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P. M. Cumberland. [*]

The Book of Nature and Scripture. i[CREAT God, the heaven's well orderd

V Declares the glories of thy name; [frame There thy rich works of wonder shine: A thousand starry beauties there, A thousand radiant marks appear,

Of boundless power and skill divine.
2 From night to đay, from day to night,
The dawning and the dying light,

Lectures of heav'nly wisdom read;
With silent eloquence they raise
Our thoughts to our Creator's praise,

And neither sound nor language need.
o 3 Yet their divine instructions run,
Far as the journeys of the sun;

And ev'ry nation knows their voice: The sun, like some young bridegroom dress’d, Breaks from the chambers of the east;

Rolls round and makes the earth rejoice. g 4 Where'er he spreads his beams abroad, He smiles and speaks his maker God;

All nature joins to show thy praise ;
Thus God in ev'ry creature shines :
-Fair is the book of nature's lines;
But fairer is the book of grace.]

b 5 I love the volumes of thy word ;-

What light and joy these leaves afford, e To souls benighted and distress'd! -Thy precepts guide my doubtful way, Thy fear forbids my feet to stray,

Thy promise leads my heart to rest. 6 From the discov’ries of thy law, The perfect rules of life I draw;

These are my study and delight: b Not honey so invites the taste, Nor gold that has the furnace pass'd,

Appears so pleasing to the sight. e 7 Thy threat’nings wake my slumb'ring eyes,

And warn me where my danger lies; 0 But 'tis thy blessed gospel, Lord,

That makes my guilty conscience clean,
Converts my soul, subdues my sin,

And gives a free, but large reward. e 8 Who knows the errours of his thoughts? My God, forgive my secret faults,

And from presumptuous sins restrain :
-Accept my poor attempts of praise,
That I have read thy book of grace,
And book of nature not in vain.
PSALM 20. L. M. Blendon. [*]

Prayer and Hope of Victory.
1 NOW may the God of power and grace

I Attend his people's humble cry!
Jehovah hears when Israel prays,
And brings delivérance from on high.
2 The name of Jacob's God defends,
Better than shields or brazen walls;
He from his sanctuary sends

Succour and strength when Zion calls. e 3 Well he remembers all our sighs,

His love exceeds our best deserts ;
His love accepts the sacrifice

Of humble groans and broken hearts. 04 In his salvation is our hope;

And in the name of Israel's God,
Our troops shall lift their banners up,

Our navies spread their flags abroad.
-5 Some trust in horses train'd for war,

And some of chariots make their boasts; o Our surest expectations are

From thee, the Lord of heavenly hosts.
6 [O may the mem’ry of thy name,

Inspire our armies for the fight!
d Our foes shall fall and die with shame,

Or quit the field with shameful flight.] - Now save us, Lord, from slavish fear,

Now let our hope be firm and strong; o Till thy salvation shall appear, s And joy and triumph raise the song.

His ma timely a land one

PSALM 21. C. M. Sunday. T*

Our Country the Cure of Heaven. i[ UR land, O Lord, with songs of praise

U Shall in thy strength rejoice; And, blest with thy salvation, raise

To heaven their cheerful voice. 2 Thy.sure defence, through nations round,

Has spread our wondrous name; And our successful actions crown'd

With dignity and fame.
8 Then let our land on God alone

For timely aid rely;
His mercy, which adorns his throne,

Shall all our wants supply,
4 But, righteous Lord, thy stubborn foes

Shall feel thy dreadful hand;
Thy vengeful arm shall find out those

Who hate all just command.
5 When thou against them dost engage,

Thy just but dreadful doom Shall, like a fiery oven's rage,

Their hopes and them consume. 6 Thus, Lord, thy wondrous power declare,

And thus exalt thy fame;
Whilst we glad songs of praise prepare
For thine almighty name.]

L. M. Castle-street. [*]

V.1-9. Christ exalted to the Kingdom. 1 D AVID rejoic'd in God his strength,

Rais'd to the throne by special grace ; o But Christ the Son appears at length,

Fulfils the triumphs and the praise. -2 How great is the Messiah's joy,

In the salvation of thy hand!
g Lord thou hast rais?d his kingdom high,

And giv'n the world to his command.
-3 Thy goodness grants whate er he will,
Nor does the least request withhold;
Blessings of love prevent him still,

And crowns of glory, not of gold: 8 4 Honour and majesty divine

Around his sacred temples shine,

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Blest with the favour of thy face,

And length of everlasting days.
e [5 Thine hand shall find out all his foes;

And as the fiery oven glows
With raging heat and living coals,
So shall thy wrath devour their souls.]
PSALM 22. C. M. Ist Part. Canterbury.[*]

V.1–16. The Sufferings and Death of Christ.
1(W HY has my God my soul forsook,

Nor will a smile afford? (Thus David once in anguish spoke,

And thus our dying Lord.)
2 Though 'tis my chief delight to dwell,

Among thy praising saints;
Yet thou canst hear a groan as well,

And pity our complaints.
3 Our fathers trusted in thy name,

And great deliv'rance found : But I'm a worm despis?d of men,

And trodden to the ground. 4 Shaking the head, they pass me by,

And laugh my soul to scorn; 'In vain he trusts in God, they cry,

'Neglected and forlorn.
5 But thou art he who form'd my flesh,

By thine almighty word;
And since I hung upon the breast,

My hope is in the Lord.
6 Why will my Father hide his face,

When foes stand threatening round,
In the dark hour of deep distress,
And not a helper found ?

7 Behold thy darling left among

The cruel and the proud;
As bulls of Bashan fierce and strong,

As lions roaring loud.
3 From earth and hell my sorrows meet,

To multiply the smart;
They nail my hands, they pierce my feet,

And try to vex my heart.


9 Yet if thy sovereign hand let loose

The rage of earth and hell;
Why will my heavenly Father bruise.

The Son he loves so well?
10 My God, if possible it be,

Withhold this bitter cup:
But I resign my will to thee,

And drink the sorrows up.
11 My heart dissolves in pangs unknown;

In groans I waste my breath :
Thy heavy hand hath brought me down,

Low as the dust of death.
12 Father, I give my spirit up,

And trust it in thy hand;
My dying flesh shall rest in hope,
And rise at thy command.]

C. M. 2nd Part. Bedford. [*]
V. 20, 21, 27—31. Christ's Sufferings and Kingdom.
PI'N OW from the roaring lion's rage,

IV O Lord, protect thy Son;
Nor leave thy darling to engage

The powers of hell alone.
-2 Thus did our suffering Saviour pray,

With mighty cries and tears : o God heard him in that dreadful day,

And chas'd away his fears.
-3 Great was the victory of his death;

His throne's exalted high ;
And all the kindreds of the earth

Shall worship--or shall die.
4 A numerous offspring must arise

From his expiring groans;
They shall be reckon'd in his eyes

For daughters and for sons.
e 5 The meek and humble souls shall see

His table richly spread ; -And all that seek the Lord shall be

With joys immortal fed. 06 The isles shall know the righteousness

Of our incarnate God;
And nations yet unborn, profess

Salvation in his blood. St. Anns.

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