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T. 106.

3 Who sincerely loveth Jesus,

513. T. 22.
And upon his grace depends;

MEEK, patient Lamb of God, impart Lef

Who but willeth what him pleases,
Simply foll'wing his commands;

Thy meekness to my stubborn heart: 4 Who to Jesus humbly cleaveth,

Grant me to keep thee full in view,

And thy example to pursue.
Pays obedience to his word, iu
Yea, in closest union liveth

2 Thy blood preserve my garments clean With our Saviour, Head and Lord, From ev'ry spot and stain of sin:

As a wise virgin, to prepare
5 Who in Jesus Christ abideth,

For meeting thee, bé all my care.
And from self-dependence free
In nought else but him confideth:

3 Bestow on me a simple mind,
Walks in true simplicity.

To ev'ry hurtful fancy blind; 6 He who is by Christ directed,'

Thy meekness, true sincerity, Trusting the good Shepherd's care, And needful wisdom grant to me. Good He is graciously protected,

4 Thou holy, spotless-Lamb of God, And no danger needs to fear, My worthless heart make thy abode:

O‘may I in thy image grow,
512, *
T, 184.

And honor thee in all I do.
O BLEST condition, happy living,
· Which true simplicity imparts,

When we to God are wholly given, A SINGLE-mind to me impart,

And Jesus' mind rules in our hearts!
This ev'ry vain imagination

Lord, may I sordid lucre flee,

Nor set on earthly gain my heart, and Casts down, and us subjects to grace.

Hate av'rice as idolatry;
It shows the ground of our salvation
Tobe Christ's blood and righteousness. Rich in possession of thy love.

Fix my desires on things above, wd:

2 That which is by the world esteemed, 2 Let neither honors, pomp, nor pride,

A single mind counts vanity;
What's innocent by others deemed,

Nor this world's gaudy vanity,
Is shunn'd by true simplicity :

Which draw the soul from thee aside,
Because the love to things terrestrial

Beguile me from simplicity :
We must deny thro' Jesus' grace,

May this my highest honor be,

To be esteemed, Lord, by thee.
And, to obtain the prize celestial,
Cast off whate'er impedes our race.

3 Screen me in each unguarded hour, 3 The simple heart no care perplexeth Preserve me from seduction's pow'r,

Lord, under thy protecting care;
That robs the world of all content;
Of envy, which so many vexeth,

Lest fleshly lusts my soul ensnare:
Simplicity is ignorant ;

May I to av'rice, lust and pride
And carefully preserves its treasure,

Say, Christ destroy'd you when he
Unruffled by the worldling's spite;

If others ask to share this pleasure,

Simplicity tastes true delight.
4 O Jesus, God of my salvation,

LORD, grant to me a simple mind,
Thy single mind to me impart;

By thee may I be guided,
Root out the world's infatuation,

And as thy blessed will design'd,
Tho'it be done with keenest smart:



whole course decided.. Thrice happy they, who tread unweary'd 2 With this desire 'fore thee I bow, The path of true simplicity;

Asham'd of my demerit,
They as wise virgins are prepared Ah, take without exception now,
To meet the Bridegroom cheerfully. My body, soul and spirit.

515. *

T, 15

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Humility, Simplicity, and Growth in Grace. 516.* T. 208.

And believers, who, tho' feeble, WOULD we, sinners needy,

Life and pow'r from him derive, Here on earth already

And thereby are render'd able Heav'nly joys possess;

Bearing fruit to grow and thrive. Jesus nought desireth,

521.* T. 10. Or of us requireth,

WOULD we by our behavior
For our rest and

Show that we love our Saviour;
But that we-like children be;
Since he all our wants redresses,

He only can instruct us,
Soothes all our distresses,

And in the way conduct us.
2 Thro' his atonement's

517.* T 151.

O may we bloom like flowers, AMIDST this world's profaneness,

And by his grace and blessing

Bear fruits to him well pleasing.
May I thy truth confess;
In prim'tive way and plainness,

522.* T 185.
İhy servant be thro' grace ; IN thy love and knowledge, gracious
Nor fear, 'nor intrest ever

Cause me to turn aside,
Or my connexion sever

May we more and more abound;

Thy complete atonement shall for ever,
With thy redeemed bride.

Of our doctrine be the ground.
T. 22.

Grant that allmay, in thy word believing,

And totheethe Vineas branchescleaving
CHRIST is the Vine, we branchesare; Throthy Father's nursing care,
Without him we no fruit can bear :
For of ourselves we cannot thrive,

Fruit unto thy honor bear. 'Tis hè who gives us pow'r and life.


