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grievous crime; repent ye of your fore God. If any man say, I am a sins, or else come not to that holy grievous sinner, and therefore am Table.

afraid to come: wherefore then do ye And because it is requisite that no not repent and amend? When God man should come to the Holy Com-calleth you, are ye not ashamed munion, but with a full trust in to say, ye will not come? When God's mercy, and with a quiet con- ye should return to God, will ye exscience; therefore, if there be any cuse yourselves, and say, ye are not of you, who by these means cannot ready? Consider eamestly with quiet his own conscience herein, yourselves, how little such feign but requireth further comfort or ed excuses will avail before God. counsel; let him come to me, or to Those who refused the feast in the some other Minister of God's word,Gospel, because they had bought and open his grief; that he may a farm, or would try their yokes of receive such Godly counsel andoxen, or because they were marriadvice, as may tend to the quiet- ed, were not so excused, but counting of his conscience, and the re-ed unworthy of the heavenly feast. moving of all scruple and doubt- Wherefore, according to mine offulness,

fice, I bid you in the name of God, 1 Or, in case he shall see the People negligent to I call you in Christ's behalf, I excome to the Holy Communion, instead of the former, he shall use this Exhortation.

hort you, as ye


EARLY beloved brethren, on tion, that ye will be partakers of

....--- I intend, by God's grace, this Holy Communion. And as the to celebrate the Lord's Supper; un- Son of God did vouchsafe to yield to which, in God's behalf, I bid you up his soul by death upon the cross, , all who are here present; and be- for your salvation ; so it is your seech you for the Lord Jesus duty to receive the Communion in Christ's sake, that ye will not refuse remembrance of the sacrifice of his to come thereto, being so loving- death, as he himself hath commandly called and bidden by God him-ed: Which if ye shall neglect to self. Ye know how grievous and do, consider with yourselves, how unkind a thing it is, when a man great is your ingratitude to God, hath prepared a rich feast, decked and how sore punishment hangeth his table with all kinds of provision, over your heads for the same, when so that there lacketh nothing but ye wilfully abstain from the Lord's the guests to sit down; and yet Table, and separate from your brethey who are called (without anythren who come to feed on the bancause) most unthankfully refuse to quet of that most heavenly food.

Which of you in such a These things if ve earnestly conoase would not be moved? Who sider, ye will by God's grace, return would not think a great injury and to a better mind; for the obtaining wrong done unto him? Where-whereof we shall not cease to make fore, most dearly beloved in Christ, our humble petitions unto Almightake ye good heed, lest ye, with- ty God, our heavenly Father. drawing yourselves from this holy T At the time of the Celebration of the CommrSupper, provoke God's indigna- nion, the Priest shall say this Exhortation. tion against you. It is an easy Dya who mind to come to the

EARLY matter for a man to say, I will not ye communicate, because I am other- Holy Communion of the Body and wise hindered with worldly busi- Blood of our Saviour Christ, must ness. But such excuses are not so consider how St. Paul exhorteth all easily accepted, and allowed be- persons diligently to try and ex

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the Priest and all those who are minded to receive

amine themselves, before they pre-neighbours, and intend to lead a sume to eat of that Bread, and drink new life, following the commandof that Cup. For as the benefit is ments of Gol, and walking from great, if with a true penitent heart henceforth in his holy ways; draw and lively faith we receive that holy near with faith, and take this holy Sacrament; so is the danger great, Sacrament to your comfort ; and if we receive the same unworthily. make your humble confession to Judge therefore yourselves, bre-Almighty God, devoutly kneeling. thren, that

ye be not judged of the Then shall this general Confession be made, by Lord; repent ye truly for your sins the Holy Communion, humbly kneeling. past; have a lively steadfast

