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-Hard Steel succeeded then ;
And stubborn as the Metal were the Men.
Truch, Modesty, and Shame, the World forfook :
Fraud, Avarice, and Force, their places took.
Then Sai were spread to ev'ry Wind that blew ;
Raw were the Sailors, and the Depths were new :
Trees, rudely hollow'd, did the Waves fuftain ;
Ere Ships in Triumph plough'd the watry Plain.

Then Land-marks limited to each his Righs :.
For all before was common as the Light..
Nor was the Ground alone requir'd to bear
Her annual Income to the crooked Share ;
Buc greedy Mortals, rummaging her Store,
Digg'd from her Entrails first.the precious Ore;
Which next to Hell the prudent Gods had laid ;
And that alluring Ill to fight display'd.
Thus cursed Steel, and more accursed Gold,
Gave Mischief Birth, and made that Mischief bold :-
And double Death did wretched Man invade,
By Steel assaulted, and by Gold betray'd.
Now (brandish'd Weapons glittring in their Hands)
Mankind is broken loose from moral Bands;
No rights of Hospitality remain :
The Guest, by him who harbour'd him, is slain :
The Son-in-law pursues the Father's Life ;
'The Wife her Husband murders, he the Wife..
The Step-dame Poison for the Son prepares ;
The Son inquires into his Father's Years.
Faith flies, and Piety in Exile mourns ;
And Justice, here oppreft, to Heav'n returns.


Tbe GIANTS WAR! Nor were the Gods themselves more safe above; Against beleagur'd Heav'n the Giants move. Hills pild on Hills, on Mountains Mountains lie, To make their mad approaches to the Sky. 'Till Jove, no longer patient, took his time T'avenge with Thunder their audacious Crime : Red Light'ning play'd along the Firmament, And their demolish'a Works to pieces rent. Sing'd with the Flames, and with the Bolts transfix'd, With Native Earth their Blood the Monsters mix'd; The Blood, indu'd with animating heat, Did in th' impregnate Earth new Sons beget : They, like the Seed from which they sprung, accurít, Against the Gods immortal Hatred nurst: An impious, arrogant, and cruel Brood ; Expressing their Original from Blood.

Which when the King of Gods beheld from high. (Withal revolving in his Memory, What he himself had found on Earth of late, Lycaon's Guilt, and his inhuman Treat,) He figh'd, nor longer with his Pity ftrove; But kindled to a Wrath becoming Move : Then callid a General Council of the Gods ; Who, fummon’d, issue from their Blest Abodes, And fill th' Affembly with a shining Train. A Way there is, in Heav'n's expanded Plain, Which, when the Skies are clear, is seen below, And Mortals by the Name of Milky know. The Ground-work is of Stars ; through which the Road Lies open to the 'Thunderer's Abode. The Gods of greater Nations dwell around, And, on the Right and Left, the Palace bound;


The Commons where they can : The Nobler fort,
With Winding-doors wide open, front the Court.
This Place, as far as Earth with Heav'n may vie,
I dare to call the Louvre of the Skie,
When all were plac'd, in Seats distinctly known,
And he, their Father, had assum'd the Throne,
Upon his Iv'ry Sceptre first he leant,
Then Thook his Head, that shook the Firmament :
Air, Earth, and Seas, obey'd th' Almighty Nod;
And, with a gen’ral Fear, confess’d the God.
At length, with Indignation, thus he broke
His awful filence, and the Pow'rs bespoke.

I was not more concern'd in that debate..
Of Empire, when our Universal State
Was put to hazard, and the Giant Race -
Our Captive Skies were ready to embrace :
For tho' the Foe was fierce, the Seeds of all
Rebellion sprung from one Original ;
Now, wheresoever ambient Waters glide,
All are corrupt, and all must be destroy'd.
Let me this Holy Protestation make:
By Hell, and Hell's inviolable Lake,
I try'd whatever in the God-head lay :
But gangrend Members must be lop'd away,
Before the Nobler Parts are tainted to decay.
There dwells below a Race of Demi-Gods,
Of Nymphs in Waters, and of Fawns in Woods:
Who, tho' not worthy yet in Heav'n to live,
Let 'em, at least, enjoy that Earth we give.
Can these be thought securely lodg'd below,
When I my self, who no Superior know,
I, who have Heav'n and Earth at my Command,
Have been attempted by Lycaon's Hand ?

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At this a Murmur through the Synod went, And with one Voice they vote his Punishment. Thus, when conspiring Traitors dar'd to doom The fall of Cæfar, and in him of Rome, The Nations trembled with a pious fear ; All anxious for their Earthly Thunderer : Nor was their Care, O-Cæfar, less esteem'd By thee, than that of Heav'n for Jove was deemd :: Who with his Hand, and Voice, did firit restrain Their Murmurs, then resum:d his Speech again. The Gods to filence were compos'd, and late With reverence due to his Superior State.

Cancel your pious Cares ; already he Has paid his Debt to Justice, and to me. Yet what his Crimes, and what my Judgments were, Remains for me thus briefly to declare. The Clamours of this vile degenerate Age, The Cries of Orphans, and th' Oppreffor's Rage, Had reach'd the Stars ; I will descend, said I, In hope to prove this loud Complaint a Lye. Disguis'd in Human Shape, I traveli'd round The World, and more than what I heard I found.. O’er Menalus I took my steepy way, By Caverns infamous for Beasts of Prey: Then cross’d Cyllené, and the piny Shade, More infamous by curst Lycaon made : Dark Night had cover'd Heav'n and Earth, before I enter'd his Unhospitable Door. Just at my Entrance, I display'd the Sign That somewhat was approaching of Divine. The proftrate People pray; the Tyrant grins ; And, adding Prophanation to his Sins, I'll try, said he, and, if a God

appear, To prove his Deity shall coft him dear.

'Twas late ; the graceless Wretch my Death prepares,
When I lould soundly sleep, opprest with Cares :-
This dire Experiment he chose, to prove
If I were Mortal, or undoubted Jove :
But first he had resolv'd to taste my Pow'r:
Not long before, but in a luckless hour,
Some Legates, sent from the Mobofian State,-
Were on a peaceful Errand come to treat :
Of these he murders one, he boils the Fleln,
And lays the mangled Morsels in a Dith :
Some part he roasts ; then seryes it up, so dreft,
And bids me welcome to this human Feait..
Mov'd with disdain, the Table I o'er-turn'd ;
And with avenging Flames the Palace burn'd.
The.Tyrant, in a fright, for shelter gains
The neighb'ring Fields, and seours along the Plains.
Howling he fled, and fain he wou'd have spoke ;
But human Voice his Brutal Tongue forfook.
About his Lips the gather'd Foam he churns,
And, breathing slaughter, still with Rage he burns,
But on the bleating Flock his Fury turns.
His Mantle, now his Hide, with rugged Hairs
Cleaves to his Back; a famifh'd Face he bears ;
His Arms descend, his Shoulders fink away,
To multiply his Legs for chace of Prey.

grows a Wolf; his hoariness remains, -
And the fame Rage in other members reigns.
His Eyes still sparkle in a narr'wer space :
His Jaws retain the grin, and violence of his Faces

This was a single ruin, but not one
Deserves so just a Punishment alone.
Mankind's a Monster, and th' Ungodly times,
Confed'rate into Guilt, are sworn to Crimes.



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