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you with water unto repentance \ but he that com eth after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I arr not- worthy to bear: he shall q baptize you wifci: the holy Ghost, (1) and with Fire. 12. Whose ■* Fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge liis


?6*. John bare witness of him, and with the holy Ghost, i Acts 19. ^. cried, faying, This is he of whom Then said Paul, John verily baptiI spake, He that cometh after zed with the Baptism of Repentance-, me, is preferred before me, for faying unto the People, that they he was before me. John an-5 should believe on him that mould swercd them, saying, I baptize come after him, that is, on Christ ■with water; but there standeth one Jesus.

among you, whom ye know not. q t Isa-4-4. When the Lord Joh. 7. 38, 39. He that believeth shall have washed away the filth off on me, as the Scripture hathl'aid.iothe Daughters of Zion, and shall out of his belly shall flow rivers of have purged the Blood of Jerusaliving Water. (But this spake he of lem from the midst thereof, by the the Spirit, which they that believe Spirit of Judgment, and the Spirit on him, should receive: for the of Burning, f Mai. 3. 1. But who holy Ghost was not yet given, be-1 ymay abide the Day of his coming? cause that jesus was not yet glori- and who (hall stand when he apfied.) Isai. 44. 3. I will pour Wa- peareth? for he i» like a refiner's ter on him that is thirsty, and fire, and like fullers sope. Gal 4. floods upon the dry Ground: I will 6. Because ye are Sons, God hztth pour my Spirit upon thy Seed, zndiosent forth the Spirit of his Son into my blessing upon thine Offspring, your Hearts, crying Abba, Father. •J-Acts 1. y. John truly baptized Tit. 3. y. According to his Mervlth water; but ye shall be bapti- cy he saved us, by the wafting of led with the holy Ghofl not many regeneration, and renewing of the Days hence. Acts 2 4. They wereiy/jo/j' Ghost.

all filled with the holy Ghost, and be- r V Luk. 3. 17. Mai. 3. 3. jganto speak with other Tongues as And he shall sit as a refiner of Silthe Spirit gave them utterance, ver: and he shall purifie the Sons tAstsu.16. Then remembered I of Levi, ini purge them as Gold and the Word of the Lord, how that hejoSilver, that they may offer untd the said, John indeed baptized roith Lord an offering in Righteousness. W*tet: but ye shall be bjptized

(1) The Word and does not always join Sentences together, but is sometimes used as an explicative, and denotes that the Words after it txplain those that are before it. So that the Sense of this Place seems to be , He jh*U baptize you with the holy Ghost, which is like Fire. As Fire refines Metals, and enlightens the Place where it is; so the holy Spirit enlightens the Minds of Men, and purges and cleanses their Souls. Or the Baptist may allude to that extraordinary Effusion of the holy Ghost which was to fall on the Apostles on the Day of Pentecost, whose appearance was like unto Fire, Act. *. 3. And that Baptism with the holy Ghost and with- Fire signisie one and the fame thing, is manifest, because when our Lord discoursed on this Subject with Nicodemus, Joh. 3. $. He mentions the being born of Water and of the Spirit, but fays nothing of Fire.

floor, and s gather his wheat into the garner: but he will bu n up the chaff with unquenchable Fire. 13. Then ' cometh Jesus u from Year of out Galilee to Jordan unto John, to be baptized Lord 27. ot him. 14. But John (2) forbad him, laying, I have need to be baptized of thee, and comest fiiou to me? 15. And Jesus answering, said unto h'm, Suffer it to be so now: for thus :t becometh us to fulfil all righteousness. Then he suffered him. 16. And Jesus, when he was baptized, went up straightway out of the Water: And lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw » the Spirit of God descending like a Dove, and lighting upon him. 17. And b lo, a voice from heaven, savine, This is my c beloved Son, in whom I am well-pleased. ■ CHAP.

f Job.a 1.18. They areas Stubble from Heaven, which said, Thou art before the wind, and as chaff that my beloved Son, in thee I am wellthe Storm carrierh away, pleased.t Joh. i. 32, 33. And John

* * Ma^i.p. It came to pass bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit in those Days, that Jesus came from J descending from Heaven like a Nazareth of Galilee, and was tap- Dove, and it abode upon him. And tized of John in Jordan. * Luk. 3. I knew him nor, but he that sent ai. Now when all the People were me to baptize with Water, the biptized, it came to pass that Jesus fame said unto me, Upon whom also being baptized, and praying,lothou shalt see the Spirit descending the heaven was opened. and remaining on him, the fame is

■ t Matt. a. as. he which baptizeth with the holy

1 V Isa. rr. 2. And the Spirit Ghost. oftheLjrrf shall rest upon him, the b fjoh. la. a8. Father, gloriSpirit of Wisdom and Onderstand-i jfie thy name. Then came there a ing, the Spirit of Counsel and Voice from heaven, saying, I have Might, the Spirit of Knowledge, both glorified it, and will gldrifie and of the fear ofthe Lord, f Isa. it again.

