,
Nor stoops to take applause from earth;
The King of kings himself maintains
Th' expenses of his heavenly birth.
5 The noblest creature seen below,
Ordain'd to fill a throne above!
God gives him all he can bestow-
His kingdom of eternal love!
6 My soul is ravish'd at the thought-
Methinks from earth I see him rise ;
Angels congratulate his lot,
And shout him welcome to the skies! Cowper.

HYMN 106. 5 & 6. Wesley. [*]

God's Servants should praise and extol him. 1 VE servants of God,

1 Your Master proclaim, And publish abroad

His wonderful Name;
The name all victorious

Of Jesus extol ;
His kingdom is glorious,

And rules over all.
2 God ruleth on high,
Almighty to save;
And still he is nigh,
His presence we have :
The great congregation

His triumph shall sing,
Ascribing salvation

To Jesus our King.
3. Salvation to God
Who sits on the throne
Let all cry aloud

And honour the Son:
Our Jesus's praises

The angels proclaim ; Fall down on their faces,

And worship the Lamb. e 4. Then let us adore,

And give him his right;

O All glory and power,

And wisdom and might: g All honour and blessing,

With angels above;
And thanks never ceasing,
And infinite love.

Madan's Col.
HYMN 107. 6 & 4. Trinity. [*]

Invocation to Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. 1 MOME, thou Almighty King,

Help us thy name to sing;
Help us to praise !
e Father all glorious,

O'er all victorious,
Come and reign over us,

Ancient of days.
02 Jesus, our Lord, arise,
Scatter our enemies,

And make them fall! g Let thine almighty aid Our sure defence be made :

Our souls on thee be stay'd, e Lord, hear our call!

3 Come, thou incarnate Word, Gird on thy mighty sword;

Our prayer attend ! o Come, and thy people bless,

And give thy word success; e Spirit of holiness,

On us descend! -4 Come, holy Comforter, Thy sacred witness bear,

In this glad hour!
o Thou, who almighty art;

Now rule in ev'ry heart,
And ne'er from us depart,

Spirit of power.
g 5 To the great One in Three,
The highest praises be,

Hence evermore;
His sovereign majesty
May we in glory see,
And to eternity
Love and adore!

Madan's Col

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