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of God and heirs of eternal life. How much more forcible is the Many are even now able to rejoice argument when we look upon a in the persuasion that the Re. world lying in wickedness; when we deemer, in whom they have reposed reflect that we ourselves, in com. their hope, is able to save to the mon with the whole human race, uttermost all who come unto God are by nature and practice sinners, by bim; and that God, for his sake, and, as such, exposed to the wrath is still faithful and just to forgive of God under a sentence of everus our sins and cleanse us from all lasting destruction from his preunrighteousness. And if we could sence, and of banishment to that open the gates of the invisible state in which the worm dieth not, world, and hold converse with those and the fire is not quenched ! How who dwell in the paradise above, important, then, is the intelligence what countless multitudes would of redemption; of a Saviour who bear testimony to this faithful say has interposed between the Maing! But there is no need that jesty of Jehovah and his offending heaven should be emptied of its creatures, who has himself paid the hosts to establish the veracity of forfeit and penalty of guilt, and the word of God: if we believe made reconciliation for our sins ! pot Moses and the prophets, Who, that believes in the immorneither should we be persuaded tality of the soul, can be indifferent though one rose from the dead. to its eternal state? Who, that

2. It is a saying " worthy of all considers how fearful a thing it is acceptation;" or, as we have it in to fall into the hands of the living ihe version used in the Liturgy, God, would reject the offer of sal" of all men to be received.” On vation, and declare himself unwillwhat ground, then, is it to be re- ing to accept of everlasting life? ceived ? It is worthy to be received “It is a faithful saying, and worthy both on account of its authority of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus and importance. It rests on the came into the world to save sindeclaration of God. The great ners." end for which the Sou of God took 1. Let us, then, receive this inupon him the likeness of man, has telligence without delay or hesitabeen revealed to us by Him who tion.- What man, who is in peril of is the source of all wisdom, and his life, would put off the means of knowledge, and truth. And can preserving it to a future day, if we doubt bis veracity, or be in- they were in his power? attentive to his word? And if this And is it safer to trifle with be indeed a faithful saying, it eternal than with temporal pain ? inakes known the most wonderful Would any rational being, who is and important fact which ever oc awake to his real condition, and eurred in the bistory of mankind. who has heard of a Saviour, defer For what does it promise? Ex- to some season of leisure attention emption from some present evil, to this momentous concern? How and the attainment of some future can time be employed to any pur: good? It is a deliverance from pose more valuable than this? every evil, and gives the prospect of " Seek ye first the kingdom of greaier blessings than the tongue God and his righteousness. can utter or the heart conceive. If all worldly objects be cousidered a nation were placed on the verge as subordinate to the things which of ruin, and some wise counsellor accompany salvation. should propose a method by which 2. Let us also receive this mesit might escape danger, and rise to sage with gratitude. It is wonderan unexampled height of prosperity fal bow prone we are to ingratitude and greatness, would not bis ad- with respect to God. Many, who vice be worthy of acceptance ? would on uo account be wanting in


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fxpressions of due thankfulness to God, it is ours to submit, 10 reject their fellow creatures, appear to be all idea of desert in ourselves, and wholly insensible to the nobler to rely wholly and exclusively on blessings which descend from the Him who came into the world to Father of mercies. If our minds save sinuers. were under the influence of right To conclude-In what manner feelings, we should find abundant bas this saying been received by reason of gratitude to God for us? Surely, if we have any perthe ordinary benefits of every day. ception of the evil of our doings, But great as are these benefits, how any knowledge of the danger that far are they surpassed by the rich awaits us, any thought of futurity, and abounding grace of our Lord this is a saying which should meet and Saviour! If there be a subject with a ready and cordial reception. calculated to kindle within us the It carries the promise of pardou feelings of gratitude and praise, and peace even to the chief of sin. surely it is the mercy of God in ners; and all who are weary and Christ Jesus. While we were yet oppressed will find, in Jesus, the enemies, he assumed our nature; rest and salvation which their souls and through all the contradiction require. It is possible that the reof sioners, and all the agonies of petition of the intelligence may his passion, he pursued the work diminish its interest; and, although of our redemption. The inhabi- it involves all the happiness of this tants of beaven are represented as life, and all the blessings of the pouring out in full measure their world to come, we may, by the grateful adorations : “ Thou wast mere force of habit, become indifslain, and hast redeemed us to God ferent to the subject, and turn from by thy blood, out of every kindred, it as if we had no part nor lot in and tongue, and people, and nation, the matter. How many poor and ad hast made us unto our God ignorant heathens, who have rekiags and priests.”

