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affection here subsisting between in regard to a location, is uncertain. parents and children. Those who

These obstacles, added to the live in Christian countries, will, I influence of an almost innumerable hope, appreciate it. But, while for- priesthood, and the natural alienaeigners encourage such things, it tion of man from the truth, are forwill be difficult to impart a better midable; but, through the power of spirit to them.

God's grace, they shall be surmountIV. One of the most important ed, and Siam yet become a delightobstacles to the operations of one ful portion of the Redeemer's emwho should reside long in the coun- pire. For this glorious object, let try, is the impressions which have unceasing prayers be offered. been made by the Catholics. They arrogate the titles both of European

Burman Theory of Eclipses. and Christian. The time was, when

29. Two days ago, there was a tothey possessed much influence; and

tal eclipse of the moon.

As soon one of the fraternity became Prime as it had fairly commenced, the Minister of the government.


whole place was made to resound, sooner had they placed themselves from one end to the other, with the in a situation in which they supposed beating of tom-toms, clanging of themselves able to do it, than, as gongs, and firing of guns. On the they have always done, when they day following, many inquiries were had opportunity, they entered into made, whether it portended good or a deep plot, to overturn the govern- when I thought the inquirers in any

evil. I generally took occasion, ment, and betray the country into the hands of an entirely Catholic degree capable of understanding it, government. When these designs Some appeared pleased and satis

to explain the cause of eclipses. were discovered, those who were engaged in them, were summarily

fied-others doubted. To-day, a punished; but their descendants, a

priest called with his inquiries; and, mongrel race, part Portuguese, part

when he understood my explanaPeguan, part Cambodian, part Siam- tion, he gave one from their sacred ese, despised by every body, a dis- books, which the Deity himself has grace to all their race, and to the given. name of Christians, still live. They

There is a mighty Day-wah, (Nat) are the greatest thieves and drunk the joints of whose little fingers are a ards in the country, and yet they are yoozana (a yoozana, according to always proud, and careful to inform Burman authority, is very nearly strangers that they are not natives,

13 1-2 English miles) in length, and they are Christians !* These cir- the distance between his eyes 3 yoocumstances, together with the igno-zanas, and his proportions otherwise rance of the natives, makes them correspondent." His name is Athooexceedingly jealous of all foreign- ring. Ile sometimes plays with the ers. They are therefore averse" to sun and moon, grasping them bea missionary's securing a residence tween his fingers, stuffing them in among them, and place every obsta- his nose, putting them into his cle in the way of his acquiring any them from the gaze of mortals.

mouth, or ears, and thus concealing influence. No native dares sell a

Let theorists learn from this thewhite foreigner a house, or rent him a piece of ground, more than he would ory of eclipses, how easy it is to dare to burn the king's palace, un- make theories! It is not so easy to less he has express permission from give them a base to stand on. Government to do so; and such per

Review of residence at Bankok. mission the government will seldom 31. Nine months of my residence give. What I shall ultimately do, in this country are now elapsed.

We have been greatly blessed. *The Portuguese Consuls must be ex. Though brought to the gates of cepted from these remarks.

death, we have been spared. Though

called to part with a beloved child, evening, a man, to inquire the truth the grief we feel on that account of the report. His fears must have reminds us of the gratitude we been groundless; for none of the ought to cherish, that the life and disciples are here, and of course we health of our remaining child are have had no worship. continued. In the midst of a de

New Year in Rangoon. graded and semi-barbarous people, we have been unmolested, and have

Jan. 1. 1834. Another new-year's even had many religious opportuni

sun shines upon us, and finds us, un

like ties of doing good to the bodies or

any former one,-situated in the minds of our fellow travellers to midst of the heathen, in a truly heaeternity. Separated from all civili- then land, and where the great zation, we have a degree of enjoy- multitude, though the most of them ment, and supply of blessings great

have heard of heaven, and what ly exceeding our expectations. No Christ suffered for poor sinners, still foreign vessels have arrived here for continue mad on their destruction. more than six months. About 15 What soul, possessing only common months have past, since the last sympathies, can look upon the peocommunications we have received ple without feelings of compaswere dated in America. As this sion, and cherish a desire that their country is now in a serious war

moral and spiritual culture may be with Cochin-China, human prophe

increased. cy, in regard to our situation here, Plan of a Free School. is vain. One thing is sure,-—"the 6. Received letters from our purpose of the Lord, that shall stand,” friends in America and Maulmein. and his purpose is, that “his Son O that we may be directed by Infishall have the heathen for bis pos- nite wisdom, and remain in this session,” whatever becomes of us or place, or return to Maulmein, just as our labors. Relying on his gracious will be most for the glory of God. guidance and protection,

For some time past, there has been I am, as ever, yours, conversation and correspendence on J. T. Jones.

the subject of my engaging in a free

school, partly supported by GovernBuriah.

