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Here for ever let us center,

Steady, though assail'd by sin; Forward may we boldly venture,

Till eternal life we win: Banish ev'ry reas'ning scruple,

Scatter ev'ry gath’ring cloud; Our poor hearts, O Jesu, sprinkle

With thy precious, precious blood. When our cheering feelings sicken,

And a veil our souls o'erspread; Then with grace our spirits quicken

To raise up our drooping heads : Would our foolish hearts e'er wander

From the source of real joy? Call us back, but not in anger,

Lest thy frowns should us destroy! Arm us from thy heav'nly storehouse,

Still display thy banner high! March yictorious on before us,

Make the world and Satan fly: When the angel drawing near us

Seals in peace the pilgrim's eyes; In that trying moment bear us

Safe into thy paradise !

113. For a Prayer Meeting. 8.7. DEAREST Lord, thou hast commanded

All thy family to pray;
Promis'd good thou hast appointed,

Thro’ this medium to convey.

Yes, to all thy praying people,

Thou hast promis'd to appear; And thy wond'rous condescension

Honours much the path of pray’r. Jesus, thou exalted Saviour,

On thy promise we rely;
Comfort ev'ry mourning spirit,

Answer ev'ry feeble cry.
From thy glorious throne of mercy,

Heav'nly cordials now impart;
Exercise thy tender pity,

O'er the sinner's broken heart.
May we all who love the Saviour,

Often to his throne repair;
Feel the sweets of his compassion,

While engag'd in solemn pray’r.
Lord, attend our supplications,

Let thy mercies on us roll; Come, O come, thou kind Redeemer,

Smile on ev'ry praying soul.

S. M.

114. The same.
COME, all who love to pray,

On Jesus cast your care;
And ev'ry praying soul shall find,

He loves to answer pray’r.
See, how he looks, and smiles,

From yonder shining throne, Pleas’d, he attends your ev'ry pray'r,

And sends rich blessings down!

Ye hung’ring, thirsting souls,

O pray, and never faint;
Fresh scenes of love our Lord displays,-

To ev'ry praying saint.
And whither should we fly,

But to a throne of grace?
For there we prove celestial joys,

And find substantial peace.
Lord, from thy throne behold

Thy saints assembled here,
Whose hearts ascend with warm desire

To feel thy presence near,
Thro' all the glooms of sin,

May thy rich mercy blaze;
And make it known, thou hearest pray'r,

And worthy art of praise.

115. Confession and Prayer. C. M. Dear Lord, what awful darkness fills

My poor desponding heart;
Kind Saviour, sweetly shine within,

And thy pure light impart.
Stupid and senseless oft I feel,

Ready to faint, and die,
Quicken me, Lord, with reigning grace,

And raise my soul on high.
What small degrees of faith and hope,

Dweil in the feeble worm ;
Lord, give the pure, believing heart,

And all my hopes confirm.




I mourn my want of love and zeal,

My want of warm desire;
Lord, my affections now inflame,

And set my soul on fire.
I mourn my want of joy and peace,

For sorrows oft prevail;
Shine with thy presence, dearest Lord,

Nor let thy comforts fail.
In all affliction, grief, and pain,

Supporting grace convey;
Take me at last to realms of light,

To reign in endless day.

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116. Christ a Resting Place. 148th.
LORD, to thy arms we fly,

And lean upon thy breast,
Do not thy grace deny,

But give the gospel rest;
Shew the sweet smiles of thy dear face,
And prove to us a resting place. .

Weary and wounded sore,

We eye our bleeding Friend ;
Mercy we now implore,

May mercy now descend;
Still may we pray and never cease,
Till we enjoy a resting place.

Bid us thy truth receive,

And calm the throbbing breast:
Say to the soul, “ Believe,

« And enter into rest,

“ Behold my freely flowing grace,
And find in me a resting place.”
Jesus, we hear thy voice,

Thy kindness now adore,
Now shall our souls rejoice,

And praise thee evermore;
Shout thro' the earth the healing grace,
And sing the glorious resting place..

117. First Part of Jabez's Prayer. 7.6.8.

Come, thou dear Almighty King,

Help us to love thy name;
All thy honours may we sing,

And all thy praise proclaim;
Favours all supremely great,
Pour from the everlasting throne;
Richer blessings all replete

With grace, pure grace, alone.
Saviour, let a clearer light

Shine on the praying soul,
Glories all divinely bright

In free abundance roll;
Pardon, life, and fervent love,
And ever-flowing streams of peace,
Purest joys from realms above,

And seas of sacred bliss.
Lord, salute each gracious heart,

Shew us thy smiling face,
Nobler blessings yet impart,

Yea, all thy reigning grace;

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