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Humphries, with a series of Let-Newell, containing her Letters ters to Young Ladies, on the In-and Diáry; with a likeness. fluence of Religion, in the forma- 26. Sermons addressed to Chiltion of their Moral and Intellectual dren. By John Burder: Character: and to Parents, on the 27 The Ayah and Lady; an InReligious Education and Bereave-dian Story. By Mrs. Sherwood. ment of their Children. By the 28. The Catechist; a fragment, Rev. T. East.

in two Parts: Containing the Pa14. Lectures on the Millennium, rables of the Unjust Steward, and by the Rev. Joseph Emerson. of the Marriage Feast and Wed

15. The Infant's Progress from ding Garment. By the Author the Valley of Destruction to Ever- of Lily Douglas. lasting Glory. By Mrs. Sherwood. 29 Lily Douglas: a simple sto

16. A Mother's Journal, during ry, humbly intended as a premium the last illness of her daughter, and pattern for Sabbath schools. SARAH Chisman. With a Pre- 30. The Sunday School Teachface, by Jane Taylor, of Ongar. er, or an account of the Life and

17. The History of George Des-Happy Death of Miss E. Gillard mona, founded on Facts, which by the Rev. R. Meek. occurred in the East Indies. '31. The Italian Convert. A

18. Juliana Oakley. A Tale. By Narrative founded on fact. Mrs. Sherwood. .

132. The Re-captured Negro. By 19. Sermons for Children; de-Mrs. Sherwood. signed to promote their immediate 33. Picturesque Piety; or Scrippiety. By Samuel Nott, Jr. in 2 ture truths illustrated in 48 Orivols.

ginal Hymns. By the Rev. Isaac 20. The Sister's Friend; or, Taylor. Christmas Holidays spent at 34. The Little Osage Captive. Homo. By the Author of "Em-By the Rev. Elias Cornelius. ma and her Nurse," &c.

35. Religious Scenes ; being a (21. “ No Fiction." A narrative Sequel to Sermons for Children. founded upon Recent Facts. By Samuel Nott, Jr.

Scott's Family Bible, In six volumes royal octavo, comprising all the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, with the Notes explanatory of the same, the Practical Observations, the Marginal Readings, and all the copious Marginal References. Price $11 in boards ; $12 in sheep; and $16 calf. This work may be had through the medium of CLERGYMEN in any part of the United States, at a LIBERAL DISCOUNT; most of whom are furnished with proposals for the work and specimens of it.

** The Rev. Clergy, and the Public in general, can be supplied at this place, with BOOKS, on as good terms and at as low rates, as at any store in the city. Orders

for any Books published in this country, will be executed speedily, Libraries supplied on liberal terms.

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