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parties before the war, as if they the King of Great Britain : Moreover, were inserted here word for word; lo his Molt Christian Majesty cedes, and that they are to be exactly observed, guaranties to his said Britannick Mafor the future, in their whole tenor, jefty, in full right, Canada, with all and religiously executed on all fides, its dependencies, as well as the island in all cheir points, which hall not be of Cape Breton, and all the other islands derogated from by the present Treaty, and coalts in the gulph and river of notwithstanding all that may have St. Laurence, and, in general, every been ftipulated to the contrary by any thing that depends on the said counof the high contracting parties and tries, lands, islands, and coaits, with all the faid parties declare, that they the sovereignty, property, poffeffion, will not suffer any privilege, favour, or and all rights acquired by treaty or indulgence, to fubfift, contrary to the otherwise, which the Most Christian Treaties above confirmed, except King, and the crown of France, have what fall have been agreed and ftipu- had, till now, over the said countries, lated by the present Treaty.

islands, lands, places, coafts, and their Art. III. All the prisoners made, inhabitants, so that the Most Christie on all fides, as well by land, as by an King cedes and makes over the sea, and the hostages carried away, or whole to the said King, and to the given during the war, and to this crown of Great Britain, and that in day, shall be restored, without ransom, the most ample manner and form, fix weeks, at latest, to be computed without restriction, and without any. from the day of the exchange of the liberty to depart from the said ceflion ratification of the present treaty, each and guaranty, under any pretence, on crown respectively paying the advan- to disturb Great Britain in the pollefia ces, which which thall have been ons above-mentioned. His Britannick made for the subsistence and mainte- Majesty, on his fide, agrees to grant nance of their prisoners, by the Sove- the liberty of the Catholick religion reign of the country where they fall to the inhabitants of Canada : He will, have been detained, according to the consequently, give the most precise atreiled receipts and esimates, and o- and most effectual orders, that his new ther authentick vouchers, which shall Roman Catholick subjects may profess be furnished on one side and the other:' the worship of their religion, accorAnd securities shall be reciprocaliy ding to the rites of the Romih given for the payment of the debts church, as far as the laws of Great which the prisoners shall have con- Britain permit. His Britannick Matracted in the countries, where they jetty further agrees, that the French have been detained, until their entire inhabitants, or others who had been liberty. And all the ships of war and subjeds of the most Christian King in merchant vessels, which shall have Canada, may retire, with all safety been taken since the expiration of the and freedom, wherever they shall terms agreed upon for the cessation of think proper, and may sell their estates, hoftilities by sea, hall be likewise re- provided it be to the subjects of his stored bona' fide, with all their crews, Britannick Majesty, and bring away. and cargoes: And the execution of their effects, as well as their persons, this article shall be proceeded opon without being restrained in their emiimmediately after the exchange of the gration, under any pretence whatsoratifications of this treaty.

ever, except that of debts, or of criArt. IV. His Most Chrißian Ma- minal prosecutions : The term, limijesty renounces all pretenfions, which red for this emigation, Shall be fixed he has heretofore formed, or might to the space of eighteen months, to form, to Nova Scotia, or Acadia, in all be computed from the day of the its parts ; and guaranties the whole of exchange of the ratification of the it, and with it all its dependencies, to present treaty.

Art. V.

