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Messrs. Morgan & Scott, 286, 471.

Mr. Geo. Morrish, 425.

His Eminence Cardinal Newman, 292

393, 485, 496.
Messrs. J. Nisbet & Co., for the use

of hymns by the late Miss Havergal,
Sir E. Denny, and the Rev. Dr.

Messrs. Novello & Co., 63.
Messrs. W. Oliphant & Co., 310, 448.
Rev. Ray Palmer, D.D., 68, 280.
Messrs. Parker & Co., 325.
Mr. R. E. Peach, 127.
Rev. Dean E. H. Plumptre, 51.
Rev, Thomas B. Pollock, 441.
Mr. Geo. Rawson, 233.
Religious Tract Society, 44, 250, 274

317, 340.

Mrs. Rhodes, 432.

Messrs. Thos. Richardson & Son, 76,


Messrs. Rivington & Co., 313, 487.

Mrs. Robertson, 227.

Rev. R. Hayes Robinson, 493.

Rev. John M. Sloan, 47.

Rev. S. J. Stone, 196, 245.

Rev. Canon Stowell, 344, 449.

Sunday School Union, 324.

Miss Threlfall, 436.

Rev. Godfrey Thring, 114, 132, 315.

Rev. Nicolas R. Toke, ior.

Rev. Laurence Tuttiett, 513.

Rev. Henry Twells, 486.

Miss A. L. Waring, 284, 312.

Rev. Frederick Whitfield, 50, 248.

Should any copyright have been unintentionally infringed, the Committee
beg to be forgiven, and will be glad to acknowledge their indebtedness to
authors or proprietors in the next edition of the book.

Special thanks are due to the Rev. J. Oswald Dykes, D.D., and the Rev,
James Bonar, Greenock, for valuable assistance in literary matters.

In name of the Committee,



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No. 2,"

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The compilers of the music of CHURCH PRAISE desire to tender their cordial thanks to many composers and proprietors for the use of copyright tunes and arrangements, and in particular to the following :

HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN, for her gracious permission to include in this collection the tune “Gotha,” composed by H. R. H. the late Prince Consort.

The Rev. William Pulling, acting for the Proprietors of Hymns Ancient and Modern,” for most generous permission to use their copyrights, provided they were associated with the same hymns, of which the compilers have freely availed themselves by printing the following :-“ Aber,' Alford,” “ Almsgiving," Alstone," “ Beatitudo, “ Beverley,” Bickley," Chalvey,” "Cloisters,” “Come unto Me,” “Diademata," “Dominus regit me,” “Easter Hymn (Monk), “Eudoxia, " "Fiat lux,” “Horbury,'

" Hosanna we sing," "In viam rectam," Iona,” “Jenner, “ Laudes Domini," " Leicester,” “Lyte, ," "Miserere,” “Misericordia,” “Monkland,” “ “Olivet," Paradise,

,"“Pax Dei,” “Pilgrimage,” “Purleigh,” “Quam dilecta,” “Requiescat,” “Rivaulx,” “St. Andrew,” “St. Columba,” “St. Constantine,” “St. Cross,” “St. Cyprian," “ St. Ethelwald,” “St. Matthias," Sebaste, "Stephanos,”“The Blessed Home,"“The Roseate Hues," “Vesper,” “Vexil. lum,” “Vigilate,” “Vox Angelica,” and “ Vox Dilecti”; and for the arrangements of a few others. The tunes Eventide,

,” “Hollingside,” “ Melita,” “Nicæa,” and “St. Cuthbert," appeared in a former edition of this work, by kind permission of the late Rev. Sir Henry Baker, Bart., and are also reprinted

The late Rev. J. B. Dykes, M.A., Mus. Doc., for “ St. Barnabas,” and, since his death, to his brother,

Frederick Dykes, Esq., for very generously permitting the use of the following tunes by that lamented composer, “Dies Irae,” “ Etiam et mihi, rier,"

,” “ Lux Benigna,” “St. Aëlred,” " " St. Agnes, Durham,” “St. Anato. lius,” “St. Bees,” “St. Godric,” “St. Mary Magdalene ” or “Magdalene.” "St. Oswald, Durham,” “St. Sylvester,” “St. Werburgh” (No. 73), “Sanctuary,” “Slingsby,” and “Thanksgiving.'

The Lady Victoria Evans-Freke, for generous permission to reprint het copyrights from “ The Song of Praise," and " Supplemental Hymn and Tune Book,” from which the following have been selected :-"Aberdeen,” “Benediction” or “Ellers,” “Ben Rhydding,” “Day of Praise,” Gretton, “Leigh,"

“Lux Prima," "Praise, my soul,” “ Ramoth," Sudcley," and the harmony to “Olterbourne."

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The Rev. IIenry Allon, D.D., for “ Carrow," Houghton," and Sanctus 559.

