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alive this day that were men when the Covenant was burnt, were taking with [/>., confessing] their sin, and were lying in the dust; every one for his share in that sin, and every one for the land's guiltiness.

"4. I leave my testimony against all the horrid bloodshed that has been in this land, whether of noblemen, gentlemen, ministers, or any others, that have suffered in Edinburgh, or any other place, whether on scaffolds, on gibbets, in open fields, or on the sea; particularly that horrid act of murdering so many men [at Pentland. —Ed.] after they had taken them prisoners and promised them their lives; which was done by Thomas Dalziel, called General; who took them prisoners, and after promising to set them at liberty, delivered them to the bloody Council, who most cruelly murdered them against and without all law and reason, never speaking of conscience; for they had lost all of that they ever had, when they burned the Covenant and murdered the Marquis of Argyle, and my Lord Warriston, and that eminent minister Mr James Guthrie; who were murdered against the very acts of their own laws.

"5. I bear witness, and testify against the cutting off heads and hands, and setting them up upon the ports [i.e., gateways) of Edinburgh, and elsewhere through the kingdom of Scotland, as if they had been thieves or malefactors.

"6. I testify and bear witness against all the imprisonments, finings, and confinings, of the people of God, for adhering to His word and our Covenants.

"7. I testify and bear witness against the pressing of the Declaration against our Covenants upon the consciences of the Lord's people.

"8. I testify and bear witness against the imposing and paying of cess and militia money, both for oppressing the consciences, and grinding the faces of the poor.

"9. I testify and bear witness against that cruel and hell-hatched act of sending the Highland host, and the rest of that cabal, to oppress and plunder the people of God.

"And lastly, I bear witness against all the oppression, spoiling, robbing, and hunting of the people of God, and that against all manner of law or reason. I shall be a standing witness against them, ay, and while [i.e., until] they repent. Oh! that the Lord would pour out of His spirit upon all that have so grievously turned aside, and make them to lie in the dust, and to take with [i.e., confess] their sins; but I fear, a holy God has given them up to themselves, and sealed their hearts with obduration, and so they are become proof against all dispensations; but sure, such as will not bow to God, shall be broken by the mighty rod of iron, that is in His hand to bruise the nations.

"I have here left my testimony against the perjury, bloodshed, and oppression of the people of God, which has been done by him who is called the King of Britain and Ireland ; and the perjury and bloodshed acted by noblemen and gentlemen, who have been assisting and strengthening his hand in bloody and cruel courses; and therefore I leave my testimony against them, and my blood tupon their heads, and especially against such as were present in the Council, when I was examined, and these perjured lords of the criminal court, where I was sentenced to die here in this place of execution; and also I leave my blood upon the head of the assizers and all others, who said amen to my sentence, whatever they have been, and yet are; except they repent, my blood shall be charged upon them. Likewise I leave my testimony against all who carried arms to guard me to this scaffold; they shall be found guilty of my blood, if mercy and grace prevent it not .

"Likewise I bear witness, and leave my testimony against the reception [October 1679, or October 1680] of the Duke of York, first and last; that professed papist, who has been laying out himself to carry us back to Rome, and that not only by the bloody Council and other perjured noblemen and gentlemen, but also by the city of Edinburgh, who went out of the port [i.e., city gate] to receive him, as though he had been a king, with shooting of guns, sounding of trumpets, beating of drums, and kindling of bonfires, which is contrary to the Word of God and our Covenant, after he had been cast off justly by the other kingdom of England. [The bill, October 1680, for excluding him from the throne, passed through the House of Commons without difficulty, but, by the influence of the king was rejected by the Lords.—Ed.] I shall be a witness against that action in the great day; and, particularly, I leave my blood upon that wretch and bloody tyrant the Duke of York; for it is to satisfy him and to quench his implacable thirst after blood that I am brought hither this day. The last time he came to Scotland, he got a sacrifice of the blood of these five that suffered at Magus Moor, who were indeed highly honoured, and nothing short of these that went before them [Thomas Brown, Andrew Sword, John Clyde, James Wood, John Waddell, were taken at Bothwell. They were condemned to be taken to Magus Moor, where Sharp was killed, and there hanged, November 1679. Their testimonies are appended to "Naphtali."—FAX]. And now, he must have this, our blood, to quench his thirst upon ; but that heart of his that is so rejoicing at the hearing and seeing of our death ; erelong my heart shall sing Hallelujah to the Lamb of God, and join in my note, and pass my sentence with the Great Judge against him, and all the enemies of God,« if great repentance and free grace prevent it not.

