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3. He is called our Surety; Heb. vii. 22. who

being bound for us, paid in our Stead what

the Law required of us. 4. Christ's whole Obedience was only upon

our Account and for our Sakes, Gal. iv. 4, s. So tliat by his Obedience the Law is perfe&ly

fulfilled in us, Rom. viii. 3, 4. 2. We are made Righteous by Christ, as Sin

ners by Adam inherently. 1. He mortifies our Sins, 1 Fohn iii. 8. A&ts iiis

26. i John i. 7,92 2. He gives Repentance, Aets v. 31. 3. He lanctifies our whole Natures, and makes

us Holy, i Cor. i. 30. 1 Cor. vi. 11. Eph. V.

25, 26, 27. 4. He enables us to do good Works, Fob.xv. 45.

Tit. ii. 14. Phil. iv. 11, 12, 13.

USE. 1. Thank GOD for Chrift. 2. Put your whole Trust in him, only for

Grace as well as Pardon. 3. Let it be your greač Care to be in the

Number of those who are made Righteous

in Christ in believing in him. 4. Live as becometh such righteous Persons.


ACT8 xvi. 31. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and

thou sbalt be saved. TW WO Things required to a true Faith in


. That we believe all the Articles of our Christian Faith.

And particularly that concerning Christ we believe; 1. That he is the Lord, Kuert, Luk. ii. 11.

God, the Supream Being and Governour of the World, Joh. xx. 28. 0717', as 13p73 17171,

Jer. xxiii. 6. 2. That he is the Lord Jesus, Matt. i. 21. the

only true Jesus or Saviour, Aets iv. 12. 3. That he is the Lord Jesus Christ, the Meffiab

promised in the Old Testament, Dan. ix, 25,

26. Matt. xvi. 16. And by Consequence we are to believe,

that he,

1. Died.
2. Rose again.
3. Went up to Heaven.

4. There fitteth at the Right Hand of God, making Intercession for us. s. Is able to save us if we come unto God by

him, Heb. vii. 25. II. That we have a sure Trust and Confidence on God's merciful Promises in Chrift for all Things necessary to make us happy, and that are good for us. Vol. I




1 Jorn iii. 23. And this is his Commandment, That

we should believe on the Name of

his Son Jesus Chrift. HEF

TERE we see the Son of GOD called by

Two Names, Jesus and Christ; the first being the Name of his Person, the fecond of his Office.

1. As to the First, Jesus.
1. Who gave him that Name? The Angel

Gabriel before he was born or conceived,

Luke i. 26, 31. c. ii. 21.
2. Why was the Son of God called by this

Name? Because he was to save us. The '
fame Name that was given Foshua by Moses,
Numb. xiii. 16. y**: 171, which was afterwards
contracted into V!W', as i Chron. xxiv. 11.
and thence in Greek, 'Incos, the Saviour, as
Luke ii. 11. Acts xiii. 23. "Hg aupe Tee isegna
owiñeg. 'Inorv.
This Reason is given, Matt i. 21. For,
1. He alone procured Salvaticn for us, 7oh.

iii. 17. Acts iv. 12. And that by dying for

us, Rom. V. 8, 9. 1 Pet. i. 18, 19. 2. He alone conferreth it upon us, Heb.vii. 25. Phil. iii. 20, 21. Acts v. 31.

Hence, 1. Truft on him only for Salvation, Tim.ii. 5.

2. Love and Efteem him above all Things, Matt. x. 37. Pbil. iii. 8.

3. Reverence and Adore him, Phil. ii. 9, 10. Ais xix. 13, 15. Heb. i. 6.

4. Rejoyce in him as your Saviour, Luke i. 46, 47. c. ii. 10, Ir.

II. He

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II. He was called Christ. This great Thing we must believe. For these Things are written that you might believe that Jesus is the Cbrift, Job. xx. 31.

For the opening of this; Consider, 1. God from the Beginning promised Mankind a Saviour, or Jesus, Gen. iii. 15.

2. This Promise was often renewed to the Fathers, and the coming of our Saviour forccold by the Prophets.

3. He was ordinarily called the M. siah; n'we, Dan. ix. 25, 26.

4. Messiah in Hebrew, is the same with Christ in Greek, John i. 41. c. iv. 25.

These Things considered, we shall prove, 1. That Jesus is the Christ or Messiah. 2. Shew, wherefore he was called by that

1. That Jesus is the Christ, appears, in that all
the Prophecies concerning the Mefiab was fore-
told in him.
1. His Birth.
1. The Time, Gen. xlix. 10. Ml. iii. 1.

, . 6; .
Dan. ix. 26.
2. The Place, Mic. v. 2. Matt

. ii. 6. Luke ii. 4.
3. The Family; of David, isa. xi. 10. Matt.

xxii. 42. Luke ii. 4.
The Männer; of a Virgin, Ila, vii. 14.

Matt. i. 22.
2. His Life and Actions. Full of Miracles,

Matt. xi. 2, 3, 4, f.
3. His Death and Pallions.
He was despised, Ifa. liii. 3. Sold, Zech. si.

12. Matt. xxvi. is. Wounded, pierced,
Pfal. xxii. 16. Parted his Garments
Psal. xxii. 18. John xix.24. Luk.xxiv. 26,2%.


4. His

4. His Resurrection and Ascension, Hof. vi. 2. 1. A&ts ii. 34, 36.

5. His Reception in the World, Psal. ii. 8.
Pfal. Ixxii. 11. Col. i. 23. .
2. Wherefore is he called Messiah, Christ? Be-

cause he was anointed,
1. To be a Prophet, 1 Reg. xix. 16. Ifa.lxi. I.

John iii. 2.
2. To be a Priest, Exod. xl. 15. Heb. vii. 17

Eph. V. 2. 3. A King, I Reg. xix. 16. Pfal. ii. 6. Ifa. ix. 6.

Afts v. 31. Eph. i. 20, 21. A&ts x. 38.

USE. 1. Firmly believe this great Truth, that Jesu

is the Cbrit, Aets xvii. 2, 3. Atts xviii. 5, 28.

1 John v. 1. c. ii. 22. 2. Receive him, 1. As your Prophet, obferving what he

hath said, believing what he afferts, truft

ing on what he hath promised. 2. As your Priest, to make Atonement for

you, Rom. viii. 33, 34. 3. As your King, to rule and govern you,

and to subdue Sin and Satan, and all your Spiritual Enemies under you,

1 Fohn iii. 8. 3. Live up to the Profession of this Faith,

Afts xi. 26. 2 Tim. ii. 19.

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