ment in Maulmein, and partly by the mission. Government have made an offer to partially support such a

school, and I have no doubt would, Mr. Bennet's last Journal closed with in a short time, wholly defray all the announcement of a government perse- its expenses, or that the parents of cution at Rangoon. We learn from this, some of the children, Goverment with great pleasure, that the Karens are aid, and private donations would not intimidated, but quickened by the fully meet all its expenses, as to shock, and that the walls of Jerusalem teachers, books, building, &c. I may yet be built in troublous times. have been personally requested to MR. BENNET'S JOURNAL.

commence such a school, by Major

Burney, the English resident at Ava, Rangoon, Dec. 25, 1933.

when here, on his way to the cap(Continued from p. 442, last vol.)

ital; and Mr. Maingy, the CommisTo-day, I was informed by a man, sioner, or Governor of the provinces, who is now here on business from has made mention of me to Mr. JudAva, that bro. Kincaid had visited son. Whether this be our sphere the palace, &c., but we have no of duty, time must determine. It particulars.

has, for years, been a favorite, con29. Pastor Moung A, having been templated plan, and I think it is a informed that some one was appre- great detriment to this mission, that hended for coming here to worship, there are no schools of the kind to-day, sent, under cover of the connected with it.



Cheering Intelligence. of whom, I have no doubt, would re7. To-day, a party of Karens, ceive it, were there an administrafrom Manbee, came, accompanied tor. But Ko Thah-a says he dares by Taunah, who has been itinerating not baptize; so they must wait the among his brethren according to will of the brethren in Maulmein. the flesh. They give the most flat

Sights and Sounds of Idolatry. tering account of the work in their vicinity, and say that there are more

23. The town is this evening than 30 who have broken off drink- filled with creaking carts, which ing,—who do not work on the Sab-have been hired to convey the foolbath, but gather together with those ish people to a pagoda in the counwho have been baptized, and hear try, where they expect to spend the the scriptures, &c.; and that they which daily assail the ear, and offend

The sights and sounds are very anxious should visit and baptize them. We the sight of those who live in this have seen several, and they give country, and who really feel and very good evidence of grace.

believe that it is a fearful thing to 9. The poor Karens left us, this fall into the hands of the living God, morning, for their native wilder- are exceedingly painful, especially

when ness, where we hope the Lord is

we consider the end, the at work among them of a truth. dreadful disgrace of those who have Those who accompanied Taunah

heard of the way to eternal life, this time, are very good inquirers, road to everlasting death.

but who deliberately choose the and we hope will have grace given

24. The town has been very thein to live lives of holiness.

still, to-day, and the most quiet of Promising Inquirers. any day I have ever seen since our 12. Lord's day. Though the arrival ; but, towards evening, the church are so timid that they dare creaking of the carts, and the callnot assemble for worship on the ing of the people, the busy passing Lord's day, yet there are many and repassing throng, somewhat reencouraging appearances; and we sembling the movements of an anthave seen several promising inquir-hill, remind us that we are still in ers of late, of whom we knew noth- Rangoon, and surrounded by poor ing, previous to the imprisonment of deluded worshippers of idols. Ko Thab-a.

Good News. 14. Ko Thah-a called, this even

31. Received letters from bro. ing; being the first time he has Kincaid, who states that he has bapventured out, since his call by the tized two more in Ava; one a naRay-woon. Ile is excessively tive, the other a country-born. Let frightened, and seems to have a pe- God be praised for all the mercyculiar faculty, also, of frightening drops. the disciples. Only one (he is in Feb. 4. The Karen assistants, our employ) dares as yet come near from Maulmein, who have been laus. Many things, however, cannot boring in Manbee and vicinity, rebe denied. That they have some reason to fear, is true; but they and bring up the same good report

turned, to-day, from the latter place, make more of it than the case seems

we have before heard.

There are to require. Ko Thah-a said, to-day, many who are considering, and a that he had a friend, who was an large number who are decided, and underwriter in Government, who wish for baptism. reports that the Ray-woons say, "As the king has not given his permission

Interesting Case. to the new religion, they will not, 5. The A Thong-Kan, from Ava, &c." Notwithstanding all the timid- / who has been several times mentionity of Ko Thab-a, there are several sed in my journal, called, to-day, to who are anxious for baptism; some say, he should in a few days leave

for Ava. He is in the service oferal people from Manbee, arrived, the king's brother, who told him to and added their crying, urgent reprocure, for his own reading, a copy quest, that some one should come of the New Testament; but he from Maulmein, and baptize the wil. must not let any one know that he ling converts, who, like fruit fully (the king's brother,) wished it. I ripe in the wilderness, only want to gave him a Testament, bound in be gathered. It does sometimes green morocco, with several other of happen, that missionaries labor for our tracts and books for the prince, years, and have no apparent success; and also several for himself and at- and it seems also to happen, that tendants. I feel a peculiar interest where none of them have sown the in this man, and do hope he may be seeds, the ripened sheaves wait to saved at last. He is evidently con- be gathered to the garner. O when vinced of the folly of worshipping will these poor souls be gladdened, idols; but I fear he does not as yet by being permitted to follow their feel the evil nature of sin, and the Saviour in his blessed ordinances. necessity of a Saviour, to redeem I have had much conversation with from its condemnatory power. I these people, to-day ; and they are have, since I have been in Rangoon, so artless, so honest, so simple-heartbecome acquainted with many who ed, and withal, so full of love to seem to be in this same state, Christ, that no one, who knows the News from Toung-00.