41. 1. Behold my Servant whom I c f Ps. a. 7. I will declare the uphold, mine elest in whom myiodecree: the Lord hath said unto Soul delighteth: I have put my me, Thou art my Son, this Day have upon him, he shall bring I begotten thee, t Isa- 4*- The Judgment to the Gentiles. Words are under ver.16". t Matt. 12V Luk. 3. aa. Arid the holy Ghost dt- 18 Behold, my Servant whom I fcended in a bodily shape like a 1;have chosen, my beloved in whom Dove upon him, and a voice came my

(2) These Words imply that St. John knew who our Lord was when he came to him. It may therefore be asked, How is this consistent with his laying, Joh. 1. 31. that he knew him mt? To this it is answered, that he knew him not personally, having never conversed with him; b\it that being a Prophet, and full of the holy Ghost even from his Mother's womb, Luk. 1. 1 j. it w: s revealed to him who he was, at the tune our Lord came to be baptizedrof him.



THEN was * Jesus led up of the b spirit into the Wilderness to be c tempted of the Devil. 2. And when he had (1) fasted forty days and forty nights, He •was afterward an hungred. 3. And when the tempter came to him, he said, If thou be the Son of God, command that these stones be made Bread. 4. But he answered and find, It is written, d Man (2) stiall not live by


pny Soul is well pleased: i will Master. lest peradventure the Sp£jput my Spirit upon him, and he rit of the Lord hath taken him up, Æia.11 shew judgment to the Gen- and cast him upon some Mountiles. tMatt. 17. y. —Behold, a tain, or into some Valley.— Ezefc. Voice out of the Cloud, which said, 3. 14. So the Spirit lifted me up, This is my beloved Son, in whom I 5 and took me away. — Ezek. 4.0. am well pleased. fLuk. 9. 3 5.There 2. In the Visions of God, brought he came a Voice out of the Cloud, say- me to the Land of Israel, and sec ing, This is my beloved Son, hear me upon a very high Mountain, by him- i Eph. 1. 6. — He hath which was, as the frame of a City made us accepted in the beloved, on the South. Acts 9. 39,40. —— t Col. 1. ,13. Who hath delivered ioThe Spirit of the Lord caught awray «s from the power of Darkness, and Philip, that the Eunuch saw him hath translated us into the King- no more. — But Philip was found dom -of his dear Son. taPet. 1. at Atttut.

17. For he received from God the e Heb. 4. 15. We have not an father, honour and glpry, when i^high Priest which cannot be touchthere came such a Voice to him ed with the feeling of our Infirfrom the excellent glory, This is mities: but was in all points my beloved Son in whom I am well tempted like as we are, yet withpleased. out Sin.

* * Mar. 1. Is. And immedi-ao A * Deut. 8. 3. — Man doth ately the Spirit driveth him into not live by Bread only, but by eveche Wilderness. * Luk. 4. 1. Jesus ry word that proceedeth out of being full ofthe holy Ghost,— was the mouth of the Lord doth Man led by the Spirk into the Wilder- live. Wisd. 16". a<S. That thy ness. *yChildren.O Lord, whom thou lov

b 1 King. 18. 12. It shall est, might know that it is not the come to pal's, as soon as I am griming of fruits that nourifheth gone from thee, that the Spirit of Man: but that it is thy Word the Lord lhalJ carry thee whither I which preserveth them that puc know not.— 2 King. i. 16*.—Letjotheir trust in thee, them go we pray thee and seek thy

(1) Exod. 34. 28. Deut. 9.9, 18. 1 King. 19. 8. Moses and Elijah fasted forty Days and forty Nights.

(2) The Sense of these Words, according to the learned Surenhustm in his excellent Work, wherein he accounts for the Difficulties in the Texts cited in the New Testament out of the Old, is this: Although I am very hungry, yet «is better to obey Gpd, and to trust in his Word,


Bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out oF the Mouth of God. 5. Then the Devil taketh him up into the e holy City, and letteth him on a pinnacle or* the Temple. 6. And faith unto him, If thou be the Son Of God^ cast thy self down: for it is written, He shall give hrs f Angels charge concerning thee, and in their lands they sttall bear thee up, left at any time thou dash thy foot against a stone. Jesus said unto hirn^ It is written again, Thou malt not 8 tempt the Lord thy God. 8. Again, the devil taketh him up into an exceeding high mountain, and fheweth him all the Kingdoms of the World, and the glory of them: 9. And faith unto him, All these things will I give thee, if thou wilt fall dowd and worlhip me. 10. Then faith Jesus unto him, Get thee hencer Satan: for it is written, Thou shalt h worship the Lord thy God, and him only shalt thou serve, n. Then the devil leaveth him, and behold, ' Angels cafiie and ministred unto him. 12. Now when k Jesus had heard that John was * cast Yea* of ous [Or, delivered upj into Prison, he departed Lord 3=»3».. into Galilee. 13. And leaving Nazareth, he came and dwelt


'tNeb. tt.\*. All the Levites in serve, and to hir» shalt thou cleave, the holy City were two hundred and swear by his Name, t i Sam. fourscore and four. + Isa. 48. 2. 7. 3. — Prepare your Hearts unto For they call themselves of the holy the Lord, and serve him only. —* City. — + Mat. 27. $3. — Went 5 'See on Matt. 18.10. into ths My City. k * Mar. 1.14-. Now after that

f * Ps. 91. n. Fo.r .he shall John was put in Prison, Jesas came give his Angels charge over thee, to into Galilee, preaching the Gospel keep thee in all thy ways. of the Kingdum of God. i Luk.