Art. V. The subjects of France those of his Moft Chriftian Majesty, shall have the liberty of fishing and in that part of the world, shall be fixa drying on a part of the coasts of the ed irrevocably by a line drawn along Ifland of Newfoundland, such as it the middle of the river Mislifippi, is specified in the XIIIth article of from its source to the river Iberville, the treaty of Utrecht; which arti- and from thence, by a line drawn cle is renewed and confirmed by the along the middle of this river, and present treaty (except what relates to the lakes Maurepas and Pontcharthe Island of Cape Breton, as well as train, to the fea; and for this purpose, to the other islands and coasts, in the the Most Christian King cedes in full mouth and in the gulph of St. Lau- right, and guaranties to his Britannick rence): And his Britannick Majesty Majesty, the river and port of the confents to leave to the subjects of Mobile, and everything which he the Most Christian King the liberty possesses, or ought to posless, on the of fishing in the Gulph Št. Laurence, left fide of the river Miffisippi, exon condition that the subjects of cept the town of New Orleans, and France do not exercise the said fishe- the island in which it is fituated, ry, but at the distance of three leagues which shall remain to France ; profrom all the coasts belonging to Great vided that the navigation of the river Britain, as well those of the conti- Mislilippi shall be equally free, as nent, as those of the islands fituated well to the subjects of Great Britain, in the said gulph St. Laurence. And as to those of France, in its whole as to what relates to the fishery on the breadth and length, from its source coasts of the island of Cape Breton to the sea, and expressly that part out of the said Gulph, the subjects of which is between the said island of the Mof Chrisian King shall not be New Orleans, and the right bank of permitted to exercise the said fishery, that river, as well as the passage but at the distance of fifteen leagues both in and out of its mouth. It is from the coafts of the Island of Čape farther ftipulated, that the vessels beBreton; and the fishery on the coasts longing to the subjects of either naof Nova Scotia or Acadia, and every tion, shall not be stopped, visited, or where else out of the faid Gulph, subjected to the payment of any duty Thall remain on the foot of former whatsoever. The stipulations inserttreaties.

ed in the IV th article, in favour of | Art. VI. The King of Great Bri- the inhabitants of Canada, thall also tain cedes the Islands of St. Pierre and take place with regard to the inha. Miquelon, in full right, to his Most bitants of the countries ceded by this Christian Majesty, to serve as shelter article. to the French fishermen : and his said Art. VIII. The King of Great Most Christian Majesty engages not to

Britain Thall restore to France the fortify the said illands; to erect no islands of Guadeloupe, of Marie Gabuildings upon them, but merely for lante, of Desirade, of Martinico, and the convenience of the fishery ; and Belleille; and the fortresses of these to keep upon them a guard of fifty islands fall be reilored in the same men only for the police.

condition they were in, when they Art. VII. In order to re-establish were conquered by the British arms; peace on solid and durable founda- provided that his Britannick Ma. tions, and to remove for ever all jesty's subjects who shall have settled subject of dispute with regard to in the said islands, or those who shall the limits of the British and French have any commercial affairs to settle territories on the continent of Ame- there, or in the other places restored rica; it is agreed, that, for the fu- to France by the present treaty, shall ture, the confines between the domi- have liberty to sell their lands and their nions of his Britannick Majesty, and efates, to ierile their affairs, to reco

ver their debts, and bring away their fixed, so that those of St. Vincent, Do. effe&ts, as well as their persons, on minica, and Tobago, Mall remain in board vessels, which they shall be per- full right to Great Britain, and that mitted to send to the said islands, and of St. Lucia shall be delivered to other places restored as above, and France, to enjoy the same likewise in which shall serve for this use only,with- full right; and the high contracting out being restrained on account of their parties guaranty the partition fo fiz religion, or under any other pretence pulated. whatsoever, except that of debts, or Art. X. His Britannick Majesty of criminal prosecutions: and for shall restore to France the island of this purpose the term of eighteen Goree in the condition it was in months is allowed to his Britannick when conquered : and his Most Chri. Majesty's subjects, to be computed ftian Majesty cedes in full right, and from the day of the exchange of the guaranties to the King of Great Bri. ratifications of the present treaty: tain, the river Senegal, with the forts But as the liberty, granted to his and factories of St. Lewis, Podor, and Britannick Majesty's subjects, to Galam; and with all the rights and debring away their persons and their pendencies of the said river Senegal. effečts, in vesels of their nation, Art. XI. In the Eaft Indies, Great may be liable to abuses, if precau- Britain Mall restore to France, in the tions were not taken to prevent them; condition they are now in, the diffeit has been expressly agreed between rent factories, which that crown por. his Britannick Majesty and his Most sessed, as well on the coast of Coro. Christian Majefty, that the number mandel and Orixa, as on that of Ma. of English vessels, which shall have labar, as also in Bengal, at the beginleave to go to the said islands and ning of the year 1749. And his Most places restored to France, shall be Christian Majesty renonnces all prelimited, as well as the number of tensions to the acquisition which he tons of each one; that they shall go had made on the coast of Coromandel in ballaft ; shall set sail at a fixed and Orixa, since the said beginning time ; and shall make one voyage of the year 1749. His Most Chrif only, all the effects belonging to the tain Majesty Thail restore, on his English being to be embarked at the fide, all that he may have conquered fame time. It has been further a- from Great Britain, in the East Indies, greed, that his Moft Christian Majesty during the present war; and will Tall cause the necessary passports to expressly cause Nattal and Tapanbe given to the said vessels; that, for oully in the island of Sumatra, to be the greater security, it shall be allow- restored ; he engages further not to ed to place two French clerks, or erect fortifications, or to keep troops guards, in each of the faid vessels, in any part of the dominions of the which shall be visited in the landing Subah of Bengal. And in order tơ places, and ports of the said islands, preserve future peace on the coast and places, restored to France, and of Coromandel and Orixa, the Engthat the merchandise which fall be lih and French shall acknowledge found therein shall be confiscated. Mahomet Ally Khan for lawful Na