ceived this saying when first pro3. We should, in the last place, posed to then“ with all acceptareceive this intelligence with entire tion,” will rise up in judgment submission to the wisdom of God. against numbers in this favoured -If he has ordained this way of land who bear the name of Christ, salvation, we should be content to and condemn them! It were better Tollow it. It is not for beings like for them never to have heard his os' to question the wisdom of his invitations, never to have mixed proceedings, or the propriety of his with the assemblies of his people, appointments. As for God, his way than thus to do despite to the is perfect, and it is our best wis- Spirit of Grace, and neglect the dom to acknowledge our ignorance, offers of salvation. abd to look to our Lord Jesus Christ And as for those wlio have learnt as our wisdom, righteousness, sanc- duly to value this “faithful saying," tification, and redemption. If he and have received it into their has declared bimself io be the Way, hearts by faith, they may be asthe Truth, and the Life, it is our sured that, however great the conduty to receive him as such. It solations which it now.affords, the may be mortifying to human reason time is coming wheu iis truth and that we cannot explore tbe wonders iniportance will be still more fully of redemption; it inay be offensive felt. Our views of salvation are at to our pride, that without Christ present inadequate, as our knowwe can do nothing, and that our jedge of the future world is exkope of acceptance with God must tremely. confined; but when we rest entirely on the merits and me. come to know even diation of bis Son; yet, since this known; when we are called to the is the assuranoe of the word of actual enjoyment of those things




which eye

bath not seen, nor ear thee in the name, and by the auheard, por imagination conceived ; thority of, the Church. Therefore when we tread the pavement of these august words, that were dicheaven, and mingle with the com tated by our Lord himself, shew us pany of ibe blessed; then we shall that there is somewhat in it that is value as we ought the nature of internal, which comes from God; salvation, and perceive how faith- that it is an admitting men into ful, and how worthy of all men to somewhat that depends only on be received, was the intelligence of God, and for the giving of which a Saviour! Let this saying, then, the authority can only be derived be deeply impressed upon our by Him. But after all, this is hearts ; let us cherish the imprese not to be believed to be of the nasion by reading the Scriptures, ture of a charm, as if the very act meditation, and prayer, and by all of baptism carried alựays with it the means of grace which remind us an inward regeneration. Here we of the dying love of our Lord, and must confess that very carly some of the blessings which he has pur- doctrines arose upon baptism that 'chased for us; and let us live like we cannot be determined by. Tlie those wbo know the stable founda. words of our Saviour to Nicodenius tion of their hope, and are looking were expounded so as to import for the coming of our Lord Jesus the absolute necessity of baptism Christ, 1o perfect in glory the hap- in order to salvation ; for it not 'piness of liis saints, and to bestow being observed, that the dispensaeternal salvation on all them that tion of the Messias was meant bis 'believe! Amen.

the kingdom of God, but it being

taken to signify eternal glory, that To the Editor of the Christian Obserder. understood io import this, that

expression of our Saviour's was ALTHOUGH you have already pub- no man could be saved unless hc lished a systematic reply to Mr. were baptized ; so it was believed Mant's Tracts, you perhaps may to be simply necessary to salvanot object to the insertion of the tion.” following extract from the writings After stating one consequence of a divine whose name will not of this error, the Bishop probe under any suspicion of Cal- ceeds to notice a second mistake vinism-I mean Bishop Burnet. It resulting from the first." Another occurs in his Exposition of the opinion, that arose out of the for27th Article. His words are mer, was the mixing the outward these :--"That does indeed belong and the inward effects of baptism : to baptism, it makes us the visible it being believed that every person members of that one body, into that was born of the water, was which we are baptized, or admitted also born of the Spirit ; and that by baptism; but that which saves the renewing of the Holy Ghost us in it, which both deadens and did always accompany the washing quickens us, must be a thing of of regeneration." another nature. If baptism were How far Mr. Mant, and those only the receiving us into the so who concur with him, are liable to ciety of Christians, there were no the imputation of holding the opineed of saying, I baptize thee in nions which Bishop Burnet deems the name of the Father, and of the erroneous, I must leave to their Son, and of the Holy Ghost. It own judgment to decide. were wore proper to say, I baptize


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To the Editor of the Christian Observer, scribers, who, on paying their It being within the limits of your weekly subscription either on Saturprovince, to circulate the know. day,oron Sunday after the morning ledge of any plan which may ad, service, produced their number, yance the happiness of the commu and the clerk marked the corredity, or the well-being of the Esta- sponding number in his book of blished Church, I do not hesitate names; and when the time arrived to send you the following account for delivery, the holders of tickets of an Association recently formed from No, 1 to 100 were desired to in this parish.

