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THE ARGUMENT.-Night-where from. Invisible Ministry at Even. The limits of earthly illuminations. The angel of reflection. The land of light.

PHENCE comes the Tide of Even? From the IX low,

The hollow leafy dingle, and the valley,
The bosom of the dark Scotch-fir plantation,
And basin of the river in the woodland,
Cometh the Tide of Even. From below,
Not from above, downwafted like a feather,
But from beneath, as from the caves of ocean,
Riseth the Tide of Even, grey and silent.

No! from the far above comes not the dark;
Not from the sungilt moon, nor from the stars,
But from the earth alone. Our darkest night
Is nothing but the shadow of the world,
Gliding out skyward.

Now the sun is setting;— See, while his farewell fires fade slowly out, How the gloom rises in the quiet valleys,

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ter in the shaded well, gtide in the river's channel, o'erflow. So cometh Even.

when the darkness holds

he sun-forsaken scene, le, in poetic mood,

e near, of royal grace, of highest heaven,

e, and upward leading hand,
of sun, and crown'd with stars,
e of smile, tho' awe might be,

ning evil, could remain,
visibly, drawn nigh?

at perceiveth then,

ne earth,) of heaven speaking?

e musing mind revealeth

and of lovingkindness;

ess, grace, and truth, and patience; sgression, and of peace,—

ing and obedient heart,

E trouble, shall be, still,—

nbow in the storm;

-e, and have, hereafter, heaven!


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Something for nothing, may with grace be granted,
But how, from nothing, something may be gained,
To human understanding is unknown;
And left alone, what has the world to give?

Let but the sun go down, the moon not rise,
The stars withdraw their shining, and—what then?

Try, then, illumination;

And let whatever art can do, be done:
Twist perforated tubes, with skilful hand,
Into bold lines of beauty, stars and crowns!
Let every private house have its device;
Be no expense on public buildings spared.
Train coloured lamps around the lofty column—
Round base, shaft, capital, and architrave :
Dot frieze and cornice with the golden fire,

And belt the swelling dome with burning bands!
Let light electric, from the dizzy summit,
Toss its white arms about, above the city,
And flash its lightnings, sweepingly, afar!
Let bonfires, like volcanoes, in full blaze,
Leap wildly from the mountain to the sky!
Let rockets rise, like arrows, to the clouds,
Startle the gloom, and send down showers of

Come now, and see!

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