Art. IX. The Most Chriftian bob of the Carnatick, and Salabat King cedes and guaranties to his Bri. Jing for lawful Subah of the Decan; tannick Majesty, in full right, the and both parties shall renounce all ilands of Grenada, and of the Gre- demands and pretensions of satisfac. nadines, with the same ftipulations in tion, with which they might charge favour of the inhabitantsof this colony, each other, or their Indian allies, for inserted in the Vlth Article for those of their depredations, or pillage, comCanada : and the partition of the if- mitted, on the one side or on the lands, called Neutral, is agreed and other, during the war. March 1763.


Art. XII. The land of Minorca sovereigns: their Britar.nick and Moft fhall be restored to his Britannick Christian Majeities promise to proMajesty, as well as Fort St. Philip, ceed, bona fide, with all the dispatchy in the same condition they were in, the case will permit of, to the said when conquered by the arms of the evacuations, the entire completion , moft Christian King; and with the whereof they ftipulate before the 15th artillery which was there, when the of March next, or sooner if it can be faid ifland and the said fort were taken. done ; and, their Britannick and

Art. XUI. The town and port of Moił Chriftian Majesties further enDunkiik shall be put into the state gage and promise to each other, not to fixed by the last treaty of Aix la furnish any fuccours, of any kind, to Chapelle, and by fornier treaties.. their respective allies who shall conThe Cunette fhall be destroyed im- tinue er gaged in the war in Germediately after the exchange of the many. vatifications of the present treaty, as

Art. XVI. The decision of the well as the forts and batteries wäich prizes made in time of peace, by the defend the entrance on the side of the subjects of Great Britain, on the fea; and provision Mall be made, at Spainiards, shall be referred to the the same time, for the wholesome. courts of justice of the almiralty of ress of the air, and for the health of Grcat Britain, conformably to the their habitants, by some other means, rales established among all nations, to the fatisfaction of the King of fo that the validity of the said prizes, Grcat Britain.

between the B:itish and Spanish naArt. XIV. France shall rellore all

' tions, shall be decided and judged, the countries belonging to the eleco- according to the law of nations, and rate of Hanover, to the Landgrave of according to t eaties in the courts of Here, to the Duke of Brunfuick, justice of the nation, who shall have and to the Count of La Lippe Bucke. nade the capture. beurg, which are or shall be occupied

Art. XVII. His Britannick Ma. byjhis Meft Chriftian Majeliy's arnis; jefty fall cause to be demolifhed all Mie for relies of thele different coun- The fortifications which his subjects tries all be rellored in the same con ihall have erected in the bay of Hon., dition they were in when conquered duras, and other places of the territory by the French aims ; and the pieces of Spain in sat part of the world, of artillery, which fall have been four months after the ratification of carried elsewhere, mall be replaced the present tiety: and his Catholicis by the same number, of the fame borc, Majefty shall not permit his BritanReight, and metal.

