The Favor of Kings

D. Appleton, 1912 - 387 páginas

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Página 344 - ... of mine enemies withdraw your princely favour from me ; neither let that stain, that unworthy stain, of a disloyal heart towards your good grace, ever cast so foul a blot on your most dutiful wife, and the infant princess your daughter.
Página 344 - You have chosen me, from a low estate, to be your queen and companion, far beyond my desert or desire. If then you found me worthy of such honour, good your grace let not any light fancy, or bad counsel of mine enemies, withdraw...
Página 344 - Try me, good King, but let me have a lawful trial, and let not my sworn enemies sit as my accusers and judges; yea, let me receive an open trial, for my truth shall fear no open shame; then shall you see either mine innocence cleared, your suspicion and conscience satisfied, the ignominy and slander of the world stopped, or my guilt openly declared.
Página 191 - I could in my fantasy wish or desire. She hath all the virtuous qualities that ought to be in a woman of her dignity, or in any other of baser estate. Surely she is also a noble woman born, if nothing were in her, but only her conditions will well declare the same.
Página 344 - ... for whose sake I am now as I am, whose name I could some good while since have pointed unto, your Grace being not ignorant of my suspicion therein.
Página 346 - My lute awake! Perform the last Labor that thou and I shall waste, The end that I have now begun: For when this song is sung and past, My lute be still, for I have done. As to be heard where ear is none, As lead to grave in marble stone, My song may pierce her heart as soon.
Página 344 - I at any time so far forget myself in my exaltation, or received queenship, but that I always looked for such an alteration as now I find ; for, the ground of my preferment being on no surer foundation than your grace's fancy, the least alteration, I knew, was fit and sufficient to draw that fancy to some other subject.
Página 83 - WILLIAM BYRD'S Psalms, Songs, and Sonnets, 1611. THE eagle's force subdues each bird that flies ; What metal may resist the flaming fire ? Doth not the sun dazzle the clearest eyes, And melt the ice, and make the frost retire ? Who can withstand a puissant king's desire ? The stiffest stones are pierced through with tools : The wisest are with Princes made but fools.
Página 344 - God and man, not only to execute worthy punishment on me as an unlawful wife, but to follow your affection, already settled on that party, for whose sake I am now as I am, whose name I could some good while since have pointed unto your Grace, not being ignorant of my suspicion therein.
Página 47 - PASTIME with good company I love, and shall, until I die ; Grudge who will, but none deny, So God be pleased, this life will I For my pastance, Hunt, sing, and dance ; My heart is set, All goodly sport, To my comfort, Who shall me let...

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