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He ruleth with his power for ever; his congregation of the people; and press hica eyes behold the people; and such as will in the seat of the elders : not believe, shall not be able to exalt them- Glory he to the Father, and to the Son, selves.

and to ihe Holy Ghost; O praise our God, ye people; and make As it was in the beginning, is po

and the voice of his praise to be heard ; ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

Who holdeth our soul in life; and suf- I Collects of Thanksgiving, fercth not our feet to slip.


Most blessed and glorious Lord God, For thru, O God, hasi proved us; thou who art of infinite goodness and mer. also hast tried us, like as silver is tried. cy; we, thy poor creatures, whom thou

Thou broughtest us into the snare; and hast made and preserved, holding our souls laidest trouble upon our loins.

in life, and how rescuing us out of the jaws I will go into thine house with burnt-of death, humbly present ourselves again offerings; and will pay thee my vows which before thy Divine Najesty, to offer a sacriI promised with my lips, and spake with fice of praise and thanksgiving, for that my mouth, wheu I was in trouble. thou heardest us when we called in our

O come hither, and hearken, all ye that trouble, and didst not cast out our prayer, fear God; and I will tell you what he hate which we made before thee in our great done for my soul.

distress; even when we gave all for lost, I called unto him with my mouth; and our Ship, our Goods, our lives, then didse gave himn praises with my tongue. thou mercifully look upon us, and wonder

If I incline unto wickedness with mine fully command a deliverance; for which heart, the Lord will not hear me. we now, being in safety, do give all praise

But God hath heard me; and considered and glory to thy holy name, through Jesus the voice of my prayer.

Christ our Lord. Ånen. Praised be God, who hath not cast out

4 Or this. by prayer, nor turned his mercy from me. Most nighty and gracious goo:) God, aud to ihe Holy Ghost;

in special manner hath heen extended toAs it was in the beginning, is now, and wards us, whorn thou hast so powerfully ever shall be, world with en Amen. and wonderfully defended. Thou hast

Psalm 107. Confitemini Domino. showed us terrible things, and wonders in O

his goodness; and declare the won- and gracious a God thou art; how able and ders that he doeth for the children of men ! ready to help those who trust in thee.

That they would offer unto him the sa: Thou hast showed us how both winds and crifice of ihanksgiving; and tell out his seas ohey thy cornmand; that we may works with gladness!

learn even from them hereafter to obey They that go down to the sea in ships ; thy voice, and to do thy will. We thereand occupy their business in great waters; fore bless and glorify ihy name, for this

These men see the works of the Lord, thy mercy, in saving us when we were and his wonders in the deep.

ready to perish. And we beseerh thee, For at his word, the stormy wind ariseth ; make us as truly sensible now of thy inerwhich lifteth up the waves thereof. cy, as we were then of the danger; and

They are carried up to the heaven, and give us hearts always ready to express our down again to the deep; their soul melteth thankfulness not only hy words, bet also hy away because of the trouble.

our lives, in being more obedient to thy They reel to and fro, and stagger like a holy commandments. Continue, we bedrunken man; and are at their wit's end. seech ther, this thy goodness to us; that

So when they cry unto the Lord in their we, whom thou hast saved, may serve thee trouble, he delivereth them out of their in holiness and righteousness all the days distress.

of our life, through Jesus Christ our Lord For he maketh the storm to cease, so and Saviour. Amen. that the waves thereof are still.

* A Hynn of Praise and Thanksgiving Then are they glau, because they are after a dangerous Tempest. Ble rest ; fande Shakie bringeth them unto the company to mora biverktanks uma the

O that men would therefore praise the mercy chiuret's for ever. Lord for his goodness; and declare the Great is the Lord, and greatly to be wonders that he doeth for the children of praised: Let the rerleemed of the Lord men!

sas , whom he linth delivered from the That bey vrould exalt him also in the merciless rage of the sea.

The Lord is gracicus, and full of com- But praised be the Lord, who hath que passion; slow to anger, and of great mercy. given us over as a prey unto them.

He bath not dealt with us according to The Lord hath wrought a miglity salour sins; neither rewarded us according to vation for us. our iniquities.

We got nof this hy our own sword, neiBut as the heaven is high above the ther was it our own arın that saved us; earth; so great hath been his mercy to but thy right hand, and thine arın, and wards us.

the light of thy countenance, because thou We found trouble and heaviness; we hadat a favour unto us. were even at death's door.

The Lord hath appeared for us ; the The waters of the sea had well nigh co- Lord hath covered our heads, and made vered us; the proud waters had weli nigh us to stand in the day of battle. gone over our soul.

