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be to cry out, " The wolf is coming !” what fun to see the people run from the town to kill the wolf, when there is no wolf to kill.

3. So this silly boy ran into the town, crying, “ Wolf! wolf! the wolf is coming !” many people came with guns and sticks to drive the wolf back, or to kill it. But when they got to the place, they could see no wolf, and went back again, while the boy laughed at the fun, as he called it.

4. A few days after, he thought he would have some more sport, so he called out " Wolf! wolf !" again; and the second time the people came out with their guns and swords to kill the wolf, but there was no wolf to be seen, and so they went back to the town again. Again the boy tried the same trick. The people came, and once more went back sorely deceived.

5. A few days after this, the wolf did come from the woods, and not merely one, but a whole pack of wolves. The boy blew his horn, and cried out, “ Wolf! wolf !” as before. The people heard him in the town, but they said, “Oh! he does not speak the truth; he has often cried, “Wolf! wolf !' when there was no wolf !” And so no one went to aid him this time, and the wolves not only took off some of the sheep, but tore the boy himself to pieces. Thus the LIAR was not believed when he spoke the TRUTH.




fetch snarl walk through

limb fight teach 1. THERE was once a dog whose name was TRAY; he was a good dog, and fond of play and fun, and he would run, and jump, and fetch, and carry; and he would not hurt the least thing in the world, and all the boys were fond of him.

2. There was, too, a dog whose name was SNAP, who was cross, and would snarl, and growl, and snap, and grin, and show his teeth at all who came near him. One day these two dogs met, and they both went for a walk; at last they came to a town.

3. The dogs came out as they went through the streets; Tray was full of fun and play, and did not hurt any of them; but Snap began to grin and snarl at this one, and snap and bite at the other, till at last all the dogs fell on him, and tore him limb from limb.

4. Alas, poor Tray met with his death at the same time, and was killed in the fight. This should teach us not to go with bad boys or girls, lest, through their faults, we should share their fate.


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comforter An orphan child was Jenny Lee,

Her father, he was dead,
And very hard her mother worked,

To get the children bread.
In winter time, she often rose

Long ere the day was light,
And left her orphan family,

Till dark again at night.
And she would always say to Jane,

Before she went away,
“Be sure you mind the little ones,

And don't go out to play.
Keep baby quiet in his bed,

As long as he will lie,
Then take him up, and dance him well,

Don't leave him there to cry.
" And don't let little Christopher,

Get down into the street,
For fear he meets an accident

Beneath the horses' feet.

" And mind about the fire, my child,

And keep a tidy floor ;
We never need be dirty, Jane,

Although we may be poor.
" Good-bye, my precious comforter,

For all the neighbours say,
That I can trust my little maid,

Whenever I'm away.”
Then Jenny she was quite as proud

As England's noble Queen,
And she resolved to do the work,

And keep the dwelling clean.
She did not stop to waste her time,

But very brisk was she;
And worked as hard and cheerfully,

As any busy bee.
If down upon the cottage floor,

Her little brother fell,
She stroked the places tenderly,

A d kissed and made them well.
And when the little babe was cross,

As little babes will be,
She nursed and danced it merrily,

And fed it on her knee.

But when they both were safe in bed,

She neatly swept the hearth, And waited till her mother's step

Came sounding up the path. Then open flew the cottage door,

The weary mother smiled ; "Ah! Jenny dear, what should I do, Without my precious child ! ”

Mrs. Sewell.

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Reason buzzing mischief tail afraid aye replied stinging

instead reason 1. A WASP met a bee, and said to him, Pray, can you tell me why men seem to like you so, and always run away from me ? I am quite as pretty to look at as you are. I have rings of gold about my body, which you have not, and can sing a song as well as you; but yet when I go into a house, there is such a fuss made to get rid of me, that it makes me quite angry.

2. The bee said to the wasp, “ The reason why men do not like you is because you do not WORK, as I do. They see you buzzing about with little to do but mischief, and they know you have a sting in your tail, and are afraid of it.”

3. “And so have you a sting in your tail,” replied the wasp. “My sting is no worse than yours, I am sure.

4. Aye, but then you are idle,” replied the bee; “and idle people are always fond of mischief. They know that I make honey and wax, and that I do not use my sting, unless I am forced to do so. But you often amuse yourself by stinging instead of working. This is the reason people do not like you, and pay respect to me.

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