attend the first day, the following At an early period of the winter, numbers on the second day, and 1815, the respectable Vicar suggest- so forth. ed the plan of a Clothing Society, The rules of the Society are to be composed of honorary and few; one appointing a treasurer benefit members; the contributions and committee and another oblig. of tbe former being intended to ing members to punctuality in pay, encourage the economy of the latter, ment, which, if omitted for four These, consisting of labouring per weeks, successively, subjects the Sons, were invited to subscribe week; party to the loss of the sum already ly one penny or two pence, as their paid, and to exclusion from all circumstances might permit. The benefit for the current year. In snbscriptions were to be received case of death, the sum paid by the by the clerk of the parish, paid deceased is repaid, if required, to over to the treasurer, aud by him the friends of the subscriber. funded in the savings bank of the This scheme has proved success. Prudent Man's Friend Society in ful, and its success has produced Bristol, until the end of the year; universal satisfaction in the parish. when the amount should be em The benevolent promoters and ployed in the purchase of the most supporters of it have rejoiced to useful articles of clothing and witness the great comfort which bedding, to be distributed among bas resulted from it; and those the benefit members, in exact pro- who have benefited by it are portion to their several contribu, grateful and also pleased to think toos. This plan was zealously that the comfort they enjoy is the supported by the Curate, Church fruit of their own frugality. A wardens, and cther inhabitants of decisive proof of the prevalence the parish; and the result has of this feeling is given in the been, that nearly 1201. have been eagerness which the parishioners received from about 200 sub have shewn to enrol themselves as scribers. This sum, with the inte- subscribers for the second year, test accruing from it, has been So general is the impression in carefully laid out in blankets, sheet- favour of the plan, that the subing, flannel, beaver for cloaks,calico, scription book is overflowing with serge, &c.; all abticles of prime additional names. Deceşsity, and which have been Such is a brief account of the distributed among the members. origin and effect of this little plan,

The plan adopted for receiving and which I am induced, by my subscriptions and distributing the anxiety for the amelioration of articles, so as to avoid both trouble the condition of the labouring and confusion, was this :-nume. classes of society, to recommend tical tickets were issued to sub- to the imitation of others, and


especially of the clergy and cousti- view, important to make them. To tuted parochial authorities through- enlighten the minds of the lower out the country. It seems gene- classes on the subject may be a rally admitted, that some radical work of time; but they have not alteration must soon take place in perhaps hitherto bad a fair trial on the poor laws. The growing diffi- this point. The Benefit Societies, culties and the exorbitant expense sanctioned by the Legislature, have of their administration, the inade- produced much good, and much quate nature of the relief derived disappointment:- various abuses from them, and, above all, their have arisen from them; and the demoralizing influence on the minds hopes of good from them have of the poor, prove the unsuitable- been, in numerous instances, cruelly ness of the system to the present frustrated by the depravity and circumstances of our population, dishonesty of the projectors, trusand loudly call for a change. tees, or stewards." But I have no The subject has engaged the atten- disposition to interfere with them, tion of our best writers on political much less to supersede them in economy; and the attempts made their beneficial operation. The in every session of Parliament, to savings bank system is an excellent counteract the evils arising from one, and is making great progress : the existing poor laws, prove that but the prospects it holds out seem they cannot long remain on their adapted more especially for those present footing. And surely it is whose habits are already steady, not desirable that they should so economical, and provident, rather remain. The poor laws, from their than for that far more numerous very nature, tend to the degrada- class of persons who have no tion of those who are the objects thoughts of averting the storms of of their provisions, and generate life by any other means than such or foster principles of the most as are furnished by the poor laws. pernicious indolence and improvi I particularly recommend to the dence. The evidence of this is so elergy, and the constituted paroclear in the daily walk of life, that chial authorities, the adoption of it seems wholly unnecessary to sub- such plans as I have detailed above, stantiate it by details.

for this important reason among To undermine, if possible, the others-that the interests of the deep foundations of this evil, and church cannot be better maintained to raise a superstructure of fairer than by the affections of the peoform and of firmer materials the ple, and because it affords its mipopulation, the rising population nisters an opportunity of being especially, of the kingdom should more eminently useful and influenbe excited, by all practicable tial. Reverence for the sacred means, to provide for themselves character does not, in our days, and their families by their own attach to the mere title; but it will exertions. To effect this may be invariably spring from a strong difficult, but not impracticable; conviction that that character is and the duty of attempting it de. properly sustained, and that re. volves on those who possess supe. verence merited, by a due discharge rior knowledge of the subject, as of the pastoral duties. The elergy, well as influence in society. If by our happy constitution, seem to by small contributions, involving be the natural guardians of their scarcely any sacrifice or privation, people. They may not only serve experiments may be made, which them in their spiritual funetions by vield advantages, far beyond their counsel, instruction, reproof, and cost, in the comfort they produce example; but they may, with much to the poor, it is surely, in this advantage, take a lead in every

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