The Lord hath appeared for us; the Lord The sea roared; and the stormy wind hath overthrown our enemies, and dashed lifted up the waves thereof.

in pieces those that rose up against us. We were carried up as it were to hea- Therefore not unto us, O Lord, not unto ven, and then down again into the deep us ; but unto thy name be given the glory. our soul melted within us, because of The Lord hath done great things for us ; trouble.

the Lord hath done great things for us, for Then cried we unto thee, O Lord; and which we rejoice. thou didst deliver us out of our distress. Our help standeth in the name of the

Blessed be thy name, who didst not des- Lord, who hath made heaven and earth. pise the prayer of thy servants; but didst Blessed be the name of the Lord, from bear our cry, and hast saved us.

this time forth for evermore. Thou didst send forth thy command- Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, ment; and the windy storm ceased, and and to the Iloly Ghost; was turned into a calm.

As it was in the beginning, is now, and o let us therefore praise the Lord for ever shall be, world without end. Ámen. his goodness; and declare the wonders that he hath done, and still docth, for the $ After this Hymn may be said the Te children of men!

Deum. Praised be the Lord daily; even the

? Then this Collect. Lord that helpeth us, and poureth his benefits upon us. He is our God, even the God of whom O Almighty God, the Sovereign Com.

mander of all the world, in whose cometh salvation: God is the Lord, by hand is power and might, which none is whom we have escaped death.

able to withstand; we bless and magnify Thou, Lord, hast made us glad through thy great and glorious name for this happy the operation of thy hands; and we will victory, the whole glory whereof we do triumph in thy praise,

ascribe to thee, who art the only giver of Blessed be the Lord God; even the Lord victory. Ana we beseech thee, give us God, who only doeth wondrous things; grace to improve this great mercy to thy

And blessed be the name of his Majesty glory, the advancement of thy Gospel, the for ever; and let every one of us say, honour of our country, and, as much as in Amen, Amen.

us lieth, to the good of all mankind. Aud, Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, we beseech thee, give us such a sense of and to the Holy Ghost;

this great mercy, as may engage us to a As it was in the beginning, is now, and true thankfulness, such as may appear in ever shall be, world without end. Amen. our lives, by an humble, holy, ard ohedient TA Psaln' or Hymn of Praise and walking before thee all our days, through

Thunksgiving after Victory. Jesus Christ our Lord; to whom, with thee, IF

the Lord had not been on our side, and the Holy Spirit, as for all thy mercies, now may we say; if the Lord himself so in particular for this victory and deliver bad not been on our side, when men rose ance, be all glory and honour, world withup against us;

out end. Amen. They had swallowed us up quick, when

2 Cor. xiii. 14. they were so wrathsully displeased at us.

Pea, the waters bad drownedous and THE Stace of our Lord Jesus Christo deep waters of the proud had gone over !ship of the Holy Ghost, be with us all ever our soul.

Imore. Amen.

9 At the Burial of the Dead at Sea, the Office in the Common Prayer Book may

be used; only instead of these words, We therefore commit his Body to thie ground, earth io earth, c. say, We therefore commit his Bodly to the deep, to be turned into corruption, looking for the Resurrection of the Body when the Sea shall give up her dead, and the life of the world to come, through our Lord Jesus Christ; who at his coming shall change our vile Body, that it may be like his glorious Bodya according to the mighty working whereby he is able to subdue all things to himsell

A FORM OF PRAYER FOR THE VISITATION OF PRISONERS. * When Morning or Evening Prayer shall be read in any Prison, instead of the

Psalm, 0 come let us sing, &c. shall be read the 130th Psalm ; and the Minister shall insert, after the Collect for the Day, the Collect in the following service O God, who sparest, &c. and at such times as the Litany is not read, he shall

add the Prayer, o God, merciful Father, who despisest not, &c. 1 And when Notice is given to the Min-, cour all those who are under reproach and

ister, that a Prisoner is confined for inisery in the house of bondage ; correct some great or capital crime, he shall them not in thine anger, neither chasten visit him; and when he cometh into them in thy sore displeasure. Give them the place where the Prisoner is, he a right understanding of themselves, and of shall say, kneeling down,

thy threats and promises ; that they may R

EMEMBER not, Lord, our iniquities, neither cast away their confidence in theé. neither take thou vengeance of our sins: lieve the distressed, protect the innocent, Spare us, good Lord, spare thy people, and awaken the guilty: and forastnuch as whom thou hast redeerned with thy most thou alone bringest light out of darkness, precious blood, and be not angry with us and good out of evil, grant that the pains for ever.

and punishments which these thy servants Ans. Spare us, good Lord.

endure, through their bodily confinement, Let us pray:

may tend to setting free their souls from Lord, have mercy upon us.

the chains of sin; through Jesus Christ our Christ, have mercy upon us.