F. G. Baker, Esq., for “St. Saviour.”
Henry Baker, Esq., for “Hesperus."
W. S. Bambridge, Esq., Mus. Bac., for “St. Asaph.”
0. R. Barnicott, Esq., M.A., LL.B., for “ Thou knowest, Lord.”

Rev. W. J. Blew, M.A., for “St. Albinus," “St. George,” Triumph" (renamed), and “University College," from the Church Hymin and Tune Book.

The Right Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, D.D., for “Marlborough,” “Pax tecum," and the arrangement of “Holy Cross,” from the Hymnal Com. panion to the Book of Common Prayer."

G. F. Chambers, Esq., F.R.A.S., for “ Maidstone,” from the “ Parish Tune Book."

Dr. W. M. Cooke, for Anthems (Nos. 6 and 14), from " Congregational Church Music."

The Rev. Reginald F. Dale, Mus. Bac., for “St. Catharine.”

The Rev. Thomas Darling, for “Bonar," “ Christchurch,” “Lux Eoi,” and “Steggall," from “Hymns for the Church of England, with Proper Tunes." Sir George J. Elvey, Mus. Doc., for “Elijah,” “Elvey,”

,” “Foundation,” "Si. George's, Windsor," and the music of Sanctus, No. 557.

A. Croil Falconer, Esq., for “ Amor Christi," “ Consolator,” “ Eucharist,” "Eureka,” “Gloria Regi,” “Holy Nativity,” “Jerusalem," Paraclete," St. Basil,” “ St. Duthus,” “St. Regulus,” and “St. Vigian,” also for the arrangements of “Annue Christe,” “ Benevento,” and “Mayfield.”

Otto Goldschmidt, Esq., for “ Alleluia.”

The Rev. Canon Hall, M.A., for “St. Cecilia ” (No. 350), from the New Mitre Hymnal with Tunes."

Walter Hately, Esq., for “ St. Helen."

Miss Havergal, for “ Baca,” “Epenetus," “ Hermas, Nymphas," and • Patmos.”

The Rev. L. G. Hayne, Mus. Doc., for “St. Anselm,” “ St. Bernard,” “St. Cecilia” (No. 341), and “St. Lawrence" from the “Merton Tune Book."

Henri C. Hemy, for “ Loretto," from the “ Crown of Jesus Music.

E. J. Hopkins, Esq., Mus. Doc., for “Alexa,” “Borrowdale,” “Children's Voices,” Culford,'

," “ Edinburgh," "Edlingham,” “Epiphany, Esdaile,” “Feniton Court,” “Gospel-Gladness,”

," "Haddo," “Hazlewood,” “Heber," “Jehovah," Pascal,

,” « St. Hugh,” “St. Raphael,” Shropshire,” “Tarring,” “Whiteford,” and “Wildersmouth.” Also for Chant No. 1 for “Te Deum,” and Anthem No. 5.

John Hopkins, Esq., for “ Paulinzelle.'
Rev. F. G. Hume, for “Fermain."
C. S. Jekyll, Esq., for “ Stoneleigh.”

The Dial

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» « Bentley,

" " Bethany,'

lleury Lahee, Esq., for “Nativity.”
James Langran, Esq., for “Deerhurst” and “St. Agnes.”
G. A. Löhr, Esq., for “ St. Frances."

Messrs. Macmillan & Co., for “St Lucian,” from the “ Book of Praise Hymnal."

The Rev. T. R. Matthews, B.A., for “ Ludborough,” “North Coates," “ Reynoldstone,” and “Saxby," from the “ North Coates Supplemental Tune Book,"

The Rev. W. Mercer, for the arrangements of "Armageddon" and "Palmyra,” from the “ Church Psalter and Hymn Book.

Messrs. W. and F. Morgan, publishers of the “Bristol Tune Book,” for "Clifton," and the arrangements of “Eli,” “ Philippi,” “St. Denys," and Swabia." Professor W. H. Monk, Mus. Doc., for “ Penitence.” Messrs. Morgan & Scott, for “The Ninety and Nine," and "Substitution.” Edwin Moss, Esq., for “ Aldersgate,"

" “ Newcastle,” and “Ulpha," frai the “ London Tune Book.'

Messrs. James Nisbet & Co., for “ Barrington," “Bethsaida," "Burton Agnes,”


Clarion,' “Clydesdale,” “Colebrooke," Dublin," Dudley,” Everton, Faith,” “ Falfield" or “Formosa," " 'Glastonbury, "“ Gordon,” Heathlands, Hollybourne," "Holyrood,” “Intercession,” “Lancashire,” “London,” ‘Mount Zion," "Northumberland,” “Præneste,” “Regent Square,” “Rest,” “St. Nathaniel,” “St. Leonard,” Seraphim," “Strathpeffer,” “Submission," “Sunderland,”

,” “Swansea," "Tabor,” and “Westmoreland." The Rev. Sir F. A. Gore Ouseley, Bart., Mus. Doc., for “All things bright,” " "Gethsemane," and the chant set to “ Deus Misereatur.”