nick Majesty's subjects, or their workArt. XV. In cafe the ftipula- men, to be dilluibed, or molested, tions, contained in the 13th article under any pretence whatsoever, in of the preliminaries, should not be the said places, in their occupation compleated at the time of the signa- of cutting, loading, and carrying rure of the present treaty, as well with away logwood : and for this purregard to the evacuations to be made pose they may build without hindby the armies of France of the fortrif- íance, and occupy without interruples of Cleves, Welcl, Guelders, and tion, the houses and magazines which of all the countries belonging to the are neceflary for them, tor their famiKing of Prussia, as with regard to the lies, and for their effects : and his evacuations to be made by the British Catholick Majesty assures to them, and French armies of the countries by this article, the full enjoyment of which they occupy in Westphalia, those advantages, and powers, on the Lower Saxony, on the Lower Rhinc, Spanish coaits and territories, as above Cpper Rhine, and in all the empire, ftipulated, immediately after the ratiand 10-the retteat of the troops into fication of the present treaty. the dominions of theis respective



At. XVIII. His Catholick Maje- and fhall make one voyage only ; all fty defifts, as well for himself, as for the effects belonging to the Englith his successors, from all pretensions, being to be embarked at the same which he may have formed in favour time : It has been further agreed, of the Guipuscoans, and other his that his Catholick Majesty Mall cause fubjects, to the right of himing in the the necessary passports to be given to neighbourhood of the island of New- the said vellels; that, for the greater foundland.

fecurity, it shall be allowed to place Art. XIX. The King of Great two Spanili clerks, or guards, in each Britain Thall restore to Spain all the of the said vessels, which thall be visited territory, which he has conquered in in the landing places, and ports of the island of Cuba, with the fortress the said island restored to Spain, and of the Havanna ; and this fortress, that the merchandize, which shall be as well as all the other fortreffes of found therein, fall be confiscated. the said island, mall be restored in the Art. XX. In consequence of the same condition they were in when restitution stipulated in the prececonquered by his Britannick Ma- ding article, his Catholick Majesty jesty's arms; provided that his Bri- cedes and guaranties, in full right to tannick Majesty's subjects who hall his Britannick Majesty, Florida, with have settled in the said island, reftored fort St. Auguftin, and the bay of Pensato Spain, by the present treaty, or those cola, as well as all that Spain poefles who fall have any commercial affuirs on the continent of North America, to to settle there, shall have liberty to the east, or to the south-eait, of the fell their lands and their eftates, to river Millisippi. And, in general, Fettle their affairs, to recover their every thing that depends on the said debts, and to bring away their effects countries and lands, with the soveas weli as their persons, on board vel- reignty, property, poffeffion, and all fels which they fall be permitted to rights, acquired by tre xies or otherfend to the faid ifland reftored as wise, which the Catholick King and above, and which hall serve for that the crown of Spain have had, till now, use only, without being re!trained on over the said countries, lands, places, account -of their religion, or under and other inhabitants, so that the any pretence whatscever, except that Catholick King cedes and makes of debts, or of criminal profecution ; over the whole to the said King, and and for this purpose; the term of to the crown of Great Britain, and eighteen months 'is allowed to his that in the most ample manner and Britannick Majesty's subjects, to be form. His Britannick Majesty acomputed from the day of the ex- grees, on his fide, to grant to the in. change of the ratifications of the habitants of the countries, above prefent treaty : but as the liberty, ceded, the liberty of the Catholick granted to his Britannick Majelly's religion : He will consequently give fubjects, to bring away their per- the most express and the moit effečtual fons, and their effects, in vesels of orders that his new Roman Catholick their nation, may be liable to abuses, subjects may profess the worship of if precautions were not taken to pre- their religion, according to the rites of vent them; it has been expressly a- the Romish church, as far as the laws greed, between his Britannick Maje. of Great Britain permit: His BritanAy and his Catholick, Majesty, that nick Majesty, farther agrees, shat the number of English veiels, which the Spanish inhabitants, or others thall have leave to go to the faid who had been subjects of the Cathoisland restored to Spain, hall be li- lick King in the said countries, may mited, as well as the number of tons retire, with all safety and freedom, of each one; that they all go in wherever they think proper;, and hallaft ; hall set fail at a fixed time; may fell their estates, provided it be



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