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Let not the wolf thy fold surprise,
Nor fruitless, vain contentions rise;
The guardian wings around us spread,
And feed us with thy children's bread.
Where Thou shalt deign to shew Thy face,
Amidst the subjects of Thy grace,
The meanest house at once shall be
A temple sanctify'd by Thee.

Trim Thou our lamps, or else they die,
The languid flame with oil supply;
Then, at the midnight summons, we
Shall enter in, and sup with Thee.
Our Kinsman, Thou, in 'ties of blood
Our Peace, our Rest, our Heav'n, our God;
In whom we stand, from sin made free,
Accepted, bless'd, and lov'd in Thee.

136. Prayer for Heart Religion. C. M.
JESUS, my Lord, melt down my heart,
And open clear mine eyes;
The purest knowledge now impart,
And make me truly wise.

Dear Saviour, surely now I feel,
Heart-breathings after Thee:
O that my Lord would now reveal,
His tender heart to me.

In me, dear Jesus, now increase,
Heart-faith, that's pure and true;
Heart-knowledge of thy pard'ning grace,
And heart-experience too.

O, for a heart that rises up,
In all-prevailing pray'r;
A heart that e'er abounds in hope,
Till Jesus shall appear.

A heart that's merciful and kind,
That glows with warmest love;
That e'er abhors the rising sin,

Nor would from Jesus move,
A heart that ever freely swells,
In songs to Calv'ry's blood;
That sweetly moves, and ever dwells,
In all the love of God.


Grace experienced. C. M.

OFT hast thou, Lord, in tender love,
Prevented my request,

And sent thy Spirit from above,
An unexpected guest,

Oft when my prayer was scarce begun, Thou didst thy fire impart,

And make thy pard'ning mercy known, And seal it on my heart,

Why this profusion of thy grace
To such a worm as me?
Father, I ask in fix'd amaze,
Explain the mystery.

Why dost thou to a sinner's cry
Incline thy pitying ear?
Thou hear'st my advocate on high,
And wilt for ever hear,

138. Prayer. 7.

JESUS, my Redeemer, God, Keep me still in Zion's road; Unsustain'd by thee, I fall, Now to thee for help I call. Grant the Spirit's glorious pow'r, To my soul, in this dread hour, Then, while thousands turn away, I shall fight and win the day. Kind instruction thou dost give, And constrain me to believe; To whom, therefore, shall I go? But to thee, and thee to know. Thou the living fountain art; Sweetest streams thou dost impart: Light and life, from thee proceed, To my soul in deepest need. Turn, O turn! mine eyes away, All on earth is vanity; Nothing on this earthly ball, Can compare with thee, my ALL. 139. Wrestling Jacob. 7. NAY, I cannot let thee go, Till a blessing thou bestow; Do not turn away thy face, Mine's an urgent, pressing case. Dost thou ask me who I am? Ah, my Lord, thou know'st my name; Yet the question gives a plea To support my suit with thee.

Thou didst once a wretch behold,
In rebellion blindly bold,

Scorn thy grace, thy power defy,—
That poor rebel, Lord, was I.
Once a sinner near despair
Sought thy mercy seat by prayer;
Mercy heard, and set him free,
Lord thy mercy came to me.
Many years have pass'd since then,
Many changes I have seen,
Yet have been upheld till now;
Who could hold me up but thou?
Thou hast help'd in every need,
This emboldens me to plead;
After so much mercy past,
Canst thou let me sink at last?
No, I must maintain my hold,
'Tis thy goodness makes me bold;
I can no denial take,

When I plead for Jesu's sake.

140. For Christ's Guidance. 8.7.

JESUS, lead me by thy power
Safe into thy promis'd rest;
Hide my soul within thy bosom,
Let me lean upon thy breast;
Feed me with thy heavenly manna,
Bread that angels eat above:
Let me drink from thee, the fountain,
Draughts of everlasting love.

Through the desert wild conduct me,
With a glorious pillar bright,
In the day a cooling comfort,

And a cheering fire, by night;
Be my guide in every peril,

Watch me hourly night and day, Else my foolish heart will wander From my spirit far away. Nothing can preserve my going,

But salvation full and free; Nothing can my soul dishearten,

But my absence, Lord, from thee; Nothing can delay my progress,

Nothing can disturb my rest, If I can, whate'er the danger,

Lean my spirit on thy breast. In thy presence I am happy,

In thy presence I'm secure, In thy presence all afflictions

I can easily endure:

In thy presence I can conquer,
I can suffer, I can die;

Far from thee, I faint and languish,
O my Saviour, keep me nigh.

141. Another. 8. 7. GUIDE me, O thou great Jehovah, Pilgrim through this barren land; I am weak, but thou art mighty,

Hold me with thy powerful hand; Bread of heaven, bread of heaven,

Feed me now and evermore.

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