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The same.
[Ps. 100. ii. 2. Eternal are thy mercies, Lord;

Eternal truth attends thy word; 1. BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne,

Thy praise shall sound from shore to shore, Ye pations bow with sacred joy;

Till suns shall rise and set no more. Know that the Lord is God alone,

He can create, and he destroy. 2. His sovereign power, without our aid,

The same. (Ps. 148. iii. Made us of clay, and formed us men; 1. Loud hallelujahs to the Lord. And when, like wandering sheep,we strayed,

From distant worlds where creatures He brought us to his fold again.

dwell! 3. We are his people, we his care,

Let heaven begin the solemn word, Our souls, and all our mortal frame:

Aud sound it dreadful down to hell. What lasting honors shall we rear,

2. The Lordl-how absolute he reigns! Almighty Maker, to thy name!

Let every angel bend the knee, 4. We'll crowd thy gates with thankful songs;! Sipy of his love in heavenly strains, High as the heavens our voices raise;

And speak how fierce bis terrors be. And earth, with her ten thousand tongues,

Shall fill thy courts with sounding praise. 3. High on a throne his glories dwell, 5. Wide as the world is thy command,

An awful throne of shining bliss: Vast as eternity thy love;

Fly through the world, O sun! and tell Firm as a rock thy truth must stand,

How dark thy beams compared to his. When rolling years shall cease to move. 4. Awakė, ve tempests, and his fame

In sounds of dreadful praise declare; 5.

The same.
[Ps. 100. iii. Let the sweet whisper of his name

Fill every gentler breeze of air. 1. With one consent, let all the earth

To God their cheerful voices raise; 5. Let clouds, and winds, and waves agree Glad homage pay, with awful mirth,

To join their praise with blazing fire; And sing before him songs of praise : Let the firm earth and rolling sea 2. Convinced that he is God alone,

In this eternal song conspire.
From whom both we and all proceed; 6. Mortals, can you refrain your tongue.
We, whom he chooses for his own,

When nature all around you sings?
The flock which he vouchsafes to feed.

O for a shout from old and young, 3. O enter then his temple gate,

From humble swains and lofty kings! Thence to his courts devoutly press; And still your grateful hymns repent,

7. Wide as his vast dominion lies,

Make the Creator's name be known; And still his name with praises bless.

Loud as his thunder shout his praise, 4. For he's the Lord-supremely good,

And sound it lofty as his throne.
His mercy is forever sure;
His truth, which always firmly stood, 8. Jehovah—'t is a glorious word!
To endless ages shall endure.

O may it dwell on every tongue!

But saints, who best have known the Lord, Unwversal Praise. [Ps. 117. ii.

Are bound to raise the noblest song. 1. From all that dwell below the skies 9. Speak of the wonders of that love, Let the Creator's praige arise:

Which Gabriel plays on every chord; Let the Redeemer's name be sung

From all below, and all above, Through every land, by every tongue.

Loud hallelujahs to the Lord!

To God the Fa - ther, God the Son, And God the Spi - rit, Three in


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Be hon - or, praise, and glo-ry given, By all on earth, and all

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9. Longing for God's House. [Ps. 84. vi. 1. Great God, attend, while Zion sings

The joy, that from thy presence springs,
To spend one day with thee on earth
Exceeds a thousand days of mirth.

2. Might I enjoy the meanest place

Within thy house, O God of grace,
Not tents of ease, nor thrones of power,
Should tempt my feet to leave thy door.

8. Public Prayer and Praise. [Ps. 65. i. 1. The praise of Zion waits for thee,

My God, and praise becomes thy house; There shall thy saints thy glory see,

And there perform their public vows. 2. O thou, whose mercy bends the skies,

To save when humble sinners pray;
All lands to thee shall lift their eyes,

And distant islands of the sea.
8 Against my will my sins prevail,

But grace shall purge away their stain; The blood of Christ will never fail

To wash my garments white again. 4. Blest is the man whom thou shalt choose,

And give him kind access to thee; Give him a place within thy house,

To taste thy love divinely free. 6. With dreadful glory God fulfills

What his afflicted saints request;
And with almighty wrath reveals

His love to give his churches rest. 6. Then shall the flocking nations run

To Zion's hill, and own their Lord;
The rising and the setting sun

Shall see the Saviour's name adored.

