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Philadelphia in 1732.- Peter S. Duponceau,
Reflections in Solitude.--Samuel Ewing,
Jack and Gill, a Mock Criticism.-Joseph Dennie,
The Indian Student.- Philip Freneau,
Specimen of a Collegiate Examination. Francis Hopkinson,
Parodies on Romeo's Description of an Apothecary.-Samuel Ewing,
Death of Anacreon.-Anonymous,
Mary will smile.-William Cliffton,
An Adventure; from Inchiquin's Letters.-C. J. Ingersoll,
Elegy on Thomas Godfrey.--Nathaniel Evans,
The Adventure of a Somnambulist.-C. B. Brown,
Hunting Song.- Robert Waln,
Character of Tilghman.-Horace Binney,
Borodino.-Thomas Fisher,
Madame de Stael.- Robert Walsh,
Summer, Spring, and Autumn.-Fredcrick S. Eckard,
The Fine Arts.-Joseph Hopkinson,
The Indian Summer.-James McHenry,
Claims of the Greeks.-Dr. Bedell,
The Indian Boy.-S. J. Smith,
The Bearer of Despatches.-James Hall,
Fancy.-Thomas Godfrey,
Retreat of the Americans from Long Island. - Alexander Graydon,
Reflections of a Recluse.—John E. Hall,
Description of a Snake Fight.-John Dickinson,
Music at Midnight.-George R. Ingersoll,
Claims of the Dramatic Profession.—Matthew Carey,
English Newspapers.- Richard Rush,
Childhood.-W. H. Furness,
Education.-John Sergeant,
Saul's Last Day.-Dr. R. M. Bird,
The True American Statesman.-Nicholas Biddle,
The Dead Soldier.-Henry D. Bird,
Prediction. Richard Penn Smith,
Suffolk's Soliloquy.-D. P. Brown,
Misrepresentations of America.-J. W. Williams,
Epistle to Gifford.-William Clifton,
Female Education.-Dr. Benjamin Rush,
Lines on seeing an old copy of Thomas More's Miscellaneous Latin Poems

drilled through by Worms.-J. C. Snowden,


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The Pestilence of 1793.-C. B. Brown,
Monody.--Morton M Michael,
The Expression of Speech.--Dr. James Rusk,
Newstead Abbey.-H. D. Gilpin,
Poetry.-E. Burke Fisher,
The Blue Bird.-Alerander Wilson,
Henry Mac Kenzie.-W. R. Johnson,
Love Asleep.-J. N. Barker,
The Set of China.- Miss Leslie,
A Midnight Meditation.-John D. Godman,
Benjamin West.-R. M. Walsh,
The Humming Bird.-Aletander Wilson,
Oratory.-G. M. Wharton,
Stanzas.--1. C. Snowden,
The Ice Island.-Dr. R. M. Bird,
The Philosophy of Whist.-C. W. Thomson,
Reminiscences of Philadelphia.-Mrs. Sarah Hall,
The Mermaid's Song to the “ Hornet."--H. S. Gibson,
The Waywardness of Genius.-Stephen Simpson,
Lines on a Blind Boy, solicting charity, by playing on his flute.-R. T.

Settlers of Pennsylvania.-- Peter M Call,
Sunday Morning.-J. K. Mitchell,
The South of France.-Dr. Togno,
Cape May-W. B. Tappan,
American Criticism.-B. H. Coates,
The Genius of Poetry.-T. H. Stockton,
The Wissa hiccon.-B. Matthias,
Canzonet.-C. C. Conwell,
Sagitto, the Warrior of the Washpelong.-Morris Mattson,
The Broken Hearted.-Robert Morris,
Pennsylvania History.-J. R. Tyson,
Stanzas.-S. L. Fairfield,
The Vision of Efeta.-Owen Stover,
The Death of Lafayette.-T. A. Worrall,
Philadelphians.-W. H. Davidson,
Chamomile Tea.-David P. Brown,
The Rainbow and the Cross.-Joseph R. Chandler,
Retrospection.-William D. Baker,
A Contrast.-W. G. Clark,

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HER population at that time is supposed to have amounted to about ten thousand, inhabitants. The buildings parallel to the Delaware must have extended to Fourth street, and probably beyond it; history mentions a tavern situated at the corner of Third street at an earlier date. The northern parts of the town were chiefly inhabited by Germans. The streets were more or less filled with houses, which at that time occupied more ground than they do at present, many of them having large yards and gardens, as well as back buildings; for the fashion of haying kitchens under ground had not yet been adopted: nor as the city advanced towards the west, were the buildings so compact as they are at present. Christ church existed as it now stands, except the steeple, of which the foundation only was laid. The Presbyterian church in High street, which was called Buttonwood, and was pulled down not many years ago, had existed nearly thirty years, as well as the Swedish church, which was of an older date,

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