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20 The man who doth in honour thine,

And understandeth not,
A ftranger to my ways divine,

His memory fhall rot:
But all the wise, in glory bright,

Shall ever shine with me;
While fools, Jike beasts who perish quite,

In mind no more thall be.

P S A L M L. To be a stranger to the spirit and truth of this, and of the following Pfalm, is to be a stranger to the whole of the New Testament, and of the Old: for the Lord is that Spirit:' God manifest in the flesh is that Spirit; and they that worship him muft worship him in that fpirit, and in that truth. See John iv. 23, &c. with the parallel passages.In a word, the meaning of this and the next Pfalm is, in a fhørt fum, the meaning of the whole connected testimony of God. See Psalm ii.. with its parallels, and those on the margin.

The Lord defcends in flaming fire,

Amidft the angels of his pow'r,
His servants talents to require,

And all the faithless to devour :
But all the saints of God on earth

Shall re-ascend with God along,
Ts serve him with eternal mirth,

Their perfons perfect and their fong!
THE mighty God of gods, the Lord,

Hath fpoken to the earth, and callid: (Let trembling worlds revere his word,

And stand before his face appallid):
From rising of the morning-sun,

To where he boks, and hides his head,
He makes his awful summons run,

To cite the living and the dead.


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I not reprove

2 His glory, bursting through the cloud,

Hath shined forth most gloriously,
Enlight'ning all the world abroad,

From Zion, his excellency
3 Our God, he comes, the Lord revealid;

He rides fublime on clouds of fire :
His judgments all, no more conceald,

Shall be fulfill'd at his desire.
The folding flames before him-roll;

The heav'ns beneath the tempest bend;
The earth becomes a burning feroil,

O world, to solemnize thine end. 4. He to the heav'ns above hath call'd,

And to the earth, their charge to yield; To all the summons is propalid,

To hasten to the judgment-field. 5. Come, all my covenanted train,

Who've wafh'd your garments in my blood; The Lamb, your Judge, for you was slain :

Come boldly forth, and meet your God.6 Behold, the heav'ns shall then declare

Emmanuel's righteousness abroad,
When all mankind affembled are,

To worship him their Judge and God
7 Hear, O my people, and I'll speak;

O Isra’l, lend thine ear to me:
How simple is thine heart, and weak?

The Lord thy God, confronteth thee.

Thee for thy facrifices few;
Nor shall thine holocausts remove

Thy fins, though always in my view..
9 I'll take no bullock from thy stall,

Nor lamb, nor he-goat from thy fold; 10 For beasts of forests, great or small, Are all mine own, both young and old :


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The cattle on a thousand hills,

Belong to me the Lord thy God :
I've fown the grass, I've pour'd the rills,

That fill them both with drink and food. u I know the fowls of ev'ry wing,

Who o'er the rocks and mountains fly;
The birds of prey, and those who sing,

The harmlefs tenants of the sky.
The wild beasts of the field who roam,

And scent about in search of prey,
To me for leave behove to come;

I throw their portion in their way. 12 If I were hungry, I would not

Complain, and tell my case, to thee;
The world is mine-an ample lot!
And all its stores belong to me.

1 13 Do 1 delight, fool! dost thou think,

To eat the flesh of goat or bull ? Or, if I'm thirsty, will I drink

The blood of lambs till I be full ? 14 Nay rather, if thou'lt hear thy God,

And hearken to the voice of love, Behold the paths that I have show'd,

The paths Jehovah doth approve. If thou wilt enter into life,

By any deed or work of thine, It must not be an idle strife,

But perfect as my law divine: But if thou wilt believe, and see

The labours finish'd in my blood, Be justified, and follow me,

And glory in thy Shepherd good. Then, offer thou the sacrifice

Of thanksgiving and praise to me, Which are most pleasing in mine eyes,

And verily becoming thee.

15 Perform

15 Perform thy vows to God most high,

And call upon me in thy day Of trouble ; I will hear thy ery

And thou my glory shalt display. 16 But God unto the wicked faith,

What has my soul to do with thee?
Since thou art void of truth and faith,

Why meddlelt thou with my decree?
Why doth thy mouth my name pollute ?

Thy lips my covenant profane? 17 Since thou instruction castest out,

And spurn'st my words as vile and vain : 18 When thou a thief perceived'st, then

Thou didst along with him consent;
And, with the lewd adult'rous train,

Thou to thy lewdness gavert vent. 19 Thy mouth thou giveft unto ill;

Thy tongue deceit doth only frame, 20 Thou fitteft on the plot, to spili

Thy brother's character and fame: Thy father's boufe, difturbd by thee,

Yea, thine own mother's tender son, Whom thou hast flander'd, cry to me,

On thee to pour my wrath anon. 21 These things thou wickedly haft done,

And I kept filence all the while That thou presumptuously haft gone

In ways of lewdness, fraud, and guile : Thou thoughtest I was wholly such

As thou, and did approve thy way;
But I will


thee much, And range thy lins in just array. 22 Consider this, ye great and fmall,

Who fearlessly forget the Lord; Left I in pieces tear you all,

While none deliv'rance can afford.

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23 Who off'reth praise, mę glorifies,

Rejoicing in my gospel-grace;. He thall obtain the heav?nly prize,'

And triumph in eternal.peace : For wholo ordereth aright

His life, and conversation pure, To him I'll shew my glory bright,

And make him dwell with me fecure.

PSA L M 11. r i "After all that has already been advanced at great length in the general preface concerning the pepmen of the Pfalms, the times and occalions whereon they were penned, &c. and concerning this Pralm in particular, the reader may sum up the whole process of the argument for its interpretation, and application to the Lord Jesus Christ, the Mediator and Surety of the better Testament, as attempted in the following paraphrase, in this man-, ner: The Pfalm is evidently, every word of it, spoken by one person : the words in ver. 16. Thou

defireft not facrifice,' &c. clearly importing the fame meaning with ver. 8. of the last Pfalm, I « will not reprove thee for thy facrifices, &c. and with ver. 6. of Psalm xl. ' Sacrifice and offerings 6.thou didît not defire,' doc. are expressly (as observed in the illustration of Pfalm xl. which is the key to this one and all its paralels) applied by the Holy Ghost, the alone witness of those things, as Spoken by Christ coming into the world, Heb. x. 6, &c.If any man, now, pretend to give another turn to thofe words, he says thereby, that he is wifer than God-and he who provokes him to jealousy, should consider, if he be stronger too!The subsequent paraphrase is made particularly Jarge and full upon every sentence in the Pfalm, to thew, that there is no blasphemy (as many have most blafphemously alledged there is) in this man


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