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4 Father, in us thy Son reveal ;

Teach us to know and do thy will ;
Thy saving pow'r and love display,
And guide us to the realms of day :
Thus, Lord, thy waiting servants bless,
And crown thy gospel with success.


1 John i, 3. (L. M.) 1 MAY he, by whose kind care we meet,

Send his good Spirit from above;
Make our communications sweet,

And cause our hearts to burn with love. 2 If unto us, by grace 'tis giv'n,

To know the Saviour's precious name,
Our souls ere long shall meet in heav'n,

Our hope, our way, our end, the same. 3 Oh! may we then, for his name's sake,

Out of his fulness all receive,
And in communion now partake
The joys which only he can give.


John xxi, 15. (7's.)

1 HARK, my soul, it is the Lord,

'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word :
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee;
“Say poor sinner, lov'st thou me?"

2 “Can a woman's tender care,

Cease toward the child she bare ?
Yes, she may forgetful be,

Yet will I remember thee!"
3 “Thou shalt see my glory soon,

When the work of grace is done;
Partner of my throne shalt be,

Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me?4 Lord, it is my chief complaint,

That my love is weak and faint:
Yet I love thee and adore,
Oh for grace to love thee more!


Luke xxiv, 50. (P. M.)

| LORD, refresh us with thy blessing,

Fill our hearts with joy and peace :
Let us each, thy love possessing,
Triumph in redeeming grace :
O refresh

us, Trav'lling through this wilderness. 2 Thanks we give, and adoration,

For the gospel's joyful sound:
May the fruits of thy salvation,
In our hearts and lives abound :

May we ever
To the truth be faithful found.

3 So whene'er the signal's given,

That shall call us hence away,
Borne on angels' wings to heaven,
Glad the summons to obey :

May we ever
Reign with Christ in endless day!


Luke ii, 18. (P. M.)

1 FLY abroad, and tell the story

Of the mighty Saviour's birth : Say ye, that the Lord of glory

Leaves his throne, and comes to earth : He, before whom angels bow, Takes the form of man below.

2 Wonder not, that thus ye see him,

Lying in this humble place,
Nor indulge a wish to free him,

From a state so low and base :
Worldly pomp, the Saviour scorns,

Him no outward state adorns.
3 Sing, ye saints, the Saviour's praises,

'Twas for you he suffered shame;
Yes, he stoop'd, that he might raise us

To the place from whence he came :
Though he now appears so low,
Crowns shall soon adorn his brow.


Isaiah ix, 6. (P. M.)

1 THE long expected morn

Has dawn'd upon the earth :
The Saviour Christ is born,

And angels sing his birth :
We'll join the bright seraphic throng,

We'll share their joys, and swell their song. 2 Now sing of peace divine,


grace to guilty man;
No wisdom, Lord, but thine

Could form the wondrous plan:
Where peace and righteousness embrace,

And justice goes along with grace! 3 Give praise to God on high,

With angels round his throne ; Give praise to God with joy,

Give praise to God alone : Tis meet his saints their songs should raise, And give the Saviour endless praise !


Psalm xvii, 15. (L. M.)

1 WHAT tongue can tell, what fancy paint,

The joys that fill th' enraptur'd saint,
When mix'd with heav'n's triumphant throng,
He shares their bliss, and swells their song?

2 He feels no pain, he fears no want,

His portion all that God can grant;
To see the Saviour as he is,
And dwell in heav'n with him and his.

3 His love, so cold and mix'd before,

In heav'n is cold and mix'd no more ;
It gains the region whence it came,
And lives, a pure, eternal, flame.

4 O

I reach that blest abode,
Where saints obtain their rest in God!
For this, let every conflict here,
As nothing in my sight appear.


Psalm xxxii, 8. (P. M.)

1 GRANT us, Lord, thy gracious presence,

While we worship at thy throne ; Teach our souls important lessons,

Lessons learnt of thee alone. While we pray and sing and hear, In the midst do thou appear,

Sin reproving,

Fear removing,
Light to all our minds impart,
Love convey to ev'ry heart.

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