LMIGHTY God, Father of faith in Christ lue Sainour amend A our Lord Jesus Christ

, Weaker your lives, and be in perfect charity of all things, Judge of all men ; we with all men: so shall ye be meet acknowledge and bewail our manipartakers of those holy Mysteries. fold sins and wickedness, which we And above all things, ye must give from time to time most grievously most humble and hearty thanks to have committed, by thought, word, God the Father, the Son, and the and deed, against thy divine MaHoly Ghost, for the redemption of jesty; provoking most justly thy the world by the death and passion wrath and indignation against us. of our Saviour Christ, both God We do earnestly repent, and are and man; who did humble himself, heartily sorry for these our misdoeven to the death upon the cross, ings; the remembrance of them for us miserable sinners, who lay in is grievous unto us; the burthen of darkness and the shadow of death; them is intolerable. Have mercy that he might make us the children upon us, have mercy upon us, most of God, and exalt us to everlasting merciful Father; for thy Son our life. And to the end that we should Lord Jesus Christ's sake, forgive always remember the exceeding us all that is past; and grant, that great love of our Master and only we may ever hereafter serve and Saviour Jesus Christ, thus dying please thee in newness of life, to for us, and the innumerable benefits the honour and glory of thy name, which by his precious blood-shed-through Jesus Christ our Lord. ding he hath obtained for us, he Amen. hath instituted and ordained holy " Then shall the Priest (the Bishop, is he be preMysteries, as pledges of his love, sent) stand up, and turning to the People, say, and for a continuaf remembrance A venly


, who of his great

, of his death, to our great and endless comfort. To him, therefore, of sins to all those who with hearty

mercy hath promised forgiveness with the Father, and the Holy repentance and true faith turn unto Ghost, let us give (as we are most him, have mercy upon you; parbounden) continual thanks; sub- don and deliver you from all your mitting ourselves wholly to his ho- sins; confirm and strengthen you ly will and pleasure, and studying in all goodness; and bring you to serve him in true holiness and to everlasting life, through Jesus righteousness, all the days of our Christ our Lord. Amen. life. Amen.

Then shall the Priest say, ? Then shall the Priest say to those who come to

Hear what comfortable words receive the Holy Communion,

our Saviour Christ saith unto all E who do truly and earnestly who truly turn to him.

NOMÉ unto me, all ye

that are in love and charity with your travel and are heavy laden,

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1, 2.


and I will refresh you. St. Matt. was made very man, of the subxi. 28.

stance of the Virgin Mary his MoSo God loved the world, that be ther; and that without spot of sin, gave his only begotten Son, to the to make us clean from all sin: end that all that believe in him Therefore with Angels, &c. should not perish, but have ever- 1 Upon Easter Day, and seven Days after. lasting life. St. John jü. 16.

BUT chiefly are we bound to Hear also what St. Paul saith. praise thee for the glorious

This is a true saying, and worthy resurrection of thy Son Jesus Christ of all men to be received that Christ our Lord: For he is the very PasJesus came into the world to save

chal Lamb, which was offered for sinners. 1 Tim. i. 15.

us, and bath taken away the sin of Hear also what St. John saith. the world; who by his death hath

If any man sin, we have an Ad-destroyed death, and, by his rising vocate with the Father, Jesus to life again, hath restored to us Christ the righteous; and he is the everlasting life: Therefore with propitiation for our sins. 1 John ü. Angels, &c.

1 Upon Ascension Day, and seven Days after. í After which the Priest shall proceed, saying,

THROUGH thy most dearly Lift up your hearts.

beloved Son Jesus Christ our Answer. We lift them up unto Lord; who, after his most glorithe Lord.

ous resurrection, manifestly apPriest. Let us give thanks unto peared to all his Apostles, and in our Lord God.

their sight ascended up into heaAnswer. It is meet and right so ven, to prepare a place for us; that to do.

where he is, thither we might also Then shall the Priest turn to the Lord's Table, ascend, and reign with him in gloT is very meet, right, and our ry: Therefore with Angels, &c.

y bounden duty, that we should

1 Upon Whitsunday, and six Days after.

THROUGH Jesus Christ our thanks unto thee, O Lord, [* Holy most true promise, the Holy Ghost

Lord; according to whose Father,]Almighty,everlasting God.