T. 4, 2 Lord, thou hast chosen us, that we

LORD Jesus, be near
Should bear well-pleasing fruit to thee. Thou seest us here;
O make us fruitful to thy praise ;

Unite us in heart :--Dear Lord,
Preserve us from all barrenness.

and bless us; our Brother thou art. 519. 11.

2 Soon make us to be JESUS, who for me hast dy'd,

Well-pleasing to thee;

'Tistime, and is right-To bring forth Grant I

in thee abide :

some fruit which may yield thee delight.
Sel me, Lord, unto thy praise ; 3 From this very day,
Water me with show'rs of


We will not delay 2 Make


heart a garden fair, To follow the Lamb,-To serve him Which such pleasant fruit may bear

with gladness, and honor his name. As affords true joy to thee Aid thy Father constantly.

524.* T 228. 3 In thy garden here below

THIS one thing needful grant to us,
Water me that I may grow;

By faith to view thee on the cross,
When all grace to me is giv'n, Bleeding for our salvation;
Then transplant me into heav'n. Then, 'midst all weakness, we indeed

Shall still from grace to grace proceed,
T. 167

Lord, in thy congregation:
As the branches are connected May none-ground on

With the vine, ev'n so thro' grace, Emply notions or good motions A close union is effected

His religion, 'Twixt the Lord our Righteousness Without pow'r and life's fruition.



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XXVIII. Of Resignation, Confidence, and Patienéę in


T. 151.

Is God my strong Salvation ?

No enemy I fear;
He hears my supplication,

Dispelling all my care:
If he, my Head and Master,

Deferids me from above,
What pain or what disaster

Can part me from his love? 2 Of this I am persuaded,

And boast now openly, That he, whose love ne'er faded,

Is always kind to me; He aid to me dispenses,

He stands at my right hand; Yea, when a storm advanees,

'Tis calm at his command.


6 His Spirit is the sov'reign

Possessor of my heart; There he alone shall govern,

And slavish fear depart; He gives his benediction,

Yea, helpeth me to cry Abba, when in affliction,

With child-like fervency. 7 His Spirit cheers my spirit

With many a precious word, That'I shall joy inherit,

By trusting in the Lord; Since after tribulation,

All those who Jesus love Have that blest expectation

To live with him above. 8 Should earth lose its foundation,

He stands my lasting Rock ; No temp'ral desolation

Shall give my love a shock; I'll cleave to Christ my Saviour,

No object, small or great, Nor height, nor depth, shall ever

Me from him separate.

; ever


ving aaving

come - art.

T, 14;

forth ight



3 The ground of my profession

Is Jesus and his blood; He gives me the possession

Of everlasting Good;
Myself, and whatsoever

Iş mine, I cannot trust;
The gifts of Christ my Saviour

Remain my only boast. 4 My Jesus and bis merit Are all


aim and care; Were he not with my spirit,

Ah! I should soon despair ;
T' appear 'fore my Creator
I never could desire,

sinful nature Prove a consuming fire. 3 'Tis Jesus Christ who taketh

Away sin, death and woe, And by his blood he maketh

Each spot as white as snow; Free from that condemnation

Which sinners else must find, I joy in his salvation

With an embolden'd-mind.

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He'd to my

526. GOD is my Saviour and my Light,

Why should I be dismay'd ? 'Tis he defends my life; of whom

Then need I be afraid ? 2 Hear my requests, O Lord, and give An answer full of

grace : Thy face thoų bidst me seek, and I

Reply, “ I'll seek thy face."
3 Lord, do not in displeasure hide

Thyself, nor me reject;
The aid which I have had before,

From thee I still expect. 4 Wait still on God, my soul! from

All needful strength derive:
Tho'he delay, he will at length
The fainting heart revive.

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for me.

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529. *


T: Ra

T. 208.

3 O no, in all things I shall prove JESUS, source of gladness,

Conqu’ror through him, who me did

love; Comfort in all sadness,

My Lord obtain'd the victory,
Thou canst end any grief;

Sufficient is his
I for thee am waiting,

grace Ardently intreating

4 O love unbounded ! refuge sure !
Thee for thy relief:

My helpless soul pow lives secure;
Slaughter'd Lamb,—thy saving name Long as in thee, O Lord, I trust,
Yields to me far greater pleasure I know I never shall be lost.
Than all worldly treasure.
2 God is my salvation,
Joy and consolation;

.T. 22.
With the world I've done;
To pride's vain pretension

JESUS, my All, my highest Good!
pay no attention,

Who hast redeem'd me with thy Av'rice I disown;

blood, Perils, loss,--shame, death and cross,

When confidence in thee I place, Sufforings e'er so keen, shall never

My soul is filld with joy and peace. Me from Jesus sever.

