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3 Shall Man, the lord of nature, expectant of the sky, Shall Man, alone unthankful, his little praise deny? No; let the year forsake his course, the seasons cease to be,

Thee, Father, must we always love, and, Master, honour Thee.

4 The flowers of Spring may wither, the hope of Summer fade;

The Autumn droop in Winter, the birds forsake the shade;

The winds be lulled, the Sun and Moon forget their old decree,—

But we, in Nature's latest hour, O God! will cling to Thee.

111. P. M.

1 Day-spring of Eternity!

Dawn on us this morning-tide:
Light from Light's exhaustless sea,
Now no more Thy radiance hide :
But dispel with glorious might
All our night.

2 Let the morning dew of love
On our sleeping conscience rain ;
Gentle comfort from above

Flow through life's long parched plain;
Water daily us Thy flock

From the Rock.

3 Let the glow of love destroy
Cold obedience faintly given;
Wake our hearts to strength and joy
With the flushing eastern heaven;
Let us truly rise ere yet

Life hath set.

4 Brightest Star of eastern skies,
Let that final morn appear,
When our bodies too shall rise,
Free from all that pained them here,
Strong their joyful course to run
As the Sun.

5 To yon world be Thou our light,
O Thou glorious Sun of grace;
Lead us through the tearful night,
To yon fair and blessed place,
Where to joy that never dies
We shall rise!

112. L. M.

1 Eternal Source of every joy!
Well may Thy praise our lips employ,
While in Thy temple we appear,
Whose goodness crowns the circling year.

2 Wide as the wheels of Nature roll,
Thy hand supports the steady pole;
By Thee the sun is taught to rise,
And darkness when to veil the skies.

3 The flowery Spring, at Thy command,
Embalms the air and paints the land;
The Summer rays with vigour shine,
To raise the corn and cheer the vine.
4 Thy hand in Autumn richly pours
O'er all the earth abundant stores;
And Winters, softened by Thy care,
No more a face of horror wear.

5 Seasons and months, and weeks and days,
Demand successive songs of praise:
Still be the cheerful homage paid,
With opening light and evening shade.
6 O may our more harmonious tongues
In worlds unknown pursue the songs,
And in those brighter courts adore,
Where days and years revolve no more.

113. C. M.

1 Thou, God, art a consuming fire,
Yet mortals may find grace,
From toil and tumult to retire,
And meet Thee face to face.

2 Though "Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!"
Seraph to seraph sings,

And angel-choirs with one accord
Worship with veiling wings;—

3 Though earth Thy footstool, heaven Thy throne, Thy way amidst the sea,

Thy path deep floods, Thy steps unknown,
Thy counsels mystery ;—

4 Yet wilt Thou look on him who lies
A suppliant at Thy feet;
And hearken to the feeblest cries
That reach Thy mercy-seat.

5 Between the cherubim of old
Thy glory was expressed;

But God, through Christ, we now behold
In flesh made manifest.

6 Through him, who all our sickness felt,
Who all our sorrows bare,

Through him, in whom Thy fulness dwelt,
We offer up our prayer.

114. L. M.

1 Holy as Thou, O Lord, is none!
Thy holiness is all Thine own;
A drop of that unbounded sea
Is ours, a drop derived from Thee.

2 And when Thy purity we share,
Only Thy glory we declare;
And humbled into nothing own,
Holy and pure is God alone.

3 Sole self-existent God and Lord,
By all the heavenly hosts adored!
Let all on earth bow down to Thee,
And own Thy peerless majesty.

115. C. M.

1 O Lord, our King, how excellent
Thy name on earth is known!
Thy glory in the firmament
How wonderfully shown!

2 Yet are the humble dear to Thee!
Thy praises are confessed
By infants lisping at the knee,
And nurselings at the breast.

3 When I behold the heavens on high,
The work of Thy right hand;
The moon and stars amid the sky,
Thy lights in every land;-

4 Lord! what is Man, that Thou should'st deign On him to set Thy love,

Give him on earth awhile to reign,
Then fill a throne above?

5 O Lord, how excellent Thy name!
How manifold Thy ways!

Let Time Thy saving truth proclaim,
Eternity Thy praise!

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