3. God is our sun-he makes our day;

God is our shield-he guards our way From all th' assaults of hell and sin, From foes without and foes within.

4. All needful grace will God bestow,

And crown that grace with glory, too;
He gives us all things, and withholds

No real good from upright souls. 6. O God, our King! thy sovereign sway

The glorious hosts of heaven obey,
And devils at thy presence flee;
Blest is the man that trusts in thee!


Christ's second Coming. [Ps. 97. ii. 4. Mortals with joy bebold his face, 1. He reigns; the Lord, the Saviour reigns ;

Th'eternal Father's only Son; Praise him in evangelic strains ;

How full of truth! how full of grace! Let the whole earth in songs rejoice;

When thro' his eyes the Godhead shone ! And distant islands join their voice.

6. Archangels leave their high abode, 2. Deep are his counsels and unknown,

To learn new mysteries bere, and tell

The love of our descending God,
But grace and truth support his throne;
Though gloomy clouds his way surround,

The glories of Immanuel.
Justice is their eternal ground.

13. Christ our Righteousness. [ly. 165. 3. In robes of judgment, lo, he comes ! 11. Jesus! thy robe of righteousness Shakes the wide earth, and cleaves the

My beauty is, my glorious dress : tombs;

'Mid flaming worlds, in this arrayed, Before him burns devouring fire,

With joy shall I lift up my head The mountains melt, the seas retire.

| 2. When from the dust of death I rise. 4. His enemies, with sore dismay,

To claim my mansion in the skies, Fly from the sight, and shun the day: E'en then shall this be all my plea, Then lift your heads, ye saints, on high, “Jesus hath lived and died for me.” And sing, for your redemption 's nigh.

3. This spotless robe the same appears,

When ruined nature sinks in years; 11. Constant Worship. [Ps. 134. 1V. | No age can change its lovely hue; 1. O YE that serve the Lord of light,

Its glory is forever new, Within his temple, night by night,

14. 0, let the dead now hear thy voice : While thus ye keep your faithful ward,

Now bid thy banished ones rejoice, Lift holy hands, and bless the Lord.

Their beauty this, their glorious dress,

Jesus, the Lord our righteousness. 2. The Lord, who made the heavens on high,

The sun, the moon, the starry sky,
And spread, below, the earth and sea,


The Gospel Ministry. [Hy. 558. From Zion bless thy prayer and thee. 1. The Saviour, when to beaven be rose

In splendid triumph o'er his foes, 12.

flv 1011 The Incarnation

Scattered his gifts on men below, (Hy. 101.

And wide his royal bounties flow. 1. Ere the blue heavens were stretched abroad, From everlasting was the Word;

, 2. Hence sprung th' apostles' bonored name, With God he was; the Word was God,

Sacred beyond heroic fame :

In lowlier forms to bless our eyes, And must divinely be adored.

Pastors from hence, and teachers rise. 2. By his own power were all things made; 3. So shall the bright succession run By him supported all things stand;

Through the last courses of the sun; He is the whole creation's head,

While unborn churches, by their care, And angels fly at his command.

Shall rise and flourish, large and fair, 8. But lo, be leaves those heavenly forms, 4. Jesus, our Lord, their hearts shall know,

The Word descends, and dwells in clay, The spring whence all these blessings flow; That he may converse hold with worms, Pastors and people shout his praise,

Dressed in such feeble flesh as they. Through the long round of endless daye.

Praise God, from whom all blessings flow; Praise him, all creatures here be - low;

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Christ's Atonement. (Ps. 69. iii. 2. Spare us, O Lord, aloud we pray.

Nor let our sun go down at noon : 1. Deep in our hearts let us record

Thy years are one eternal day,
The deeper sorrows of our Lord :
Behold the rising billows roll,

And must thy children die so soon?
To overwhelm his holy soul.

3. Yet, in the midst of death and grief,

This thought our sorrow shall assuage; 2. In long complaints he spends his breath;

“Our Father and our Saviour live:. While hosts of hell, and powers of death,

Christ is the same through every age.” And all the sons of malice join, To execute their base design.

