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4 There is a great Physician near;

Look up; O fainting soul, and live:
See, in his heavenly smiles appear

Such ease as nature cannot give!
5 See, in the Saviour's dying blood,

Life, health, and bliss, abundant fowi
Tis only this dear sacred flood
Can ease thy pain and heal thy wo,

P. M.
· HOW lost was my condition,

Till JESUS made me whole! There is but one physician,

Can cure a sin-sick soul! The worst of all diseases

Is light compar’d with sin; On ev'ry part it seizes,

But rages most within.
2 From men great skill professing,

I thought a cure to gain;
But this prov'd more distressing,

And added to my pain,
Some said that nothing ail'd me,

Some gave me up for lost, Thus every refuge fail'd me,

And all my hopes were cross'do 3 At length this great Physician

How matchless is his grace!
Accepted my petition,

And undertook my case-
Next door to deatl, he found me,

And snatch'd me from the grave
To tell to all around me,

His wondrous power to save. 4 A dying, risen JESUS,

Seen by the eye of faith,
At once from danger frees us,
And saves the soul from death

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Come then to this Physician,

His help he'll freely give,
He makes no hard condition,

Tis only-look-and live.


P. M. 170.

Types of Christ. Heb. iv. % 1

ISRAEL, in ancient days,

Not only had a view
Of Sinai in a blaze,
But learn'd the gospel too:
The types and figures were a glass,
In which they saw the Saviour's face.

The paschal sacrifice,
And blood-besprinkled door,
Seen with enlighten'd eyes,
And once apply'd with pow'r,
Would teach the need of other blood,

To reconcile an angry God.
3 The lamb, the dove, set forth

His perfect innocence,
Whose blood of matchless worth

Should be the soul's defence;
For he who can for sin atone,
Must have no failings of his own.

The scape-goat on his head
The people's trespass bore,
And, to the desert led,
Was to be seen no more;
In him our surety seem'd to say,
“ Behold I bear your


Dipt in his fellow's blood,
The living bird went free:
The type, well understood,

Express'd the sinner's plea-,
Describ'd the guilty soul enlarg'd,
And by the Saviour's death discharg'd.

6 Jesus, I love to trace

Throughout the sacred page,
The footsteps of thy grace,

The same in ev'ry age!
O grant that I may faithful be
To clearer light vouchsaf'd to me!

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P. M 171.

Types of Christ. Paschal Lamb

Heb. ix. 12. PASCHAL Lamb, by God appointed,

sins on By almighty love anointed, Thou hast full atonement made.

2 Adam's sons are now forgiven,

Through the virtue of thy blood! Open'd is the gate of heaven

Peace is made 'twixt man and God.

3 Jesus, hail, enthron’d in glory,

There for ever to abide;
All the heavenly hosts adore thee,

Seated at thy Father's side.
There for sinners thou art pleading

There thou dost our place prepare;
Ever for us interceding,

Till in glory we appear.
5 Glory, honour, pow'r, and blessing,

Thou art worthy to receive;
Loudcst praises, without ceasing,

Meet it is for us to give.

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6 When we join th' angelic smirits,

In their sweetest, noblest lays,
We will sing our Saviour's merits-
Gladly chant Immanuel's praise.


L. M. 172.

The Operations of the Holy Spirit. | ETERNAL Spirit! we confess

And sing the wonders of thy grace; Thy power conveys our blessings down

From God the Father and the Son. 2 Finlighten'd by thine heavenly ray,

Our shades and darkness turn to day:
Thine inward teachings make us know

Our ranger and our refuge too.
3 Thy power and glory works within,

And breaks the chains of reigning sin,
Doth our imperious lusts subdue,

And forms our wretched hearts anew. 4 The troubled conscience knows thy voice,

Thy cheering words awake our joys;
Thy words aslay the stormy wind,
And calm the surges of the mind.

(184.). L. M. 173.

Praise for the Spirit. 1 COME, gracious Spirit, heav'nly Dove,

With light and comfort from above. Be thou our guardian, thou our guide;

O’er ev'ry thought and step preside. 9 Conduct us safe, conduct us far

From ev'ry sin and hurtful snare;
Lead to thy word, that rules must give,
And teach us lessons how to live.
T'he light of truth to us display,
That we may know and love thy way;
Plant holy fear in ev'ry heart,
That we froin thee may ne'er depart,
Lead us to righteousness, the road
That we inust take, lo dviell with God;

Lead us to leav'n, the seat of bliss,
Where pleasure in perfection is.


(185.) C. M. · COME, holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,

With all thy quick’ning pow'rs; Kindle a flame of sacred love

In these cold hearts of ours.
2 Sce, how we grovel here below,

Fond of these earthly toys!
Our souls, how heavily they go,

To reach eternal joys!
3 Dear Lord! and shall we always live

At this poor, dying rate?
Our love so cold, so faint to thee,

And thine to us so great?
Come, holy Spirit, heav'nly Dove,

With all thy quick’ning pow’ss;
Come, shed abroad a Saviour's love,

And that shall kindle ours.

175. (189.) C. M.
My hope, my portion, and my God,

How little art thou known
By all the judgments of thy rod,

And blessings of thy throne!
2 How cold and feeble is my love!

How negligent my fear!
How low my hope of joys above!

How few affections there!
S Great God! thy gracious aid impart,

To give thy word success;
Write thy salvation in my heart,

That I'may learn thy grace.
Show my forgetful feet the way

That leads to joys on high:
There knowledge grows without decay,
And love shall never die.

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