sweets of pardoning mercy, could

hear their tales unmoved. They 12. People are coming froin various parts of the country, to attend proposed, to-day, a plan (which Í the great annual festival, though

fear could not be granted in the there are said to be less in town petition the Woongee for permission

present state of affairs) which is, to than usual, at this season of the year. to have schools in their own lanSeveral priests from Toung-oo, call

guage, and adopt whatever religion ed, to-day; who say our tracts are

they pleased, and still enjoy the very much read in their vicinity, and highly prized. They wished to have have ever done, when without any

same freedom from molestation they copies of all our books. This ac

religion. Should they obtain such count is in perfect accordance with a letter just received from bro. Kin- lose any of its votaries ; for these

permission, Boodhism would hardly caid, who says he has met several Toung.vo people, and that they ship of idols.

people, in general, detest the worwish a teacher to go and live at

14. The Karens mentioned yesToung-oo.

terday, came up this morning, and Urgent Appeal from Manbee.

stated they were commissioned by 13, I have never felt so perplex- their brethren in Manbee, to come ed, as to the path of duty, as now, und beg we would promise we whether to go to Maulmein, or re- would not leave Rangoon, until main here.

If some

one should some came from Maulmein. come round here, from Maulmein, I They say they went to the wharf think the case is rather plain, we yesterday, in order to send word to should return, and, what our hands | Maulmein to have a teacher come find to do, do it with all our might. immediately ; but they were too

This inorning, Taunah and Pallah, late, as the vessel was moving down with two school teachers, who have the river. They called to Taunali, been preaching, and teaching school but could not make him hear, he was among their countrymen, in Manbee so far distant. They endeavored to and vicinity, left for their families get a boat to go on board, but failed. near Maulmein. Just after the ves- In view of all these things, I dare sel had weighed anchor, and was not leave until some one does come, dropping down the river, Ko Thah- and have promised the natives acbyoo, our Karen assistant, with sev- cordingly.


Hopeful Symptom.

body of the man executed yester15. Burmese worship-day. Peo- day, lay exposed. It was an appallple are much astonished that so few ing sight, though the skin did not have come to the annual festival, seein to have been broken. I unand that, in former years, say,

derstood he was beaten only seven there

The were thousands, where there are blows, mostly on the neck. now only hundreds.

O that we

body was lying on the ground, the could have the pleasure of knowing feet tied together with rattans, and that the chains of idolatry were bro- a stick driven into the ground each ken, and that the multitude were

side of them, the hands were laid by hereafter to be governed by reason

each side, with a stake to each, and and truth.

two stakes to the head, one of which Spotted Faces.

was driven through the mouth.

The body was exposed, according to 16. To day, a “spotted face "custom, and lays three days, when was beaten to death, (for killing a it is buried, as is the case with all woman) by order of the Woongee. criminals and beggars. He is said to have gone to the execution ground singing and dancing.

Arrival of Mr. and Mrs. Webb. This class of people are those who 19. Bro. and sister Webb arhave been condemned to death for rived this morning, and have an excrimes, and pardoned, and who are tensive field before them. May then branded on the breast, in words they have grace ever given them expressing their crimes, and have a to sustain them in all their labors. circle tattooed on each cheek: hence Ko Thah-a called in the evening, the name of " spotted face.” There and says he hast just heard that the are more or less of these wretches semi-atheist teacher of Shwayabout all the great officers of Gov- doung has been seized, and taken ernment, and are emphatically what up to Ava in four pairs of irons, with we should call in English, mischief- 30 or 40 of his disciples, merely bemakers—their business being to cause they will not worship the pacomplain of every thing they see godas, nor support the priests. If amiss about the city; and, as in this be true, it will probably effect all such cases, they make trouble as our operations ; but how, or where, often where there is no cause for it, time must determine. as where there happens to be. For

Burman Festival, instance-in the hot season, all fires are to be extinguished early, or by 21. To-day, the Yay-woons, &c. 8 o'clock. About this time, these went to the great pagoda, in state, people perambulate the streets, with to worship, and spend the day. The quills or hens' feathers in their ears, Woongee, with a great retinue, and when there has been a fire, they went out in state, or ceremony dress, thrust in a feather: if the ashes hap- to the great pagoda. It was said pens to be warm enough to singe that 1200 soldiers preceded, with the quill, just so as to make it smell their muskets, &c. In company a little, they declare there is fire; with bro. Webb, went up to the and, unless they are paid half a ru- pagoda, the great road for two miles pee, or so, they will seize the person being literally crowded with the of the house, or some of his family, going and returning of people, while and drag him off to prison. This, thousands were around the pagoda, however, only applies to natives or seated in the numerous zayats at generally; for foreigners are accus- its base. Here was a vast multitude tomed to get a permission, and then of precious immortals, the most of they have a fire whenever they whom, we have reason to believe, choose,

have heard of Christ who died to 17. Walked out this evening to redeem them froin hell; but who, the execution grounds, where the like the Greeks of old, count all his

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