2 Where should I turn, or how thee 3 If the Lord protect me,

leave? Sin cannot infect me,

Jesus, to thee my mind doth cleave; Nought can do me harm;

With thee my heart hath always Altho' Satan rageth,

found Christ the storm assuageth

True counsel, comfort, help abound.
By his mighty arm :
Would the foe-his malice show, 3 All who possess true faith and love,
Since Christ is my strength and tower, This daily by experience prove,
I dread not his power.

That they who simply put their trust

In Jesus Christ, can ne'er be lost. 4 Gloomy thoughts must vanish, Jesus doth replenish

4 None can be so o'erwhelm'd with Me with heav'nly peace ;

grief, Who the Saviour loveth,

But he in Christ may find relief; ; By experience proveth

All misery, however great,
Grief is chang'd to bliss;

His comforts can alleviate,
Tho’I here-reproach must bear,
Yet he turneth all my sadness

5 Jesus, my only God and Lord, Into joy and gladness,

What confort doth thy name afford!;

No friend on earth can ever be 528. T. 22.

Compar'd for faithfulness with thee. WHO can condemn, since Christ hath 6 Were health, and strength, and dy'd?

friends withdrawn, 1, by his blood, am justify'd :

Were ev'ry earthly comfort gone,
He ever lives to intercede,

If I have thee, I have howe'er
And send me help in time of need. What me eternally can cheer.
2 What can from Christ me separate 7 O Lord, preserve me sound in faith,
Shall trials howsoever great,

Thine let me be in life and death;
Shall tribulation or distress,

May nothing pluck me from thy hand, Shall peril, sword, or nakedness? Lead me in safety to the end.

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530. T. 590.

6 O all ye just, ye rich, ye wise,

Who deem th' atoning sacrifice,
No more with trembling heart I.try

A doctrine weak and slight!
A multitude of things,

Grant but I may (the rest's your own)
Still wishing to find out that point
From whence salvation springs;

In shame and poverty sit down

At this one well-spring of delight.
My anchor's cast, cast on a groand,
Where I shall ever rest

7 Indeed had. Jesus ne'er been slain, From all the labor of my thoughts,

Or could ought make his ransom vain, And workings of my breast.

That it avail'd no more;
2 What is my anchor, if you ask?

Were his unbounded mercy fled,
A hungry, helpless mind,

Were he no more the church's Head,

Nor Lord of all, as heretofore;
Diving, with mis'ry for its weight,
Till firmest grace it find:

s Then, so refers my state to him, What is my ground ? 'Tis Jesus Christ, Unwarranted I must esteem,

Whom faithless eyes pass o'er; And wretched all I do;
A Refuge here each troubled soul Ah! heart throbs, and seizeth fast
May find, tho' tempests roar. That cov’nant, which will ever last,“

It knows, it knowsthese things are true.
531. T. 580. 9 Yes, my dear Lord, in follwing thee,
THAT I am thine, my Lord and God, Not in the dark uncertainly
Ransom'd and sprinkled with thy blood, This foot obedient moves ;

Repeat that word once more, 'Tis with a Brother and a King,
With such an energy and light, Who many to this yoke will bring, .,
That this world's flattery or spite Whoever lives and ever loves.

To shake me never may have pow'r. 10 Nowthen myWay,myTruth,my Life, 2 From various cares my heart retires; Henceforth let sorrow, doubt and strife, Tho' deep and boundless its desires,

Drop off like autumn leaves;
I'm now to please but One, Henceforth, as privileg'd by thee,
Him, before whom the elders bow;.

Simple and undistracted be
With him I am engaged now,

My soul, which to thy mercy cleaves.
And with the souls that are his own,
3 This is my joy, which ne'er can fail

, On that eternal love of thine,

11 Let me my weary mind To see my Saviour's arm prevail, And human thoughts forget;

To mark the steps of grace;
How new-born souls, convinc'd of sin, Go forth and do it, while 'tis day,

Childlike attend what thou wilt say,
Yet by his precious blood made clean,

Yet never leave my saferetreat. Extol his name in ev'ry place. 4 With these my happy lot is cast,

12 At all times to my spirit bear Thro’the world's deserts rudeand waste, An inward witness, strong and clear,

Of thy redeeming pow'r ;
Or thro' its gardens fair :
Whether the storm of malice sweeps, This will impart the needful light,

This will instruct thy child aright,
Or all in dead supineness sleeps,
Still to go on, be all my care.

For exigence of ev'ry hour.
5 See the dear sheep, by Jesus drawn, 13 Now then the sequel is well weigh’d,
In blest simplicity move on,

I cast myself upon thy aid,
They trust his Shepherd-crook; A sea where none can sink;
many- faults will find,

Yea, thereon I depend, poor worm,
But they can guess at Jesus' mind, Believing that thou wilt perform

Content, if written in his book. Beyond whate'er I ask or think.

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