"And, with respect to that for which I am sentenced to death, because of many mistakes, even among the godly, through wrong information; I here, as a dying man, declare I had before me no design but only the glory of God, and the coming of Christ's kingdom, and His reigning as King in Zion. And for this I am sentenced, and for this I lay down my life this day, and I do it willingly and cheerfully, and not by constraint; for if I had been left of a holy God so far as to quit one hoof of His truth, I might have redeemed my life; as some have done, that were as deeply engaged to stand by the truth, even to the resisting unto blood, as I was, and seemed to be as deeply concerned as I was. How they have come out of prison I know not; but God knows, and to Him they will and must give account thereof, and to Him I leave it; but I think there are few that came out of prison that now can say, they have neither touched, tasted, nor handled the abominations of these times wherein they live. Therefore, I leave my testimony and witness against all that have come out of prison, by taking of the Bond, if it were but to compear before these bloody enemies of God, in as far as they were convinced that it was sin; as some of them were, otherwise their tongue and pen have lied; which I leave to God and their own consciences to determine. whether or not they sinned in so doing.

"Next, I here as a dying man do declare, that if the blotting of paper to them would save my life, I would not do it at that rate; for I see they are setting themselves to ensnare poor things, and I see neither ministers nor professors to give their advice in this matter, if it be not to make them take the Bond, as they did to these poor things in the churchyard [of Greyfriars, to the prisoners taken at Bothwell Bridge.—Ed.]

Also, I leave my testimony and bear witness against all the unfaithfulness of ministers and professors.

"1. I bear witness against the unfaithfulness of these ministers that were with the Public Resolutions, to bring in, or keep in, any of these men that were open and avowed malignants and enemies to God, so contrary to our Covenants.

"2. I bear testimony against that act at Glasgow [October 1, 1662. By it, all ministers ordained since 1649, who had not been presented by the patron, and collated by the bishop, were banished from their parishes. Nearly four hundred were affected by it . The six hundred were those who submitted to the yoke of erastian supremacy.—Ed.] wherein six hundred ministers and upwards did quit their charge, and turn their back upon their flock; and since, many of them are turned ravening wolves and greedy dogs that cannot bark, according to that word, Ezekiel xiii. 4, 5, 'O Israel, thy prophets are like the foxes in the deserts. Ye have not gone up into the gaps, neither made up the hedge for the house of Israel to stand in the battle in the day of the Lord.' Had it not been their duty to have stood by their charge until they had been driven out of their pulpits?

"3. I leave my testimony against both Indulgences, first and last, and against all that comply and go on with them in that sinful course; ay, and while [i.e., until] they repent, I shall be a standing witness against them. Surely, if they be found with clean fingers when God comes to inquire after blood, I am mistaken. But, oh! what will they answer when Christ shall say, 'Come here, sir, give me an account of your talent. What did ye with your ministry? Laid ye it aside at the command of Charles Stuart and the bloody Council? And had ye more delight to be a doctor or chamberlain than ye had to be minister?' Oh! let the unfaithful minister remember that word in the \ x xiii. of Ezekiel, verse 6, 'But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman's hand.' I fear that the blood of many souls will be required at the hands of the most part of the ministers of Scotland.

"4. I bear witness and leave my testimony against the unfaithfulness of many ministers, who have left their wonted love and burning zeal which they had when they ventured upon the high places of the earth in preaching the Gospel.

"And now, in the last place, I bear testimony against all that have preached, written against, or reproached that poor party, that were occasionally met at Airsmoss, only for the hearing of the Gospel; and now, when I am stepping out of time into eternity, I declare that I adhere to all the doctrines that ever I heard Mr Richard Cameron or Mr Donald Cargill preach; and my soul blesseth God that ever I heard either of them; for my soul has been refreshed to hear the voice and shouting of a king among these field-meetings, wherein the fountain of living waters has been made to run down among the people of God, in such a manner that armies could not have terrified us. Oh! I am sure the blood that has been shed in the fields, and on scaffolds, in Scotland, for the cause and interest of Jesus Christ, will have a glorious crop, in spite of devils and men; and I am sure the seed sown at Airsmoss will have as glorious a vintage as ever any seed in Scotland had.

"And now, oh! ye that are the poor remnant that are to stay behind, who are the butt of the fury, not only of the open and bloody enemies, but also of many ministers and professors, who have gone out of the way themselves, and will not suffer others to walk in it; I have this to say to you; be earnest and constant in kything [i.e., showing] of love to Christ; walk with more fear, lest ye offend a holy and jealous God. Oh ! beware that ye quit not your integrity; there are many waiting for your halting, yea, and longing for it. Cast not off the way of Christ because of suffering. If ye knew what of His love and comforting presence I had, since I was called to witness for Him against these bloody traitors that are thirsting after the blood of the Lord's people, ye would long for such proofs of His love; seek Him early and ye shall find Him. Be not troubled because of our death; it is not a death unto the soul, but an inlet of life to it; for to be dead to the world, is to be alive to Christ. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: they rest from their labours, and their works do follow them.

"And rejoice, oh! ye poor of the flock, that wait with fear and trembling, and with faith and love in exercise; it is to you that He will come. He meeteth him that rejoiceth in and worketh righteousness. Blessed are ye that weep now; for ye shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek; for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are the merciful. Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness; for they shall be filled. Blessed are the pure in heart; for they shall see God. Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are they that are reproached for righteousness sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are ye when men shall revile you and persecute you, and say all

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