The Rev. Andrew Henderson, acting for the proprietors of the “ Presby terian Hymnal,for “ Moredun,” the music of Anthem No. 12, and a few other arrangements.

C. W. Poole, Esq., for Westenhanger."
C. H. Purday, Esq., for “St. Ulrich."

The Representatives of the late A. H. Dyke Troyte, Esq., per Mrs. Charles Bere, for the chants bearing his name.

The Representives of the late James Turle, Esq., per Rev. W. H. Turle, for “Westminster" and "Agnus Dei.”

Samuel Reay, Esq., for “Ceylon."
Mrs. Reid, for “Ellesmere.”
Paul Rimbault, Esq., for “ St. Oswald."
The Rev. Edward Seymour, for “St. Gabriel."

Samuel Smith, Esq., for “Claremont," "Eden Grove,'"Newton Ecrns,” and “Ruth.”

Messrs. J. F. Shaw & Co., for “ Nox Præcessit."
The Association for Promoting Christian Knowledge, Dublin, per Rev. D


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A. Browne, for “Trust," and the arrangements of “Bishopthorpe," “Boston,'

Mizpah,” and “Winchester New," from the “ Church Hymnas with Tunes.

John Stainer, Esq., Mus. Doc., for “All Saints,” and “St. Cyprian.”

Sir Arthur S. Sullivan, Mus. Doc., for“Day of Service," "Evelyn,” “Ever Faithful, ever Sure,"“Fiducia,” “Hanford,” “Hushed was the Evening Hymn," Maryton," Rest,” (No. 154), “St. Patrick,” “St. Theresa,” and the arrangements of “Clarence,” “Dresden,” “Irene," “Leominster,” “Nearer Home,” “

' Noël,” and “St. Clement," from Church Hymns with Tunes.Henry G. Trembath, Esq., Mus. Bac., for “ Isleworth:” E. H. Turpin, Esq., for “ Argyle.”

The Rev. Henry Aston Walker, for “ Dalkeith,” “Sabbata,” and “St. Alban,” from the “ St. Alban's Tune Book."

Wesleyan Methodist Sunday School Union, for “Bethlehem,” “Father, from Thy Throne,” and the arrangement of “Salem.”

Joseph Williams, Esq., for “Eli."
The Right Rev. Bishop Wordsworth, for “ Hispania.”
A. Young, for Heswell,” No. 447.

The following tunes appeared in a former edition of this work, by kind per. mission of their composers or proprietors, and are here reprinted, viz. :

“Auchincairn,” “Ewing,” “Otto,” “St. Alphege,” “St. John, Westminster,” “St. Peter," “St. Peter's, Westminster,” Wiltshire, Zaanaim," as also the arrangements of “Commandments,” “Leoni,” “Mannheim, “Naaman, "" St. John,” “Sarum,” and “ Sicily."

Permission to use the following copyright music has been purchased from :

Arthur Henry. Brown, Esq., for “ All Hallows,” “Holy Church, Anatolius,” “St. Mabyn,” and the Anthem No. 21,

Messrs. Boosey & Co., for Anthems Nos. 25 and 26.

Messrs. Brown & Co., publishers of the “Sarum Hymnal,for “St. Philip.”

W. G. Cusins, Esq., for “Palmæ.”
J. W. Elliott, Esq., for “ Agathos,"

" " Church Triumphant,” “Cross and Crown,” and “ Day of Rest.”

Mrs. Gauntlett, for “Heavenly Rest,” “Immanuel,” “Irby,” “Rise. holme,” “St. Albinus,” “St. Fulbert," St. George,” “Triumph,” and “ University College."

Messrs. Masters & Co., for “ Lauds,” “Petra,” and “St. Dunstan."

Messrs. Novello, Ewer & Co., for “ Ashton, “Castle Rising,” tians, awake,” “Daystar, “Gounod,” “Holy Trinity,” “Jam Pascha,'

Ombersley,” “Paradise No. 1,” “ Praise,” “Propior Deo,” “Redemption, “Repose,” “Resignation,” “Richmond,” “St. Angelus,” “St. Ann” (No. 378, 2nd Tune), “St. Anselm,” “St. Chrysostom,” “St. Clement” (No. 355), “St. Edmunds,” “St. Fabian,” “St. Gertrude,” “St. Hilda,” “St. Ignatius,” “St. Madoes,” “St. Mildred," "St. Nicolas,” “Sefton,” “Smart," Tersanctus,

,” “Thorne,” “Tours," "Turle,” “Via Crucis,” and “Waltham,"

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“ Chris

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