Here shall follow the proper Preface, according came down as at this time from to the time, if there be any specially appointed; heaven, with a sudden great soud, or else immediately shall be said or" sung by the as it had been a mighty wind in Priest and People,

THEREFORE with Angels the likeness of fiery tongues, lightthe company of heaven, we laud them, and to lead them to all truth; and magnify thy glorious name: giving them both the gift of dirers evermore praising thee, and say- languages, and also boldness with ,

, ing, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God of fervent zeal, constantly to preach Hosts, heaven and earth are full the gospel unto all nations; whereof thy glory: Glory be to thee, Oby we have been brought out of Lord Most High. Amen.

darkness and error, into the clear

light and true knowledge of thee, 1 PROPER PREFACES. and of thy Son Jesus Christ: There1 Upon Christmas Day, and seven Days after

. fore with Angels, &c. ECAUSE


Upon the Feast of Trinity only, may be said, be born as at this time for us; wheWHO art one God, one Lord;

not one only person, but three by the operation of the Holy Ghost, persons in one substance: For that

and say,

at all times, and in all places, give TH



Christ, thine only Son, to

* These words (Holy Father) must be omitted on Tripity Sunday:

is to take the Paten


be consecrated.

which we believe of the glory of night in which he the Father, the same we believe of was betrayed (a) (a) Here the Priest the Son, and of the Holy Ghost, he took bread ; and into his hanus. without

any difference or inequali- when he had given ty: Therefore with Angels, &c. thanks, (b) he (b) And here to

break the Bread. TOr else this may be said, the words (Holy Fa. brake it, and gave ther) being retained in the introductory Address, it to his disciples, F VOR the precious death and

saying, Take, eat, merits of thy Son Jesus Christ our Lord, and for the sending to us dy, which is given the Bread.

(c) this is my Bo- (c) And here to lay

his hands upon all of the Holy Ghost the Comforter ; for you ; Do this

; who are one with thee in thy eter

in remembrance of nal Godhead: Therefore with An

me. Likewise, afgels, fc.

ter supper (d) he (d) Here he is to 4 Then shall the Priest, kneeling down at the Lord's Table, say, in the naine of all those who shall took the cup; and take the Cup into his receive the Communion, this Prayer following: when he had given TE

this thy Table, O merciful to them, saying, Lord, trusting in our own right- Drink ye all of this,

, eousness, but in thy manifold and for (e) this is my

(e) And here he is great mercies. We are not wor- Blood, of the New every Vessel, in which

to lay his hand upon thy so much as to gather up the Testament, which there is any Winc to crumbs under thy Table. But thou is shed for


and art the same Lord, whose property for many, for the remission of sins: is always to have mercy : Grant Do this as oft as ye shall drink it, in us therefore, gracious Lord, so to remembrance of me. eat the flesh of thy dear Son Jesus WHEREFORE,

THEREFORE, our sinful bodies may be made clean heavenly Father, according to the by his body, and our souls washed institution of thy dearly beloved through his most precious blood, Son our Saviour Jesus Christ, we, and that we may evermore dwell thy humble servants, do celebrate in him, and he in us. Amen. .

and make here before thy divine When the Priest, standing before the Table, hath Majesty, with these thy holy gifts, so ordered may with the more readiness and decency break the which we now offer unto thee, the Bread before the People, and take the Cup into memorial thy Son hath commanded his hands; he shall say the Prayer of Consecration, as followeth :

us to make; having in remembrance LL glory be to thee, Almighty his blessed passion and precious

God, our heavenly Father, for death, his mighty resurrection and that thou, of thy tender mercy, glorious ascension; rendering unto didst give thine only Son Jesus thee most hearty thanks, for the Christ to suffer death upon the innumerable benefits procured unto cross for our redemption; who us by the same. And we most made there (by his one oblation of humbly beseech thee, himself once offered) a full, per- O merciful Father, to fect, and sufficient sacrifice, obla-hear us; and, of thy Almighty tion, and satisfaction, for the sins of goodness, vouchsafe to bless and the whole world; and did institute, sanctify, with thy Word and Holy and in his holy gospel command us Spirit, these thy gifts and creatures to continue a perpetual inemory of of bread and wine; that we, rethat his precious death and sacrifice ceiving them according to thy Son until his coming again : For in the our Saviour Jesus Christ's holy in

The Oblation.