Lord. Amen. Lord, have mercy upon us.

T Here the Minister, as he shall see como OUR Father, who are in Heaven, &c. renient, may read the Prayer for All ,

conditions of Men, the Collect for Ashupon us ;

Wednesday, and the Collect beginning Ans. And grant us thy salvation. Almighty God, the fountain of all wise Min. Turn thy face from our sins ; dom, &c. or any other Prayer of the Ans. And hlot out all our iniquities. Liturgy, which he shall judge proper. Min. Send us help from thy holy place; Then shall the Minister exhort the

Ans. For thine indignation liela hard Prisoner or Prisoners after this Form, upon us.

or other like : Min. O Lord, hear our prayer;

EARLY beloved, know this, that AL Ans. And let the sigting of the Prisoners come before thee.

vidence governeth all things both in heaven The Collect.

and earth, hath so wisely and mercifully God, that we, who for our evil deeds judgments are often sent as fatherly corre”, do worthily deserve to be purl.shed, by the tions to us; and if with due submission and comfort of thy grace may mercifully be resignation to his holy will we receive the relieved; through our Lord and Saviour same, they will work together for our good. Jesus Christ. Amen.

It is your part and duty, therefore, to God, who sparest when we deserve humble yourself under the mighty hand memberest mercy; we humbly beseech of his judgments, and to endeavour, that? thee of thy goodness to comfort and suc-' by his grace, this present visttalijo inay lead

O ,

you to 8 sincere and hearty repentance. 9 Then shall the Minister examine

The way and means thereto is, to exa- whether he repent him truly of his sins, mine your life and conversation by the rule and be in charity with all the world, of God's connaudments; and whereinso- and further adnnish him particuever you shall perceive yourself to have larly concerning the crimes wherewith offended either by will, word, or deed, he is charged ; and exhort him, if he there to bewail your own sinfulness, and have any scruples, that he would de 10 confess yourself to Almighty God, with clare the same, and prepare himself Pull purpose of ameudineni of life. And for the Holy Communion, against the

you shall perceive your offences to be time that it may be proper to admisuch as are not only against God, but also nister it to him, againsi your neighbours; then to reconcile " Then, all kneeling, the Minister shoul yourself to them, being ready to make

say as follows, from the 51 st Psalm: uttermost of your power, for all injuries HAVE mercy upon me, o God, afler and wrongs done by you to any other: and the multitude of thy mercies, do away

being likewise ready to forgive others who mine offences, have offended you, as you would have for- Wash me thoroughly from my wickedse eness of your offences at God's hand. ness; and cleanse me from my sin. And to this true repentance and change For I acknowledge my faults ; and

my viinind you must add a lively aod stead sin is ever before me. fast taith, and dependence upon the merits Against thee only have I sinned, and ti the death of Christ, with an entire resig- done this evil in thy sight; that thou mightpation of yourself to the will or God. Ex-lest he justified in thy saying, and clear cept you repent, and believe, we can give when thou art judged." you no hope of salvation. But if you do sin- Behold, I was shapen in wickedness ; cerely repeat and believe, God hath declar- and in sin' hath my mother conceived me. ed, though your sins be as red as scarlet,

But lo, thou requirest truth in the inthey shail be made white as snow; though ward parts; and shalt make me to underyour wickednesses have gone over your stand wisdom secretly. head, yet shall they not be your destruction.

Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and We exhurt you therefore in the name I shall be clean; thou shalt wash me, and of God, and of his dear Son Jesus Christ I shall be whiter than snow. vur Saviour, and as you tender your own Thou shalt make me hear of joy and Salvation, to take goud heed of these gladness; that the bones which thou hast things in time, while

the day of salvation broken may rejoice. lasteih; for the night cometh, when no man Turn thy face from my sins ; and put can work. While you have the light, be- out all my misdeeds.

lieve in the light, and walk as children of Make me a clean heart, O God; and re• the light, that you be not cast into outer new a right spirit within me.

darkness; that you may not knock, when Cast me not away from thy prescnce ; the door shall be shut; and cry for inercy, and take not thy Holy Spirit from me. when it is the time of justice. Now you O give me the comfort of thy help again; are the object of God's mercy, is by re- and stablish me with thy free Spirit. pentance and true faith you turn unto him: Then shall I teach thy ways unto the but if you neglect these things, you will wicked; and sinners shall be converted be the object of his justice and vengeance: unto thee. Now you may claim the merits of Christ : Deliver me from

blood-guiltiness, O God but if you die in your sins, his sufferings thou that art the God of iny health; and will tend to your greater condemnation. O my tongue shall sing of thy righteousness, beloved, consider in this your day, how Thou shalt open my lips, O Lord; and fearful a thing it will be to fall into the my mouth shull show thy praise. hands of the living God, when you can nei- For thou desirest no sacrifice, else would ther fly to his mercy to protect you, nor I give it thee; but thou delightest not in to the merits of Chrisi to cover you in that burnt-offerings. lerrible day