4. 'Twas he this earth's foundation laid;

Heaven is the building of his hand; 3. Yet, gracious God, thy power and love

This earth grows old, these heavens shall Have made the curse a blessing prove;

fade, Those dreadful sufferings of thy Son

And all be changed at his command. Atoned for sins which we had done.

5. The starry curtains of the sky, 4. The pangs of our expiring Lord

Like garments, shall be laid aside ; The honors of thy law restored :

But still thy throne stands firm and high ; His sorrows made thy justice known,

Thy church forever must abide. And paid for follies not his own.

6. Before thy face thy church shall live, 6. Oh, for his sake, our guilt forgive,

And on thy throne thy children reign, And let the mourning sinner live!

This dying world shall they survive, The Lord will hear us in his name,

And the dead saints be raised again Nor shall our hope be turned to shame.

17. Sincerity professed, and Grace [Ps. 139. ix. 16. Man frail-God unchanging. [Ps. 102. v.

tried 1. It is the Lord our Saviour's hand,

1. My God, what inward grief I feel, Weakens our strength amid the race: When impious men transgress thy will! Disease, and death, at his command,

I mourn to hear their lips profane-
Arrest us, and cut short our days.

Take thy tremendous name in vain.



. Does not my soul detest and hate

| 2. Though I have most unfaithful been, The sons of malice and deceit ?

Of all who e'er thy grace received; Those that oppose thy laws and thee,

Ten thousand times thy goodness seen, I count them enemies to me.

Ten thousand times thy goodness

grieved ;3. Lord, search my soul, try every thought, Though my own heart accuse me not

3. Yet Ol the chief of sinners spare, Of walking in a false disguise,

In honor of my great High Priest; I beg the trial of thine eyes.

Nor, in thy righteous anger, swear

I shall not see thy people's rest. 4. Doth secret mischief lurk within ? Do I indulge some unknown sin ?

| 4. O Lord, my weary soul release, 0, turn my feet whene'er I stray,

And raise me by thy gracious hand; And lead me in thy perfect way.

Guide me into thy perfect peace,

And bring me to the promised land. God's Immutability. [Hy. 61.

1. The great Journey. 1. GREAT Former of this various frame,

[Hy. 470. Our souls adore thine awful name,

1. Behold the path that mortals tread And bow and tremble while they praise

Down to the regions of the dead! The Ancient of eternal days.

Nor will the fleeting moments stay,

Nor can we measure back our way. 2. Before thine infinite survey, Creation rose as yesterday;

2. Our kindred and our friends are gone; And, as to-morrow, shall thine eye

- Know, O my soul, this doom thine own: See earth and stars in ruin lie.

Feeble as theirs my mortal frame,

The same my way, my house the same. 3. Beyond the highest angel's sight,

3. And must I, from the cheerful light. Thou dwellest in eternal light, Which shines with undiminished ray,

Pass to the grave's perpetual night!

From scenes of duty, means of grace, While suns and systems waste away.

Must I to God's tribunal pass ? 4. Our days a transient period run,

4. Awake, my soul, thy way prepare, And change with every circling sun;

And lose, in this, each mortal care; And while to lengthened years we trust,

With steady feet that path be trod, Before the moth we sink to dust.

Which, through the grave, conducts to God. 6. But let the creatures fall around;

Let death consign us to the ground; 21. National Judgments deprecated [lly. 614. Let the last general flame arise,

1. While o'er our guilty land, O Lord, And melt the arches of the skies ;

We view the terrors of thy sword; 6. Calm as the summer's ocean, we

Oh, whither shall the hopeless fly? Can all the wreck of nature see;

To whom but thee direct their cry? While grace secures us an abode

2. On thee, our guardian God, we call, Unshaken as the throne of God.

Before thy throne of grace we fall,

And is there no deliverance there? 19. Prayer for the Spirit. [lly. 206.

And must we perish in despair i 1. STAY, thou insulted Spirit, stay!

3. See, we repent, we weep, we mourn,
Though I have done thee such despite, To our forsaken God we turn;
Cast not a sinner quite away,

O, spare our guilty country, spare
Nor take thine everlasting flight.

The church, which thou hast planted here.

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