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Calmness is great advantage: be that lets
Another chafe, may warm him at his fire :
Mark all his wanderings, and enjoy his frets ;
As cunning fencers suffer heat to tire.

Truth dwells not in the clouds : the bow that's there
Doth often aim at, nerer hit, the sphere.

Mark what another says : for many are
Full of themselves, and answer their own notion.
Take all into thee; then with equal care
Balance each dram of reason, like a potion.

If truth be with thy friend, be with them both :
Share in the conquest, and confess a troth.

Be useful where thou livest, that they may
Both want, and wish thy pleasing presence still.
Kindness, good parts, great places are the way
To compass this. Find out men's wants and will

, And meet them there. All worldly joys go less To the one joy of doing kindnesses.

Pitch thy behaviour low, thy projects high ;
So shalt thou humble and magnanimous be:
Sink not in spirit: who aimeth at the sky
Shoots higher much than he that means a tree.

A grain of glory mixt with humbleness
Cures both a fever and lethargickness.

Let thy mind still be bent, still plotting where,
And when, and how the business may be done.
Slackness breeds worms; but the sure traveller,
Though he alight sometimes, still goeth on.

Active and stirring spirits live alone :
Write on the others, Here lies such a one.

Slight not the smallest loss, whether it be
In love or honour; take account of all :
Shine like the sun in every corner : see
Whether thy stock of credit swell, or fall.
Who say, I care not, those I give for lost ;

, And to instruct them, 'twill not quit the cost.

Scorn no man's love, though of a mean degree
(Love is a present for a mighty king);
Much less make any one thine enemy.

. As guns destroy, so may a little sling.

The cunning workman never doth refuse
The meanest tool, that he may chance to use.

All foreign wisdom doth amount to this,
To take all that is given ; whether wealth,

Or love, or language ; nothing comes amiss :
A good digestion turneth all to health :

And then as far as fair behaviour may,
Strike off all scores ; none are so clear as they.

Keep all thy native good, and naturalize
All foreign of that name; but scorn their ill :
Embrace their activeness, not vanities.
Who follows all things, forfeiteth his will.

If thou observest strangers in each fit,
In time they'll run thee out of all thy wit.

Affect in things about thee cleanliness,
That all may gladly board thee, as a flower.
Slovens take up their stock of noisomeness
Beforehand, and anticipate their last hour.

Let thy mind's sweetness have his operation
Upon thy body, clothes, and habitation.

In Alms regard thy means, and others' merit.
Think heaven a better bargain, than to give
Only thy single market-money for it.
Join hands with God to make a man to live.

Give to all, something; to a good poor man,
Till thou change names, and be where he began.

Man is God's image ; but a poor man is
Christ's stamp to boot : both images regard.
God reckons for him, counts the favour his :
Write, So much given to God; thou shalt be heard.

Let thy alms go before, and keep heaven's gate
Open for thee; or both may come too late.

Restore to God his due in tithe and time :
A tithe purloin'd cankers the whole estate.
Sundays observe : think when the bells do chime,
'Tis angels' music; therefore come not late.

God then deals blessings : if a King did so,
Who would not haste, nay give, to see the show ?

gave thee.

Twice on the day his due is understood ;
For all the week thy food so oft he
Thy cheer is mended; bate not of the food,

Because 'tis better, and perhaps may save thee.

Thwart not th' Almighty God : O be not cross.
Fast when thou wilt; but then 'tis gain, not loss.

Though private prayer be a brave design,
Yet public hath more promises, more love :
And love's a weight to hearts, to eyes a sign.
We all are but cold suitors ; let us move

Where it is warmest. Leave thy six and seven ;
Pray with the most : for where most pray, is heaven.
When once thy foot enters the Church, be bare.
God is more there, than thou : for thou art there
Only by his permission. Then beware,
And make thyself all reverence and fear.

Kneeling ne'er spoild silk stocking : quit thy state.
All equal are within the Church's gate.

Resort to sermons, but to prayers most :
Praying's the end of preaching. O be drest ;
Stay not for th' other pin : why thou hast lost
A joy for it worth worlds. Thus hell doth jest

Away thy blessings, and extremely flout thee,
Thy clothes being fast, but thy soul loose about thee.

In time of service seal up both thine eyes,
And send them to thy heart ; that spying sin,
They may weep out the stains by them did rise :
Those doors being shut, all by the ear comes in.

Who marks in church-time others' symmetry,
Makes all their beauty his deformity.

Let vain or busy thoughts have there no part :
Bring not thy plough, thy plots, thy pleasures thither.
Christ purged his temple ; so must thou thy heart.
All worldly thoughts are but thieves met together

To cozen thee. Look to thy actions well;
For Churches either are our heaven or hell.

Judge not the preacher; for he is thy Judge :
If thou mislike him, thou conceivest him not.
God calleth preaching folly. Do not grudge
To pick out treasures from an earthen pot.

The worst speak something good : if all want sense,
God takes a text, and preacheth patience.


He that gets patience, and the blessing which
Preachers conclude with, hath not lost his pains.
He that by being at Church escapes the ditch,
Which he might fall in by companions, gains.

He that loves God's abode, and to combine
With saints on earth, shall one day with them shine.

Jest not at preachers' language, or expression :
How know'st thou, but thy sins made him miscarry ?
Then turn thy faults and his into confession :
God sent him, whatsoe'er he be : 0 tarry,

And love him for his Master : his condition,
Though it be ill, makes him no ill Physician.

None shall in hell such bitter


As those, who mock at God's way of salvation. .
Whom oil and balsams kill, what salve can cure ?
They drink with greediness a full damnation.

The Jews refused thunder; and we, folly.
Though God do hedge us in, yet who is holy?

Sum up at night, what thou hast done by day;
And in the morning, what thou hast to do.
Dress and undress thy soul : mark the decay
And growth of it: if with thy watch, that too

Be down, then wind up both ; since we shall be
Most surely judged, make thy accounts agree.

In brief, acquit thee bravely; play the man.
Look not on pleasures as they come, but go. .
Defer not the least virtue : life's poor span
Make not an ell, by trifling in thy woe.

If thou do ill, the joy fades, not the pains :
If well, the pain doth fade, the joy remains.

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