The Invocation,


stitution, in remembrance of his 1 And the Minister who delivereth the Cup, shall Death and Passion, may be par- ZEVHE Blood of our Lord Jesus Blood. And we earnestly desire thee, preserve thy body and soul thy fatherly goodness, mercifully unto everlasting life: Drink this in

, to accept this our sacrifice of praise remembrance that Christ's blood and thanksgiving; most humbly be- was shed for thee, and be thankful. seeching thee to grant, that by the If the consecrated Bread and Wine be spent bemerits and death of thy Son Jesus fore all have communicated, the Priest is to con

secrate more, according to the Form before preChrist, and through faith in his

scribed; beginning at-All glory be to thee, Ale blood, we, and all thy whole mighty God--and ending with these words Church, may obtain remission of When all liave cominunicated, the Minister shall

Partakers of his most blessed Body and Blood. our sins, and all other benefits of return to the Lord's Table, and reverently place

upon it what remaineth of the consecrated Elehis passion. And here we offer and

ments, covering the same with a fair linen Cloth. present unto thee, O Lord, our- 1 Then shall the Minister say the Lord's Prayer, selves, our souls, and bodies, to be

the People repeating after him every petition.

UR Father, who art in Heaa reasonable, holy, and living sa- OUR crifice unto thee; humbly beseech-Thy Kingdom come; Thy Will

ven, Hallowed be thy name; ing thee, that we, and all others be done on Earth, as it is in

, who shall be partakers of this Holy Heaven ; Give us this day our daiCommunion, may worthily receive the most precious Body and Blood ly bread; And forgive us our tresof thy Son Jesus Christ, be filled passes, as we forgive those who with thy grace and heavenly bene- trespass against us; And lead us diction, and made one body with not into temptation; but deliver

: him, that he may dwell in them, us from evil: Forthine is the Kingand they in him. And although we

dom, and the Power, and the Glo

Amen. are unworthy, through our mani- ry, for ever and ever.

1 After shall be said as followeth: fold sins, to offer unto thee any sa- LMIGHTY and everliving crifice; yet we beseech thee to ac

God, we most heartily thank cept this our bounden duty and thee, for that thou dost vouchsafe service, not weighing our merits, to feed us who have duly received but pardoning our offences; through these holy Mysteries, with the spiJesus Christ our Lord; by whom, ritual food of the most precious and with whom, in the unity wf the Body and Blood of thy Son our Holy Ghost, all honour and glory Saviour Jesus Christ; and dost be unto thee, O Father Almighty, assure us thereby of thy favour world without end. Amen.

and goodness towards us; and that Here shall be sung a Hymn, or Part of a Hymn,

we are very members incorporate * Then shall the Priest first receive the Commu- in the mystical body of thy Son,

nion in both kinds himself, and proceed to deliver which is the blessed the same to the Bishops, Priests, and Deacons,

company of all in like manner, (if any be present) and, after faithful people; and are also heirs that, to the People also in order, into their hands, through hope of thy everlasting all devoutly kneeling: and when he delivereth the Bread, he shall say,

kingdom, by the merits of the most T

THE Body of our Lord Jesus precious death and passion of thy thee, preserve thy body and soul beseech thee, O heavenly Father, unto everlasting life: Take and eat so to assist us with thy grace, that this in remembrance that Christ we may continue in that holy feldied for thee, and feed on him in lowship, and do all such good works thy, heart by faith, with thanks- as thou hast prepared for us to walk giving

in, through Jesus Christ our Lord;

from the Selection for the Feasts and Fasts, &c.

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