The sacrifice of God is a troubled Spi1 Here the Minister shall examine kim rit; a broken and contrite heart, O God,

concerning his Faith, and rehearse the shalt thou not despise.
Articles of the Creed, Dost thou believe I Then the Minister shall say,
in God, &c. And the prisoner shall

Let us pray:

Lord, we heseech thee, mercifully All this I steadfastly believe.

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who confess their sing unto thee ; that they, 1. Your sins have brought you too near this whose consciences hy sin are accused, by dreadful sentence: It is therefore your thy merciful pardon may be absolved, part and duty, my brother, humbly to con. through Christ our Lord. Amen. less and be wail your great and 'manifold O

God, whose mercy is everlasting, and offences, and to repent you truly of your

power infinite ; look down with pity sins, as you tender the eiernal salvation of and compassion upon the sufferings of this your soul. thy servant; and whether thou visitest Be not deceived with a vain and prefor trial of his patience, or punishment of sumptuous expectation of God's favour, his offences, enable kim by thy grace nor say within yourself, Peace, Peace, cheerfully to submit himself to ihy holy where there is no peace; for there is no will and pleasure. Go not far from those, peace, saith my God, to the wicked. God O Lord, whom thou hast laid in a place is not mocked; he is of purer eyes than to of darkness, and in deep; and foras- behold iniquity; and without holiness no inuch as thou hast not cut hirn off sudden- man shall see the Lord. On the other ly, but chasteaest him as a father; grant hand, despair not of God's mercy, though that he, duly considering thy great mercies, trouble is on every side ; for God shuttelb may be unseignedly thankful, and turn not up his mercies for ever in displeasure: unto thee with true repentance and since. But it we confess our sins, he is faithful rity of heart, through Jesus Christ our and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse Lord. Amen.

us from all unrighteousness. Do not either 5 Prayers for Persons under Sentence way abuse the goodness of God, who call of Death.

eth us inercifully to amendment, and of 9 When a Criminal is under Sentence his endless pity promiseth us forgiveness of

of Death, the Minister shall proceed, that which is past, if with a perfect and immediately after the Collect, o God, true heart we return into bin. who sparest, fc. to exhort him after Since therefore you are soon to pass in. this Form, or other like :

to an endless and unchangeable state, and , mighty God, in his justice, to bring upon the few moments which are left you; you under the sentence and condemnation I require you strictly to examine yourself, of the law: You are shortly to suffer death and your estate both towards God and ten in such a manner, that others, warned by wards man; and let no worldly considera your example, may be the more afraid to tion hinder you from making a true and offend; and we pray God, that you may full confession of your sins, and giving all make such use of your punishments in this the satisfaction which is in your power to world, that your soul may be saved in the every one whom you have wronged or inworld to come.

jured; that you may find mercy at your Wherefore we come to you in the bow-heavenly Father's hand, for Christ's sake, els of compassion; and, being desirous that and not be condemned in the dreadful day you should avoid presumption on the one of judgment. hind, and despair on the other, shall plain-Lastly, beloved, submit yourself with

lay before you the wretchedness of your Christian resignation to the just judgment condition, and declare how far you ought of God, which your own crimes have to depend on the mercies of God, and the brought upon you, and be in charity witle merits of our Saviour. Consider then se. all men; being ready sincerely to forgive riously with yourself, in all appearance the all such as have offended you, not excepttime of your dissolution draweth near ; ing those who have prosecuted you even your sins have laid fast hold upon you; unto death: And, though this may seem you are socn to be removed froin amo:g a hard saying, yet know assuredly, that men hy a violent death; and you shall fade without it your charity is not yet perfect. away suddenly like the grass, which in the And fail net earnestly to endeavour and morning is green and groweth up, but in the pray for this blessed jeniper and compon cvening is cut down, dried up, and with sure of mind. So inay you cast yourself ered. After you have thus finished the with an entire dependence upon the inercourse of a sinful and miserable life, you cies of God, through the merits of our shall appear before the Judge of all fesh; Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ. who, as he pronounces blessings on the T Here the Minister shall examine him righteous, shall likewise say, with a terrible concerning his Faith, and rehearse the voice of most just jucłginent, to the wick- Articles of the Creed, Dost thou believo ed, Go, ye accursed, into the fire everlast- in God, &c. And the Criminal shall ing prepared for the devil and his angels.' answer,

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