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“ To the law and to the testimony.”-ISA. 8: 20.

All Scripture is given by inspiration of God.”—II. TIM. 3: 18.
“ Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.”—Ps. 119: 105.


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PRELIMINARY NOTE.—The original Scriptures were not divided into chapters, bnt only into books. The former division was invented to facilitate reference; and some divisions being awkwardly made, a verse or two may advantageously be taken from the end of one chapter, and added to the beginning of another; or the verses that commence the next, sometimes are more properly to be appended to the one that precedes it. This the careful reader will discover.


Explanatory Preface ..
The Leading Subjects of the Chapters
Appendix-Scripture Subjects and References





Method of reading the

The first chapters of Genesis 5
The book of Job
The arrangement of Job

9 Leviticus

9 Samuel, Kings, & Chronicles 14 The Throne of Judah. 14 The Harmony of the books

14 of Scripture The Psalms

16 The Prophets..

20 The spirit of Prophecy 21 David, Moses, Isaiah, and }

23 Matthew


PAGE. Jeremiah

25 The Language of the Prophets 25 The Chronology of the Old

29 Testament The writers of the Old Tes

29 tament The Nine Periods..

29 Christ's Quotations from

30 the Old Testament The word Jesus

31 The Inspiration of the

The difficulties of Scripture . 35
The annual reading of the




} 35

Page 18, line 1 from the top, read parts 1 to 6.

19, line 8 do. read Ps. xi.
19, fourth line from the bottom, read 975-897.
20, line 8 from the top, read parts 19 and 20.
20, line second from the bottom, read 400 instead of 4000.
35, line 14 from the top, read riscs, not raises.
4, Genesis i. xi., not i.-ix.


The Bible is the Oracle and Standard of all truth, affecting our present and future happiness. It is open to every man as his book of appeal. " Blessed art thou, O God, teach me thy statutes.

In this manual the books of Scripture follow in the order in which they are supposed to have been written, with the exception of the chapters referred to in each seventh line, which are transposed from their usual position for the purpose of being read as a parallel reading, or reflective improvement on the chapters immediately foregoing. The compiler has found by thus endeavouring to pursue his plan through the Bible, that he has broken a mine of inexhaustible profit to earnest explorers of revealed truth.

The contents given to each chapter are necessarily brief to economise space; yet, they will be found sufficient to aid the memory, and to facilitate a comprehensive knowledge of the scope of revelation. Each seventh line expressed in the words of Scripture, and those commencing with thick letters, represent the most suitable chapters for FAMILY READING. The thinner letters indicate the more difficult and obscure portions, together with genealogies, numberings of the tribes, and other matters peculiar to the Jews.

The chapters

marked thus (t) are of a mixed character, and can be read at discretion.

Suggestive references and readings are superadded to be consulted for special meditation, as the heart or mind may require. In the occasional notes much valuable information will be found, illustrative of the inspiration and oneness of the book.

The present undertaking has been the happy employment of several month's of interrupted health. The desire and prayer of the compiler is, that it may lead many humbly and prayerfully to “Search the Scriptures,” so that they may be “ wise unto salvation, through faith, which is in Christ Jesus.”'

W. R. L.
YORK, July 1, 1869.

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The method of reading the Scriptures in private should be regulated by the end more immediately had in vien. Selections from them seem most suitable for devotional purposes ; and those of a greater or shorter length, according to the frame of the mind, taking care never to read more than the mind can relish and digest.

For the purposes of information and extensive acquaintance, they should be read in course, not by single chapters or small portions merely, a way in which we read no other book whatever, but by whole books, or considerable parts at a time. The mind can in no other way become so well acquainted with the general scope of the sacred writer, whose book is under perusal.-Leifchild.

* OBSERVE.-Each seventh line, expressed in the words of Scripture, and those commencing with thick letters, represent the most suitable chapters for Family reading. The chapters marked (1) are of a mixed character, and can be read at discretion. (See preface.)


Gen. 1 THE CREATION. (B.C. 4004.)

2 The Sabbath and marriage instituted in Paradise.
3 Sin and death enter into the world.
4 [The murder of Abel and the curse of Cain.
5 {Of the family of Seth, from which Christ came.
6 God determines to destroy the world for sin.
7 The deluge. Noah, with his family, &c., enter the ark.

He spake and it was done, He commanded and it stood fast. 8 Noah worships his deliverer.

[Ps. xxxiii. 9 Noah's blessing, covenant, life, and death. 10 His descendants in the new world recorded. (B.C. 1921.)

11 The Tower of Babel, and confusion of tongues. JOB 1 The man of Uz and his great afflictions.

2 Satan obtains leave to tempt Job.

Be merciful unto me, o God, be merciful. Ps. lvii.
3 Job curseth the day of his birth.
4 Eliphaz reproveth Job.
6 Job replies—reproves his friends of unkindness.
7 Job continues his defence.
8 Bildad speaks of God's equity.

9 Job acknowledges God's justice and power. 1. THE FIRST ELEVEN CHAPTERS

2. " THE BOOK OF JOB does not OF GENESIS, with the whole book of belong to the Pentateuch, but the hisJob, may be regarded as relating to tory of it comes in about the time that the first period of revelation: i.e. ex- the children of Israel were in slavery tending from the creation of Adam to in Egypt."--Leifchild the call of Abraham, about 2083 years.

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