E * Deut. 6. 16. Ye shall not 3. 19, 20. But Herod the tetrarch, tempt the Lord your God, as yeiobeing reproved by him for Herotempted him in Massah. dias his brother Philip's Wife, and

h * Deut. 6t 13. Thou shalt for all the Evils which Herod had fear the: Lord thy God, and serve done, added yet this above all, him, and shalt swear by his Name.i 5that he shut up John in Prison * Luk. * Deut. 10. 20. Thou shalt fear the 4. 14, 31. And Jesus returned ir» Lord thy God, him shalt thou > the

than to hearken to any other Spirit whatsoever; because God can preserve the Life of Man by other means than Bread, namely, by his most: powerful and efficacious Word, by which he created al I things at first, and has hitherto preserved them, and by which eternal Life will be conferred on him who believes God to be a Rewarder of those who depend on km. If therefore I shall obey his Word, tho' I have nor Bread, yet i shall not want Food. And this 01*1 Lard proves by the Word of Goti> which cannoc deceive.

in Capernaum, which is upon the Sea Coaftj in the borders Zabulon and Nepthalim: 14.. That it might be full Jed which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, iayh 15. The ' Land of Zabulon, and the Land of I>k thaliirii by the way of the Sea beyond Jordan, the Gentiles: icT. The people which fat in darkle law great light/: and to them which fat in the regi and shadow or death, light is sprung up. 17. Fr< that time Jesus m began to preach, and to say$ n Repe;


the Power of the Spirit into Gall- but sinners to repentance. In M

lee : —And came down to Caper- 2. 17. and Luk. J. 32. are alan

naum a City of Galilee, and taught the same Words. Mar. 6*. 12 . Th

them on the Sabbath Days. tjoh. went out and preached that M

4.43. Now after two Days he de- j should repent. Mar. 1. J y. T

parted thence, and went into Ga- time is fulfilled, and the kingdc

lilee. of God is at hand: repent ye, a

1 * Isu. 9. 1, 2. — When at believe the Gospel. Luk. 3.

the first he lightly afflicted theioBring forth therefore fruits m

Land of Zabulon, and the Land of of'repentance.— Luk. 11.32. M

Napthali, and afterward did more 12.41. The Men of Nineveh st

grievously afflict her by the way of rise up in the Judgment with tl

the Sea, beyond Jordan Galilee of generation, and shall condemn;

the Natims. The People that walk- for they repentedit the preaching

ed in darkness, Have seen a great'Sjonas; and behold, a greater fh

Light: They that dwell in the Jonas is here. Job 42.6. I abh

Land of the shadow of Death, up- my self, and repent in Dust a

on them hath the Light sinned. Allies. Luk. 13.3 Except ye

m*Mar 1. 14. The Words a- pent, ye shall all likewise peri

hove, ver. 12. aoLuk iy. 7. —Joy shall be in h<

n 1 King. 8. 47, 48, 49. If they ven over one sinner that repents,

stall bethink themselves, —and re- Luk. 24. 47. That Repentance ai

pent, and make Supplication unto remission of Sins stould be pread

thee, —faying, we have sinned and ed in his name among all nations.

have done perverfly, we have com-iyActs 2. 38. Repent and be baptizi

mitred wickedness; and to return every one of you in the name of j

unto thee with all their Heart, and sus Christ for the remission of sins.'

with all their Soul.—Then hear Acts 5.19 Repent ye therefore ai

thou their Prayer. Ezek. 18. 30, be converted, that your sins m

31. Repent and turn your selves/row»3obe blotted out.— Acts 17.3

all your transgressions; so iniquity The times of this ignorance Gi

stall not beyourruine Cast awayfrom winked at; but now commands

ytu all your transgressions, where- all Men every where to reft

by ye have transgressed, and make Acts 26. 20. That they [Jews ai

you anew Heart and anew Spi-3?Gentiles] stould repent and turn

rit — Mat. 3. 2, 8. Repent ye: God,and do works meet for reset

for the kingdom of Heaven is at ance. Acts 20. si. Testifyii

hand: Bring forth therefore fruit r both to the Jews, and also tori

meet for repentance. Mart 9. 13.— I Greeks, repentance toward Co come to call the righteous, 1^

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